Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 02

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter 2

“I need you…”

Fyr rumbled softly as she nuzzled into the cougar’s neck, her scaled tail flicking out to brush against his as she straddled his hips. Nipping and kissing playfully at his throat and the underside of his chin, the dragoness chirped and begged with her eyes, making them as wide and round as was possible. Inside, she warmed. Her husband would not be able to resist her, surely not. Why, they were even in the bedroom on their bed already. What else could have been more convenient for a little playtime?

She squeezed her red-scaled thighs around his hips, grinding her bare pussy against the obvious bulge in the front of his jeans. Yellow stripes wrapped around her thighs, shocking against the deep, vibrant red of her young, healthy scales, a dragoness in the prime of her life, while the frills slinking back against her head were soft and pliable. She was a female that any male would have been proud to fuck, her husband included, and she damn well knew her own worth too.

The cougar whom she’d chosen to take as hers, forever and always, lay with his paws behind his head, eyes half-lidded as the day drew to a sleepy close, sunset stretching gleaming orange-red fingertips through their open bedroom window.

“Oh, Fyr…”

Ropes smiled lazily as he looked up at her, his four tentacles sprawled across the bed on either side of his demonic body.

“Oh, Fyr, my darling, my Fyr…”

The dragon shivered delightedly as he caressed her muzzle, leaning into his paw with a soft, happy sigh. It had been a long time since she’d felt so relaxed around her husband, but, with recent events, things were finally falling into place, just as they were supposed to.

And then his paw fell away, his smile taking on a sharper, more wicked edge than what usually graced his muzzle.

“I’ve already fucked your mother this afternoon, Fyr,” he said silkily. “You have to let me recover if you want some time for you too.”

The dragon’s jaw dropped and she froze with her paws flat on his chest, fingers outstretched. Her chest burned as she held her breath, hoping against hope that he was just about to come out with a bone-shaking laugh, fur all fluffed up as he mocked her for being so easily riled up.

It had been a one time thing… She swallowed. Or hadn’t it? Oh gods…

“What?” She finally forced out, chest shuddering as she took a much needed breath. “I thought…” Her mind struggled to keep up. “But she’s not even here!”

Lips twisting into a pout, she sat back on her heels, hips raised from her husband’s crotch as if in defiance.

“You’re saying that to wind me up, aren’t you?” She scowled. “That’s really not fair and you know it. You shouldn’t rub it in my face…”

She trailed off, swallowing and looking away. She had never been able to maintain eye contact with Ropes when lying and yet the cougar had always seemed to know when she was not being as truthful as she could’ve been.

True to form, the cougar didn’t rise to the bait and lazily ran his paw up her thigh, thumb brushing her pussy lips. The dragoness shivered and tried to pull away, but his heavy paw on her upper thigh kept her in place, white eyes intense. Fyr inhaled minutely, wings stiffening as they flared out from her upper back, wanting to help her away from an uncomfortable situation and yet only succeeding in keeping her well and truly where she was supposed to be: under Ropes’ paw.

“You shouldn’t lie, dearest.”

Fyr gulped.

“Well, I’m not supposed to like it either and you don’t seem to have any worries about me saying that!”

“You haven’t said it yet though.”

His fingers stroked the soft lips of her cunny in earnest, just barely dipping into her sex and dragging up her clit as he pulled away. Fighting against him, Fyr refused to move either away or closer to him, stubbornly glaring him down with the hint of a snarl that would never come to life on her lips. She could never have even growled at her husband – certainly not seriously.

Fyr’s breath came more quickly as he pushed his fingers into her, rocking her hips instinctively up to him with a throaty moan. Her cheeks burned and her tail thumped into the bed between his legs, springs creaking beneath him. Why was she so easy to persuade? Just what did the cougar do to her? And what did their liaisons do to her?

As she rocked on his fingers, groaning as his dominant hold turned her about and pinned her down on her back, Fyr let her mind wander. Just how had it all started anyway? Perhaps it was wrong to think of other things when her husband was apparently set on pleasing her – really, she should batman escort have been as pleased to enjoy him as any other femfur with their partner – but her thoughts brought a fresh zing of delight to the forefront of her mind.

