Dana , Holly Ch. 04

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It’s 2 in the afternoon, and it is Holly’s birthday. She is at home alone, because Dana is out of town at a tournament. Holly, being pretty well insatiable and without her lover, has asked Dana for a special present for her birthday: a gangbang. Dana has agreed, so long as the party is videotaped, so that she can watch it later (as if Holly would ever forget to record a party like this!). Holly asked their friend, Teri, to make the arrangements, with two conditions: One, no more than 5 girls, and they must be people that Holly already knows, and Two, she wants a creampie.

When Holly was younger, she used to swing both ways, and though she’s not fond of guys as lovers anymore, the man cum was pretty good. Having seen a creampie a few times while watching some porn, she’s gotten turned on by it. So tonight, Holly may only let the girls fuck her, but she’s definitely going to suck some dude’s cum out of another girl’s pussy.

At the moment, though, she is lying in bed, masturbating to a video tape of the “going away” fuck that she and Dana had a couple days ago. Holly knows she’s going to be fucked senselessly, relentlessly, later tonight, but that’s still a few hours off, and the anticipation is killing her. She just needs to get a couple orgasms out, just to break the tension.

The moment on the screen shows Holly on her back and looking at the camera, while Dana fucks her with a fat strap-on. In real life, Holly is squeezing her tit with one hand, and has two fingers stuffed in her pussy. Watching herself on screen, she sees Dana pull the dildo all the way out, and her pussy is left gaping in the wake. Dana puts it back in, all the way in until their hips bump. All the way back out again. Another gape. In/out/gape. In/out/gape. On the bed, Holly wants something in her ass. She takes her fingers, sloppy with her cream, and smears it all over her asshole. She sticks her fingers in her mouth and slobbers all over them, then rubs the spit on her asshole, too, just to make sure her butt is well-lubed. Picking up a 7″ lavender vibrator, about an inch thick, she sucks and spits on it. Turning the speed up to high, she presses the tip against her bunghole. Once the tip is in and pointed right, Holly goes straight for broke: with a grunt, she shoves it straight in until just the white cap is left hanging out. On the screen, the camera angle has changed. Right now, it’s a straight on view between Dana’s legs and the dildo going into her cunt. Dana is pummeling Holly’s cunt with the hog cock “to make sure you don’t forget.” Holly’s poor, abused, yet still unsatisfied pussy is sore from the pounding and stretching, but it’s a good pain.

Another ten minutes of video and fapping, Holly gets off again. A pretty good one, enough to take the edge off. She lays there in bed, winding down, daydreaming for a few minutes, oblivious as the movie keeps playing, the vibrator still buzzing in her ass. Once she gets her bearings, she turns off the TV and pulls the vibrator out of her ass. She turns it off and tosses it aside. Getting up to get dressed, Holly thinks about her to-do list as she picks up her clothes: “Nothing major, really. Just a late lunch. Get some new panties that I promised Teri. No sense getting my hair done. It’s just gonna get messed up anyway. It’s 2:30 now. I have to be at Teri’s at 8. Maybe I’ll catch a movie.”

Spying the vibrator on the bed, Holly thinks, “Maybe I better wear a butt plug for a while, get my ass stretched out a bit. It’s gonna take a pounding tonight.” Searching through the Anal drawer in their toy box, Holly finds one to her liking: red, about 3″ long, and maybe a half inch thicker than the vibrator, just to make sure that she’s getting properly stretched. After lubing up the buttplug and inserting it into her backside, Holly gets dressed and heads into town.

Just after 6:30, Holly gets home from doing her stuff. Just enough time to get dressed for the party and be there by 8. Holly drops her Adam & Eve bag on the bed, and searches for the right clothes to wear. The first thing is the new panties for Teri — some standard-cut cotton briefs, white with cherries all over them, and red lace fringe. “Ya gotta love cherries,” Holly thought to herself when she found them in the store. Next up is a pair of lacey ankle socks. A white ruffle micro skirt. Red halter top cropped so high, her tits are practically spilling out the bottom. A pair of clear platform stripper shoes with 6″ heels. Thick, shiny lip gloss. And the final touch — Holly puts her hair in pigtails, with bright red ribbons. Checking herself out in the mirror, Holly thinks “Porn Star” with a smile.

