Dad Needs Help Getting It Up

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* Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy this story. It was great fun to write. I know that it is not perfect as no story ever is so English majors, you can save your critique for someone else. I do this for fun, read it for fun, and let me know what you think *

* All persons in the story are older than 18 and any resemblance to real-life people is strictly coincidence. If you think this is about you … send me a note and we’ll have a good laugh *


I had just turned 50. The parties were over and the drunken friends had gotten home safely. I saw a commercial on TV and it talked about “going and going and going” during the night. I thought about it and realized that it was talking about me. I had a prostate problem.

It took three weeks but I visited my doctor. We talked about the symptoms … frequent feeling of urination … check … dribbling of pee … check … difficulty urinating … check …

He snapped on a rubber glove, bent me over, greased up my anus and shoved a digit up there … it was cold and quick but not so painless. I know that some folks like anal play but this wasn’t even close to play, it was humiliating!

He said that I had an “enlarged prostate” and that he would have to have a look at it. A few days later, I was in a hospital, counting backwards and they were knocking me out. A few days after that, I was back in his office with my wife of 25 years by my side.

“You have an enlarged prostate, Mr. Jackson.” He started.

“Ok, now what does that mean?” I asked.

“Actually, that is not the worst of the problem” he continued. “It is likely that you have prostate cancer. Enlarged prostate and cancer are not always related but you have both.”

“Ok, that certainly got my attention. What does THAT mean?”

“It means, Mr. Jackson, that you should have your prostate removed before the cancer spreads”

“Which hospital and when should I show up?” I asked fearing the big C.

“Well, there are some issues with removing the prostate. We’ll have to teach your muscles to work differently. We’ll have to teach them to urinate and to perform sexually as well.”

Whoa! I didn’t know that this was all related. “What do you mean, doc?”

“I mean that 40% of all men who have a radical prostatectomy will be unable to achieve a full erection or propel their orgasmic material from their penis. It will take retraining and a lot of work to get you sexually active again. There is a strong risk that you won’t be able to maintain an erection.”

“Do you recommend the surgery to remove my prostate?” I asked.

“In a word, most definitely!” he said with emphasis.

It struck me funny that he used two words but I turned to my wife with a questioning look.

“I’d rather have you by my side without sex than not by my side.” Barbara paused “Get it done!”

That night, I couldn’t touch her. However, the nights after I was fucking her like a bunny. Suddenly, the thought of losing our sexual intimacy of so many years seemed to heighten our awareness of our sexuality. It wasn’t a guarantee of losing our sex life but it certainly was a threat to it! Previously, I have to admit that our love making had been frequent but not necessarily of high quality. With this news, we fucked in the morning, the afternoon and again in the evening. I paid much more attention to my bride and made sure that she was satisfied every time. Both the frequency and the quality had improved tremendously. Barbara laughed when I said it took a lot of practice to get good at this! I began to realize that it was my lovely wife who might actually have a problem with the loss of function in my penis. She seemed to be wanting more and more … just like me. I wondered what would happen if I couldn’t get “retrained.”

I had the surgery and they removed the prostate without issue. After a few tests confirmed that it actually was cancerous, I felt much better about the decision to have it removed. I relearned to piss though it took a while. After several weeks, Barbara was terribly horny and I decided that I should give sex a try. I took a Viagra pill and waited. I kissed her on the neck and suckled at her breast. Her nipple hardened and I pulled at her other nipple. She moaned. My fingers roamed down her tummy to the small tuft of hair that topped her pussy. I pushed through and my fingers tangled with her pussy lips. “Ahhhhh” she moaned as I gently stroked her pussy and pulled juices up to her clit.

I looked down at my cock. No reaction.

I played and played but my anxiety must have gotten the best of me. No erection.

I moved quickly and kissed her knees. I slowly worked my way up her slender thighs and kissed her soft skin. Soon I was kissing her pussy and licking her lips. My lips closed on hers and pulled them apart. My tongue darted in and out and I slipped a finger up her sopping vagina. I was treated to her moans and groans as I slipped a second finger into her vagina. Her pussy stayed parted for me and my fingers pistoned Beylikdüzü escort in and out.

She writhed on the end of my fingers as I looked down to see that my cock was a limp noodle. My fingers continued their asualt and she cried out “Yes, baby, YES, shove that cock in me! I need that big cock in me!”