For, in her mind’s eye, she saw Ropes pushing his uncut shaft into her mother, the blue-scaled dragoness letting her head fall back against the wall as she was ‘trapped’ in place and taken. The imagined creatures in her mind rocked and moaned together in the kitchen of her own home, Sasha’s eyes wickedly locked onto her daughter’s as the poor crimson dragoness was made into a cuckold, caught by her own loose tongue. For, after all, it may not have even happened if she hadn’t told Sasha about her dream of her fucking Ropes.

And all that, every lucid detail of it, had become her reality.

She should never have been so turned on by the thought – no, not the thought, it had actually happened! – of her husband fucking her mother, the older dragoness moaning lustfully as the demon cougar took her again and again. Fyr blushed heavily, heat searing down her neck like the spread of a wine stain across the carpet, irrevocable and shocking.

Ropes yowled and wrapped his tentacles around her wrists, holding them down to the bed as he teasingly circled her clit with the very tip of his tongue. Not allowing her enough stimulation to feel the pleasure she wanted to, the cougar held her on the edge of a growing high as she thrashed, tail swinging wildly into his side. He caught that too, squeezing it between his thighs and grunting with the effort it took to do so.

Held down entirely at his whim, the dragoness moaned, arching up to meet his tongue and fingers as they once again drove into her pussy, giving her just a little taste of pleasure that was to come. Or at least what she hoped was to come.

But what had already happened? Something twisted in her chest.

“What…” She had to really think to get the words out, languishing in delight at her husband’s dominant touch. “What…did you do with my mother?”

Ropes smirked, his lips shining ever so faintly with her juices.

“Oh, now you want to know?”

She shook her head.

“No… Yes… I don’t know.”

“Hard to think?”

Fyr huffed, grinding on his fingers while his tongue was otherwise occupied.

“Yes, when you’re doing that to me!”

Ropes took that as his cue, driving his fingers in hard and fast as he lashed her clit with as much force as he could manage, over stimulating her. She gasped and squealed, legs jerking as she thrashed so violently that she very nearly dislodged Ropes from her and the bed. It was too much, far too much with thoughts of her mother and Ropes entwined together in lust, and she came with a howl. Ropes’ tentacles squeezed tighter than ever around her wrists, trembling with the effort it took to hold her down. The dragoness rocked and bucked, losing sense of reality as too much pleasure swept away her vision, if but only for a brief moment.

The pressure around her wrists went slack and, when she came to, the cougar was on top of her, thighs spread wide on either side of her chest. More notably, his jeans were off – how had he been so quick in taking them off? – and his cock was in front of her muzzle, the smooth shaft simply begging for her attention.

Ropes grinned and winked, drawing her muzzle up to his cock. Fyr, still shaky from her over the top climax, allowed him to do so, allowing herself to be handled as submissively as ever she would’ve liked. Her tongue even obediently snaked out to curl around his shaft, flicking up the length as she savoured his musk, just barely noticeable over the scent of clean, washed fur and… She wrinkled her muzzle, flicking her eyes up to him. There was something else. Something she didn’t usually taste on his cock.

The dragoness’ mouth was suddenly too dry.

“Can you still taste her on me?” He purred. “It really wasn’t all that long ago I pounded her. She really is such a good lay.”

He winked.

“And, if you such my cock like a good little draggie, maybe I’ll even tell you a little story about how your mother was today.”

She should have been ashamed by how quickly her lips wrapped themselves around his cock, drawing that thick length into her muzzle in one, smooth practiced motion. She pressed her tongue up against the underside and murred softly around his length as she slowly bobbed her muzzle, acting as if she had all the time in the world to please him. After all, she wouldn’t have wanted to rush it. Fyr shivered. What if he didn’t tell her the whole story because she got him off too quickly? Now that just couldn’t happen.

Ropes groaned and leaned back, paws flat on the bed, as she enjoyed his cock, paws coming up to caress his balls. He shuddered and huffed, rocking his hips up to her muzzle when she slid her lips down, pursed tightly around his shaft, which gleamed with her saliva and a trickle of pre-cum. Fyr gulped bayburt escort down what he drooled into her muzzle with obvious glee, losing herself in the pure and simple pleasure of giving her husband head. Even if his cock did taste a little more of another dragoness’ juices and not just his natural male musk and clean soap anymore.

