Daddy Makes His Virgin Squirt

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My second story! Sorry, it’s been 8 years since the last but better late than never. lol. I enjoyed writing this one and can’t even count how many times I had to stop to masturbate! I really appreciate any and all feedback. Please vote and comment 🙂


Crystal laid spread eagle on her father’s bed, wearing only a pair of light pink panties. Her nineteen-year old body writhing atop the mattress, she inhaled the lingering smell of her dad’s cologne on the pillows. Crystal ran her fingers over the crotch of the panties, rubbing her wet slit through thin fabric.

This isn’t the first time Crystal snuck into her dad’s room to masturbate. She’s done this many times before, increasingly over the last few months. At first, she would only dare to play in his bedroom while he was away at work. Knowing she would not be caught, Crystal was careful not to disrupt the blankets and pillows, returning them as close to their original positions before leaving the room. Craving the feel and smell of her dad’s sheets against her naked skin, she’s become more and more brazen with this secret ritual.

Today, her dad is home. From the master bathroom suite attached to the bedroom, she listened to the shower run. The bathroom door stood only a few feet away from the end of the mattress, though the shower itself was nested in the corner of the master bath leaving no direct line of site to the bed. Steve kept the bathroom door open, expecting privacy from the attached bedroom. Crystal exhaled a deep agonizing moan while she masturbated in his bed, extra aroused by his close proximity. One step out of the shower and she would be in full view. Steve squeezed a dollop of shampoo into his hand, unaware of his sweet daughter tangled up in his sheets and fingering her cunt only a few feet away.

She had only a few precious minutes to play with herself and had to sneak out fast if the water stopped. Crystal pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and spread her pussy lips wide open, exposing herself to the room, toward the open door of the bathroom. Lifting her ass and thighs from the mattress, she aimed her pussy purposely in her father’s direction, as though summoning him with her wet cunt. Fuck, she wanted him. Crystal lifted her thighs and slid her panties off. The crotch soaked, she kicked them to her side and she grasped a piece of the bed sheet between her fingers. Crystal placed the bedsheet over her pussy and began rubbing her clit hard through the fabric. “I’m going to cum all over your sheets, Daddy,” Crystal whispered to herself, confident the sound of the shower masked her voice.

One hand on her big round tits, she squeezed her fat globes and pinched her own hard nipples. Her other hand at work on her pussy, knees spread wide, cunt still facing the open bathroom door, Crystal relished the friction of bedsheets. She rubbed her clit hard. Crystal and moaned, her volume increasing with her arousal. Safe for the moment with the sound of water from the next room, Crystal arched her back and closed her eyes. Imagining her dad so close to her, naked, wet. Is he hard, she wondered? Is he beating off in the shower? She was going to cum fast and hard.

More than anything else in this world, Crystal fantasized about her dad. She knew the desire was somehow wrong; that she should feel confused and ashamed. But, she didn’t. “I want to fuck my father,” she moaned aloud, the words arousing her helping her to the brink of orgasm. Crystal continued to play with herself while imagining her daddy’s mouth, hands, and cock all over her body.


Steve is 46 years old, 6’2″, in pretty good shape, and, as any woman would tell you: very handsome. Her mother and fathered divorced when Crystal was pretty young. Growing up, she spent every other weekend at her dad’s. They had a great relationship. A few months ago, that relationship changed for Crystal, in an instant flipping itself into a burning desire. That day, Crystal had an argument with her mom and decided she was going to stay at her dad’s. Letting herself in with the key, she arrived later in the evening to an empty house. Not concerned with her father’s whereabouts, Crystal felt pretty tired and figured she would just go to sleep and see him in the morning.

Shortly after crawling into bed, the front door opened. Crystal heard the distant muffled sound of her dad’s voice, quickly followed by a woman’s giggle. “Damn. Dad has a lady over,” she thought to herself. I guess Crystal never really thought about it, but of course it would make sense for her dad to date. He never talked about it with her, and he definitely never brought a woman around while Crystal was here.

“Shit, should I let him know I am here?” Crystal asked herself. She decided she would go to the bathroom down the hall and purposefully make a little to discretely announce her presence. Crystal hopped from the bed and made her way down to the bathroom. A long low moan from living room that stopped her in her tracks. What the hell? Crystal wasn’t naive and knew exactly what that sound meant. They haven’t even Bahçeşehir Escort been in the house for three minutes and they are already at it, she thought. What now? She felt too embarrassed to make a sound. Should she go back to bed? She knew she SHOULD but her feet were glued to the ground.

