Creating a female slave Part 2

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Big Dicks

I sat at my desk and opened the editing software while observing the slave on another screen. She was putting her bra on and I heard her wimper as the material of the bra cup made contact with her left nipple and tit that I had violated with bites earlier. I mused whether to inflict the same damage on her other breast…or maybe just keep concentrating on the left one to find out what difference prolonged pain to that nipple and tit would do to it . She started clearing my spunk that I wanked onto her from her tummy and I zoomed the camera in to see her wipe my semen that had got onto her curly pubic hair.

She then used the bucket to have a pee and the sound echoed as her urine stream hit the metal sides and bottom. I smiled and started editing her first session so I could stream it to the other Society members.

I finished the editing and started streaming it to the Society members. Feeling exhausted I checked the time. It had been twelve hours since the kidnapping so pointless trying to find any media coverage of a missing person yet and as for my slav, she would already be time disoriented as how long she has been here.

I looked at the monitor and she was sitting on the bed with a blanket wrapped around herself slowly swaying forward and backwards head down.

I started playing with myself watching my acquisition. I had thought of abducting a younger slave, but was now happy I chose a older one who looked like a mom next door type and who would have more life experiences, which meant I would be taking more from her emotionally as I break her. But that will be later, first I will leave her alone till tomorrow in the isolation of the dungeon with no mental stimulus but for her memories.

I entered the dungeon and my new slave was lying in the foetal position on the metal framed bed with the blanket wrapped around her. She had been here in the brightly lit silent dungeon now for 30 hour.

“Please let me go” she said without moving from her position.

I smiled under my mask but did not reply and placed the clear plastic tumbler and plastic water bottle on the table against my chair. She was watching, and facing her, I slowly started removing the polyester tracksuit till I was there naked with just my mask on and my cock starting to harden so I gave it several strokes enjoying the feeling that she was watching me doing so.

“Stand up and leave the blanket on the bed” I ordered.

She was motionless bursa escort for some seconds before stirring. She slowly stood and let the blanket fall back on the bed so she was there just in her tight leggings and bra, her hair dishevelled and signs of tiredness and the tears that she had shed around her eyes.

“Middle of your cage” And pointed to where I wanted her.

Slave started to move to the position and again asked “Will you let me go please” as she did so.

I again did not reply to her question.

“Thirsty” I asked.

She nodded meekly. I had left her half a litre of water the day before and most of that she had used to clean my semen off her body which I had watched on the monitor so she was somewhat dehydrated now.

“Stay there” I ordered, and walked around the cage to the winch and tensioned the chain attached to her collar taut so she could not get closer to the cage door when I entered.

“Firstly you will answer questions I ask, you will not hesitate or lie, just answer and keep answering….if not” I was walking to the locker behind my chair as I spoke. I opened it and took out the yellow handled cattle prod. I turned to face my slave waving it in my hand.

Her eyes widened with fear.

“Guess you know what this does” again smiling beneath my mask.

She reacted by protectively covering her upper torso with her arms in fear.

I opened the cage door and entered, my cock standing proudly out from the arousal I felt controlling this slave of my.

“Remember answer immediately and honestly, if you hesitate “ I waved the electric cattle prod close to her face and she shied slightly, “I will use this on you again and again”.

“And… I am recording your answers, and if I find during these questionings that I will give you, your answers vary or alter, I will punish you” Again I gestured the prod.

“Firstly remove your bra” I again waved the prod.

She did so gingerly, keeping the removed bra in her hand.

“Now pull your waistband up higher”. I continued.

Her eyes showed confusion but she complied pulling the waistband of the leggings higher up her waist which stretched the gusset of the garment into her crotch producing the outline of her cameltoe as I wanted.

“We will begin Slave” I said and started asking questions.

Every time she hesitated I prodded her giving her a violent electric shock which made her scream and recoil.

The bursa escort first question was her age, she hesitated and I prodded her on her arm and she recoiled in pain from the shock and gave out a scream. As soon as I shocked her I asked another question, hair colour, another hesitation and another shock which made her turn around from me. Age, and she shouted 39, Shoe size, hesitation and I shocked her round tight arse cheek facing me. Another scream of pain another question, and she started trying to avoid the pain but the collar and chain stopped her from running away. The shocks became less often as she started answering more instantly. Many of the questions I asked I did so repeatedly intermitently during the interrogation and she ended up on the floor curled up at the end of it.

I was satisfied with the answers and the way I got turned on by inflicting the shocks to her body and her screams of pain.

“Good” I said to her and walked to where I had left the tumbler and water earlier.

“On your knees and face me and you can have some water” I told her.

Her upper body was sweaty from the exertions of trying to avoid the prod as she knelt facing me. I poured the water into the clear tumbler half way up and returned to the entrance of the cage masturbating mself as I did so. I looked at her kneeling there and I wanked myself harder and as I climaxed I lifted the tumbler to my cock tip and my cum shot out in spurts into the vessel. I looked at the cum floating in the liquid and smiled. Moved towards my slave and placed it infront of her. She looked down at my sperm floating in the water.

“Drink it” I said.

She visibly shuddered, but after the shocks she had just received in the interrogation and thirst her body craved to satisfy she leaned forward, her hand trembling as she grasped the tumbler leaned back on her haunches, raised the glass to her mouth. She saw my floating sperm, closed her eyes and put the rim to her lips and started gulping down the contents to satisfy her thirst. She emptied the tumbler and I smiled that she had drank my cum and it was now inside her.

“Good” I complimented. “Now stand”. She complied shakily.

“Take your leggings off”. There was a resignation in her body, and she slowly pulled the tight leggings down and removed them.

“Now your panties” I continued.

The pain she had endured during the interrogation had broken bursa eskort some of her spirit and she slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles and kicked them off slowly.

“Now …… I want you to masturbate !”

She did not move for several seconds and I was about to order her again but her right hand started to move. She moved her hand down over her pubic hair and slowly started to rub her fingers along the top of her slit. She started to breathe deeper, not with passion but to try to control her feelings of shame she was experiencing doing this infront of her captor.

“I want to see you finger yourself” I said softly.

She continued slowly with her fingers along her slit then she started to insert her finger into her cunt.

“Good, now finger fuck yourself” I said.

I saw a glimpse of anger in her face but she did as ordered.

After about a minute I told her to turn around and continue fingering herself so I could see her arse as she did so, then back facing me.

“Good, you can stop enjoying yourself now” and she removed her hand.

“Stand straight with your hands on your hips and wait”. She again meekly complied and stood there in the stark light, her naked body completely exposed.

I admired her for a few seconds before turning and going to and through the dungeon door and returning with the food I had left on a paper plate outside. The food was sandwiches and a banana, and I collected the bottle of water from the desk on the way back to the cage.

I placed the food and water just inside the cage door, took the banana and tossed it towards the slave.

“Pick it up” I ordered.

She bent forward her slightly saggy full tits swinging as she did so and lifted up the banana.

“ I want to see you put that banana all the way into your cunt……You would be wet after frigging yourself put you may want to lubricate that with your saliva….just a suggestion to make it easier for you” I offered.

Her body trembled ever so slightly with the emotional turmoil she had been enduring since being kidnapped and her sanity messed with but she knew the skin of the fruit would need lubricating and so slowly put it to her mouth and started licking it knowing the sight would be erotic for her captor, but her brain told her it had to be done to make the next part easier on her body.

She got saliva and spit onto the banana and then moved it to the entrance to her vagina and slowly pushed it into her. This humiliation visibly was breaking her spirit.

I smiled. “ Good Slave….enjoy your food” With that I locked the cage door, put on my tracksuit and left the dungeon.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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