Creamy Hotel Dessert

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I have been married to Sally for just over 20 years, and we are both in our mid-forties. As with any married couple we have had our ups and downs, but generally the good times have been far better than the bad ones. We have a twenty year old daughter that still lives at home with us until she has saved up enough money to put down a deposit on a house and move out with her boyfriend.

For a lady in her forties I think Sally looks great. She has brown hair which she cuts reasonably short into the nape of her neck. She has deep brown eyes and a wicked sense of humour. Although as she matures she does not have the perfect figure anymore — who doesn’t? However I would not call her greatly overweight. Her breasts are a 36 D cup size — I know because I looked at the label on one of her bras in her lingerie drawer before I wrote this! She dresses well and has always kept her pussy naturally bushy round her long protruding love lips. She says that shaving and waxing is for ‘young things that can take the pain’! I am sure that some would describe her pussy as ‘meaty’ — it is full and when she is aroused her love lips become long and puffy.

Our life together changed completely by chance. One evening Sally asked to borrow my tablet to do a ‘Google’ search for something as the battery for her ipad had run low. What I had not realised though was that the last page viewed still displayed on the screen when the tablet was turned on — so instead of loading the Internet up to the ‘Google’ start page Sally was confronted by an image of a sperm filled pussy hovering over a man’s open mouth waiting for the pearly white sticky drip of juice to drop onto his tongue.

I must admit Sally took this a little better than I was expecting!

‘That’s an interesting image on your machine dear,’ she quizzically asked. ‘ I had no idea this was the sort of thing that you looked at in your spare time.’

I felt my face redden and blush like a naughty schoolboy and was not quite sure what to say to Sally or how to handle the situation. I just mumbled something incoherent in my embarrassment.

‘Perhaps we ought to have a little chat later.’ Was all she said.

So that is how it all started. I had to explain to Sally that over the last few years I had become more and more aroused about the subject of cream pies and cleaning them up. I don’t know why this is as I am certainly not gay, but there is definitely something that stirs deep emotions when fantasising about mature pussy’s full of fresh sperm. Over recent years it had become more and more accessible on the Internet to access such content, whether via stories, images and videos. In fact both my laptop as well as my tablet was full of such material. Most was hidden away in secret files from prying eyes. Up until now I had kept my dirty fantasies to myself

Over a period of time Sally and I talked and opened up about our deepest desires and fantasies, and those things we held in deep dark secret places that up until now in our married life we had never shared. It was a liberating and interesting experience to say the least. It seemed to draw us closer together in our relationship. I suppose the old adage is true — it is good to talk!

Sally gradually shared with me her erotic fantasies and desires to have sex with strangers. Apparently this had turned her on for many years but had been something she had not felt comfortable in discussing with me. She explained that the thought of undressing a stranger and seeing what his body was like, then having sex with him but never having to see him again turned her on immensely.

As we talked over a long period of time we learnt more about each other and what turned us on. It seems as if for most of our marriage we had only been going through the motions of making love with each other — enjoyable but it obviously could have been so much better. Gradually our barriers broke down and we spoke freely and openly with each other. As we talked about strangers and cream pies as fantasies it became apparent that we would perhaps like to move on from the realms of fantasy and actually put some of desires into practise. Together we made a plan as to how we could put this into action.

Now as you read this you are probably thinking how weird that is: Woman finds kinky fetish porn on husbands computer, woman tells man she wants to fuck strangers, man and woman then decide to put fantasies into practise. Put like that is does seem out of the ordinary and unbelievable, however it was over a long period of weeks that we talked openly about this and other issues. It was almost as if we were at the beginning of our relationship again finding out all we could about each other. We decided that we had been together for a long period of time and wanted to stay together but that things had certainly become a little stale in our relationship — especially sexually. We talked about the positives of making our fantasies real as well as the negatives. We decided that the positives far outweighed the negatives. We thought it would be a positive thing that we could become balıkesir escort liberated together and explore our dark desires with each other rather than going behind each other’s back, and ultimately causing hurt. We also decided that If either one of us was unhappy or did not want to go through with it then we would stop at any time.

