Dan at the Swimming Hole

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It was a great day to go swimming and sunning in the nude except my son Dan, age 20, was visiting for the weekend. He was home from college and enjoying the mid summer time in Maine. I have been a naturist since before he was born and often was nude at home but never required him to go nude. It was a very hot day and we both had voiced the opinion that we should go swimming.

I said it would be fun but the only place near enough was a clothes optional spot at a small lake that I liked. He thought about it for a minute and asked if he would have to be nude and I told him that he could wear a suit if he were uncomfortable but I would be “sky clad” a usual. He finally said “let’s go then”.

The area I had in mind was on a small lake in Mt. Desert Island and had a long history of nude swimming. It also had a history of gay activity as well that was discretely acted upon in the surrounding woods in various open areas as well. Being bi myself, I had occasionally hiked the small trails around the area nude and enjoyed the “scenery” as well as some of the action to be found. Of course, Dan did not know about that part of my life.

We got to the “ledges” just before noon and found a flat space for our towels, gear and lunch. The day was beautiful, hot and with a slight breeze to make it nice and not unbearable. There were a few people already there. 4 or 5 guys in the nude, 2 hetero couples, 1 woman nude and another just top fee, and a couple of young girls about Dan’s age nude. They of course got Dan’s immediate attention as well as mine.

After setting up, I got undressed and Dan stripped down to his swim trunks and we both dove into the lake to cool off. The water was beautiful and we swam for a bit. While swimming some of the others joined in and we enjoyed ourselves. There was an anchored log not too far from shore and we floated there as the young women swam up and started talking with Dan. Dan had a hard time at first trying to focus on their faces and not their beautiful breasts but eventually, Dan seemed to get more comfortable in their presence and found himself enjoying the time.

We eventually swam back to the shore and had lunch. All the while, Dan was talking with a very cute little redhead named Julie. She was about 5’2″, and perfectly formed with small but perky breasts that just begged to be sucked on and Dan was more than interested. The girls had been teasing him about his suit and he finally decided to take them off. I had not seem him nude since he was very young and he definitely had nothing to be ashamed of. He was well muscled , about an inch shorter than me and his cock was a good 3-4 inches semi-hard. Julie definitely had him going it seemed. Her eyes widened as she saw that beautiful hunk of man meat come out. She also seemed to appreciate my equipment as well. 7″ hard and thick with a short trimmed bush above it.

As the afternoon moved on, Dan and Julie seemed to hit it off well and made plans to get together later that evening. I was getting turned on by her as well as her more stacked friend Kim. I was definitely getting Horney with all that beautiful cunt near me and I had also noticed one of the couples and some guys heading off on the trails periodically as well. I decided it was time to search out some fun and leave Dan and his friend to themselves. So I said I would be back but felt like getting some exercise and off I went, nude to hike the trails.

There were a few spots I knew of that were Etiler Escort used for some fun activities and I started checking them out. One held the couple but they seemed to have just finished having their fun so I moved on. I decided to approach another site that was surrounded by thick bushes. It was around some exposed rock ledge with some mossy ground and if you quietly walked up and stayed hidden, you could watch some great action at times and even could join in on occasion.

On this day I could hear some light groans coming from the clearing of two men who seemed to be having a good time. I crept up and finally reached a point where I could see the guys though the brush. They were both nude and stretched out on towels and both sported hardons. Each cock had to be at least 7″. One was cut and the other was uncut. They were side by side, face up and slowly stroking each other. This went on for a few minutes and as I watch I got hard and started to slowly pull on my own hard 7″ cut cock.

One then leaned over and took the others cock in his mouth while his partner kept jacking him off. He started nibbling on his partners balls and slowly kissed his way up to the glans and engulfed it. It was a beautiful and horny sight watching two well built nude guys having fun in the sun.

I was getting very turned on and was trying to decide on whether or not to join them when I felt someone behind my left shoulder. I was worried that it might be Dan and was not sure how he would react if he saw his old Dad jerking off while watching two guys sucking and jerking each other off.

As the person behind me got closer I realized they were moving to get a better view of the action. A male hand reached over me to part the bushes a little and as I glanced up I realized it was my son, Dan. He watched the action for a bit and murmured how “hot” the guys were as they continued to suck and jerk off. I stayed focused on the action myself and since Dan did not seem to be put off by what was going on, I continued to pull on my hard cock slowly. Dan then whispered, ” God Dad, I never knew how hot two nude guys in action were before”. “That guy sure knows how to suck a cock. I wish my former girlfriends knew how to do it as well.”

Hearing him say how much he liked the action, I got harder and hotter as I continued to watch the action. I didn’t respond yet as I was unsure how he would take it, but I guess I didn’t have to worry as I realized I was hearing some familiar sounds behind me as he was slowly jerking his cock as well as I. I glanced to my left and saw his hard body leaning over me and he was fisting a beautiful, hard 7 1/2″ cut cock in rhyme with the guys in the clearing. “Damn,” he said as the two guys moved to a position where they were now 69’ing and deep throating each other for all they were worth. I wished I were sucking on cock at that moment and getting sucked off as well as I watched. My movements were getting faster and I was breathing faster. Dan was just as turned on as I felt him jerking off faster as well. “Come on, suck that cock,” he was whispering, “suck that cum right out of his balls”.

I couldn’t take it with the hot action before me and my son’s hard cock right at my shoulder level. So, throwing caution to the wind, I turned just enough and reached up to message his balls as he and I continued to jerk more rapidly. I heard a sharp intake of breath from Dan as I held and caressed his ball sack and Etiler Escort Bayan he softly groaned, “God Dad that feels so good. Keep it up. I love my balls to be played with”. I guess a chip off the old block as I liked my balls played with as I jerked off as well. I was beginning to wonder if the two guys were able to hear us but they seemed too wrapped up in sucking each other off to be concerned about action in the bushes as their actions seemed to become even more active.

