Daddy’s Surprise

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I pick her up about an hour before you get home from work. Making sure she is ready, hair, make-up and dressed for you. I paint her nails the color you like, deep red wine. Then, dressing her in a pair of 6″ heels, bra and white cotton panties. She lays on the bed and waits.

I return to the living room, watching out the window, waiting to see you pull in the driveway. I send you a text, telling you, when you come home, please go to the bedroom. I am dressed only in one of your long sleeve dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of white cotton panties.

Finally, I see you pull in and immediately start to get wet knowing what is about to happen. Slipping back into the bedroom before you can get inside. We are sitting beside each other when you come in the room. Some of your things are laid out for you, your riding crop, ropes, nipple clamps and lube. I sit on the side of the bed, pulling on my thigh high hose with black, 6″ stiletto heels, your favorite ones.

You take off my shirt and I begin to undress you, taking off your shirt and start kissing your chest. As I pull your pants down and off, she joins me on the floor, both on our knees in front of you. I slowly lick your cock as she moves to where she can lick and suck your balls. We change places after a short while and soon escort fatih we are both licking your cock and taking turns, sliding your cock deep into our throats.

Ordering us on the bed, she lays on her back. you move me between her legs as I start licking and sucking on her already swollen clit. As you slap my ass, you tell me to rub my clit and finger my pussy, but don’t stop eating her throbbing cunt. We both get right to the edge of cumming and you tell me to STOP! No one has permission to cum yet. You pull me off the bed, climbing on yourself, and then pulling her on top of you. I guide your cock into her pussy and as I do, you have me suck and nibble on her tits while you fuck her.

At your request, I get the oil and you have me oil her ass real good. You slip your cock out of her pussy and into her ass. Her ass is tight, she hasn’t done that much, but she likes it. I finger her pussy, rubbing and playing with her clit, you stop just before she cums. You climb off, pulling her along, you have us stand beside the bed. Telling us, it’s Daddy’s playtime now.

You have us stand facing each other and hold hands and tie them together. There are hooks in the ceiling and you put the rope over one of the hooks. We are now face to face as you look us over. Playing with our tits, pinching güngören escort and pulling each nipple. You get two more sections of rope and tie our tits so tight the nipples swell and stick out like little bullets. You suck and bite them before you get out the nipple clamps.

There is a chain connecting the clamps and you fasten her chain and my chain together. You warn us that if either of us jumps or jerks away, it will pull off the clamps, and be very painful. You get your riding crop and take turns spanking us. You have us kiss each other as you spank us. I can feel the heat rise in my cunt with each smack on my ass. She whispers to me, she doesn’t think she can hold on much longer. You see a drop of her juices run down her leg, so you stop the spankings and take off the nipple clamps.

I tell you, I have to pee, so you make us both go. Having us stand in the shower, facing you, legs spread and we both begin peeing about the same time. Working together, we wash each other up before we return to the bedroom. You tell me it’s time, babygirl, and I know exactly what you mean. We lay on the bed, her head at the foot of the bed, mine at the head. You sit on the side of the bed, take my stilettos and rub lube on each spiked heel, then watch as I slide the heel of my shoe into bağcılar escort her pussy.

She immediately starts moving with the motion of me fucking her with my high heel. I slip the other heel into her ass. She moans with pleasure, as I fuck her, she asks permission to cum, she can’t hold back anymore. You give her permission and she gushes. Taking your hand, I get on your lap, facing you, and slide my cunt down on your cock, as you finger my ass.

When I feel the sensation building to cum, you can tell by the look on my face I am about to explode. You slip your cock into my ass, slow at first, and when you are all the way in you fuck me hard and fast, while you are fucking me, you have loosened her up enough, with your hand, to put four fingers in her pussy, fucking her and working your hand, now a fist, deep into her pussy and get it in to your wrist.

I beg “Daddy, please let me cum,” you give me permission, saying, “Cum for me, babygirl.”

When I start cumming, you have me take your cock deep in my throat. I start gagging as I cum and squirting all over the floor. You fuck her again until you cum. I lick your cock clean and then I suck your cum from her pussy, licking her clean.

When we are finished, but before she gets dressed, she calls for a ride. I walk her out when her ride shows up and we agree we will have to do it again sometime. I go back in and you are getting in the shower, I join you for a little playtime in the shower, but thats a another story. We go to bed to get some sleep, exhausted from the days activities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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