Crossfire Ch. 07

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[Thank you to everyone who has commented and sent feedback to me on this series. I realise the last update was quite some time ago so people probably have moved on but after reading some of the comments I wanted to add one final addition. There isn’t much sex in this just as a heads up!]


“Have you pinched my Glossier dew drops?!” Lauren shouted from the bedroom as she rooted through her makeup drawer. She’d been looking for them in every spot makeup was usually housed in the flat and had yet to find them. Sighing in frustration to herself she went to her handbag and pulled out the little makeup bag, dumping the contents on the bed to look for them.

Jess poked her head around the door, her peach hair styled into Victory rolls, her painted red lips spreading into a smile. “Moi?” She asked with innocent eyes, fluttering her eyelashes at Lauren. “Is that something I would do?” She asked and walked into the room wearing the strawberry dress by Lirika Matoshi, the material swaying beautifully with every step she took as she moved behind Lauren and curled her arms around her hips, kissing the back of her neck. “Breathe. This isn’t an airport… you don’t have to be there four hours early.”

Lauren leaned back into her arms and sighed softly. “I know. I know,” she breathed out, feeling the skin on the back of her neck rise in goose pimples as she closed her eyes. “I don’t know why I feel so nervous. It’s just a wedding.”

Jess nodded and rested her chin on Lauren’s shoulder, just smooching the curve of her neck gently. “It’s because all of the old work people are going to be there. But… you haven’t seen most of them in over a year. You’re going to celebrate someone getting married. Anyway – what’s that quote? The best revenge is success? And to me being happy is the best success you can achieve.”

“I know. It’s just… they’re all going to look at me and whisper and-” Lauren began, her shoulders getting tense just at the thought.

Jess slid her hands over Lauren’s slim hips and gently massaged them. “…they’re going to whisper and stare and be like… wow. Look at Lauren living her best life. Doesn’t her smile seem effortless? Doesn’t her skin look like it’s glowing? She’s looking blessed and highly favoured. And wow – I had no idea about the stone cold fox she was dating… yes hunny.” Jess tongue popped and kissed her cheek.

Lauren couldn’t help but laugh at those words, rolling her eyes. “…I’m cancelling Netflix. Too much Drag Race and Queer Eye for you.” Even as she said it she could feel that effortless smile she was talking about filling her face. If there was one thing she could always count on Jess to do it was to make her laugh and relax. There was something about Jess that supported her though the tough times but always reminded her not to take herself or life too seriously.

Jess used her hands on Lauren’s hips to turn her around so that they were eye to eye. “I’m just saying… we need to go to that wedding and serve it. Show up and be the strong, smart, warm hearted, beautiful, proud lesbian woman that you are.” Looking Lauren over as she stood there in her briefs and a black corset she just shook her head. “I mean just look at you…”

Smiling brightly she rolled her eyes. “Look at you… that dress is just… phenomenal…” Lauren murmured, unable to help but admire the cleavage that was on show, and how the dress emphasised her curves. “You look beautiful. How are you ready already?”

“I really wanted to play Animal Crossing before we left,” Jess admitted with a shy smile. “But… as you’re not actually dressed yet…” Jess’s fingers moved from where she was slowly stroking Lauren’s hip bone and down to drag over the silk front of her briefs, ever so lightly tracing out her labia through the thin material. “…maybe I could help you relax even more?”

Lauren felt a shiver of arousal pass through her and she was about to say no but she knew they did have time. “…your hair and make up -you’re all ready to go…”

“Make up can be re-applied,” Jess rolled her eyes as she continued to massage her through that thin material, dragging her fingers back and forth over the length of her lips. “Or I just won’t use my face,” she winked and eased Lauren onto the bed, pushing the make up items out of the way as she crawled over her, kissing from the inside of her knee slowly upwards as she pulled Lauren’s underwear down. Pulling the material down Lauren’s thighs she parted her legs, her hands curling around her thighs to bring them apart as she continued to kiss higher, occasionally giving her skin little nips. Glancing up she could see Lauren unhooking her own corset and letting it fall open, leaving her naked on the bed.

