Daisy’s Glory

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{Standard disclaimer: No one in this world gets STD’s, no one even thinks about sex before the legal age of 18, no one ever has to use the bathroom and no one ever gets hurt in any way they don’t enjoy.}

I’m Drake, (yes I’ve heard all the rap jokes). I work at an adult shop. “Yeah, right,” I hear you, “what is this, the 70’s?” Technically, it’s part hookah shop, drug paraphernalia emporium and book store. Hell, we even sell herbal teas. In the back, however, there’s a small area (we’re talking small, here) that the owner decided needed to produce some revenue. I think it used to be a storage room or something. Now, it’s converted into a small hallway with two doors on each side, each one containing a video screen. I personally didn’t think it would “take hold.” I mean, who actually PAYS for videos nowadays? Plus, the monitors are lo-def compared to one’s home pc screen.

What attracts people, no doubt, is the fact that the walls separating the rooms have a hole between them, coincidentally at waist height. My first few weeks I didn’t even know about it. I served customers tea, we chatted, then they’d disappear in the back, coming back not long after and leaving without a word. I mean, I knew about the sex video part of it, it wasn’t until I had to close one night and clean that I found out the glory hole part of it.

“Ah, so THAT’S why they leave in such a hurry, post orgasm guilt and embarrassment.”

I’m not judging, I just didn’t know. I watched more closely, after. It seemed that the “regulars” would often disappear together, but only come out one by one. I doubt many, if any of them are gay, but they most certainly HAD to know they were getting sucked off by another guy, women are rare here. It’s not like it doesn’t happen, though, some of the highlights of the job are when a couple comes in, obviously working out some deep, dark secretive fantasy type thing. They browse the small toy section, sometimes go to the booths themselves, I’m not sure they ever were in to sharing their experience with others, though. That was, until that night when a man I didn’t know came into the shop.

He and I shot the shit over sports, what to do in town, finally, centering on bikes. I’m kind of a motor head, have several cycles but in a mid-west winter there isn’t much riding to be done, which is why I work part-time in this shop, though the first warmth of spring had just begun and I’d ridden my bike to work for only the second time.

He was older, probably 50 ish. His hair was thinning on top and greying on the sides, I dread to think I’ll look like that one day. He kept eyeing the back while talking. Finally, he just came out and asked, “so…there are video booths back there?”

I mean, I could’ve been cruel, the neon sign on the front of the building should’ve been advertising enough. I got the feeling he didn’t just want a yes or no from me, he wanted more of a discussion. I wondered if it was going to take the gay route, like asking if “people” go back there for other things or something.

I just said, “yeah,” it’s kind of small, though. Just 4 rooms, no more than closets, really.”

He cleared his throat uncomfortably. “Do people go back there together?”

I was not sure where his angle was, so I tested him. “Yeah, usually just guys though, we rarely get women in here.”

He grinned with slight embarrassment. The way he looked at me made me wonder if he thought I was into….that.” (Just a note, nothing wrong with being gay, god bless you, in fact. I’m just not into it but I don’t care if you are.)

“Well, the reason I’m asking is….” he said, shifting on his feet. “Uh….when’s your busiest day, like how many customers do you get?”

Normally, I’d have told the guy to fuck off, but his uncertainty had me interested. What was this dude’s game?

“Usually Friday nights….after 9, but especially around 11 we can get a dozen people at a time. The other nights we close at 12 and we might get 5 or 6 people the whole night.”

“A dozen…wow. Do any of them….go back there?”

I figured he was asking when he could show up for his blowjob….or to give some….I didn’t know.

“Yeah, some do. Some are “regulars.”

He nodded. “I’ve been to booths before, I know what happens back there. I’m not judging you, or them. I’m asking because….well first, is this the type of business that knows what’s going on back there and ignores it? Or, are you the type that calls in the cops?”

I laughed, “I think some of our cops go back there as well….and not to arrest anyone.”

“Good,” he sighed. He seemed relieved. “You look like a decent guy,” he said to me, obviously my biker beard and the tats, especially the skull on my bicep.

“I’m…we’re…from another town and I’ve been in here before, once or twice and….well, I’m trying to work something out.”

“Dude,” I finally said, “if you want your dick sucked just show up, but it ain’t going to be by me,” I joked, trying to keep the mood light.

He recoiled a bit bahis siteleri at that. “No! No! not that. I’m not into that I’m trying to do something….for a girl….woman.”

