Cuck Son Gets Help

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It started a couple years ago, my wife and I were visiting my parents nothing too special they live about 4 hours away and we went up a long weekend (Fri.-sun) that way both of us only had to request one day off. We got up there around 2 my dad still at work my mom took a half day so she can see us to catch up and cook dinner that sort of thing. After catching up small talk, Christina and my mom went outside to look at the garden and have a little girl time while I prepared some drinks, as I was bringing both of them their drinks, their conversation ceased and naturally I asked if they were talking about me? Of course they denied it, and we quickly talked about the garden, yard work and the neighborhood.

About an hour or so later and another round of drinks I finally had the chance to ask Christina what they were talking about earlier. She was kind of played hard to get with the question asking me what I thought they were talking about.

“Obviously either about me or some sexual thing?”

“both.” she said.

“Well why are you talking about sex to my mother?”

“Well it was more on the lines of ever completing fantasies.”

“Are you shitting me.” I said

You see Christina’s biggest fantasy is to have a foursome (mmmf) and for me to watch and mine is to video tape, direct and take pictures while she is doing so. “Please tell me you didn’t tell my mom this!”

“Well not exactly.” I was more interested if her and your dad did anything crazy when they were around our age.” At this point I was so pissed and got up to see what my mom was doing. She was cutting veggies and asked me to turn the oven to 375. I didn’t say a word did as she asked grabbed a glass of ice and went to the liquor cabinet and poured another. “Easy there Adam we have all weekend please don’t have too much tonight so we can catch up some more especially once your father comes home.”

“No problem mom.” I said and then poured the glass only half full cause hell I needed at least something stronger then what we drinking.

Not much happened before my dad finally came home from work, before greeting us he said ” that’s right today is Friday I can finally have some relief and relax.” I didn’t think much of it but I would have thought he would have been happier to see up then just coming home from a week at work.

Then mom said “Christina… remember what we were talking about earlier. You are never too young.” Christina had a grin from ear to ear and I had no clue what she meant cause I didn’t see anything sexual of what happened prior to the commit. After dinner Christina and dad were in the back yard talking on the patio enjoying the nice weather. And I was helping mom with the dishes so I finally grew enough courage to ask mom what exactly did the two of the talk about earlier in the day.

“Oh Adam you don’t want to hear it from your mom ask your wife.” already did that.

“So why are you two so hush hush about this?”

“Well all I got to say is what ever she wants in sack just go ahead a do it. Trust me it is

well worth it for both of you in the end.”

“Ok mom obviously this is hard to talk about with you but it’s not like her and I am a dud but she just wants it more and more.”

“So give it to her son its not that hard is it?”

“No mom you don’t understand she wants more…” then the awkward pause happened.

Then she said “I get the drift son it’s still going to be the same answer how do you think your father and I have been together for so long.”

Oh my god mom, are you telling me you have cheated on dad?

“It’s not cheating if I have permission.” So just give her your permission and she will be a much happier woman after as long as you don’t get jealous.”

It might be a treat for you as it is for your father. Then I said something under my breath I shouldn’t have (father like son) but I must have said it loud enough for her to here me.

Then asked, if I had cuckold tendencies.

“Ok mom we are obviously past the point of no return on this one so here it is, I want to watch Christina with a least 3 strangers and treat is as a porno shoot as if I were a director” I couldn’t believe I just told my own mother that!

“Ok Adam, hold that thought and make us up another round of drinks I’ll be right back.”

(Oh great, now what?!) she went to go fetch my dad and wife brought us all in the living room and said she had a big announcement to make, dad and Christina sat together on the couch mom standing in the middle of the room me still making the drinks shaking like a leaf. Then mom started “Jim,” (my dad obviously) I am so proud we have raised our son to find his beautiful wife Christina and to start a life of their own. And tonight Beylikdüzü escort we had a little chat and he is definitely his father’s son. My dad just grinned Christina looked a little perplexed. Then I brought them their drinks during this odd toast. We clang our glasses and then mom made Christina and I stand next to each other for a picture. And as she took it she said this will now be the start of a whole new life for us.