I messaged and held Dan’s balls and ball sack for a bit as he jerked off and I was getting even more Horney. My cock was dripping pre-cum like it was going out of style and I realized Dan’s cock was dripping like a faucet down his thick cock and onto his balls and onto my hand. I was so turned on that I pulled my hand away and licked his hot cum off my hand. It tasted wonderful and my son whispered how hot it made to watch me lick his cum. He whispered how no one had ever done that before. Well, I was hot enough to fully turn around finally and face my son’s cock full on. It was beautiful and hard. The head was gleaming with all the pre-cum flowing from his slit and I reached for his hard cock and balls with both hands, moving his hand out of the way.

I started to jerk his hard hot cock and pulled at his ball sack as he moaned. “I love what you are doing Dad, I am so close”. I pulled him a little closer and blew softly on his hot cock as a shiver ran through him. “Ahhh, Dad, what are you doing”, he hissed. His eyes were closed and his hips were just straining toward me as I lowered my mouth toward his hard cock and licked the pre-cum off his slit. From his reaction, I thought I might get a face full of cum but he held off as his movements became more pronounced.

His hands went to my shoulders as he drew me closer. I opened my mouth and suck my son’s cock in as far as I could. I pulled back and kissed the length of his cock from the glans to his balls as his breathing became deeper and his movements more frantic. He was starting to moan as he jerked his cock toward me. “Please Dad, I am so close, suck me off”!. So as to not disappoint him ( and me!!) I moved back to his glan and sucked him in to the base of his cock and buried my nose in his thick bush.

I started to pick up speed as I sucked him as his movements became more urgent. I reached down and resumed jerking off my 7″ as well. I couldn’t believe that I was sucking off my own son but I was loving it!! I sucked harder and deeply as he began to groan deep in his throat. His balls sucked up into his body as I realized how close he was to cumming and I sucked faster. Suddenly, I felt him thrust deeply into my mouth as he pulled my shoulder more firmly toward his hot cock and let loose with spurt after spurt of hot cum. It tasted much like my own but much better as it was my son’s hot cream. He must have been saving it up as so much was dumped into my mouth that some dripped out the side. His hips continued to jerk for a bit after he cam and I held his softening cock in my mouth, savoring the taste and the feel of his cock. He finally pulled slowly back and as he pulled out, some of his cum dribbled onto my chin.

He leaned back against a tree for support and I sat back on the ground. I still had not cum yet and my hard cock was fully erect and in need of relief. Dan’s eyes widened as he took in my hard daddy cock and he smiled. “That was awesome Dad, I never knew that man sex Escort Etiler would be so exciting and hot”. The two guys in the clearing it seemed had finished each other off as well and were getting up to leave. Seeing as how I still needed to get off, I started to jerk my hot rod of flesh.

Dan looked down at my hard daddy cock and smiled. “Here, let me do that for you dad”, he said, as he reached for my hard 7″. “I have never done this before, but I want to give you the same pleasure you gave me”. So, he reached and grabbed my hard cock in his fist and began to jerk me off. He got very close to me and lowered his head closer to my cock head. I so wanted to have my cock in his mouth but did not want to be too forward as to turn him off either. So I just leaned back and closed my eyes, enjoying the hot feel of my son’s hand on his daddy’s cock.

I was savoring the feel of my son’s hand when I suddenly felt his hot tongue licking softly the slit of my cock. I shuddered at the feel and he slowly licked round my cock head and up and down the shaft of my engorged cock. His had continued to slowly jerk me and I then felt his mouth engulf me almost to my pubes ( not really as I cut my pubes very short but you get the idea). What a shock went through me then, like a bolt of electricity. My son was sucking me off and I loved it!!!! He bobbed more rapidly as it became obvious that I was not going to last much more with all the stimulus I already had and my hips began to rapidly jerk quicker toward his mouth. I reached down and held his head while he sucked me and I sped his actions up. I was reaching toward my climax when it his with full force. I held Dan’s head still while I unleaded a large load into his sucking mouth. He didn’t miss a spurt as he hungrily suck all the cum out of my balls. I could not believe how well he had done for the first time but he sure seemed to love sucking off the daddy cock that gave him his start.

He held my cock in his mouth until I finally softened and plopped out. I was all worn out and he leaned back with a huge grin on his face. “I guess I can suck cock as well as my dad, huh dad?” I chucked and said that he was definitely a natural and cock sucking may be in our genes.

I asked him how he had showed up behind me and he said that Julie had left with her friend and saw some other people heading off into the woods so he decided to find out what was going on. He was a little horney as well and thought he would jack off somewhere but when he saw me peeking through the bushes he decided to take a look.

He had never seen guys getting into it before and liked what he saw as he crept closer for a better look. When he got closer he realized I was beating off and he found the sight of his dad’s cock very exciting so he decided to see what would happen when he got closer to me and started to jack of as well. We were both glad that he did.

We slowly rested and talked a little about what had happened and Dan said that while he had never had man sex before, he loved what we had done and hoped we would have the opportunity to do it again. I said that it was a very good possibility and I just couldn’t enough of his cock either. We agreed that we were not “gay” but just enjoyed from man sex on occasion. He also said that he was looking forward to his date that night with Julie and hoped to get 7 1/2″ deep into her. I wished him luck as I would not mind that as well.

We laughed and finally got up to walk back tot he beach area. I gave his soft cock a playful caress as he headed down the trail and we both smiled at the possibilities for sexual fun in the future. Who knows, we may share some hot pussy or cock in the future and thinking about that started my cock hardening again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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