So after weeks of talking we made a plan together. We decided that Sally would fuck a stranger and afterwards I would be able to clean up the mess that they made. We did not want this to happen at our home, especially as our daughter was still living with us. We also did not wish to see Sally’s sexual partner again. In the end we decided the best thing to do was possibly at monthly intervals book into a good hotel which was some way out of our area. There we could relax and enjoy a good meal together and have the privacy of a nice room in an area where it was unlikely that anyone would know us or that we would have to go back to again. We decided that rather than try and pick someone up in the bar – being in our forties and married meant we had little practise at this! We decided instead on the direct approach, that is if Sally fancied the waiter that was serving our meal I would directly ask him if he wanted to fuck my wife. We felt that way we had nothing to lose , as we had control as to who we asked and if not interested the waiter could always just say no.

Our first adventure into our new life of sexual exploration was something of a disaster and anti-climax. I had booked a nice hotel some miles away from where we live. Sally had planned ahead and been shopping and bought a selection of new lingerie especially for the event. We had discussed what we wanted to happen and were excited in anticipation of our first experience in our new wanton lifestyle. The waiter that attended to us while we ate our evening meal was attentive and charming. Sally informed me she would be willing to let him fuck her so all seemed to be going well. However as our meal progressed and we were about to order desert I finally plucked up enough courage to directly ask the waiter if he wanted my wife later on that evening — unfortunately he turned us down and said no as he was happily married. We were both very disappointed.

A few weeks later Sally and I tried again. I scoured the Internet and found a good hotel in a small town about fifty miles away from where we lived. It looked good from the images on their website and seemed to serve good food so I booked us a nice room for a Friday night, and ordered a dinner table for 7.30 pm. I even booked us in under a false surname, both to add to the excitement and to preserve anonymity The journey there was pleasant and all Sally and I talked about on way was how we wanted the evening to go, and hopefully who ever we picked to fuck her would be willing and not say no like our last attempt.

We booked into the hotel and made ourselves comfortable in the room. The room was luxurious and well maintained. The bed was a very large king-size and comfortable. There was a plush bedroom chair in the corner of the room adjacent to the bed. I moved the chair slightly to a different position and told Sally that I would be able to happily sit there and hopefully have a good view of all the proceedings later. She laughed excitedly and called me a horny kinky voyeur! Sally used the ensuite bathroom to have a long bath. I had bought some new bath oils for her so that she could relax in the bubbly hot water. I myself had a quick shower when she had finished while she was getting dressed for dinner.

Sally looked gorgeous as we left our bedroom for the dining room. She was wearing a skirt that seemed to hug her hips and a low cut blouse that showed a little more of her cleavage than she usually did. She had not put on too much make up but was wearing a slightly brighter shade of red lipstick than she usually did which accentuated her lips. We had a lovely table in the dining room and the food was of first class standard. Our waiter was called Steve and was probably in his early thirties. He was quite tall and slim in build, he was well groomed with short brown hair, and looked attractive in his crisp white waiters shirt. He was very attentive to us throughout the meal, making sure our food was served as it should be and that we had everything that we wanted. He made sure that Sally’s pinot grigio and my glass of merlot was always topped up when we wanted it.

‘What do you think?’ I asked.

‘He seems a nice man.’

‘Yes he does, but what do you really think,’ I asked again.

Sally gazed at me and her lips slowly turned up into a wry smile ‘you mean do I want to let him fuck me?’

‘Shhh’ I said glancing round at the other diners, ‘you don’t want everyone to hear.’

‘Yes then,’ Sally leaned closer to me and whispered like a teenager ‘he will do nicely.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes’ was the answer ‘do you want to lick his come out from my pussy?’

I felt my face blush red in embarrassment as Sally asked the question. Even after our hours of talking bartın escort about the subject I still felt embarrassed sometimes when Sally brought it up.

‘Yes I do’ I replied after a brief moments thought.

‘That’s good then’ was Sally’s response. I even thought I saw her lightly brush her tongue over her upper lip as she replied. ‘You had better get on and ask him then, and see what he says.’

