Daddy Watches Ch. 2

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I awoke slowly, feeling refreshed and energized. I had finally slept with my Daddy, after wanting to for so long. I felt Kari against me, still sound asleep.. but my Daddy wasn’t in bed any longer. I could hear the water running in his bathroom. I got up slowly trying not to wake Kari, and headed into the bathroom. Without any announcement, I step into the shower behind my father.

“Hi Daddy.. Mind if I join?” I said as I began rubbing his back..

“Uh, no sweetie.. I guess not.” He answered hesitantly.

I could tell my father was having second thoughts about what we had done earlier. I didn’t want him to feel this way.. I grabbed the soap and began to lather his body, paying special attention to his groin.. I could feel him growing hard in my hand. He slowly turned to face me, there was a look of absolute lust in his eyes. A look which made me want to fall to my knees.. But my Daddy wouldn’t have that. Not just yet.

We stood in the shower for what seemed like bursa escort bayanlar an hour. Just exploring each others bodies to the fullest, washing and rinsing each other, over and over. Enjoying every caress and every feel.. until we could no longer take the torture.

Daddy then stepped out of the shower, turning to help me out, then lifting me into his arms, carrying me through his bedroom and into the hallway, only glancing towards the bed to see Kari still sleeping soundly. We entered my bedroom and Daddy placed me on the bed, not saying a word, just looking up and down my young body.

“Are you sure you want to do this again baby?” he said with a look of concern.

“We can end this now, and forget what has already happened, if that is what you want.”

“Daddy, I want you. I always have wanted you. I can’t just forget what has happened, no guy has ever been able to make me feel the way you make me feel.”

I pulled him bayan sarisin escort bursa toward me, feeling his still hard cock tremble against me. I couldn’t wait any longer, my pussy had to have my fathers cock. I needed to be fucked by my Daddy once again. No matter what the consequences.

I pushed him onto the bed, straddling his thick body, pushing his cock into my wetness slowly at first, moving up and down on his hardness. Then speeding up as my pussy responded to the steel that was entering me, making me cum almost instantly he fucked me..

“Oh Daddy, please… Please fuck me Daddy. I need to be fucked hard by my Daddy.” I screamed as I came, harder then before from all of the build up of our shower play..

As I was still recovering from my earth-shattering orgasm my father rolled me over onto my hands and knees, sliding his cock up and down my wet slit, teasing me, making me beg for his cock. Then not a moment too soon bursa eve gelen eskort he slammed his cock into me, making me scream in both surprise and ecstasy. Why had I waited so long to be fucked by him?

“Oh Daddy I’m cumming again. Your making your baby cum!” I screamed as my pussy wrapped tighter around my fathers cock, pulling him into me even further.

Once again my father rolled me over, this time not returning to my pussy, but he straddled my chest and put his cock against my mouth. I loved his bravery, taking his cock into me mouth and sucking deep into my throat.. I could feel him growing harder and harder, fucking my mouth when suddenly he moaned in release.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming. Take Daddy’s cum, take it baby.”

I did exactly as he ordered, sucking his hot cum right out of his cock, swallowing every drop that he gave me, enjoying it all..

After I sucked him dry he collapsed next to me totally satisfied when we noticed Kari standing at the door with her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit to orgasm..

He pulled me to him, kissing me slowly at first, then more passionately. His hands running up and down my back, grabbing my ass as he rubbed my body full of soap.. I thought I would cum right then and there, just from the feel of my Daddy’s big hands all over my body.

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