Daddy’s birthday present to son

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Daddy’s sex toy gets special birthday gift…..

Here is another true experience that I had with my father when I was a kid. I have enjoyed the comments I have received in regards to the previous stories keep them coming.

It was my 14th birthday. My father had been using me as his sex toy for quite a while now. My father had made special arrangements to have me come to his place for the weekend. He had told my mom that we were going on a guys weekend trip and would be out of town all weekend. I was excited to be going on a trip with my father as we had never really gone anywhere before.

When my mom dropped me off my father told me to strip my clothing off. Which was normal when I arrived at his house each weekend he would have me strip naked.

I asked him where we were going for the weekend and he just said I would find out soon enough and that we were going to have a great time this weekend.

He had a bag already packed beside the door of the house so I placed my bag down beside his. He picked my bag up and said I wouldn’t need it and tossed it aside. He led me to the bedroom and ordered me to suck his cock.

Dropping to my knees in front of him he grabbed my head and started to fuck my face. Just as he was about to cum he pulled out of my mouth. I could already taste the pre cum in my mouth and on my lips. He had been using me for his pleasure for so long and I enjoyed being his slut. Knowing that he liked to hear me beg for him to cum in my mouth. I looked up at him and begged him to let me taste his cum. He asked me if I liked the taste of his cum.

Oh yes daddy I do love it please cum in my mouth. He pushed his cock past my lips and into the back of my mouth and and started to cum. The first blast hit the back of my throat and was immediately followed by another large blast filling my mouth up some of it dripping out the corners of my mouth. I Swallowed his cum as fast as possible.

I had only been at my dads place for 15 minutes now and was already naked and had already tasted my dads cum. I knew he was going to be using me a lot this weekend and was excited to leave for my guys weekend.

He told me to get up and turn around. He grabbed my wrist and put one leather cuff on. Grabbing The other wrist he put another cuff put the same types of cuffs on my ankles. but he didn’t cuff them together though.

Now for something new he put on a waist belt that had several heavy duty rings on it that he cuffed my hands to. This was very restrictive as I couldn’t pull my hands from my sides at all.

He lead me to the door of the garage. opening the door he walked me out to the passenger side of the truck and opened the door. When I looked into the truck he had somehow attached a dildo to the passenger gebze escort seat. He ordered me to get in and sit down on it. It was large and flared out at the bottom. Being flared as it was I was not able to get it all the way in so I was just kind of propped up on the top of it.

he had 2 hooks on the floor boards that he attached my ankle cuffs to. Reaching behind me he grabbed the seat belt and strapped me into the seat still sitting on the large dildo. With my hands to my sides and my legs cuffed I could not move very far and definitely not enough to get the dildo out of me.

My cock was hard with excitement wondering where we were going. Precum was running down the sides of my hard cock. My dad lowered his head into my lap and sucked on it for a few seconds and looked at me and asked if I was ready for my birthday present.

I moaned that I was and asked where we were going. He said it was a surprise and grabbed a blind fold from behind the seat. He whispered in my ear that it was a guys weekend and that I was going to be used all weekend as a sex toy. I loved him for teaching me and just using me in what ever way he wanted. I would do anything he wanted I was his and he knew it.

Closing the door I could here him go back into the house him coming back in a few minutes. I was still propped on top of this large dildo. He started the truck and we started to back out of the drive way. When we got to the curb at the end of the driveway I bounced on top of the dildo and it shoved it in a little bit more. I moaned out loud and could hear my dad tell me to relax and let the dildo slid into my ass.

It was still to large and I had not stretched out enough yet. My legs were getting tired and I could not hold my self off the dildo for long so I focused on relaxing my muscles. Driving down the road hitting the bumps would push the dildo in further to my ass each time. Until he hit one large bump and it finally slipped all the way in. I was moaning with pleasure. Each time he would brake or hit the gas my body would move on the dildo like I was being fucked by a big machine.

We must have been driving for about an hour when we slowed down and I heard a garage door open. I thought that we were back at his house. My dad reach over and uncuffed my ankles and released the seatbelt from around me.

He didn’t take the blind fold off though he just took me off the dildo and lead me into the house. When we were in the house he pushed me to kneel down. He leaned me over and I could feel what I thought was a padded table in front of me. He clipped my waist belt to the table and cuffed my ankles to the legs. Leaning forward like I was he would be able to slid his cock into me whenever he wanted. He uncuffed darıca escort my hands from the belt and tied them to the front of the table so that I was face down and spread eagle on this table.

