Cum Glazed Ch. 02

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This story is about a time I went to an adult place in Raleigh, NC. They had lots of toys, clothing and videos, but that wasn’t why I was there. I was there to suck cock; a lot of cock. I had already had two in my mouth that night at another place. One of the guys gave me what I wanted, a mouthful of hot cum. The other was holding out for something else I guess. Well that action dried up so I moved on to the other place across town. As soon as I went in I knew this was someplace special. They didn’t just have preview booths, they had an arcade. It cost $10 to get in rather than the usual $4-5. I paid without hesitation and entered the forbidden zone. It was awesome. Right away I saw a chick sitting on this guys lap while she played with another guy’s cock. I wasn’t there for that so after a couple of minutes I continued my exploration. This place had several different rooms, all with TVs showing porno flicks. Some rooms were straight stuff and some were gay in content. I looked around and decided on one of the rooms showing a gay film.

Right away I noticed a muscular fellow looking at me so I went behind a half wall in the back of the room and waited. It didn’t take long, about 10 seconds and he was there. I dropped to my knees and started in on freeing his cock. He was big in muscles but average in cock. He had about 5 or 5.5 inches. It was clean though so I dived right in. He tasted good so I closed my eyes and began working him over. It was clear that he wasn’t going to cum though so when I opened my eyes and noticed the little area we were in had filled up with other guys I was delighted. Several had their cocks out and were jacking off while they watched me deepthroat kağıthane escort my guy. He was the perfect size for that. No only could I take all of him in my mouth, for the first time ever, I was able to also take his balls in my mouth. That must have been pretty hot to watch if I do say so myself. Seeing a masculine looking guy on his knees in public with another masculine looking guys cock and balls in his mouth must be enough to make someone want to bust a nut.

So when I noticed the other guys I put my hands out and right away, on their own, they found hard cocks. I didn’t even have to look. It took a second to sink in but the cock in my right hand was huge. I would say it was every bit of 10 inches. I’ll give you three guesses what I did next and the first two don’t count. I switched from the average Joe to the older black gentlemen with the monster in my hand. I went right to business and started sucking that thing with abandon. After getting it good and wet by sucking the head and licking the shaft I decided to try something I had been dreaming about for quite some time. I started pushing down on it with my mouth and just didn’t stop. I felt it press against my tonsils while I was still about five inches from the bottom and just forced my head on down. I literally felt it pop into my throat. After that, it went in very smooth until I had my nose against his belly and his balls against my chin. Wow, was that hot. It was at this time I noticed the other guys saying stuff. “Suck it you slut.” “Oh yeah, eat that big black cock you little pig.” I was loving it.

It was about this time that I was fully surrounded. Guys all around me jacking off escort beşiktaş towards me while watching me go down on the black snake. It was also about this time the guy crawled through on his knees and got down to his elbows and started sucking my cock. That was hot. I had one in my mouth, one in each hand and several others being jacked off toward my head and to top it off, some guys was sucking me like he was fresh from the desert. I felt something hit my back and realized someone was shooting off onto me. What a feeling, I was doing what I was, and some guy I hadn’t ever seen and never did see shot his cum onto me. Right after that another guy started pumping harder and moaning so I moved over and pow, he started spurting onto my face. His cum was so hot. I loved it. I was finally on my knees for a gangbang cum shot. I was being watched by a group of strangers while I sucked cock and received cum on my face. I started cumming in the guys mouth. Shot a huge load and he swallowed it all.

Right after that, someone started playing with my ass. I cooperated by going down to my hands and putting my virgin ass up into the air. The guy who had been sucking me began rimming my brown hole and had it wet and loose in no time. Then the guy I was sucking moved around behind me and it happened. I felt a cock against my back door for the first time. At first I tightened up but then my lust took over and I relaxed and let him have it. He just rammed it home in one stroke. Damn did that hurt so good. I shut my eyes and enjoyed the new cock in my mouth and the first cock in my brown pussy. He was already pretty close from my sucking so my virgin tightness did him in very escort maslak quickly. He was shooting his load into my ass within a couple of minutes. About the same time the guy I was sucking pulled out and finished all over my forehead. That did it for three other guys too as they moved in and shot their gooey spunk all over my head and face.

That made for about seven loads I had coaxed out of that group. My knees were hurting on the concrete floor, so I said, “Guys, I am about through, so if you want to cum, you had better do it now. That was all it took. Two more guys shot off on my ass and another painted my face right away. That left about eight guys jacking off. One each of them moved over and began fucking my ass and mouth and the others were jacking off as furiously as you can imagine. The guy in my mouth shot off down my throat and when I had swallowed that, I whimpered, “Give me you cum please, I need it now!” That finished it for the others. In a span of about 30 seconds, the guy in my ass got off and the others all finished by jacking off onto my smile.

Other guys were coming into the area but I had finally had enough. I got up and pulled up my pants and began moving to the front of the store. The guys were moaning about it but I couldn’t go anymore. I didn’t bother cleaning up in the slightest. I just went through the store covered in cum and went out to my vehicle. One guy had followed me and when I opened the door to get in, he begged me to let him get off on me. I thought about saying no, but the thought of letting him do that in the parking lot on the side of a busy street was too much, so I got on my knees in full view of the cars going by and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and let that young man blow a huge load of hot cum all over my already cum covered face. Several cars honked while he was painting his masterpiece. That was it for me though and I headed home for some sleep. Hope you liked this one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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