As her lips got higher Jess completely missed Lauren’s pussy, instead kissing over her lower stomach and smiling at the faint red lipstick marks she left over her hips and mound. “You are so fucking hot…” Jess mumbled more to herself than to Lauren as bursa escort bayanlar her fingers parted her lips and just started to drag soft and lazy from her opening up and around her clit and back again. Her fingers were coated in Lauren’s wetness immediately, easing her movements as she only circled her clit after every few strokes. Jess could hear Lauren’s breathing getting just a little more shallow as her body melted back against the bed.

Lauren reached out, her fingers just gliding over the tulle of her dress as she tried to draw the feedback up to be able to touch her in return but her fingers were playfully batted away. “What gives?” Lauren groaned, arching her hips to try and get Jess to touch her clit more directly. There was something about Jess that made her feel so comfortable that she was able to be soaking within moments as soon as she knew it was on. She knew just how to tease to make her be arching and aching for more.

“This is about you… just let me…” Jess mumbled as she sucked one of Lauren’s nipples into her mouth, her tongue sliding over and around the little pink bud as her fingers sank inside Lauren, rocking two fingers deep inside her as she dragged her fingertips along the front wall of her vagina with every rock of her fingers.

Lauren was going to protest but she moaned instead, her fingers gripping hold of the sheets as her knees turned outwards, opening herself up completely to Jess. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned softly, her walls clenching around Jess’s fingers instinctively.

Smiling to herself Jess grazed her teeth over Lauren’s nipple and then sucked on it, the flat of her tongue kissing moving over and around her bud to soothe it after every graze of her teeth. As she felt Lauren’s hips starting to rock eagerly back against her fingers she could feel her getting wetter. Normally she would remove her fingers and instead tease her a little more but knowing they didn’t actually have that much time she twisted her wrist so she could drag her thumb around her clit. Sliding her thumb up over the just above the hood of her clit and then down and around she could feel Lauren’s body starting to tighten, her girlfriends moans graduating from soft pleasured whimpers to cries of ecstasy as she got closer and closer to her orgasm.

“Yes – Jess – fuck. Don’t move – that’s so fucking perfect,” Lauren cried out, her back arching off of the bed as she rutted her hips down roughly onto Jess’s fingers. As she got closer she bit hard into her lip, her eyes clenching to slits her thighs started to tremble and her toes curled.

Jess reached up and pushed her spare fingers into Lauren’s hair, tugging it so she could pull Lauren into a heated kiss, knowing how much she loved the combination of just a little pain when she was that close to coming. Pushing her fingers inside her lover over and over again she felt Lauren’s walls swelling making it difficult to manoeuvre them inside her but she kept on, biting into her lower lip gently as they made out hungrily. Dragging her thumb around her clit one last time she felt Lauren let go, her whole body contracting for a moment only to tremble as she came, her hips snapping back erratically and her fair skin flushing pink as she came.

Lauren wrapped her arms around Jess, holding her close and pressing her face into her neck as she came hard, moans leaving her lips over and over again only to just cuddle her close once she was done. Sighing heavily she found herself smiling against Jess’s skin as she just held her close. “…that felt so good,” she murmured, almost feeling sleepy now as she relaxed.

Jess kissed along her jawline and then up over Lauren’s face, kissing each eyebrow and then the tip of her nose. “I love you. You know that?”

“I love you too,” Lauren murmured and knew she meant it entirely. Opening her eyes she burst out laughing when she took in the sight of Jess’s face, seeing half her lipstick was around her lips now rather than on it. “Your face…”

“I can imagine,” Jess laughed, kissing Lauren sweetly only to pull back reluctantly, able to feel the wetness between her own legs now. “Let’s – let’s get ready. Get going so we can come home.”

“Sounds like a plan…” Lauren nodded, sitting up and pulling the corset back around her small frame. “…but seriously, have you got my dew drops?”

The wedding had taken place at Kew Gardens on an unseasonably warm March afternoon. The ceremony was held in the Nash conservatory, with sunlight streaming in through the pane glass windows over the 200 guests who had come to celebrate. White cherry blossom trees had lined the seating and had created an arch at the front of the room and Lauren wasn’t sure if she had ever seen something so beautiful in her life. Sitting there holding Jess’s hand as she watched her former CTO marry his beautiful wife her eyes felt a little glassy as it was all so perfect and romantic.