I rehearsed in my mind what I was going to say to Steve and gradually summoned up enough courage to wave him over to our table the next time he passed on his way back to the kitchen.

‘Is everything OK with your meal sir and madam?’ Steve politely asked.

‘Excellent,’ I said.

‘Any more wine sir?

‘No thanks’ I replied. I swallowed hard and said ‘when you finish work later would you like to come up to our room and fuck my wife?’

Steve stood next to us at the dining table. I saw him glance over at Sally and I’m sure his eyes lingered for longer than they should have done on her exposed cleavage. It seemed an age before Steve spoke but in reality it was only a couple of seconds.

‘Pardon sir.’

I knew I was starting to blush with embarrassment but had to finish what I had started.

‘We were wondering if you would like to come to our room later and fuck my wife.’ I quietly asked again as I didn’t want the elderly couple on the next table to hear.

‘Ok sir… what’s the catch, are you having a joke?’ Steve asked.

‘No joke. We just wondered if you wanted to fuck my wife. She fancies you and she is a very sensual woman.’

‘Right’ Steve ponderously said. ‘What about you? I am not into any of that man on man stuff.’

‘That’s Ok,’ I said. ‘Neither am I, I will just sit in the corner out of the way and watch if that’s cool with you?’

‘So let’s get this straight.’ Steve said. ‘You want me to come up to your room later and fuck your wife while you watch the action.’

‘That’s about it’

‘OK then.’ Steve nonchantly said ‘I’m not going to turn down a bit of free pussy.’

‘Oh God’ Sally said surprisingly. ‘That’s wonderful.’ Up until now she had been silent just listening to our conversation. I got the impression she thought that Steve was going to say no like the waiter did last time, or refuse as he didn’t fancy her.

‘What room you in?’ Steve casually asked.

‘Twenty four.’

‘Ok. I will be up just after ten thirty when we have finished clearing down here.’ As he said that he winked at Sally and walked back off to the kitchen.

‘Wow.’ Sally said. ‘It’s finally going to happen. You won’t need to order desert now as you will be having cream pie later.’ She laughed at her own joke.

We finished our meal and ordered coffee. As we were finishing up our drinks Steve came over to clear the table and as we stood to leave he put his hand gently on Sally’s arm and I heard him whisper to her ‘see you soon love.’

It was just after ten when we returned to our room. We were both excited as it appeared that all the talking we had done during the last few months was over and now what we both wanted was actually going to happen. Sally went to the bathroom and I heard her going to the toilet then brushing her teeth. We had talked previously about what Sally should wear for this first occasion with a new lover. We had discussed various types of lingerie and she had done some more online shopping and now had quite a collection of sexy underwear and erotic outfits. When Sally came out of the bathroom she had changed and was wearing an expensive light silk robe with a simple tie round her waist. She looked so sexy with the thin material hanging from her breasts and hugging the curve of her hips.

‘What do you think? She asked. ‘Do you think he will like me in this?’

‘Oh yes,’ I muttered. ‘Any man would love you in that.’

Sally blushed slightly. I think it was more with nerves. She stood by the bathroom door as I sat in the comfy chair the other side of the bed. She slowly undid the loose tie from her waist and let the robe slip open. I could see her large breasts with the nipples obviously starting to crinkle and stiffen as she was demonstrably starting to become aroused. She stood with her legs slightly parted and in between the dark bush of her pubic hair I could just make out the shape of her long lips hanging down.

‘I’m not wearing any underwear,’ she giggled.’ Do you think that will be Ok?’

‘Of course it will. You look great.’ I said.

Sally drew the robe back round herself once more covering up her voluptuous nakedness. She moved onto the bed and made herself comfortable. I sat on the chair a few feet away from her and we waited. We were both very nervous yet incredibly excited.

We did not have long to wait together as it was only a few minutes after ten thirty when there was a gentle tap on our room door.

‘Come in, it’s open,’ I said.

Steve slipped himself into our room. He was still in his waiter’s uniform and had clearly just finished his work downstairs of clearing up after dinner batıkent escort service.

‘Hi.’ He said.