I had no cock. Not anymore. It was just a lump of flesh where piss came out. I hoped she had cum but I stopped and rolled over and fell asleep in avoidance mode. It was selfish of me but that is what happened.

The next few days and weeks were difficult. We bought dildos and vibrators and the weeks turned into months. I tried and tried but my cock just would not react to anything. She tried sucking it, stripping and dancing for me, and bought a ton of new lingerie! I got no reaction from that limp noodle of a dick.

My trips to the doctor provided no new insights. “Just keep trying” or “you just need more stimuli” was all he could say. I was giving up.

It was a Tuesday night and I watched my lovely wife cook dinner in the kitchen. Her hefty braless tits bounced gently beneath the thin cotton of her robe. With both of the kids out of the house, we enjoyed walking around in our pj’s as soon as we got home from work. Her gown was just above the knee and was thin enough for her dark brown nipples to show. I liked her body. I liked it a lot. Those hefty tits had fed both the kids as babies and even me for a few years after they weaned. At 5′ 6″ and 145 pounds, she wasn’t svelte but I liked how most of that weight was in her ample bosom. I thought I felt a twinge in my cock but looking down, no hardness could be found. Shit!

There was a knock on the door followed by my son Mike’s whirlwind entry. Behind him was his best friend, Jason. Both of them were carrying boxes.

“Hi Mom and Dad,” he said as he whisked into his old room. “Gail threw me out tonight. The bitch even changed the locks. Can I stay here for a week or two?”

Gail was his girlfriend. They had moved in together a year earlier but no one thought it would last … except them. I guess they were wrong.

Mike headed back out to his car to get more stuff. Jason stood and stared and I realized that he was ogling Barbara’s generous breasts and hard nipples poking out. As I walked by him, I shot a glance as his bulge forming already. So, I grabbed his arm and dragged him out to help with the stuff in the car. I found myself jealous of that hardening cock. Anger wasn’t far behind.

It wasn’t long until Jason had gone home and Mike, Barbara and I were in the wood paneled den lounging on the couches talking about Mike and Gail’s break up.

“It was just a sexual relationship. I mean, we were doin’ it all the time but none of the other things happened. We weren’t talking. We stopped doing things together and started fighting. At first it was cool. We’d argue and then have makeup sex and that was great but…”

I had to stop him. “Your mom and I really don’t want to hear about your sex life … as interesting as it might seem.”

“Oh yeah. Sorry, I just kinda think of you guys as friends these days anyway.”

Barbara sat there silent. She was looking down at the floor and seemed to be lost in thought. She lay on the couch with her legs toward Mike and then she opened them to let a breeze in under her gown. I couldn’t see much of anything but I was guessing that Mike could see everything. Then, after several minutes she closed her legs; got up and went to bed.

I noted the bulge in Mike’s jeans. It wasn’t small. He was turned on by his mother. This was not a good thing! I watched him leave and go to his room in the basement.

Barbara was horny. I could tell as we passed each other in the bathroom. She rubbed her hard nipples on my arm. She kissed my shoulder and as she looked at me, she licked her lips. I felt helpless. How often could I just keep licking her pussy and making her cum with these devices? She had said more than once that there was a big difference between a hard dildo and a warm, hard cock. I no longer had a warm, hard cock.

I decided to avoid the situation. Our drain under out bathroom sink was leaking. It needed adjustment. Of course, it had been like that for weeks but I chose that time to fix it. I had to get a flashlight from the basement. When I got there, I overheard him. It was the unmistakable rhythm of a young man jacking off. The breathing, the sound of hand on cock as the precum drips down. My son was jacking off to his mother, MY wife. I peered through the dim light and could see his hand working his cock. I watched my son’s hand stroke his thickness from top to bottom.

I left quickly feeling confused. I got more confused as I reached my bedroom to find Barbara very aroused. Her eyes were defocused and she was using the vibrator on her clit. The vibe was slim and short as it hummed between the folds of her pussy.

“It’s about time you got back! I need a good fuck,” she said with a smile. She grabbed one big tit Beylikdüzü escort and licked the nipple. “You like my nipple, baby?”

I found a way to put aside my frustration and anger. “I love your nipple!” and I leaned over her and sucked it in.