Checking the time, she gets in her car and heads over to Teri’s. She lives in the same neighborhood, just a couple blocks over, so Holly is there in just a couple minutes, just before 8. Pulling in the drive, Holly notices a collection of cars already there. A couple, she recognizes, and that eases her tension a little, but the other cars, she has to wonder.

Holly is feeling anxious as she walks bayan esmer escort bursa up the walkway. “I wonder what they’re going to do? And who’s going to be here? I hope Teri found a guy to come over.” She knocks on the door and glances around, waiting for Teri to open up. A quick minute later, and Teri opens the door. “Heeeeeyyyy!! Come on in!” She steps aside, and with a sweep of her arm, invites Holly inside. Holly is smiling as she enters the house. “Damn, girl, you look like an absolute whore,” Teri tells her, admiring her up and down. “We’re gonna have lots of fun with you!”

Holly smiles at the compliment. “I saw all the cars. Where’s everyone at?” she asks. Teri is wearing a short black cotton dress and black thigh-high boots. She’s bra-less tonight, her nipples showing, her massive jugs swaying.

“They’re down in the basement having drinks,” Teri responds, closing the door. “Don’t worry. We’ve got a little time. They know we’re going to be a few minutes. Come on in the kitchen,” she says, leading the way. “Let’s go have a drink, and then we’ll finish getting you ready. So are you excited?” Teri asks, looking over her shoulder as they walk across the house. “I bet you’re nervous,” she says with a smile.

“Very. And a little. Very excited and a little nervous. Who’s coming, anyway?”

“Well, you said 5 girls, so there’s me, Sophie, Caroline, Renee Detwiler, and Jennifer Jones.”

Hearing the names sets Holly at ease a bit. Sophie and Caroline, she’d had sex with many times. Renee and Jennifer had come along for a weekend trip to Bear Mountain a few months ago, and Holly had hit it off with them really well.

“And is there a guy?”

Teri says nothing for a second, her eyes just staring mischievously at Holly. “I took care of it. C’mon,” she says, setting her drink down. “Let’s go get you ready.” Teri takes off towards her bedroom. Holly finishes her drink in one big gulp, sets the glass down, and follows Teri down the hall.

In the bedroom, Teri picks up a Sharpie off her nightstand and turns to face Holly. “Okay, there’s just a couple things left to do. Take your skirt and underwear off. I need to write a couple things on you.” Holly looks at Teri a little skeptically. “It’s nothing. Just a Sharpie. A little nail polish remover will take it right off.”

“Okay,” Holly says, sliding her panties and skirt to the floor.

“Turn around,” Teri tells her. When Holly’s back is to her, Teri begins writing on her lower back, the words “ANAL SLUT” with two arrows pointing at her Holly’s asshole. As she’s drawing on Holly, she informs her, “Okay, the rules are simple. One, what you are allowed to do is cum as much as you want. You don’t have to ask permission. We want you to cum. A lot. And Two, what you are not allowed to do is speak unless you’re spoken to. You can moan. You can say someone’s name. And of course, your safe word. But that’s it. No yesses, or pleases, or whatever. Unless you’re spoken to, you keep your mouth shut and take whatever we give you. Got it?”


“Now turn around again.” Holly turns so that she’s facing Teri.

On Holly’s belly, she writes the words “ROOM FOR TWO” and draws two arrows toward her pussy. Looking down at the words scrawled on her belly, Holly gives a nervous giggle and asks, “Room for two? Does that mean…”

“Yup,” Teri says matter-of-factly. “Dana suggested it. You can thank her tomorrow.” Setting down her Sharpie, she picks up a black triple ripple buttplug, lubes it up, and hands it to Holly. “Here. Put this in. We want to set the right tone.” Holly reaches behind her, and slides the buttplug up her stinkhole. Teri takes off her own dress, as well, but leaves her boots on. When Holly bends down to pull up her panties and skirt, Teri notices the cherries and lace on the underwear. “Are those for me?” she asks.

