Cullen Ch. 02

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Day 2

Cullen watched as the stranger left the parking lot.

“That was awesome,” Cullen said to himself.

He walked back into the porn store. He looked at his watch and pulled out his theatre ticket. He suddenly put the ticket back in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and went to craigslist. He scanned through the men seeking men ads. He typed in keyword for his location. He opened a posting that read: Total Bottom, 24. He skimmed through the ad, he liked what he read, he was a skinny white guy, just what he wanted. He clicked on the reply button and wrote a quick reply. About a minute passed and he received an e-mail back. It just had a phone number, he clicked on it and his phone dialed the number.

“Hello,” the voice on the other end said.

“Hey,” Cullen said, “you still looking?”

“Yeah,” the man replied, “do you want to come over?”

“Totally,” Cullen laughed.

“I’ll text you my address,” the man said.

“See you in a bit,” Cullen said.

“Bye,” the man said.

He hung up and in a few seconds the address was texted to him. He got directions and jumped in his car. It took him no time at all to get to the address. It took him a few minutes to find parking. He found the house, which was a one-story duplex. He knocked on the door. The man from the posting greeted him.

“Hey,” he said as he opened the door, “come in.”

Cullen walked in and shut the door behind him. He noticed the man was only wearing his boxers.

“I’m Bev,” the man said as he extended his hand.

“Cullen,” he replied as he grasped it.

“Nice to meet you,” Bev laughed.

“You too,” Cullen replied.

“How old are you,” Bev asked.

“Thirty one,” Cullen replied.

“Twenty four,” Bev said.

“So what kind of name is Bev,” Cullen asked.

“Oh,” Bev replied, “my mom wanted a girl instead of a boy when I was born.”

“I see,” Cullen replied.

“She nick named me Bev when I was younger,” he laughed, “it stuck, plus I lived a year as a woman took hormones and everything.”

“Wow,” Cullen replied.

“My mom was proud,” Bev laughed, “but just couldn’t go through with it.”

“Nice,” Cullen replied.

“I still dress in drag,” Bev laughed, “it makes straight guys a bit more comfortable.”

“Cool,” Cullen laughed.

“You want a beer or something,” Bev asked.

“No thanks,” Cullen replied.

Bev quickly led Cullen to his bedroom. It was a bit messy. But not dirty or nasty. A large bottle of lube was on the nightstand. Cullen smiled as he gaziantep escort looked over the bottle. Bev shut the door and pulled his boxers off. Gay porn was on the flat screen TV. Cullen held back the laughter as he looked at Bev’s small erection.

“How big are you,” Cullen asked.

“Not that big,” he shot back, “four inches.”

“A good seven inches here,” Cullen laughed as he unzipped his pants.

“Good,” Bev laughed.

Cullen looked around the room as he took his clothes off. He noticed a trashcan in the corner of the room. He saw a condom hanging over the edge of the can. He quickly walked up to it and noticed it was full of sperm. He looked into the can a bit more and noticed two more condoms.

“Busy night,” Cullen asked as he walked up to Bev.

“Yeah,” he replied, “fifth one of the night.”

“Nice,” Cullen laughed as he hugged his new friend, “just got fucked about an hour ago.”

Cullen let go of him and looked over his thin body. He ran his hands up and down his bare arms and looked at his tiny erection. He gripped it and quickly put his mouth around it. His tiny penis fit in his mouth. He sucked for nearly a minute.

“Thanks,” Bev smiled as Cullen wrapped up sucking on his dick.

“Do you want me to wear a condom,” Cullen asked.

“No,” Bev replied, “I like it raw.”

“So do I,” he replied, “I never use condoms.”

Cullen sat on the bed and spread his legs. Bev walked up to him and slowly worked his way down his body. He kissed him softly as he made his way to his erect penis.

“So big,” Bev laughed as he gripped his penis.

“Thanks,” Cullen laughed.

Bev quickly wrapped his lips around the erect penis and worked his mouth down his penis. Cullen exhaled as Bev sucked him off. This was a welcome break from the experience in the field. Bev was gentle and cupped his balls and licked and sucked his penis with precision. Cullen quickly fell into the bed. Bev kept sucking and playing with his balls. Cullen quickly sat back up and grabbed Bev by the hair. He gently pushed his head down the length of his penis.

“Suck it,” Cullen said softly.

Bev complied and kept sucking. Cullen ran his hands through Bev’s hair pulled on it. He forced Bev’s mouth down the length of his penis. He held his head there for nearly a minute. He could hear Bev gagging. He let go and Bev worked his way back up his penis. Cullen quickly stood up.

“I need to fuck you,” Cullen exhaled, “I need your ass. I need to eat it.”

“Yeah” Bev smiled.

Bev stood up and looked over Cullen. He reached forward and kissed him.

“Eat my ass,” Bev smiled as he let go of him.

