Curious To Compare

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I have always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another guy. I mean I’ve never been attracted to another male before but I have always been curious as to what a cock tastes like. It isn’t just about the taste of the cock either, I always wanted to be able to compare the taste of female cum to males to see which was more to my liking. Well I got a chance to find out last winter.

It was mid December and snowing like always here in Michigan. I decided to go over to a clothing store that was on East Main Street. Seemed I had very few winter clothes in my closet. I use to have so many but my brother stayed with me a while back and ended up stealing a lot of them. Anyway, I was looking through the sweatshirts and pants. Most of the clothing I didn’t find appealing.

About twenty minutes had passed and nothing had really caught my eye so I was leaving when I noticed a nice pair of khaki pants in the corner. I grabbed them off the rack and brought them into the dressing room. Removing my pants escort osmanbey I had been wearing, I grabbed the khakis and put my legs through the holes, pulling them up over my waist. Looking in the mirror I thought to myself, “I look great.” I smirked admiring the reflection.

When I went to unzip the pants, my boxers snagged the zipper. I played with it for what seemed like several minutes. I became frustrated and a little embarrassed to ask someone for help. Looking out the door, my eye wandered the room looking for someone near by. I noticed a tall man, brown hair, with a great body to him checking out some fleeces near by. Quietly I said, “Excuse me sir, can you help me over here, I have a problem with my zipper.” He smiled at me and moved closer. We both went inside the dressing room.

Once inside I told him the story and asked him politely to help me. He got on his knees and played with the zipper hoping to free it from my boxers. His hands kept rubbing along my genitals, escort güngören but I kept thinking to myself that I must not become excited because I do not want him getting the wrong idea.

After numerous attempts it came free. Looking up at me he smiled and I was unsure why. I looked down to see that I had become erect. I was shocked. Feeling embarrassed I turned my head as my face turned red.

Suddenly I felt my boxers being lowered to my knees along with the pants I had been wearing. My head turned towards him. Making no attempt to stop him, I watched as he ran his fingers along my shaft down over my balls. Feeling like I should say something my mouth opened but no words came out. Thinking to myself I realized this was my chance to taste a guys cum.

Between the moans I managed to get out, “This is my first time… I would like to be able to taste a guys semen. I’ve always wondered how it’s taste differs from a woman’s.” Standing up he stared into my eyes before pushing me down escort çapa onto the bench. Shocked as I was, my penis seem to get harder as he removed his clothing showing off his enormous dick. His dick was much longer than mine though I think mine has more width.

Standing over my face, he pushed his large penis in between my lips. Pushing down my throat before removing. Never had I even dreamed of being face fucked but I was enjoying this experience. His pace picked up as his cock was jabbing the sides of my wet mouth. Feeling useless I decided to put my hand around his cock to guide it. The feel of his cock made my own rise. I could feel pre cum from my dick.

His moans got louder as his dick rammed my mouth. Watching my saliva glisten off his member as it invaded my throat. I felt his cock grow inside and I knew what that meant. Impatiently I waited for his semen to spurt onto my tongue. When his cum exploded from his dick, I grabbed onto it and kept it in, making sure not to lose any precious drops of his cream. The taste was fantastic. Salty and sweet at the same time and who could ask for more.

Since then I have sucked many more guys off. The taste is surely different from the girls. Girls may have sweeter cum but the males is much more appetizing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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