“This might be interesting,” I thought. “Ok? Go on.”

“Well, I’ve married a slut, you see….”

You don’t usually hear that on a Thursday night, I was intrigued.

“You say you rarely have women in here, but you HAVE? Have they ever…gone back there?”

“Yes, a few times, always a highlight having females in here rather that it being a sausage fest. I can’t say they’ve ever “partook” in the normal activities, but I can’t say for sure. Slut you say? In what way?”

“She’s younger than me, free…..in our day we’d call her promiscuous. But, she’s very sexual, has needs that go beyond me. But, at the same time, we’re very much in love and committed to each other.”

“You’re a cuckold.”

“I guess you could say that. But, I always know what she’s doing, she never “cheats,” it’s always upfront and honest. In fact, we have more sex with each other AFTER these episodes, rather than less. I’m having more sex now than I ever did, it’s just that….she’s insatiable. It works for both of us.”

“Episodes like what?” I was forcing him to spit it out.

“She’s always had fantasies. THIS one, in particular. She likes to be submissive, even on this one she wanted ME to be the one to get it going, to work out the details. She’s very oral. She gave a lot of head in college and….believe it or not, even with her looks, it really isn’t as easy as it seems to get her what she needs. She’s rather obsessed with it, with the idea.”

“The idea of WHAT?” I asked impatiently.

“Well, the reason I asked about the…number of guys that come in here is….she has the fantasy to do more than a couple.”

“More than a couple blowjobs?” This just got more interesting.

“Yes. I’ve pressed her on the number. She just says, “I don’t know, I want to have to do it until they are done.”


“Honestly, she doesn’t mean she wants to blow 20 guys or something. She just wants to have to satisfy….plenty, which is why I asked. So, on those OTHER nights, nights when it’s quieter, you think….5 or 6 guys?”

“Well yeah, but they might not be the “back booth” type of guy, either. We DO have other things here,” I pointed out.

He looked a bit dejected. I had an idea he might like. “So the Friday thing is probably….a little lofty, for her first time here?”

“Yes,” he said with a sigh. “But if she comes in on an off day and there’s no one back there…..”

“Yes, that would suck….er….or not suck….as the case may be,” I cracked. “I think I can help. Wait….” I said. “Your wife….is she….pretty?” I just had the image of some fat chick with missing teeth showing up.

He took out his phone. He showed me a basic photo. “Cute,” I said. I couldn’t tell if she was 25 or 40. It was from a distance. He showed me another. It was racier, she was on the bed in a nightie, the tops of her tits were nearly spilling out. Her hair was blonde, but like the fake, no one’s hair is actually that color, blonde. From the pose it seemed she wasn’t fat. I still wasn’t sure. He saw my apprehension. Finally, he showed me one of her, leaning into the camera. Her tits were out, she was holding her arm under them. They were spectacular. Her face was pretty, she had nice lips, she was acting like she was kissing the camera. She had a nice, thin waist and curvy, not fat, hips. I longed to see that ass, but he pulled away. She looked like she was probably 40 or so, with her body being closer to 25. She was a flat out MILF.

“So what were you saying, what was your idea?” he asked, bringing me back to the task.

“I know all the regulars, who comes in, which nights, that sort of thing. I can make sure that….a few of them show up, when needed, especially knowing they can get….that.”

“Wow, you can? That’d be awesome!” he said excitedly. “I mean, I can pay you….to make it more of a private party kind of thing….”

“Tell you what,” I said. “Come on Tuesday at 10. We rarely get anyone that late, we close at 12. If it isn’t busy we are allowed to close early.”

“How much do you want?” he asked, pulling out his wallet.

“Nothing, but *I* get a turn, as well,” I said confidently.

“That’s fair,” he admitted with a hint of shame. He’d just negotiated his wife to give some randos blowjobs, he had a right to feel shame. “Um, how many….?”

I laughed, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll try to reach the spirit of her fantasy. Don’t worry, it won’t be 20.” I didn’t even know 20 that would do it. I just wanted him to get a jolt of fear, of reality, to see if he even had the guts to do it, to not back out.

He just nodded and left. “This might be fun,” I laughed to myself. Now, I’ve had my share of sex. I’m in my late 30s, I probably had more sex by the time I was 30 than most people have in their lifetimes. But, it HAD been awhile now, and I hadn’t had anything canlı bahis siteleri like THAT in….well, too long. Tuesday couldn’t come soon enough. I presented the opportunity to a “few” of the regs, not one said no, even the married ones. But I guess, if they let other guys suck their dicks why not her?