Frozen, unsure of what to do, she heard her father speak from the next room. A jolt went through her body as she overheard her dad’s voice, loud and firm: “Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

Wow! Just, oh my god, wow. Crystal was stunned, immobilized, struggling to regain herself, she realized she was turned-on.

The arousal hit hard and fast. She wanted to watch. She wanted to see her father’s cock sucked. Only a few steps forward and she could see around the corner into the living room. But, would they see her? The hall was dark. She would stay hidden hall shadow, she told herself. For a moment, she scolded herself knowing she should go back to bed. Put some earphones in or something, pretend this isn’t happening. Barely entertaining the idea of retreat, Crystal heard the woman’s voice, raspy and sensual: “Is this how you like it, Steve?”

“Yeah that’s how I like it,” her dad replied, his voice deep and authoritative. “You do a nice job sucking my big dick and I’ll reward you.”

Crystal’s body tingled, a dull ache surfacing between her legs.

“Reward me how?” the mystery woman giggled and moaned through the unabashed slurping sounds of a good hard suck.

“By making you my slut,” Dad responded gruffly.

Holy shit! Crystal crept forward to the corner of the hall and living room. She took in the sounds, the muffled slurps, gags, and gulping moans. The deep gruff grunts of approval. Crystal peered around the corner from the dark hall, gasping quietly at the sight of her father thrusting his big fat rod in and out and the woman’s wide suckling mouth.

This vision launched a thousand amazingly dirty sexual fantasies Crystal had of her father. The woman, a dark-haired beauty in her late 20s, shirt off, wearing only a black bra and tall black boots. She knelt in front of my dad, one strap down over her shoulder and one big round tit pulled out over her bra. From her three-quarter angle view, Crystal could see her dad’s open khakis and his huge hard dick protruding straight out, like a fat, hard and candy cock compelling the woman to suck, suck, suck.

Oh. My. God. His cock is so fucking thick. Licking her lips, it reminded Crystal of a long thick cucumber. The girth was amazing, and Crystal had yet to see the full length as her dad pumped partially in and out of the woman’s mouth. Crystal was in awe of the woman’s lips stretched wide to accommodate his size. Mesmerized by the rhythm of the suck, Crystal felt the aching release of liquid heat from her pussy. The woman looked upward into Steve’s eyes while she bobbed up and down on his long dick.

Crystal watched her father take the woman’s exposed breast into his hand. Squeezing her tit while he retreated the full length of his cock from her mouth. Jesus, it is huge! Captivated by her father’s cock, she watched him take his own shaft into his hand, stroking himself as he grasped a handful of the woman’s hair. Lifting her head, he leaned downward so that his face was an inch from hers. “I’m going to fuck your mouth. You’re going to be an obedient little cocksucker. You’re going to suck my big dick and swallow every fucking drop of cum that I give you.” Crystal’s cunt swelled.

The woman blinked and smiled. “Yes, Sir. Every single drop.”


Crystal re-lived that cherished memory as she laid in her dad’s bed fingering herself. She reflected on herself spying on her father’s intimate performance. She watched, listened, touching herself as the wetness ran down her inner thighs. Crystal never did find out who the woman was. A girlfriend? She didn’t think so. A fuck-buddy? A hooker? Crystal didn’t know, and frankly she didn’t care. All Crystal cared about was that she wished it was her. Now laying in her dad’s bed, she imagined that giant cock hard for her. Crystal pinched, rubbed and kneaded her swelling clit, less conscious of the volume of her moans. She thought of dad ordering the woman onto all fours. “I’m going to fuck you hard from behind,” he told her. Crystal fantasized about that right now.

“I want you to fuck me like that, Daddy,” Crystal moaned to herself speaking, above a whisper now.

“Daddy,” she groaned.

That word became an aphrodisiac. She can’t help but saying it out loud, eliciting a dark sexual desire from inside. “Daddy,” she whispered again as the orgasm inside her began to surface. “Let me be your slut, Daddy. Make me come, Daddy,” she moaned out loud as the shower continued to run.

Crystal longed to stick her fingers inside her wet hole but refrained, focusing on rubbing her orgasm to its surface through her clit. Despite how it might seem, Crystal is a virgin. Though this doesn’t mean she is virginal. Crystal is a horny girl with a high sex drive. Clitoral masturbation Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan felt amazing and the orgasms are awesome. She loved to secretly watch porn. She knew what men liked and knew both men and boys have been trying to fuck her for as long as she can remember. Although Crystal’s sex drive is high, she always felt that her first time should be special. That she should be in love. It had become pretty obvious to her lately: she’s in love with her father. She wants him to be the one to take her virginity.

God, she was running out of time, Crystal realized. The water would soon turn off. One step from the shower and Crystal would be in full view of her dad. Her thighs wide open in his direction, Crystal closed her eyes and rubbed hard, imagining Daddy standing over her, big dick stiff between his thighs, swinging menacingly as he strode toward her to ravish her.

“Your big daddycock is going to feel fucking amazing inside me,” Crystal whimpered as she brought herself to orgasm. She lifted her hips from the bed, rubbing her clit hard on the bedsheet, she moaned and tried to stifle a squeal as the wet orgasm began gushing from her pussy.

“Yes,” she moaned, coming hard just as the sound of the water ceased. The quiet swing of the shower door opening lost in the wave of Crystal’s orgasm. Steve stepped from the shower reaching for the towel just as Crystal lifted her cunt high in the air, her thighs wide open, vigorously rubbing the bedsheet on her clit as she shook and peaked. “Dadddddyyyyyyy,” Crystal wailed in orgasm just as Steve turned his head.

At the same moment, suddenly and dreadfully aware of the silence from the shower, Crystal opened her eyes. Between her thighs toward the bathroom door, she locked eyes with her father. In a flash of blind panic, Crystal shot upright from the bed disappearing into the hall.

What. The. Fuck. Steve stood dumbfounded, watching his naked daughter bolt from his bed. What the fuck? He stood in awe, for a moment watching the empty doorway to the hall though which his daughter disappeared. Stunned, he surveyed the room. His pillows and blankets awry, a big dark wet spot on his sheets, and a pair of little pink bikini panties in the middle of the bed – the fabric of the crotch facing upward as though looking right at him, he stared back at the dark wet spot of the panties. His heart raced as he took in the scene and began to absorb what he just witnessed. “Fuck,” he whispered hoarsely and felt a hardening twitch of his cock.


Crystal is fucking beautiful, Steve has always thought that. From the time she was a little blue eyed blonde girl, she was the cutest, becoming even prettier as she entered her teen years. Then, she developed. Steve tried hard not to notice his daughter’s body when she became a woman. She had the kind of body men loved. Fuck. It was impossible. There were times he would look at his gorgeous his daughter and had to force himself to look away.

Steve had no problem getting women into his bed, which he did frequently. He loves to fuck but never felt a connection for any woman, beyond the connection of his hard dick in their holes. Crystal is the only thing in this world he has ever really loved. Watching her grow up lately, well, it’s hard not to think of her in ways that he knew he shouldn’t. At time, while Steve was fucking some woman or jerking his cock, Crystal’s face comes to his mind. Not just her face – he thought about her body.

Steve loved the way Crystal’s tits just kept growing. How her big soft globes would outgrow her bra, spilling out of the cups for a period of time before Crystal would purchase better fitting bra in her new increased cup size. He tried hard to shake these thoughts off but fuck if they would go away. Thinking of her made his dick hard. The more thought of his lovely daughter, the more he needed to fuck women and whack-off to cope. The more he fucks and whacks, the more he thought of Crystal. The cycle was killing him.

“I’m her father.” Steve scolded himself over and over. The abundance of guilt and shame was a relief to Steve, he thought, ca testament to the fact that he’s really not a bad guy. But, deep inside, he knew it, he felt it, he fought it: Steve wanted to fuck his daughter. “I will never act on this.” Steve told himself over and over, going as far as to say the words out loud while jerking-off to a picture of her inside his mind’s eye.


Now, standing here in his bedroom having just bore witness to… this. Crystal. His daughter. His beautiful sweet sexy daughter, with her big round tits and tight plump little ass, calling for daddy, masturbating in his bed.

“Holy fuck,” he marvelled. His cock at rock-hard attention.

Steve surveyed the room. The wet panties. The wet sheets. He looked toward open door to the hall. Was she in her bedroom? What the fuck do I do? He thought to himself, bewildered and aroused. Steve looked down toward his unconflicted dick: it was as fucking stiff as he had ever seen it. Cajoled by his hard Escort Bahçeşehir cock, he reached for her panties. Slowly, carefully, not sure he should touch them but unable to resist, he picked them up, thumb and forefinger holding them by the wet spot.

Jesus. The sheets. The sheets were soaked, the wetness still gleaming unabsorbed fully into the fabric. She came right on them. He was looking is daughter’s orgasm, glistening on his bedsheets.

“Holy FUCK,” he whispered again. Overcome by lust, Steve pulled the sheet from the bed to his face and inhaled. Smelling her. Inhaling his daughter’s pussy. Intoxicated now, Steve lost himself to the desire and brought her panties to his mouth, breathing deep through the moist material. He stroked himself. Still dripping wet from the shower, the bedroom door wide open to the hall, unsure if Crystal was in the bedroom or hallway but at this point he didn’t give a shit. Steve balled his daughter’s panties in his hand, licking and sucking on the crotch while he stroked his big dick.

“Oh, the taste your pussy, Crystal,” Steve moaned out loud as he sucked the moist center of his daughter’s panties.


Crystal’s heart raced. In a split second, she bolted from the bedroom into the nearest escape, the main bathroom. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She panted. Still naked and still reeling from her orgasm. Panic. Shame. Arousal. “Breath!” she told herself. Crystal looked around the bathroom to the laundry hamper seeing one of her dad’s button down shirts. She covered herself with that and concentrated on her breath. Inhale. Exhale. Calm. As her mind slowed, Crystal became aware of the ache in her pussy. Fresh from orgasm, her cunt continued to drip.

The instictual modesty and shame forcing Crystal to run subsided. What would happen she hadn’t ran? If she stayed in his bed, thighs open, giving herself to him? Would he take her? “Would he fuck me?” she asked herself. Crystal looked at the mirror, surveying her flushed face and long blonde tussled hair. Her dad’s shirt oversized hung open, exposing the inside portion of her big plump tits. She examined her smooth skin and small waist. She looked down to her shaved pussy. The ache of her cunt became unbearable. Her hungry pussy drooled relentlessly.

Crystal experienced a throb deep inside her virgin hole. A burning desire that went deeper inside her than she ever felt. A dull pain up her pussy hole, a place untouched. She needed it filled. She needed release. Crystal needed her father’s cock. She loved him more than anyone her whole life. Now she needed him more than anything. She looked into the mirror again, looking herself in the eye. “Go to him”, she said out loud. Her cunt surging slick wetness as she walked quiet from the bathroom to her father’s open bedroom door.


Crystal stood at the entrance of her dad’s bedroom and lost her breath the sight of her father. Naked, wet, his fat cucumber cock sticking straight out as he stroked his huge length slowly. He held her panties to his mouth. She watched him quietly. In awe and amazed, she watched him breathing deeply, inhaling through her panties, his hand stroking his cock at the same slow pace of his breath.

Crystal stepped forward, focused singularly on her father’s dick. It was so… perfect. The big fat mushroom head, purple and engorged. The length of his cock mapped in blue veins. The thickness. The amazing fucking thickness of it. Crystal thought of a kid’s baseball bat. A big thick steel bat, Crystal licked her lips and took another step toward her father, unaware of her own movements. Unable to detach from sight of her dad’s dick, she was so close to him now. Her shirt fell further open in front, exposing more of her big fat globes, her belly and her smooth bald pussy. Crystal’s mouth watered. The smell her own sex wafting in the air, as her dripping cunt throbbed harder. She was in a trance drawn toward her father’s dick.

She heard her name. A hoarse whisper, “Crystal.” She realized he had stopped stroking himself and had been holding his cock still while she revered it. She looked up at her father and their eyes locked. His face tense and eyes dark, she felt a heat coming from him generated by his lust. She knew then, he wanted her too.

“Crystal,” he whispered again. His voice unlike anything I have ever heard. Quiet but gruff. Tortured. They stood quietly as the room went still. Steve naked, stiff rod in hand, looking straight into his daughter’s eyes. She looked back at him with longing. The room perfectly still but for the precum oozing from dad’s cock and the drip of daughter’s swollen cunt.

“Daddy,” she whispered, inhaling, her voice breaking. Crystal moved her hands to her shoulders pushing the open shirt backward, letting it slide from her arms to the floor. “Will you fuck me?”

In one svelte movement Steve stepped to her and wrapped his strong arms around her body, pressing his lips against hers. She felt his dick hard like hot steel against her belly as he pulled her close. His tongue entering her mouth, he kissed her with a passion he’s never felt before. She kissed him back, their tongues intertwined. Crystal’s lost all control of her body as Steve moved his hands to her ass and lifted her, bringing her face level to his. Their tongues danced, slowly and deeply in and out of each other’s mouths.

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