Cullen grabbed the bottle of lube and set it next to himself, while Bev bent over the bed. Cullen slid forward and pushed his nose into Bev’s asshole. He took a deep whiff. The scent of lube and seaman emanated from his asshole. He pulled apart Bev’s cheeks and reached forward and licked his asshole. He could taste the strange combination of sperm and lube. He ran his tongue against his hole again. He pulled his ass cheeks apart and pushed his tongue into his waiting hole. He pushed it as far as he could go and flicked it up and down. Bev let out a few grunts and sighs as he worked his tongue into his hole.

“Tastes so fucking good,” Cullen laughed before shoving his face back into Bev’s asshole.

“Oh my god,” Bev let out as Cullen continued his work.

Cullen quickly slapped him on the ass and stood up. He leaned over and picked up the lube. He squirted out a liberal amount of lube onto his hand. He stroked his penis while Bev reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart.

“Fuck me,” Bev demanded.

Cullen steadied his penis in his hand. He slowly edged it towards Bev’s asshole. He carefully slid it in. Bev sighed as Cullen slowly pushed his seven-inch penis into his asshole. Bev quickly let go of hiss ass cheeks. Cullen pulled them apart in his place. His wet hand nearly slid off his butt. He quickly wiped his hand on the bed. He placed it back on his ass and gripped it. Bev exhaled a few more times as Cullen worked his hard penis inside of him inch by inch. Soon the entire length of Cullen’s dick was inside of Bev’s loose hole. Cullen exhaled and slapped Bev’s ass.

“Oh my fucking god,” Cullen said in relief, “you feel so fucking good!”

He switched his grip and grasped him by the hips and pulled out of him and slowly pushed back into him.

“Oh,” Bev exhaled.

“Enough of this,” Cullen laughed.

Cullen pulled of him quickly and thrust back into him even faster. Bev gripped the sheets as Cullen continued his conquest of his asshole. Bev lost his grip a few times, but quickly regained it. Cullen looked at the gay porn from time to time. He quickly gripped Bev’s hair.

“You like that,” he asked.

“Yes,” Bev yelled out.

Cullen slapped his ass quickly and began to fuck him harder. Bev let out a few grunts and groans signifying he was enjoying it.

“I wanna taste your dick,” Bev let out.

“How bad,” Cullen said as he slammed back into him.

“Bad,” he exhaled.

Cullen pulled out of him and Bev quickly got to his knees. Bev wrapped his mouth around the swollen member. He sucked on him for about a minute before working his way back up Cullen’s body. He kissed Cullen square on the mouth. Cullen pushed him on the bed. Bev crawled on his back up the bed a bit. He put a pillow under his head and lifted is legs up. Cullen quickly joined him on the bed. Bev lifted up a leg and Cullen grabbed his ankle. He steadied his penis towards his asshole. He jammed it in hard and Bev let out a loud grunt. Cullen pushed into him deeper.

“You okay,” Cullen asked.

“Yeah,” Bev replied.

Cullen quickly let go of his ankle and gripped his hips. He dug his thumbs into him right above the hipbones. He quickened his pace. He wanted to go longer but the look on Bev’s face said otherwise. He thrust in harder and harder. A bit of drool feel out of his mouth and onto Cullen’s face.

“I’m gonna cum,” Cullen exhaled as he slid in and out of Bev.

“Okay,” Bev winced as Cullen jammed his penis deep in his ass.

Cullen pulled his penis nearly all the way out. He left only the tip of it in. He grabbed it quickly and suddenly he exploded inside of him. All the built of cum that had accumulated during his encounter in the field flew deep into Bev’s asshole. Bev looked up at him and smiled. Cullen pulled his penis out and noticed some of his sperm had leaked out of his ass. He reached forward and licked it up. He then put his entire mouth on Bev’s ass and quickly sucked out as much cum as he could. His mouth was quickly full of his own salty seed. He slinked up the length of Bev’s body and spit his cum into his mouth. Bev swallowed it and smiled.

“Just what I needed,” Cullen laughed.

“Same here,” Bev replied as he quickly peeled himself off the bed.

“Any plans for the rest of the night,” Cullen asked as he started to collect his clothes.

“Have to check my phone,” Bev smiled, “you?”

“Think I’m just gonna head home,” Cullen replied, “been a long night so far.”

Cullen quickly got dressed while Bev checked his phone and made a few phone calls. He heard him set up another meeting. Cullen smiled and he walked up to him as he wrapped up on the phone.

“Nice meeting you,” Cullen said as he reached out and hugged Bev.

“You too,” Bev replied.

They kissed for about a minute. Cullen could still taste his seed in Bev’s mouth.

“Call me sometime,” Cullen offered as he let go of him.

He walked out of Bev’s room and left his house. He found his car and unlocked it. He piled in and started it up.

“He won’t call,” he said quietly.

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