Cuckold in the Family Ch. 08

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The following month I pulled back a bit to let the dust settle. Work had called me away for an extended road trip(great timing)so the debauchery was put on hold at least until my return.

After my work was complete out of state I returned home. I went to visit the family and things were pretty tense. Kayla was distraught that I was Dom to my step daughter Cassie. Cassie was upset that she was performing oral on her brother (at my direction) any time he wanted to shoot a load. On top of that, Kayla had lost her job and her finances were in dire straights.

A family meeting was in order. We discussed options to get Kayla out of financial problems so that she could keep her house. I made the decision that I would assist but that it would be on my terms only.

What choice did she have? Kayla agreed to my terms and she knew that she was signing a deal with the devil. I told her that I would draw up a contract and return the next night to get her signature.

I went out to the garage to say goodbye to my kids figuring that they were out there getting high(partially right.) Billy was smoking on a pipe but Cassie was down on her knees getting a hard mouth fucking from her brother. I stood and watched as he buried his cock deep into her throat time and again while she took it like the suck slut she was.

I told him to pull out and finish all over her face. Billy did as I requested and covered her with a proper facial. I informed Billy that it was time he found a girlfriend and that the free blowjobs were over with. I decided that I wanted Cassie to come home with me and would not let her clean herself up. Cassie followed me to the car.

I brought Cassie back to my place and let her know that I missed her badly and it was time to pick up where we had left off gorukle escort before I left out of town for work. She kept her gaze down and really couldn’t see out of her eyes that well as they were covered with her brothers dried sperm.

I gave Gigi a call and asked her to come over. Gigi was about to return to school so we had a limited time to frolic with her. Gigi knew that she would be topping Cassie tonight and that excited her.

I made it clear to Cassie that she would be our slave tonight and to prepare for a night she would not soon forget. I promised her that if she performed well that she would be rewarded.

“I will do my best to please you both Daddy” was her response. I let her take a shower to clean up the crusty cum from her face and hair.

I laid out a short white dress for her. The dress had buttons from top to bottom. I instructed Cassie to put her hair into two pony tails(the better to hold on while we forced her to perform oral on us.)

Gigi arrived, looking super hot with a short black dress, fuck me heels and bright red lipstick. She grabbed Cassie and planted a deep, wet kiss on her. Cassie still was not a big fan of girl on girl anything but took it in stride.

Gigi then turned her attention to her “Daddy.” She gave me a kiss and played tonsil hockey with me while Cassie watched. Gigi rubbed my stiff cock thru my pants and told me to get ready for an epic blowjob.

After re-applying her bright red lipstick she slipped out of her thong panties and knelt down before her daddy. Gigi pulled down my pants and then pushed me back onto the couch. “What does Daddy want now?” she teased.

“Daddy wants you to suck him off baby” was my reply. “Daddy also wants Cassie to spread Gigi’s ass cheeks and lick her asshole altıparmak eskort bayan while he is getting blown.”

Gigi slowly got to the task at hand, seductively looking up for my approval as she slowly engulfed my cock all the way.

Cassie crawled in behind Gigi and spread her ass cheeks as instructed and proceeded to lick her ass crack top to bottom. “I want you to tongue fuck her asshole you little slut!” I barked.

“Yes Daddy, as you wish” was Cassie’s reply.

Cassie did as instructed and before long had her tongue deep into her hole, fucking it with her hot little tongue.

Not wanting to waste my load down Gigi’s throat I pulled her off my cock and grabbed her and made her straddle me. I fucked her hard and Cassie had to watch as her Daddy fucked her former best friend.

“Lay down on the floor slut” I shouted at Cassie. . . “I want you to have a better look.” Cassie did as instructed.

We switched positions, I made Gigi straddle Cassie’s face as she had made me do when she cuckolded me back in the day. Cassie was a couple inches away as my cock slid in and out of her former bestie. I fucked Gigi until I was shooting my sperm deep into her pussy.

“Now little girl, clean out your girl friend or else she may be carrying your Daddy’s baby” I instructed Cassie.

Cassie spent the next twenty minutes cleaning out her girl’s cum filled cunt with her tongue, swallowing her Daddy’s seed as she went.

Still hard, I stuck my cock into Gigi’s already puckered asshole and began to rock in and out. Gigi squirmed and Cassie braced herself because she knew that her next task would be cleaning me up.

I pulled out and forced my cock down Cassie’s throat, making her clean the ass juice nilüfer eskort bayan off of her Daddy’s cock.

Having worked up an appetite, I called to order pizza. When the pizza arrived I paid the strapping black pizza delivery man and asked him if he’d like a “special tip?” He asked what and I offered up either of the hot young girls and a blowjob tip. He asked if he could have them both and I agreed.

Cassie and Gigi knelt side by side and proceeded to give the pizza man a joint blowjob. Seeing my daughter suck black cock still got me going like nothing else.

Before the Pizza man came, I told him to hold off and grabbed Cassie from behind tearing her dress open, buttons flying everywhere, while I exposed her naked body to the pizza man and offered her pussy for the fucking.

“Fuck yeah man” was his response. I laid Cassie across the chair with her legs spread apart for Pizza guy to fuck her and her head hanging over the other arm of the chair, just the right height for me to fuck her in the mouth at the same time.

Gigi stood bye and filmed the act on my phone(for future enjoyment.) After another ten minutes of mouth and pussy pounding we both came within a minute of each other. After a high five, the Pizza guy went on his way and Gigi cleaned up Cassie’s dripping cunt of the black seed it was filled with.

We spent the next hour devouring pizza and drinking beer. The night would end with us all in bed together but too tired to continue.

I woke up early and had to draw up a contract for my ex Kayla to sign in return for financial support. The girls woke up and took showers then came down for breakfast.

Not a lot was said at breakfast. Gigi said she had to get going as she had to finish packing for her return to school. She agreed to drop Cassie at her mother’s house on the way.

I gave Cassie a sealed legal envelope that contained the contract for her mother as well as a list of instructions for my ex to follow. We’ll see just how serious Kayla is about having me bail her out of her financial distress.

Stay tuned. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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