“Ah… That’s right,” Ropes purred encouragingly, as if she needed to be coaxed on. “Nice and deep now, Sasha takes me in all the way.”

Fyr grunted and threw him a disapproving look that he did not catch. Not that it would have mattered anyway; just being compared to her mother in the bedroom had her wet between the thighs. Her juices dampened the soft scales around her pussy lips and she groaned, squeezing her thighs together as if she could hide her arousal for just a little bit longer. Of course, there was no hope of that and, ultimately, she didn’t know why she’d even tried.

Pushing her muzzle down all the way, Ropes leaned over her back, pushing her tail to the side so that her bare sex was on show. Fyr squirmed and protested, shifting her legs as if she was making to get up. But she barely got her hind paws planted under her body before Ropes thrust into her muzzle, forcing her to focus on his cock and nothing else. Scrabbling for balance, she braced her paws on his thighs, eyes bulging.

“Easy there,” Ropes teased, tail flicking as he rolled his hips, taking control of just how she was giving him head. “I wouldn’t want you to have to stop, after all. I’m not yet done with my story.”

Fyr whimpered, staring up the length of his body pleadingly as he claimed her muzzle. She barely moved her head, only holding herself up enough so that she was in just the right position for Ropes to fuck her muzzle, hind paws flat on the bed as he rocked up between her lips. Groaning, she pressed her tail up between her own thighs, wishing she had his cock buried in her instead. Not that she minded giving him a blowjob, that was. She just wished he’d get on with the story!

“We met at the diner,” Ropes said at last, giving a low grunt as Fyr managed to drag her tongue down his length between two thrusts. “But we didn’t stay there for long. We knew we were both there for one reason and, really, anyone there could see that we had the hots for each other.”

It wasn’t a word that her husband usually used and Fyr’s cheeks burned redder than even her scales, thinking of the whole diner knowing exactly what the two of them were up to. Hell, most of their small town knew her and Ropes were together! It wasn’t a secret and everyone knew everyone else in such a small place. Gulping down a spurt of pre-cum, Fyr whined and tried to encourage him to continue by wrapping her tongue around the tip of his length and suckling gently.

Ropes moaned.

“Mm… You do it just like her, you know. We left in my truck and went off to a quiet spot in the trees, off the beaten track. Maybe I’ll show you it one day. Anyway, it didn’t take long for Sasha to get on her knees, sucking me off just like you are now.”

She flicked her eyes up just in time to see him smirk.

“You really do suck me the same, you know.”

If it had been possible for Fyr to blush any more, she would have, but, as it was, she grumbled, the sound muffled by the thick length stretching her lips. For good measure and perhaps also to remind her of her place, Ropes pushed her away, allowing her a moment’s respite, but soon had her off the bed on her knees while he sat on the edge, pulling her muzzle back to his cock. She parted her lips willingly, welcoming him in, as he grabbed her head and forced her to fuck her own muzzle with his uncut cock crudely and harshly.

“Just like this,” he hissed. “I sat in the truck and all she wanted was my cock. My only regret is that you weren’t there to see how she sucked me, my dearest.”

Fyr whimpered, though no amount of shame in the world could have gotten her to ask him to stop. Her pussy dripped with arousal, her honey dampening the carpet between her spread knees.

“After that, well… I couldn’t get off in her pretty muzzle, she wanted more than that. And, boy, is she a dragoness who really goes after what she wants!”

What he left unsaid made Fyr shiver, keeping her eyes downcast as he moved her head quicker and quicker, need rising with every passing second. His buttocks left the bed with every rough push of her muzzle, the cougar unable to resist thrusting just a little even as he used her like a most loved toy. For, regardless of everything, she knew his words only deepened his love for her and her love for him. It radiated through her body from head to toe far more strongly than any blush or passing humiliation. No, their love was a far more potent drug than that.

Ropes grunted, tail lashing as if he was getting close to climax already.

“And then she bent over the hood of my truck for me…” Ropes rolled his head from shoulder to shoulder, shoulders hunched and tense, claws bebek escort pricking into the bed. “Well, who would I have been to resist a fine dragon like that? She wanted me and I wanted her…”

He exhaled in a rush, standing and pushing Fyr back with him, her nose brushing the fur of his crotch.