They’d had a chance to wander the bayan sarisin escort bursa grounds while the couple took pictures and Lauren wasn’t sure she could feel happier than she did in that moment. Walking through the picturesque grounds, her hand swinging in Jess’s she felt at peace and more importantly deeply in love. They were able to steal moment in the rainforest area to just chat and kiss, both of them almost radiating with happiness when they were called to The Orangery for the evening reception.

Lauren had been dreading this part of the wedding as she knew it was when she would have to speak to old co-workers and essentially ‘come out’. It wasn’t as if she even really cared what they thought anymore but it was always a tense feeling to come out as you didn’t know how people would react and being a deeply conflict averse person she would always rather avoid it if she could. Most people had just been welcoming to Jess but some of the senior partners more or less just ignored her or just politely said hello before moving on which Lauren felt was the best she could have asked for in that situation. Everyone asked what she was doing now and it felt good to tell them she had started her own company that was doing fairly well. Was it the same salary she had been on? No, but she was definitely happier and more fulfilled.

As the dancing started Jess was already up and raring to go. “…it’s Mr Brightside… how in the world can you think of sitting down?” She asked, looking mock affronted as she tugged playfully on Lauren’s hand.

Lauren groaned but gave in, standing and heading to the large dance floor with her where a group of people were already doing literal dance moves. Lauren had worn a black satin jumpsuit with a spaghetti strap top, preferring something chic but comfortable, paired with some heeled sandals. Her long dark hair lightly curled and hanging loose around her shoulders so as she twirled and danced it moved with her movements. She’d never really been one for her dancing before, always just a little too self conscious but with Jess enjoying it so much she couldn’t help but find her enthusiasm infectious. Singing along with the lyrics she happily bounced around to The Killers track and the next few after it until she was too hot. “Want a drink?” Lauren shouted over the music.

“Nah love – I’m alright,” Jess said, still moving to the music with some of the friends they’d made at their table.

“I’ll be back?” Lauren leaned in and kissed her softly before wandering over to the bar, trying to catch her breath. Leaning against it she shifted her weight from foot to foot, the heels not being as comfortable as she had hoped they would be.

“Hey Lauren.”

A female American voice said and before she looked up Lauren knew who it was going to be and felt her stomach twist. Lauren’s eyes had been focused on her own feet but as she looked forward she took in Jennifer’s shapely tanned calves, up her thighs to the hem of the silver sequinned mini dress until she locked eyes on her familiar face. She looked as amazing as ever and Lauren felt a confusing rush of fondness and frustration filling her. “Hi.” Was all she was able to get out, glancing at the bar tender who was busy mixing her cocktail and wishing he would have hurried up.

Jennifer went to lean in to hug and kiss her but thought better of it midway through and just smiled a little tightly. “I haven’t seen you in forever… how’re you doing?”

There was something so strange about the stilted politeness of it that made Lauren want to scream. “Oh you know… all good thanks. How about you?”

“I’m good thanks,” Jennifer nodded and asked the bartender for a glass of champagne when he brought Lauren’s drink over.

“Great. Well. Good seeing you.” Lauren murmured and went to turn away but before she could Jennifer had slipped her fingers around her wrist.

“Don’t. Please don’t go just yet? Can we talk?” Jennifer asked, her eyes pleading as she tried to pull Lauren back only to catch herself and release her wrist. “Please?”

Lauren shook her head and smiled tightly. “I really don’t have anything to say.”

“Bullshit Lauren,” Jennifer said quietly, stepping closer as other people came to the bar so they could speak without being heard. “Don’t do that British thing where you-”

Rolling her eyes she let out a heavy sigh. “I have things to say. Please can you just give me ten minutes?”

Lauren glanced over to the dance floor and saw Jess twirl in her highest heels, her face lit up with joy as she danced to the music having a wonderful time. “Sure. Ten minutes…”

Jennifer followed her gaze and her jaw tensed briefly before she was smiling again, leading Lauren out of the room and outside. The sun had set a while ago, floor lighting illuminating the different flowers and trees in the darkness. The air was filled with the scent of jasmine as Lauren carefully walked down the steps, the bayan esmer escort bursa cool night air making her realise just how drunk she actually was. “Where are we going?”

“Just somewhere quiet,” Jennifer murmured, her heels crunching on the gravel path until she found them a quiet little spot in the rose garden with a bench. Sinking down she crossed one leg over the other, her mini skirt hiking up further her toned thighs.