‘Please come over here and join me,’ Sally confidently said where she was reclining in the middle of the bed. She surprised me by being so self-assured and seemingly in control of the situation.

I watched as Steve approached the bed and got up onto it next to Sally.

There appeared to be a few seconds where there was nervous tension in the air when neither of them really knew what to do first. However after a moment Steve leaned forward and before I knew it they were kissing each other with their mouths and tongues intertwined. I was not quite sure how I felt at this moment — I was sitting on a chair next to a bed watching a strange man kiss my wife for the first time. My stomach was churning over, both with excitement and jealousy. I was not sure how I felt about them kissing; this was something we had not specifically talked about. I thought to myself that maybe we ought to have had a no kissing rule, but it was too late now.

I watched as they kissed and Steve loosened the tie to Sally’s silk robe from her waist. His hand found her breasts and he gently massaged her elongated nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Sally responded with a little moan in between the kisses.

As Steve played with her breasts Sally unbuttoned his shirt and he then pulled it off over his head and shoulders. She then gently pushed him back onto the bed on his back. I watched as she kissed his neck, then gently took each of his small nipples into her mouth and circled each one with her tongue and gently nibbled on them. Her hands moved down to the waist band of his black work trousers and manipulated the belt buckle, button and zip undone. Steve helped her pull down his trousers and he kicked them off his ankles and at the same time slipped his socks off. He was now lying back on the bed in only his underpants. I could see the bulge of his cock through the thin material. Sally also discarded her silk robe so that she was now completely naked.

Sally moved slowly down Steve’s body planting small kisses on his nipples, chest and belly. I realised she was making her way slowly down towards his cock, which was now straining against his pants. She stroked the bulge through the material, feeling his length with her fingers. Quickly Steve pulled his pants off to join Sally in complete nakedness. His cock was hard and standing out rudely from his belly. I noticed that he was probably about the same size in cock length as me at about six inches, but he was certainly much thicker, also like me he had not been circumcised.

I watched completely enthralled as Sally opened her lips and gently took the whole of his engorged cock tip into her mouth pushing his foreskin back as she did so. She had to open her lips wide to slide the thick member in. Steve gasped as her warm mouth engulfed his cock head. As I sat in the chair I was aware my own cock was now rock hard and could feel it pressing against the front of my trousers — it was so hard it was almost uncomfortable. I watched as Sally’s head bobbed gently up and down on Steve’s’ length. She almost seemed to savour the sensation of her mouth being completely full of a hard strangers cock. It seemed incredible that she was naked on a bed with a cock stretching open her mouth of someone she had not even seen until a couple of hours ago. Sally’s hand massaged Steve’s heavy ball sack, gently cupping and teasing each of his testicles while the other hand lightly gripped and twisted his shaft. As her lips moved up and down his length he gently thrust his hips up to meet her mouth and slowly more and more of his length slid into her. Sally’s eyes were closed and she had a blissful expression of her face. For a brief moment she stopped sucking on his cock and pulled it out of her mouth. She silently mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to me before once again sliding her lips back over Steve’s’ rigid length.

Sally explored Steve’s cock with her mouth for a few more minutes before he gently pushed her away. I think he wanted her to stop sucking before he lost control and came in her mouth. He then manoeuvred Sally so the she was lying in the middle of the bed on her back, then without even glancing over to where I was sitting he pushed her legs wide apart and clamped his mouth over her hairy pussy.

Sally loved the attention of his tongue. I could see that he was gently tugging on her engorged love lips with his teeth, then slipping and sliding his tongue up and down her juicy slit. The room was silent except for their heavy breathing and crude slurping sounds as he worked her pussy with his mouth. Sally looked over to me with a look of pure lust and happiness on her face. As Steve was now circling her clit with his tongue sally was kneading and massaging her breasts, pinching and rolling the hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger. I could tell by the way she was thrusting her hips upwards on his tongue she was getting close to coming. As Steve continued licking her and massaging her stiff clit with his tongue I watched as her hips bucked and clamped hard either side of his head as an intense orgasm gripped her. Steve continued to gently lap and taste her juicy pussy until she calmed down and her body stopped shuddering as she recovered from her orgasm.

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