“Well mom, I thought that would have been our wedding day?”

“No Adam, its now!” Then while we were still standing next to each other she asked “so how serious are you to about moving forward with your guys’ fantasy?” Christina stepped away from my a slap my arm (pretty damn hard if I may say so) “oh don’t be mad at him honey so come are you two serious about it.”

“Well I guess we are ok with it, its mentioned at least once every couple weeks or so.”

“Well you guys need to be 100% together on this or else it will never happen.” My dad just sitting there sipping on his drink looking like he’s about to break out laughing.

Ok mom if you’re such an expert how will we ever know that we are both “100%?” (literally air quoted her)

“Pull down her top right here right now.” Dad spewed his drink out of his mouth and went everywhere. “Oh Jim behave and clean that up before I make you wear it for the whole weekend too!”

Christina asked “what the hell does that mean?”

“You see Christina I keep him in chastity Monday thru Friday and he has free release on the week ends and vacation.” “If you every see or read anything about the wife chastising the husband for more than that its probably bullshit, it hurts them too much we find a week is just right but when he’s bad enough ill make him wear it an extra day or so that’s how you can him in line.” Pointing her glass at me

“Whoa I don’t want all that.” I said

Then my mom said “you might not get the choice son.” clearly my mom was getting a little too drunk as we probably all were at this point.

After another awkward pause mom very much wanted me to pull down Christina’s top as her test. “I’m not showing off my wife to my parents!” I demanded.

Then Christina finally chimed in but not in a way that I wanted her to “but its ok if strangers get to fuck me?”

“Fine what ever I need to go to the bathroom.” once I got back dad still sitting there mom and Christina made it to the kitchen, I walk past both of them and sat in the recliner in the living room and ask my dad “Do you believe this shit?”

“Been there done that son I know my place now and couldn’t be happier.”

“Really dad so how long has this been going of for you guys?”

“Too many years son, too many years.”

Then the girls came back in and yet again mom stood by Christina facing the two of us gents sitting and said I know we have crossed many lines tonight and am sorry. I was thinking this is where this is finally going to end. Mom said “Adam I am truly sorry,” then of course I accepted her apology and said everything is ok. Great mom said since you say everything is ok. Then in a flash my wife’s top went straight down. my mom pulled Christina’s top down so fast that her tits bounced and jiggled a few times. I just put my head down in disbelief. When I brought my head back up mom stood behind Christina holding her tits. “Adam you really need to get a grip here.” (no pun intended) but made my dad laugh. “Adam, how do you expect your fantasy to ever happen if you can’t handle your wife only half naked?”

“Fine you win she is topless now what?”

“Christina why don’t you put on a little strip tease for us.” before anyone said anything mom turned on some music. Then Christina came over to me and whispered in my ear I do kind of want to dance right now. I simply said no. oh come on honey I am actually starting to get turned on right now. After a min or two (long enough for another song to come on) of back and forth with her I said only dancing this is has already gotten out of control all Christina said back is “no promises.” and then started to sway her hips.

As she kept dancing mom leaned my direction whispered this is your chance to direct.

“Um NO she isn’t sleeping with anyone tonight unless it’s me!”

“Understood but look how hot she is getting. Then mom told her to stick her hand in a put on a better show. Before I can say anything mom said to me “better get to directing or I will.” But more of a shock is that Christina unbuttoned her jeans unzipped her fly revealing her pink panties sat on the floor facing me and started going to town on her self! I looked up at dad just enjoyed the last of his drink but never taking his eyes of his daughter and law.

After the song finished Beylikdüzü escort she got up off the floor put herself together and sat on my lap, she tried to act is if nothing happened except for her whole face and neck were red as hell. I don’t know where it came from out of me but I announced that “She is done yet!” The look on all three faces was priceless.