Sitting down on the opposite side of the bench Lauren took a sip of her cocktail, facing forward rather than looking at Jennifer, the cool night air making the hair on the back of her neck raise.

“Really?” Jennifer asked, gesturing to the space between them. “I’m not going to bite.”

When Lauren didn’t look like she was going to move Jennifer rolled her eyes again but just nodded. “I – can you just not do the British thing and pretend things are fine when they’re not? I know you hate me so just hate me.”

Lauren glanced over at Jen and shook her head. “I don’t hate you.”

“Bullshit.” Jennifer shook her head and sipped her champagne. “I hate me for what I did to you so how can you not?”

Shrugging her shoulders she just shook her head. “I don’t hate you? It hurt more than anything else. It – I just couldn’t believe that you’d threaten that and looking back? I don’t think you would have done it but the fear of it – combined with you cheating on me I just couldn’t.”

Jennifer nodded slowly and she sighed heavily. “I was livid with you. Like, it made my blood boil because in my head I could see this perfect outcome and all we needed to do was get over this wall of you being in the closet and everything was going to be great… I know I cheated on you. I know I was your girlfriend but to me everything you did just didn’t matter if we couldn’t be out together. I got so fixated on it and it – I felt like I could shock you into action like… oh shit she’s sleeping with other people I just need to do this thing to keep her and in retrospect I think I was just pushing you further into the closet.” Jennifer sipped her drink, her features pensive as she watched the bubbles moving through the liquid. “I was so happy. I really was but I just couldn’t seem to stop myself.”

Lauren turned to face her as she spoke, surprised to get this level of honesty and reflection from her. “It – I agree – everything about us was amazing except when that topic would come up? And a few times on my own I was toying with the idea of coming out at work or leaving work and then you’d try and force my hand and I’d let go of those thoughts again because I didn’t feel safe and supported anymore. And when you cheated I then just thought… I’m risking everything for someone who isn’t committed to me? To someone who wants to hurt me to get what they want?”

Jennifer met her eyes and smiled sadly. “See… I really thought if I said I’d tell people you would just tell them yourself to keep me… but now I get it. I just think I realised I was losing you and so went nuclear to try and fix it and it -” Jennifer just shook her head and sighed to herself. Reaching out she rested her hand lightly over Lauren’s and gave it a squeeze. “More than anything I just want to say that I’m sorry.”

Lauren’s chest tightened at those words, her eyes feeling glassy and she carefully wiped beneath them as she squeezed Jennifer’s hand back. “I’m sorry too. I know it wasn’t easy on you either.”

“No. I fell for you and it brought out this really ugly side of me and – yeah. I was just so scared of losing you that I feel like I burnt every bridge to try and keep you in but instead it kept you out.” Jennifer sighed softly, dragging her thumb over Lauren’s knuckles gently. “And seeing you show up here with a woman just cements that I – it was all my fault.”

Lauren moved closer to her and shook her head as she gave her hand another squeeze. “We both played our parts… don’t do that.”

Jennifer nodded and smiled tightly as she downed the last of her champagne glass. “…she looks great.”

“Yeah. She is…” Lauren nodded and bit into her lip. “I – I really did love you y’know?”

Jennifer nodded and sniffled softly as she wiped at her own eyes. “I know that now… that’s the fucking heartbreaking thing. I saw you during the dinner looking at her and remembered when you used to look at me like that and it’s just so fucking annoying.

But… everything happens for a reason right? And I am glad that you’re happy. You look so – I mean hot as fuck as ever -” Jennifer laughed and rolled her eyes. “But more than that you just look content and… that – I’m really happy about that.”

Lauren leaned in and curled her arms around Jennifer, smelling the perfume on her skin that she always wore and hugged her close. “Thank you.”

“…up for a threesome?” Jennifer laughed as she felt a tear slip down her face, thankful that Lauren couldn’t see it as she held Lauren close.

“…are you serious?” Lauren laughed and rolled her eyes.

“…no. No. Of course not.” Jennifer murmured sitting back and letting out a big sigh. “…unless?” She winked.

Lauren gave her a look and playfully tutted. Taking both of Jennifer’s hands in hers she looked into her eyes. “You’ll always be special to me Jen.”

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