Her naked body lay before me and I sucked those familiar tits and felt her nipples thicken in my mouth. I kissed her neck and gave her a small hickey. The familiar hum of the vibe on her clit continued as she pressed it back and forth. Her pussy was soaked. My lips continued to her earlobe and then I kissed her lips. Her eyes closed and I slipped my tongue in. Our tongues played and danced and she groaned.

“Do you think you’ll get hard tonight?” she asked as she squirmed to the hum of the vibrator.

“I … I don’t know,” I said.

She looked down as I dropped my pants. My cock was limp. She looked at my face and could read my disappointment. “Get me the big dildo and watch me fuck myself. You always liked that. Watching me fuck that big cock will probably help.”

The big dildo was 7 inches long and pretty thick around. I kissed her knees and thighs as I watched her push the thick head into her pussy. She was tremendously slick and it slid in after she got the head wet with her tongue. Her pussy lips grabbed at the circumference. She was putting on a show for me and enjoying it.

I licked her thighs and she moaned. Looking up, she had the vibe on her clit with one hand and slowly fucked herself with the dildo with the other. Her big tits were pressed together in the V-shape of her arms and they bounced as her hand imitated the thrust of a cock.

“Ummm baby?” she groaned lightly. She was getting close. “I’m really horny. I don’t know why but I am. Did you use the maglite flashlight to fix the sink?”

I kissed her hard nipple and sucked it in. “I brought it but I haven’t fixed the sink yet.”

“Put it in me” she said simply and then smiled.

I grabbed it from the floor. As flashlights go, this is the best. They are heavy and unyielding. Ours was the long, 4D battery type. She removed her hand and the dildo popped out.

She held her knees out to the side and her pussy opened up. “Do it. Push that big hard cock in me.” She exhaled out with her eyes screwed tightly closed. “Do you like your slut? Am I hot enough for you? … Am I your SLUT?”

“Yes,” I said softly.

With one hand I spread her pussy lips and with the other, I guided the back of the flashlight in. It was tough working it in but after working it around and several pushes, her canal accepted the girth and her hip gyrations began pulling it deeper and deeper. At first, I was afraid that I might hurt her but her bucking and fucking encouraged me to be rougher. She liked it. She liked it hard and she liked it thick.

Barbara was usually a quiet lover but tonight she became a tiger. She practically howled as I shoved that flashlight as deep as it would go, pumping it frantically inside her. I watched her tits bounce in the moonlight as it streamed through our bedroom skylight. Her face screwed up tight as her first orgasm caused her to slam her fists onto the bed. She gripped the sheets like they were life’s only rope as she hung on a cliff. As her climax seemed to subside, I slowed my pumping. My arm was actually tired.

“Don’t stop!” she groaned. “Please … keep it going! Please!”

I switched hands and kept pumping. “Yes!” she said “Just a bit more of your big, hard cock … ohhhhhh YES!”

I pushed harder as she pinched her long nipples. Her face contorted and she climaxed again. I kept pumping as her breathing sounded like a rasping motor. Her whole body shook and her fists clenched and slammed the bed again and again.

As she rested, the sweat was a gentle sheen across her entire body. There was a small puddle of her juices on the sheets of our bed.

I went to the bathroom to get a towel for the spot and heard a noise on the stairs. “Mike, is that you?”

His voice rose up the carpeted stairs, “Yeah, umm, just letting in the cat.”

Barbara was barely awake when I got back. “Was Mike watching us?” she mumbled.

“I think he might have heard us at least.” I replied.

A smile cross her face, “He used to sneak around like that when he was little. I thought he grew out of that.”

“I guess not.”

“Thanks for fucking me. Did you get hard, honey?”


“Hmmm too bad. It was a good time, I wish I could suck your cock again. I really enjoy that. It’s not like I can suck the flashlight”

She looked down. “I’m sorry. That was insensitive. I just … I want to make you happy again.”

I had thought a lot about it. Maybe it was time to bring it up. There were friends of mine who were discreet. They all thought Barbara had a great body and several of them would love to slide their dicks into her pussy or her mouth or both.

“Honey?” I asked as I lay beside her.


“Would you like … I mean … if you want, Escort Beylikdüzü I’d be ok if you took someone else to bed. Just not our bed … I mean … I feel bad that because of me, you aren’t getting the uhhh … I don’t know … the uhhh satisfaction you need.”

She lay with her eyes closed and I thought she was already asleep. But then she spoke in a whisper “Who’d you have in mind?”