“Get back up and put on another show and this time I want it sexier!” Mom do you have a camera?

“Yeah which kind do you want?”

“I think we need a video, a still, and grab my cell.” “While you are at it please get anything that will you have to make her feel like a true slut that I know she wants be.”

As mom was in the other rooms gathering everything Christina danced a few more songs fully clothed but rubbing her self down, smacking her on ass. Bending over making her jeans supper tight around her. I can tell dad was getting pretty hot and bothered over there. Then in came mom with a box of goodies. The cameras, couple realistic dildos, one double sided big black one, and one smaller one about 5″ or so. As mom laid the stuff on the ground I got the tripod all set up. Grabbed the still camera and handed my phone to my dad. So I said once the next song starts you start honey. Of course it had to be an ad on Pandora…two of them. But finally a song played and man o man she got into it. As soon as the song hit she literally ripped her shirt in two, her boobs swaying perfectly, grinded super sexy on my leg just super hot. Then she teased us about pulling off her pants and finally did revealing the pink tong she had on earlier that I thought were just panties. She then went on her stomach showing her ass and then we all saw it… there was a black spade on her ass. At first I though it was a real but then knew it couldn’t be had to be a sticker or something.

My mom in the peanut gallery which sounded awesome on the play back “oh my god she loves black cock!” then I called out for her to stick in the big dildo.

She then teased the camera “No that’s the finale I want to cum on all the rest of them first before him.” She grabbed a tan 8″ on first pulled her panties aside and started rubbing the head of the dildo on her clit. Once she had it in her she stroked it in a few times then the song picked up and immediately started going to town on her self, she then had an orgasm so hard she squirted.

“Wow she never has done that.” I said.

Dad then finally said something “It only gets better for her if it were a real cock son.”

“You’re not fucking my wife!”

Mom then said “you don’t have to worry about that he can only have sex if I allow him to and only with me. And after this show I am going to have to let him.” “So maybe you two want to do the next scene in the bedroom.” We gathered and set up everything in my parent’s bedroom, knowing that dad was finally going to have a fuck with mom.

Christina now naked I decided it was getting a little too warm myself and stripped down to my boxers.

Christina asked the camera “ok hubby who should I fuck next?”

How bout Billy I said pointing at the smallest dildo (so we started to name them to make it more real for us).

“With pleasure.” She sucked Billy for a minute or two stuck him in and then told her she should suck mike for a bit while Billy fucks you doggy style so she did and it was hot! We could clearly hear my mom and dad banging in the living room but at that point we could care less.

“What else do you want to do with all these cocks honey?”

“I want two of them in my pussy at the same time!” but want your cock too so let me suck you while you help your two new friends fuck me. So I took Billy out and inserted veiney mike, mike was 9 ” so as I was fucking her with mike she took my dick out of her mouth and simply said “more I need more dick.” so I then grabbed Billy again had her spit on it and plugged away. Now she was really working my cock for all it was worth. I was getting real close to spewing right there and she could sense it. She told me to put it on her chest. So I shimmied down a bit and gave one hell of a load, exhausted I went to my back, she took out both dildos and started to rub cum into her chest. That got me a little turned on some more but couldn’t do anything about it. We laid there for a bit talking. Asked how many orgasms she had so far she said at least four.

“Well you are not done yet you still have Leroy left.”

“I don’t know honey my pussy is sore.”

“Well what do you think the real thing is going to be like?” I said.

“We need to invest heavily in lube.” she commented.

“O that’s right I totally forgot about lube, you were so wet we didn’t need it.”

“Yeah but I am drying up down Escort Beylikdüzü there and could use a break anyway should we see if your parents are done yet.”

“No I don’t want to walk on them if they still are.”

“Fine ill go what’s the difference they already got one show from me maybe ill get one now.” When Christina reached the living room my dad was apparently lying on his back my mother sitting on his face slapping my dad’s limp dick humiliating it calling him and it names like worthless, too small, too quick etc.

As my wife secretly watched this she started getting wet and playing with herself. Then heard something she will never forget she says: “Did you finally clean the rest of your

spunk yet or are you just having fun down there?” “I don’t even know why I brought out your clone a willy they are probably in the room just laughing at it instead of using it.”

“Wow Debbie you are rough on him.” My wife said making her presence known.

“Are you guys already done for the night or no?” asked my mom

“I just needed a break before I have sex with Leroy.”

“Leroy?” mom asked

“Oh that’s what we named the big black one.”

“That’s good that you are naming them it will get both of you ready for the real thing.”

“Yeah that’s what Adam thought too.”

“Yep he is definitely ours.” as mom joked

“Hey Deb does he always eat his own cum for you?”

“At first he didn’t, but now…every time and between lovers to get me ready for the next one if I get more than one in a day.”

“Oh my god that’s hot.” “There is no way Adam would do that.”

“Don’t give him a choice honey.”

“It’s not that he just is not that good at it.”

“Oh that aint right…. ADAM! Yelled my mom

Well hearing my name called from the other room has meant they are done and ready for a break them selves. I put back on my boxers and headed out I thought everyone would be at least some what dressed but no. as soon as I realized my mom was kneeling on the floor still butt assed naked I leered away. “See Christina that’s the problem he is still afraid let him get in there and just go to town.” then when I looked up I realized where my dad was…..

“She’s right son just give in.” dad’s muffled voice.

“So what’s your plan with Leroy?” Asked mom

“Well first things first I need a break “said my wife. And in need of some lube to get it started because I am dry as a bone down there.”

“See don’t you remember this is how we kind of started…you used to lube me up with your fantastic tongue prepping me for the next fuck?” Mom was asking my dad.

Christina again told my mom that “he’s not good at that.”

“Patience, my sweet heart patience.”

“Maybe Jim can show you what is like.”

“Well I thought Jim couldn’t? Said my wife

“He can’t fuck another woman ever.” never said anything about eating pussy.” mom said

“Have you tasted your wife’s’ pussy lately son?” asked my dad

“Well if she has came and am sure she did, it is super sweet.”

“Honey why don’t you and your son talk a bit I’ll go help Christina get ready for Leroy.” said mom

With that mom and Christina left down the hall way…..

The first thing dad said was “son once she takes a black you’re done.”

“Rumors are true they go they never go back.”

“And from the looks of it that’s what she wants.”

“Well what can I do dad?”

“Pray what ever is being said in that room is in you’re best interest.”

After some serious heart to heart with my old man we were both ready to see the final chapter of tonight’s events…

We both entered my parent’s room with my mom just going to town on my wife’s pussy with Leroy.

“Oh baby Leroy is doing a great job.” said Christina

“Ok guys now that the gang is all here, I want each of you to hold one leg open so I can really fuck her!”

So we did. And after another orgasm Christina said she needed another break.

Mom said “this is a gangbang there is no breaks” “Jim grab me some more lube.”

“Sorry baby I know this isn’t the best lube but we only buy flavored ones for obvious reasons.”

“Turn to your hands and knees Christina and get in front of her Adam so her mouth is occupied.”

We then became in unison for a little while then mom slowed her pace a bit and said “I’m about to explode in this white bitch’s cunt.”

“Fill me.” “Fill me so I can have my cuckie learn on how to eat me.”

“Aright boy get in there.” said mom

So I did and after a little finger and sucking on her clit I finally gave her an orgasm with my mouth for the very first time. Later she would say it wasn’t the best one she has ever had but I was getting better at it.

We were all tired at this point and drifted to sleep all four of us in the same king sized bed.

Chapter 2 coming soon, when mom invites over her bull to try out Christina her first real cock other than mine.

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