Daddy Cop and Daughter Ch. 06

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We were both pretty much a bundle of nerves waiting for Mac to show up on Saturday.

Jena was dress seductively, but in good taste. It actually was impossible for her to not look sexy no matter what she wore. Her skirt was just above the knee; her beige blouse was just see through enough to tell her bra was a nude color. She pulled her hair back with a clasp at the nape of her neck, but left it loose enough to look soft and touchable. She had on sandals that were aqua with sparkly stones of some kind. Any red blooded man would look twice and do a good sweep up and down if he met her on the street. His wife might smack him with her purse, but he’d look for sure.

At a little past four-thirty Mac’s car pulled in the drive way.

“Oh God,” Jena moaned.

“Stop wringing your hands and relax.” It was issued as an order.

I met Mac in the foyer smiling ear to ear. I loved this kid with all my heart. He dropped his bag and we were in a bear hug.

“Damn boy it’s good to see you.”

“You too; been too long.” Mac kissed my neck and I returned the same. We just kept holding on to each other.

When we finally broke the hug and backed up half a step, still holding onto each others shoulders or arms, I said, “How was the trip?”

“Other than morons that don’t know how to drive and my ass being a little numb not bad.” Mac held eye contact drinking in the fact that he was back at good old Dads’ house.

“Ah, come on in…there’s someone I want you to meet.”

Mac looked surprised then smiled that lop sided smirk smile he could give. “Oh, you old dog, finally found yourself a woman hu?”

If he could have read my mind in that second he’d have passed out.

Jena was sitting in the chair that I always leaned her over to fuck her. Her legs were crossed which hiked up her skirt showing off those long tapered legs of hers. She stood so gracefully when we walked in to the living room you’d have thought she was royalty meeting one of her subjects.

“Holy crap Dad kinda robbing…” Mac caught himself and stopped mid sentence.

“The cradle?” I laughed part out of nerves and part cause Mac had turned red.

Jena floated forward holding out her hand to shake Mac’s. I wondered what the fuck she was doing, but knowing her she had something up her sleeve so I stood back and watched.

“You must be the infamous Mac. I’m so happy to meet you.”

When he took her hand she pulled herself into him, put both arms around his neck and kissed him like a long lost lover.

It gave me a hellva a start and I’d have probably pulled her off him but the fact that Macs’ hands were flailing around like he was trying to save himself from drowning was too damn funny. His hands finally landed on her upper arms, but she kept kissing. If he didn’t get a hard on I’d be damned surprised.

When she finally pulled her lips off his and stepped back from him he looked like a deer caught in headlights. He looked at me like I might want to explain what the fuck was going on.

Jena held out her hand to him palm up. That brought his eyes back to her, still looking like he wanted to ask something, but having no clue what the question was.

“Hey buddy, could ya lend me a dime?” Jena’s voice was close to breaking.

Macs’ face went completely blank, the color drained out of it and his eyes filled with tears.

“Sorry, bursa eve gelen eskort bayan all I’ve got’s a twenty.” It sounded like his throat was closing up on him.

“That’s okay buddy, I’m not fussy.” Tears rolled down Jena’s face now.

The cop was clueless. This had to be some ‘thing’ of theirs from childhood.

“Jena.” It was a statement not a question. “Dear sweet Jesus its Jena.” Mach swept her up in his arms spinning around and around with her squealing like a little kid.

When he set her down his hands went to hold her face. “My god you are the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in 13 plus years.” Now he kissed her like he’d returned from war to his lover.

I sat down. I had no idea what the fuck was gonna happen, but I was thinking this all might work out.

A good hour later as I sat in a chair and they were pasted together into what looked like a two headed person on the sofa we talked through when and how she’d arrived here, her new job, plans for the future all of it interspersed with lots and lots of kisses, hugs and caresses.

When Jena took a bathroom break, kissing Mac soundly before she left the room, he got to the point that hadn’t been spoken of yet.

“And you didn’t call and tell me she had surfaced here six weeks ago because…”

“Because I didn’t know if she was staying or going or what to think. Until yesterday I still didn’t know. Then this job popped up and I had my answer. By then you were on your way here. Guess I should have called anyhow.”

“Are you fucking her?”

I damn near choked to death. “What?”

There was that lop sided smirk again. “She’s to hot to handle and more affectionate than most sisters, so expect she’s as affectionate in a daughter role. So are you?”

The fact that I stuttered and stammered and tried to form an answer told him I was. My face was the color of an over ripe tomato.

“Ah damn. Well, I guess you’re both adults. Shit.” Mac went totally serious. He rested his head on the back of the sofa looking at the ceiling.

“You’ve been hard since she gave you that tongue lashing kiss when you walked in.” I looked at his jeans seeing the hard had wilted with our conversation.

Jena walked back into the room, kissing me as she went by. She snuggled to Mac, putting her hand on the inside of his thigh.

I watched him to get a clue where he was going to go with this. Either he’d back out and let Jena and me go on as we had been or he’d try to stake his claim pushing me out. Third option, join in and it’d be a family love affair. Frankly option one or three was fine with me. Option two was not okay, not at all.

“You two hungry? I’ve got the steaks prepped, just gotta get the grill hot.”

Jena pressed her tits into Macs’ arm while she ran her hand all the way to his crotch. “I’ll get the table ready Daddy. You and Mac get the grill hot.” She smiled and put extra emphasis on the word hot.

I saw Mac slide his hand over her ass as she stood up. She paused in place and bent over the coffee table for no apparent reason. Jena locked eyes with me while Mac ran his hand up the inside of her thigh. She stood fast closing her legs together and made a small mewing sound.

When she finally walked away Mac had a red face and a massive hard on. She brushed her hip against my bursa eskort bayanlar hard cock on the way past me.

“Looks like this is going to be a family affair,” I cleared my throat and willed my dick to go limp.

The entire time we got supper ready and on the table Jena teased us with kisses and rubbing her ass or cunt against which ever part of our body she could get near. While we cleaned up she was back at it. I didn’t know about Mac but my cock and balls were starting to fucking ache.

“I’m gonna go slip into something more comfortable boys. Don’t run off on me okay?” She gave Mac a open mouth tongue dueling kiss pressing against him. He grabbed her ass pulling her tight as he ground his cock onto her.

When she broke the kiss she came to me repeating the same moves. I ran a hand up her inner leg poking at her soaked panties with my middle finger.

“Hurry back baby girl,” we’ll be waiting for you.

“Fuck man, she’s gonna take us both on.” Mac was slack jawed. “Can she really handle both of us at once?” He was in awe of what was happening.

My head was spinning. I didn’t expect this shit to happen, at least for fucking sure not on the first night he was here. Knowing Jena she wanted to jump right into this and not make it awkward for Mac to figure out if he was gonna get laid or froze out.

“Well, I’ve never shared her, but the way she likes to fuck and suck I’d say this is going to wreck us long before she wears out.

“She apparently is her mothers’ daughter.” Mac had gotten the low down on Helens’ three husbands and her fucking around on every one of them during the evening’s conversation.

Mac and I poured three glasses of scotch and walked to the sofa. We sat with room for Jena to sit between us, her glass on the table in front of us.

Holy fucking shit! The girl walked into the room in come fuck me red strap heals, a completely see through red bare shouldered gown. Her hair was piled on to of her head with wisps of it falling down like she’d already been bedded.

Mac whistled all I could do was swallow hard. Her nips were pushing against the gown making tents at the end of her tits.

She walked sideways passed Mac, pushing her ass out toward him. When she sat her perfume hit me and all I wanted to do was throw her on the floor and fuck her brains out.

Reaching forward she picked up her scotch, tossing down half of it. She leaned back running her hands from knees to our crotches’ where she massaged two raging cocks.

“I thought maybe I’d find you boys in your shorts, but since I haven’t how about I help you out of those too tight jeans?”

I finished my drink and stood. Mac stood up turning toward her with his drink in his hand.

Jena unbuttoned me, then Mac. She unzipped me, then Mac. She tugged my jeans down, shrugged and pulled my shorts down too leaving my cock bouncing in the air in front of her face.

She turned to Mac and stripped his jeans and shorts off. “You boys take your shirts off please.”

Like robots we followed order.

“Ooooo. Two lovely hard throbbing dicks, all for little old Jena,” she was cooing as she stroked our dicks.

While she sucked Macs’ cock head into her mouth she stroked my dick running her thumb over my slit spreading pre cum over my mushroom.

I watched as Mac pushed his görükle escort bayanlar hips forward pulling her head onto his cock. Her hand cupped his balls rolling them around.

“Fuck sis, this is amazing.” He raised one foot onto the sofa to open up full access to his balls.

She pulled her mouth off his dick making a loud popping sound. I knew that feeling; cock getting cool air, the suction suddenly gone, the desire to push it all the way down her throat. Mac groaned loud and long as she turned away from his cock.

My turn for that hot wet sucking mouth. Jena was the best cocksucker I’d ever had. Her tongue and lips worked at my prick while the suction was like a fucking Hoover vacuum cleaner. Her head bobbed up and down and she either stroked the shaft base or played wonderful games with my balls.

While she worked her sucking magic on my dick with her mouth she was stroking Mac spreading his pre cum around his swollen purple head.

Damn, the pop and cool air.

“Mac honey, sit down and open your legs; one foot on the floor and the other on the back of the sofa.” He did as he was told leaning back against the arm of the sofa.

Jena got up on her knees with her ass pointed to me. “Daddy, please push your pecker up my cunt.”

With that she dropped her head onto Macs’ cock and started sucking in earnest. Both of her hands were working him so I knew he was getting stroked and his balls were getting worked to make him crazy.

I rose up on my knees, pushed the gown up to her waist and fingered her pussy to open it to accept my dick. I pushed three fingers in and I heard her moan. She lifted a knee up to rest on the back of the sofa presenting me with a wide open cunt.

Mac was making noises Iike a wounded animal mixed in with grunts as he pushed his hips up to her. I saw her head nod three times and looked to his face to see his reaction when she took him in totally.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” He looked at me in shock. I smiled in return.

He grabbed at her head pushing it up and down while his hips humped into her face.

My cock rammed home into her hot wet pussy; went to the root on the first jab. I held her hips in a firm grip, pounding in and out as hard as I could ram her. She was moaning and groaning with my fucking her. I knew the vibrating effect that had on Macs’ cock, so I kept up the hard rams watching his face.

His face was red, veins standing out on his neck and forehead. He was looking down watching his cock disappear between her fire engine red lips.

“Suck it sis, I’m gonna fucking unload.” He glanced up to me and I nodded.

“Oh. My. God. Suck it down, swallow me.”

My hand was under her working her clit; pinching, twisting, pulling and rubbing. All the while I kept pumping in. It was so fucking hot watching her suck Mac.

“Gonna dump my load too.”

I could tell she was trying to scream around Macs’ pumping dick. Her ass trembled and her hands formed into fists beating at the sofa.

All three of us came and came and came.

When we’d all collapsed in a limp pile of muscles and sweat I looked at Mac. “Welcome home son.”

“Thanks Dad. Even if it’s six weeks late.”

“I promise to make it up to you over the next two weeks honey.” She kissed Mac as she straddled him. He pulled her gown over her head exposing her firm tits with their hard nips.

“I’ll hold you to that sis. I want this at least three times a day.”

Youth! His cock was hardening and Jena slipped it into her pussy.

“No problem. I do have to work days now, but I fully intend to fuck both of your at least three times a day. Not every girl is lucky enough to have two hot cocks at home to use and use and use.”

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