Part of me was disappointed with her response. Part of me wanted her to state plainly that everything was ok between us. However, there was another part of me that was excited with the idea of her getting her pussy jammed with one of my friend’s cocks. It was something we discussed when we were in our 20’s but never pursued.

“Well, I haven’t asked anybody yet. I was thinking Kevin or perhaps George.”

“Too old, honey”

“Uhhh, ok. What about Ricky?”

“That scrawny guy from your work? No way!”

She fell asleep but I stayed awake. She was open to the possibility of getting laid by someone other than me but I hadn’t figured out who was the right person yet.

A few days later, I was shaving and getting ready to go to work when she walked by in one of her shorter dresses. Her legs looked good and then I saw here bend slightly and put on 4 inch pumps.

“Getting dressed up for work?” I asked as she prepared for her job as manager in a doctor’s office. As a former nurse, she normally wore sneakers and scrubs.

She smiled. “I like this short brown dress. It gives my admirers a good idea that I know what a treadmill is and exposes my nice long cleavage”. She giggled. “I’m doing it for you baby. It might help you get your mojo back if I dress sexy!”

I tried to smile.

She leaned forward and gave me a good eyeful of her tits. “Hmmm might be better without this old fashioned bra!” She did the magic that women do to remove their bra without taking off their shirt. Her tits hung down long, thick and low on her chest. She had mature but full tits. Her nipples were hard and poked out of her dress. Without the bra, she had a slight gap between her tits that just made her more sexy.

As she walked by me, she grabbed my crotch. “Still nothing?” she asked. “Dr. Brown suggested that I dress a little more provocative to see if that has an effect on you”. Her smile looked devilish. “But I think he just likes looking at me. Do you like that? Do you like him sneaking peaks at me? Would you like it better if you knew that I was purposefully teasing him? Does that turn my hubby on?”

She walked out the door and my once thick and long cock remained shriveled.

That night she worked late. I thought about her teasing the interns and doctors all day. I thought about those young men watching her tits bounce as she walked the narrow corridors of the office. I thought of how they rubbed against her as she did her filing in the crowded hallway.

Mike and I ate alone. Conversation was sparse.

It really wasn’t that long of a wait until Barbara came in the door. She dropped her purse and I noticed that the top of her dress was unbuttoned even more than it had been earlier in the day. She bent over a lower cabinet to get a pot for pasta and I couldn’t help but admire her tan and toned bare legs.

I helped her cook her dinner. It was a quiet dinner and after, we went to bed.

As we snuggled under the covers, I asked, “Baby, how was work?”

“Mmmm” she cooed. “I guess taking off my bra wasn’t a good thing to do. All eyes were on me. You’d be surprised at the number of thickening cocks I saw today.”

“Really? Tell me”

She reached down and held my cock. It was limp and she frowned. “Get me the flashlight and I’ll tell you.”

I handed the flashlight to her and she closed her eyes as the thick and cold flashlight slowly parted her pussy lips.

“I saw Dr. Samuels first. I had been filing some tax information. It’s in the bottom drawer and honestly, I just wasn’t thinking. I bent over and my tits were hanging down.”

I watched as she pushed the flashlight deeper and began pumping it slowly with a smile.

“I think Dr. Samuels is pretty big for an older gentleman. I mean, he got pretty thick and it was going down his leg.”

“How big?” I asked as I sucked her nipple into my mouth.

“You know I’m not good at that!” she paused. “I would have to say that he was a little smaller than you but maybe a bit longer. Does that hurt your feelings?”

“No, baby, it doesn’t.”

“There were others too. Do you like that I turned guys on today?”

“Yes, baby, I do.” I took the flashlight from her hand and she grunted as I picked up the pace of the plunging.

“Ohhhh, that’s sooooo good. Fuck me with that hard cock, baby!”

“Tell me more and I’ll keep fucking you with it.”

“Well, Rob was there today. You know that he is an ex-basketball player for State? Yeah, ohhhh shit … that is so deep … oh … so, Rob is pretty big. My guess is that he is more than 10 inches honey …ohhhhhhh fuck!!”

Her tits wobbled as I fucked her harder. So, Rob was 10 inches … did she like that?

She grabbed her tits and squeezed and pinched her nipples.

“Did you like Rob’s 10 inches?” I asked while picking up the pace and wishing my cock would rise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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