“Yep. This is your present,” Holly responds sliding the panties and skirt back in place. “I’ll need one thing, though, since I can’t speak. I’ll need a Hitachi when we go downstairs, so I can finish getting your present ready. I need to take care of it while I still have my panties on,” she says with a laugh.

With a satisfied look, Teri says, “Okay, you look ready. Downstairs, there’s a big crowd of people.” Holly’s eyes go wide. “Don’t freak out, okay? I’m controlling this,” Teri reassures her. “There’s the girls that I told you about, and those are the only people you need to be concerned about. There are guys, plural, but they know they’re roles, so don’t sweat them. There are also a couple of camera operators to record everything. They’re a couple of girls I know from the club, so you might recognize them. Regardless, they’ve got their clothes on, they’re keeping their clothes on, they know they’re only hear to tape the party. So like I said, everyone knows their roles. Just have fun with the girls, and don’t worry about anybody else. Is that cool?”

Holly calms down and relaxes. “Yeah, okay. Let’s go.”

“Okay, come on,” bursa ucuz eskort the now naked Teri says, leading the way to the party in the basement. “As a matter of fact,” Teri tells her over her shoulder, “some of the photos are being uploaded to Dana as we party. She’ll be getting live updates.”

“Cool!” Holly says. She’s happy that Dana will be in on the party. She and Dana are deeply in love, and it’s no fun when they’re apart.

Entering the den, with Teri leading the way, Holly sees her four naked friends sitting in chairs around a large, round ottoman. Standing against one wall, with hands behind their backs and masks on their face, are 6 naked guys. Seeing them, Holly grins inwardly without displaying her thoughts. “That’s a lot of cum,” she thinks.

Leading Holly towards the ottoman in the center of the circle, Teri says, “Ladies, the guest of honor.” There are lots of cheers and catcalls. “Up,” Teri says to Holly, pointing at the ottoman, as she walks toward a coffee table covered with a huge assortment of sex devices. “On your knees. Take your shoes off.” Holly, on her knees, reaches behind her and unstraps her shoes, letting them fall to the floor. Renee picks up Holly’s shoes and sets them in the corner. Teri comes back, carrying a ball gag and ankle and wrist cuffs. She stuffs the ball in Holly’s mouth, then fastens the straps behind her neck. The ball has a weird taste in Holly’s mouth. She looks up at Teri, her eyes asking the question. “That’s my ass you’re tasting. I stuck that ball gag in my ass a little while ago. Now give me your hands,” she commands. Holly holds her hands out and Teri straps on the wrist cuffs, following suit with the ankles. “Down on all fours,” she commands.

As Holly drops down to her hands and knees, Teri steps on a foot switch. A motor clicks on and the ottoman begins to spin in a slow circle. Holly realizes that it’s not an ottoman, but a display table, and she is the main course. The thought of being on display like a piece of meat is electric, and the wetness in her pussy instantly doubles.

“Ladies,” Teri declares, “the lovely Holly. Tall… tan… young… slender… the tits… the ass… platinum blonde… look at those pigtails!… look at how she’s dressed, the naughty bitch… and trust me, she is a naughty, naughty bitch… Today is Holly’s birthday, and Holly here has asked us to give her a gangbang… she wants the five of us to use her like a ragdoll, to beat her pussy like a piñata… You know those inflatable fuck dolls that you use, abuse, and throw away?… Here’s Holly, the fuck doll.”

Teri steps on the foot switch and the table stops spinning. “Speaking of fuck dolls,” Teri says, walking to the coffee table to fetch a toy, “let’s take a look at her cookie. Stand up, