Cyber Sensation

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She sat alone in front of her PC, taking in the musings of an unseen lover. His hands worshipped her curves in the chapel of her mind. His lips and tongue and teeth praised her from countless miles away, while, in her chair, her nether regions responded in a not-so-imaginary manner.

As his words flashed on the screen, her desire grew, making her a pawn in her own passionate game. Her already erect nipples begged for attention, and she didn’t disappoint them.

Through the scant, silky material of her tiny tank top, her breasts pleaded to be caressed. Her hands rose to cradle them, to measure their taught, ripe fullness. In slow, tantalizing strokes, she massaged them. Placing her palms over the rosy buds, she felt them tighten and bead into sensitive buttons of excruciating pleasure, triggering a flutter deep inside her. His typed ministrations continued as the first drops of moisture collected on her white satin panties.

Her right hand travelled lower, the index finger circling her bellybutton at a slow, lazy pace. The flat nub of sensitive flesh between beşevler escort her legs began to throb in anticipation as the fingers of her left hand continued to mercilessly tease her right nipple. They pinched, pulled, rolled and squeezed until the pleasure became spiked with pain as the fabric covering it grazed the abused nerves like the tongue of the man on the other end, velvet soft and brutal.

She began to breathe deeply as the passion being ignited pulled her farther down into its depths. He continued to type.

Unable to stop herself, she let her right hand slide across the slick, and by now translucent, scrap of satin covering the mound at the apex of her thighs. Spreading her knees wide, she let her fingers skate across the damp fabric, feeling it saturate at her touch.

She drew the cloth aside and let her fingers delve into the slick wet folds of desire-swollen skin beneath. Her thick, pink lips welcomed the fingers, and a moan escaped, unbridled into the silence of the empty room.

She pulled her shirt over beylikdüzü escort her head and let it flutter into a heap on the floor. The cool air from a nearby vent aroused her further and she lifted her tit to her mouth. Her tongue darted across the tight little nub as the middle finger of her right hand slid lower and slipped out of sight into the hot, tight, welcoming cavern of her pussy. Still he typed.

Releasing her nipple, she moved the finger in and out, slowly, feeling the wet heat clamp around the digit as she went about her sinful pleasure. Her thumb moved to tease her clit, while her fingers and hand became ever more slick and wet. The sweet juice began to drip down between her ass cheeks and onto the chair, tickling her, enticing her. He typed of molding her ass in his hands…

Withdrawing her hand, she ripped the panties off and threw them, not caring in the least where they landed. Her fingers went back helplessly, two from the left hand entered her while her right massaged her swollen pink bilecik escort clit. Working in a fast, circular motion, her right hand sent shockwaves through her entire body. Her moans and squeals coincided with the thrusts of her left. Her hips lifted to meet the exquisite pressure of her fingers. Her thighs quivered uncontrollably as her climax neared. He typed on.

Sweat covered her body in a fine sheen. Her pussy lips glistened in the light glaring from the monitor. Her fingers were sore, her arms ached, and her thighs began to cramp, but she kept stroking and poking in a fevered rush, driven only by the tight band of passion that was taking her over.

Her hips began to buck and jump, her stomach muscles tightened and her cunt clenched her fingers in a vise-like grip… she was so close. She could feel her pulse from the inside as she desperately sought the completion that seemed like it would never come. And just as she thought it, her head fell back, her thighs clenched and an explosion went off. Her entire body tensed and the bucking was uncontrollable. An unseen force had taken her hostage and she lost complete control. Her hands stopped, her cunt gasped to be filled and suddenly there was an overwhelming relaxation. She couldn’t have moved had she wanted to. She was sated, complete, in need of recovery.

He asked how he was doing. Her response… Not bad, not bad at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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