“She’s coming over later, so maybe you’ll get to see just what I did to her in action, sweetheart,” Ropes purred, the very tip of his tail twitching back and forth. “I wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the fun now, would I?”

The cougar grinned as his wife blushed fiercely.

“And something tells me that you like to watch too.”

Fyr would have denied it if her muzzle had not been stuffed full, gagging on her husband’s shaft as he drove his cock right up into the back of her throat. The dragoness hacked, chest convulsing in a cough she couldn’t let out, and sucked in much needed breaths through her nostrils every time Ropes pulled back. He didn’t need to guide her head much, however, as she bobbed her muzzle in time with his increasingly rampant thrusts, slamming into her lips as if her muzzle was her pussy, though one was better designed to take the abuse of his thrusts than the other.

“She cried out my name as I filled her,” Ropes hissed, thicker spurts of pre-cum filling his wife’s mouth. “And I know she loved it. She is coming over later for more.”

He grunted, glutes tensing as he balanced on the very edge of orgasm.

“And, this time, you’re going to watch every second, darling.”

Fyr squeezed her tail up against her sex as her husband howled and ejaculated in her muzzle, filling it with the salty, delicious cream that she’d craved for so long. Her heart soared – she’d known he hadn’t been so drained that he couldn’t go again! – and she briefly relished in the moment. She could make him cum even when he was tired. But perhaps there was something more to it than that in the story he’d been telling her. Hope flickered to life in the back of Fyr’s eyes. Did he maybe, just maybe, like fucking Sasha as much as she liked hearing about it?

Or was the answer already obvious?

Ropes rocked up to her lips as she gulped down every drop of his cum she possibly could, semen oozing out of the corners of the mouth from where she wasn’t quite swift enough to swallow. The cougar panted heavily with his mouth open, lips pulled back slightly from his teeth, as his hold on her head loosened, allowing her to pull back to breathe. Coughing and spluttering for a moment on his cum, the dragoness gulped down much needed breaths, ignorant to the cum trickling down her muzzle to drip onto her chest.

The cougar sat heavily back on the edge of the bed as one of his tentacles slithered around to stroke her cheek. It gathered up a drop of cum and fed the morsel between her lips. Without thinking, she sucked lustfully on the tip of the tentacle, one paw already dropping between her thighs. She whined, too shy to voice what she was really thinking to her husband, but it was a good thing that he knew her well enough that that really wasn’t necessary.

Laying his wife gently back on the bed, Ropes dipped his muzzle between her thighs and began to lick as her thoughts filled with nothing but her husband and her mother fucking. She moaned lustfully and squeezed her thighs around his head, tongues of fire shooting through her veins from the gentle caress of his rough, feline tongue.

Ropes couldn’t resist getting in one more line, however, before the dragoness was well and truly gone down the road to her own pleasure, catching her attention with a gentle bop from one tentacle on the end of her snout.

“The day’s far from over yet though, darling, don’t you worry. This is not the end of it.” He grinned. “And we’ll see just who is better at sucking cock later. You or your mother.”

Fyr shivered. That sounded like an absolutely wonderful idea.


Later that day, Fyr wasn’t feeling quite as brave. She paced back and forth, back and forth, from the kitchen to the living room, nerves jumping and twisting in the pit of her stomach. She went barefoot, flexing her toes into the carpet as she inspected every corner of the house from upstairs to downstairs for any perceived imperfection. Her body was given the same treatment, every scale inspected for imperfection as she paced in and out of the bathroom.

She tried to settle, she really did, but each chair she tried seemed to jolt her back into a flurry of action. She couldn’t deny that her pussy lips were still wet with her earlier orgasm – or perhaps that was just her continued arousal. Torn between nervous excitement for the evening that was surely to come and the fact that her mother was coming to visit, the poor dragoness just couldn’t figure out what she was supposed to be doing with herself.

Pausing in the middle of the living room, Fyr groaned and pressed her fingers into her eye sockets, body quaking gently.

“What am I going to do?”

“What has gotten into you?”

Ropes lurked in the doorway to the living room, his back to the hallway. Concern darkened the edges of his eyes and he reached out to her even as Fyr quickly backtracked, retracing her steps with hurried words tumbling over one another.

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