Daddy Takes Over Ch. 04

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Big Dick

After our last close call, my little Suzy and I got a bit of a taste for adventure and I wanted to take her on some outings. Luckily by now my eighteen year old baby girl was willing to do just about anything to please her Daddy.

I picked her up one afternoon from her college classes, and she bounded into the passenger seat of my car wearing a tiny pleated blue skirt and a tight low cut white tee-shirt. “Hi Daddy!” she beamed as she put her bag in the back seat.

“Hi baby girl, I hope you’re ready for some fun.”

“Heehee Daddy, of course I am.”

“That’s good baby; now take off your bra and panties for Daddy okay?”

“Okay Daddy.” She replied as I pulled the car out and she did as she was told.

We only drove for a few minutes before I parked the car again and we both got out. “Where are we going Daddy?” Suzy asked.

“We’re going on a little ride Suzy.” I grinned and took her hand, leading her into the nearby subway station.

The station was jammed with the after-school crowd and those skipping out of work a bit early on a Friday. Suzy and I slipped through Beylikdüzü escort the people and onto the first train, which by now was standing-room only. “Which station are we getting off at Daddy?” Suzy questioned.

I put my hand around her waist, pulled her in close to me, and whispered in her ear, “That depends sweetie.” I held her close with one arm, and slipped my hand down in-between us to fondle her sweet round ass. Her cheeks turned bright red, but she started to grind her ass back into me. I slid my hand down her bare ass to her damp little snatch and Suzy spread her legs obligingly. “Mmm that’s my good girl” I whispered.

I rubbed her hard little clit as we were jostled about by all the people on the train. Suzy’s cheeks were bright red and she was trying so hard to not make any noise so no one would notice her Daddy fingering her sweet pussy. My cock was straining against my jeans and pressing into Suzy’s ass as I made my baby girl cum hard all over my hand. Her eyes watered a little and she let out a small strained moan, but no one seemed to care.

Feeling Beylikdüzü escort a bit braver in the crowd, I slid my hand up under Suzy’s shirt to fondle her perfect tits, rubbing her hard little nipples that were clearly visible through her thin shirt. I shoved two fingers back in her dripping pussy and pressed my wet thumb against her tight asshole as I ground my swollen, confined cock against her fleshy ass. The train came to a sudden stop, causing everyone to stumble a little, and forcing my thumb up my baby girl’s sweet hole. She let out a small squeak at the suddenness, but quickly relaxed, letting me stimulate her pussy and asshole with my thick fingers.

Suzy clutched tightly to the metal pole in front of her as I worked my fingers in and out of both her holes. Her sweet juices were starting to run down her thighs and I felt her clench as she came again.

Suzy turned her head to look at me, eyes pleading, ass pressing into my crotch as she whispered “please, Daddy.”

I smiled at her and quickly looked around the crowded train, but the constant shuffle of people meant Escort Beylikdüzü that no one paid much attention to anything around them. I unzipped my jeans and freed my hard cock, hastily sheathing it in my daughter’s dripping pussy. I felt her knees give and I pressed her up hard against the pole she was clinging to. “Ohhh Daddy” she moaned breathlessly.

Suzy ground her hips against me and I looked down at her, noticing that the subway pole had pushed itself between her tits, which were now straining against her thin shirt. “Oh god Suzy” I whispered in her ear, “you look like such a slut pressed up against that pole. You’re Daddy’s little slut aren’t you honey? You love taking Daddy’s dick with all these people around, don’t you baby girl?”

“Yessss Daddy!” she sighed.

I grabbed her round hips and started thrusting and grinding into her hot, tight pussy. Suzy’s tits jiggled with each thrust and each shudder of the subway train. My baby girl let out a little moan and I felt her pussy clamp down around my cock. I couldn’t hold back and I quietly groaned as I pumped stream after stream of hot cum into my little girl.

By now the crowds had settled down some, and I shoved my cock back in my jeans. “Come on baby, we have to catch our next train” I grinned at her and she smiled back up at me.

“Okay Daddy, whatever you say!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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