The fact that he’d used the word “submissive” when describing her….intrigued me, plus, I fantasized about her every day leading up to it. Was she really that sexy? Was that an old picture? And that ass….the one thing I didn’t see, why was the thought of what that looked like turning me on so much?

The place was as dead as usual right up until about a quarter to 9 then, BAM, all of a sudden cars starting showing up in the lot. Guys came in, made idle chit chat, had their teas, coffees. I saw some even slip something else in their cups as a mixer. A couple others smoked, in the designated area (hookah shop, remember?).

After they gathered around the “bar/counter” area I announced. “Here’s how it’s going to go, boys. The husband should be bringing her soon, if he hasn’t chickened out. “We’re going to do this MY way, I’m the one taking the risk here. If anyone gets out of line I’m shutting it down, rather than get our business boarded up.”

One of the guys, Frank, a nerdy older guy piped up, “but what if she’s fat, or ugly?”

I said, “Frank, seriously? I’ve seen your wife. And this applies to ALL of you, you guys probably have sucked each OTHER off at some point, the fact that you might get a woman to do it should be reason enough to just let it happen. However, I don’t think ANY of you will be disappointed.”

They all lowered their heads, their faces a little bit redder.

“Good, now that that’s settled, you guys pick numbers. Only ONE guy goes back at a time….” I shuffled the cards, they picked them out of the deck.

Bill got the ace and proudly jammed it in everyone’s face. The others just tucked their cards in their pockets. Just then, they showed up. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one whose jaw dropped. She came in with him. She was wearing a skin tight pink dress. It had a plunging neckline, her tits were jiggling as they approached. That picture hadn’t done justice to those hips, they were curvy and tight, her waist small enough to accent them. She had a bounce in her walk. I’m sure we all gulped.

They said hi to everyone but “John,” the husband, was embarrassed. He just told me to “take charge” and he went across the room and poked around, just to not have to look at their faces. I motioned for her to follow me. I led her to the office and shut the door. I saw apprehension in her eyes. I also saw something else.

“Listen, miss….”


“Daisy? Really?”

“I’m Daisy tonight,” she smiled shyly.

“Listen…Daisy, is this on the up and up? Are you into this or is this all his doing?”

“It’s kind of both,” she admitted. “It’s my fantasy, but he loves being involved, too. It’s kind of our thing.”

“Yes, he mentioned that. So you are cool with this?”

“I’m so nervous I can barely breathe, but yeah, I ….want to. Did you set everything up?”

“I did.”

“How….many?” She choked out. “There were 4 out there….”

“Your husband said that your fantasy was to….and I quote, “I want to have to do it until they are done.”

She let out a long, drawn out exhale at hearing it aloud. “Oh god,” she sighed.

I watched her squirm under my gaze. She wasn’t running, she wasn’t protesting…she was….submitting. I smiled, I was going to use it to my advantage. She was looking to me to guide her.

“Your husband said for me to “take charge,” so I’m going to. But, we are doing this MY way. I’m not going to have you end up with TMJ or ending up at the ER getting your stomach pumped, but, you ARE going to get tested.”

She lowered her eyes. “Yes, sir.”

“What I say goes or it could get way out of hand. I’m going to give you your fantasy. I’m not saying it’ll be easy for you, it shouldn’t be. That’s the fantasy. Am I correct?”

She still avoided my gaze and just whispered, “Yesssss.”

“Ok, follow me,” I said as I led her out the back door of the office, then down the tiny hall, to the booths.

I eyed her up and down. That dress looked like it was painted on her. She looked at me for instructions.

“Strip.” I growled. It was just a shot, an idea really. It could’ve backfired spectacularly. But based on her “look” from earlier, it told me she got off on being controlled.

“What? Here?” She peeped with fear.

“There’s no one here, yet. Strip, hand me the dress.”

“Whyyyy?” she whined softly.

“Because I want it, and because it’d be a shame for all that cum to ruin it.”

Slowly, almost seductively, she peeled the dress down. First, her breasts came spilling out. They were unreal. They’d dropped only slightly from her younger days, I was guessing. They were still firm and tight, and those nipples….those nipples were dark canlı bahis and stiff. I could only sigh. This wasn’t the time. As she revealed her hips and her pussy, which was shaved, she turned away with embarrassment, which only allowed me to view her now bare ass. It was a moment I’ll never forget. I’m an ass man, and that ass was rockin! She shyly handed me the dress. I nudged her inside. I pointed to the pillow I’d placed on the floor for her. Obediently, she knelt and looked up at me with a mixture of fear and arousal.