He asked me if I was ready to be fucked. I was so ready for him to slip his cock into me and make me his sex toy. I was so horny from being fucked by the dildo in the truck that my body was vibrating. I said that I was ready.

He wanted me to say it louder which I did ” yes daddy please fuck me!” He asked me if I was ready for a guys weekend. I loved admitting to him that I was his for the taking. “Yes daddy I am your slut please fuck me” I said. He asked again if I was ready for more!

I was tied to table in the middle of what I thought was my dads house begging him to fuck me. I screamed out ” yes daddy i am ready for more”. he slapped my ass making me moan out loud.

He removed the blind fold and when my eyes adjusted I could finally see that in front of me were 5 men. Listening to me beg my father to fuck me. My father said that this was a guys weekend. What he ment was that these guys were going to use me as their sex toy all weekend.

I was scared and embarrassed. I was helpless in this position. They could do what ever they wanted and I was powerless to stop them. It was my 14th birthday and I was going to be used as a sex toy by all these men i was at there mercy. Laid out on a coffee table in front of me was an assortment of dildos, butt plugs, whips, paddles and other sex toy items that i didn’t even know what they were.

My dad said that these men are here to give you more much more. He looked at the men and said a few rules to go by.

1 – don’t let him cum. You can suck his cock or masterbate him but he doesn’t get to cum until I say so.

2 – don’t leave any marks that are going to last more then the weekend. this would be tough to explain to his mother.

Let the guys weekend start.

With that said the 5 men in front of me stood up and started to undress. I was not sure if i was shaking with fear or excitement. Seeing these men eyeing up my naked 14 year old naked body I had been used a lot over the years for my dads own personal pleasure and had only had one other man use me when my father pimped me as i explained in my previous story.
I was theirs to do what ever they wanted and was so excited and a little embarrassed that I was now going to be used by these strangers.

The first 2 men came over to me one grab some lube and rubbed it on his cock and the other picked up a paddle and approached my face. He put his cock up to my mouth and started to push it into my mouth. When I resisted he slapped my ass with the paddle making me scream. When I opened izmit yürüyüş yolu escort my mouth he pushed his cock in to the back of my mouth. He told me that I was to do what ever anyone asked or I would be spanked again. When I didn’t respond he spanked my ass leaving it red and hot. I moaned in pleasure and he started to fuck my face as fast as he could. I could taste the salty percum on his cock already. Just as he was going to cum he spanked my ass and continued until he was done cumming in my mouth. I had my first load of what i knew was going to be many that night shot in to my mouth. As soon as he was done cumming he moved back and his cock was immediately replaced by another man.

I felt a man come up behind me and in one long stroke shoved his cock into my ass. It pushed me further onto the cock that was in my mouth pushing it deeper into my throat. I could not move to stop them from going any deeper.

They timed the strokes so they Would push into my mouth and young ass at the same time driving their cocks deeper into me. I could feel the cock in my mouth pass into my throat gagging me a bit until i got used to it and then it would freely slid down my throat all the way to the base of his cock. he would hold it there sometimes to feel me squarm for air and then pull out. They picked up the pace until both of them moaned at about the same time and came in my young helpless body.

For the rest of that Friday night these men took turns fucking me, spanking me and making me beg for them to cum in my ass or mouth. My father sat in the corner and watched these men use me in any way they wanted. I could not count the number of times these men cam in my mouth or ass but I was loving it. My father had turned me into a 14 year old male slut. I could feel the dried cum all over my body.

Early Saturday morning everyone had went to bed and left me to sleep still tied to this table.
As each person would wake during the day Saturday they would come over to me and either have me give them a blow job or fuck me again.

One of the men was sitting on the couch watching a guy fuck me from behind while he was smoking a joint. He asked if I had ever smoked drugs before I hadn’t and said no. He got up and came over to me and told me how to take a puff off his joint. I started to cough the first time but he continued to give me more. I was getting pretty high. My body felt like it was super sensitive. I would focus on the nerves in my ass as the cock slipped into me it would send waves of pleasure through me I was moaning in pleasure. Begging this man to make me cum. Oh it felt amazing he shoved his cock in me and started to tell me what a dirty little slut I was. Until he exploded in my ass.

They continued spank me and fuck me. one guy even pissed in my mouth making me swallow it all. Finally Sunday morning I was released and taken home to my mothers where I slept with my stomach and ass still full of cum.

I know my father loves to use me as his sex toy but I love it just as much as him.

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