Cutting It!

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Between my 1st and 2nd year of college a relative of my neighbor hooked me up with a job on a landscaper’s crew. It was great job outdoors fresh air and most days sunny. The neighbors nephew, a 25 years former Marine was the crew chief and being the new guy I was assigned to his crew. Brad was the all American having spent 6 years in the Corp, but a knee injury kept him from doing a 20 year stint.

Brad was fit as can be perfectly tanned and toned. I loved listening to his stories about all the action he saw around the world both in battle and between the sheets. I was totally in awe I guess would be a great assumption.

About a month into the summer we had begun to click and work faster and smarter as team and the route seemed to get done quicker. On a Friday knowing we had 6 stops left over from rain days earlier in the week he suggested I stay at his place the night and we get rolling pre-dawn.

I thought to be a good idea as he lived at an apartment above the garage where the equipment was stored. His suggestion was to just stay over and we could wash what I had on for the next day

After he parked equipment and closed up the garage he said lets grab a few beers and order a pizza for dinner.

We hit his place and were waiting for the pizza delivery he said “Hey you are welcome to take a shower thrown your Ataşehir Escort clothes on the floor in laundry room; I’ll wash them after our showers are over.”

I hit the shower and exited with a towel wrapped around my waist to which Brad laughed at my modesty.

Brad went to shower and I wandered around the apartment sipping a beer looking at his pictures from around the globe. All his stories seemed to be true. I heard the door creak open and I turned to see Brad standing there naked. I was shocked he was as I knew tan, toned but now i saw he was hung and hairless. This was not the norm 36 years ago. Lack of pubes made his large dick look enormous!

I can’t describe how I felt seeing him naked, I wasn’t uncomfortable, it was odd but I wanted to continue looking. His pecker just swung as he walked around. It was mesmerizing like a pendulum on a clock. When the pizza guy arrived he answered the door nude and invited the guy in as he retrieved the cash to pay for the pizza. The guy didn’t seem weird out by his nudity. Something told me that wasn’t the pizza guys first trip there.

As we ate the dinner Brad asked if I wanted another beer.

I did but needed to unload the first two. We laughed out in unison. As I was walking away I heard him say, “Leave that wet towel on the floor in laundry room.”

Did Kadıköy Escort he expect me to come back naked? As I peed I was noticing my dick was hardening, oh no I can’t walk back out there with half a boner. The more I tried to will it away the harder I was getting. Finally biting the bullet I moved quickly to my spot in the living room chair while trying to conceal my boner.

Being this was 34 years ago lets just say porn was not prevalent like today. A few select folks had the technology and the goods. Brad with his military background and overseas service had both.

He had loaded a tape into the deck which again showing my age was a Sony Beta Vision. Probably their one mistake.

When I realized he had loaded porn into it and we would be watching it together I got both chills of excitement and an uneasy feeling. I still had his marvelous looking cock in my minds eye. Not sure why I had never had that kind of thought. Maybe it was the infatuation of him in general.

So the porn was an orgy of sorts lots of naked bodies. I looked over to where he sat on the couch in a sort of with one leg under his butt and saw his dick was now fully erect and prominently displayed. His fingers on his right hand slowly rubber the underside. He abruptly jumped up said he was grabbing a beer should he bring back two.

When Ümraniye Escort he returned I was looking at the TV didn’t see him immediately. On the screen one male had begun to lick and mouth the other guys penis while the women watched. I was mesmerized! That is when I was startled by him standing almost in front of me with two beers and his huge cock almost in my face. He moved closer and closer until the only place left between my lips and his cock head was in my mouth. He slowly pushed and broke that barrier. He was now fully inside my mouth and instincts took over as I began sucking and using my lips to apply pressure to his cock.

I had never sucked a cock before but truth be told I had tasted my own cum. I now was waiting for the prize at the end of this ride. I didn’t have to wait long as he blasted in my throat and mouth. Much to my surprise I swallowed like a champ. With out even any hesitation I finished the job.

Brad asked me to stand and began jerking my hard cock on his still hard cock. the feel of two smooth sleek flesh rods was pretty intense. I began convulsing into and orgasm as my cum shot all over his cock.

He rubbed my cum back on my cock and that is when he knelt down and cleaned my cock off.

The rest of that night was pretty much a repeat I sucked him off twice and he reciprocated. Work was never anything but fun as we bonded that summer. We had sex almost daily until I went back to school. But it ended soon after I went back.

The next summer when I came home I saw a new guy on Brad’s truck and I had to wonder was he cutting it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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