Crowd Surfing_(2)

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*This is a re write of the first story I published over a month ago. I have added paragrapahs to make it easier to read and changed or added a bit. Thanks for reading my other stuff.

We were going to attend the mosh pit extravaganza concert in Detroit. Little did we know it would be a huge mistake attending the concert. Our lives would be changed forever.

Let me describe myself. My name is Brittney. I exercise everyday and am about 5’2″ and 100 pounds soaking wet with rocks in my pocket. My tanned legs and bumble bee bum make guys whistle and pay attention to me all the time. I have long blond curly hair past my waist and am completely tanned with a six pack and smooth as a baby. Not bad for a 19 year old girl. That makes many girls jealous of me.

My friend Jen is 21 and just about six feet tall. She has long brown hair and works out like crazy. She is thin and has a stomach to die for. Her firm tits stand at attention and love it! She never hardly wears a bra.

My friend Jen and I were so excited. We waited months to buy tickets for the concert.
She came to my house that afternoon and we had to decide what to wear to the concert. I decided to wear a really small pair of faded blue jean Guess shorts I had owned for years. They were like my security blanket. I wore them almost every warm day. They were starting to wear and the fabric was failing. They were just a bit inappropriately short and frayed on the bottoms. By inappropriate I mean not long. They barely covered my lower round ass cheeks. From in seem to top they were probably only 6 inches. I had little slits up the side seems to show off a bit of my tanned legs and get boys horny. Under them I wore little white lacy boy shorts. For a top I wore a white t-shirt over a white string bikini. I had on brown well worn cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Jen jokingly said to me that dressing like that would cause trouble.

Jen didn’t like to show off as much skin, but she should have with a long tall tan slender body like hers. She decided to wear light blue denim jeans that were torn horizontally everywhere. That’s the new style. She had on little white socks and runners. For a top she wore a spaghetti string cotton tee shirt. She wore no bra underneath as her firm tits stood out like little mountains. They did not sag. Even I was envious of that.

On the way to the concert we drank a few beers and mixed some shots in the car. Jen started to get a little too wasted and I told her to slow down. When we got to the concert; it was packed. We made our way down to the mosh pit area and it seemed guys parted the sea and made way for us.

The music started playing and was super loud. As the night went on we drank some more and at a few points I could tell drunken guys were eyeing us up and undressing us with their thoughts. At one point I could feel hands grabbing and rubbing at my ass. A few smacks even came my way. I kind of enjoyed it until later. Hands grasped and pinched my hard tight ass. The odd set of fingers slipped down the waist of my shorter than short jean shorts.

By about eleven pm Jen was wasted. She couldn’t even stand. That’s when the trouble began. A group darıca escort of drunken guys surrounded her and groped her like crazy through her clothes. She was unable to stand by now. One larger guy held her up. The others pinched and pawed at her breasts and ass on top of and under her clothes. A guy put his hands under her shirt and squeezed her firm tits hard. She cried out. He then went to work twisting and tweaking her hard pointy little nipples. I knew she orgasmed twice from this attention by the look on her face. She had once told me that whenever she orgasms she bites her lower lip and her eyes roll upwards. I watched this happen twice as they played with her body.

I tried to get to her but a wall of beer breath smelling guys blocked me. I did not have a chance of getting close to her. They were stacked in tight waiting for their turn. Guys behind me during this were rubbing and pinching my ass. My hair was being pulled and hands reached around my front and grasped at my tits.

I watched as Jen was lifted forcefully up onto the sea of grasping squeezing hands and started floating. She was so drunk she couldn’t keep her head up. Her mostly limp drunken body was passed across the crowd. It was made up of drunk mostly horny men and some women. I thought it would be ok but it turned bad. At first hands touched her everywhere and then her clothes started to be removed. Jen tried to resist with minimal effort but large number of hands grabbed her wrists and legs and held her while she was groped everywhere. Some hands rubbed gently. All over her private parts. Others grabbed and tried to tear at whatever they could grasp. I saw her head turn towards me. She looked helpless and in a drug crazed daze.

I saw her first lose a shoe, then the other. People fought over untying her little white laces. When the shoes came off they were thrown far into the large crowd. She would never get them back.

I almost swore she had an orgasm from the attention. As she was surfed around her socks were yanked off. All the hands engulfed her and I could see people shouting and cheering and yelling to strip her. A group of people held her still for a moment. Suspended in the air by her waist (securing her by her belt above her ass and hoisting her face up into the air). A bunch of hands, probably 20 or more clawed at her jeans. The tears in them gave way easily. It was weird, I could see them being torn from her ankles up. The denim slowly disappeared. Pieces of torn shredded denim were held like trophy pieces. The more that was torn off, the more excited the drunken crowd became. The crowd thought it was a game slowly taking more and more denim as the tears would see fit. Then they were torn off in a frenzy into little and I mean little shorts. The remaining denim she wore only covered her ass barely, and had the seem still connected under her crotch area.

Fingers felt up her legs and I’m sure people were finger fucking her. I could see her moaning and I was sure fingers in droves took turns entering her asshole and pussy. Drunken men smelled for pussy on their hands. She wiggled to get away but izmit otele gelen escort was held as if suspended. The crowd roared more and the frenzy continued.

She was passed around for not more than five minutes after that. Her only protection was a skimpy tattered remaining fabric of small jean shorts and a bathing suit underneath. The shorts were tugged at relentlessly and they were going to come off. Eventually her remaining “little shorts” were torn right off. All that remained was a small black bathing suit with strings on each side holding it on her. The bottoms barely covered her ass and front, both by little triangles of fabric. The frenzy of hands then went for her top. It was like she wore paper. He spaghetti strap top was pulled five ways and tore easily. Her wrists being held by people to prevent her from trying to fight back. Her luscious hard perky breasts showed. Males grabbed and pinched and squeezed them. They hardly moved. A sea of hands then massaged them along with her flat stomach.

Eventually the odd girl in the group took part. All she had on now was the tiny bikini bottoms. Some girls grabbed the little strings and tugged on them. The weak single strings on each side released. She was immediately flipped over face down to the crowd and guys grabbed and sucked her tits while her ass was raised up in the air. Guys clammered and fought each other to lick her pussy and asshole. She was lowered to the ground in the mosh pit and at least 30 people had their way with her. I could see them pumping away on her body taking turns. Some guys came in seconds in her. Others had their way for minutes in her pussy and asshole. A lineup had formed. She took large and small loads of cum. Everywhere. Her mouth, ass and pussy.

As I tried to get near her to do I don’t know what, a group of five guys lifted me. It was going to be my turn. I tried to fight but was easily overpowered by them. I know they wanted to see my naked body and have their way with me. I was a little excited but somewhat scared. My clothes didn’t last nearly as long as poor Jens did when she was forced to crowd surf. The hands grabbed at my cowboy boots and they were gone in no time. Pulled right off. The sea of hands continued up my tanned firm legs like a wave. Some squeezing others massaging me.

I didn’t know how many people tugged and grabbed at my shorts. I heard guys screaming that they wanted to see that sweet ass under the denim. I was on the big video screen. I tried to hold on to my shorts but too many hands grabbed the pockets, seems and belt loops. I didn’t expect them to last the animalistic tugging. The denim lasted only for about a minute. Afterall the shorts were old, faded and the fabric weakened from repeated washing and sitting out in the bright summer sun. I could hear guys saying that a girl who dressed in jean shorts like that should get it hard! With that my sexy cutoff $120 Guess jean shorts were pulled and yanked off by sheer force down my legs. They went into the crowd. I watched guys fight over them like a trophy. I saw a group around them cuming all over them and izmit merkez escort in their pockets. They were rubbed on horny hard dicks and violated.

I think they kept my boy shorts on for awhile to tease me. I was getting a bit wet and had orgasmed twice from all the groping. I think the frenzied animals in the mosh pit could smell pussy. That was the fabric protecting my body from being ravaged. I had never had my ass squeezed and pinched and fondled so much in my life. A finger even stretched the fabric and entered my ass. It felt good. It went way up. A lot of hands reached up under my shirt and destroyed my bra. It was ripped from under my shirt. Once that was gone the shirt was attacked
Someone grabbed the round collar and tore it right off my back.

As I was surfed around some pervert decided to have the panties. Off they came. His wet sweaty hands slid up the sides of my tembling legs and grasped both sides of the cotton. I screamed for him to keep them on. That did not help. They were pulled down my legs slowly again spurring the crowd on to roar loudly in approval. At least they were kept in one piece I thought to myself. Fingers poked and massaged my ass and crotch area.

I was eventually thrown to the ground and a group of guys surrounded my. Two guys picked me up and started DP’ing me. Other guys held my wrists so I could not move. I was sprayed with beer and many men tried to kiss me or lick my face. This went on for it seemed like hours. Large cocks pounded my cunt and ass at the same time. They pushed so deep it hurt. Several times I blacked out from the sheer pounding. I could always tell when they came though. Warm spray filled my insides and I was then passed on to the next set of guys. This happened about ten times. I had received so much cum it dripped down the inside of my tired and trembling legs.

I was even pinned down a few times. A guy or group would hold my wrists and people would spread my legs wide by the ankles. A line of guys would take turns pumping my tight little pussy full of baby juice.

A few even flipped me over. Again I was held down. My face and hair getting dirty from sweat and dirt on the concert grounds. On cock made me scream when its large pre cum dripping head poked at my tight little asshole. Down came the mans weight jamming it deep and far into my ass. It must have stretched it. I am guessing he shoved a good ten inches into me. A few minutes of thrusts and then a warm load was blasted into my violated asshole.

Eventually my shorts and a ripped and tattered t-shirt made it back to me somehow. I put them on, but they were soaked in cum. Probably 150 guys had used my clothes as a cum depository. I figure at least 90 guys had their way with me in the mosh pit. I slid the vile cold wet shorts back on and imagined all the saturated gooey cum on them trying to make its way to my pussy.

I looked over and saw poor Jen. She was lying on the ground and it was completely soaked around her. There was cum everywhere. She lay there looking up at me whimpering and gargling. She coughed cum out of her mouth a few times. She wore no clothing. She had been completely stripped like me and violated repeteadly. She was covered in hickies and bruises everywhere. A girl nearby gave me an extra t shirt for her. I put it on and I helped her up to her feet . We got the hell out of there. We would think next time about attending another concert!

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