I showed her the dress, balled up in my hand. “You’ll only get this back after you are done,” I said gruffly.

She took a deep breath. “Oh god,” she said softly. “I know…”

“I’m locking the door, no one can get in, but, you also can’t get out, it’s kind of double sided,” I said as I showed her. “You are going to have to suck your way out, you have to earn it.” (I’d only installed that knob that very afternoon for that purpose).

Her face turned a shade of crimson I’d not seen before.

“Ok,” she gasped.

I sneaked back to the back entrance of the office and stashed the dress in the desk. I didn’t know how much I should let the husband know. I walked back to the group. Two more had showed up, one I hadn’t expected. He probably just thought it was another “normal” day, but I saw that the others had informed him. Those two because numbers 5 and 6. The husband’s eyes were priceless when he saw them. I wasn’t sure what number he’d had in mind, but now that they were there, I wasn’t sure he was totally on board. I sent Bill back and he raced out of there like a kid out of detention.

John came up to me. I fully expected some kind of protest. Instead, he whispered to me, “I uh….feel a little uncomfortable standing around, is there….some place I can go?”

I led him to the office and sat him in the chair. “You’ll get a kick out of this….if you are into what you say you are,” I said. I turned on the monitors. One showed the hallway. We were just in time to see Bill enter booth

. I stepped into the back hallway and took out my phone, the wi fi hooked up to the cam I’d put in the 1st booth. Bill’s cock was already in her mouth. She was taking him deep. She was no beginner. From the side, the camera captured her tits, hanging gloriously and bouncing slightly with each trust of her head onto his dick. I could see her ass, rounded and flared out as she was on her knees. This was better than any porno I’d ever seen, this woman was made to have sex. I closed the feed after I saw her take Bill’s load. She was a swallower. I like that in a woman, I wondered if she’d take them all like that, though.

I went back out and bullshitted with the guys who were giddy about talking about “that woman.”

“I TOLD you that you wouldn’t be disappointed,” I grinned.

A few awkward moments passed with a guy saying, “CMON Bill, leave some for us!” to the nods of the others. Bill came out beaming, like he’d won the lottery. For a guy like that, it probably was. Johnny headed to the back. It was uncomfortable hanging around for most of us, so we went our separate ways, I concentrated on the books while the others lingered around, or smoked, or walked outside for air. I guess it was too much for guys to talk about. Johnny returned with a smile, too, and, like Bill, immediately headed for his car and home. I went to the back, just after
went in. I tapped lightly on Booth

, she opened it. She was still on her knees,
‘s cock in her tiny hand. Her eyes were glassy, her chin was shiny, from spit and cum.

“Are you ok here?”

“Yes, sir,” she smiled weakly. She was still embarrassed by it all. “You let me know if it isn’t. Tap the door, I’ll hear it.”

She nodded and closed the door and went back to “work.” She didn’t knock, nor complain as came back with a goofy grin. I was able to see her service on my phone again. She seemed to love holding her mouth on their dicks as they came, letting them cum in her. It was a bit dark, but it looked like her face was gleaming and dripping.

I went back to the lobby. Several of the guys were lingering around, like they wanted to keep the experience fresh in their minds to remember forever. I was about to go “rescue” the cock sucking damsel but Johnny had other ideas, he headed back for another round. I grinned, after all she DID say, “until they were done.” He came out, adjusting his belt, after having his knob polished a second time. Surprisingly, Jeff, the fourth guy, an older married dude, went back there next.

“Didn’t think he had it in him,” I chuckled. I knew I’d better check on the husband, he was either stiff as a board or he was busting up the office.

He gasped when I came in, while hurriedly adjusting his pants. He’d been whacking….

“Dude, it’s fine. She said she was doing ok. Too bad there aren’t cameras in the booths, though, eh?” I lied.

“Yeah, but I can see why, that would be a real legal risk for the business,” he admitted.

“No shit,” I said, straight faced

“Fuck, I can’t believe she blew all those guys….” he panted, still embarrassed.

“She ain’t done, either,” I smiled.

He nodded. “They went back for more? God….that’s so….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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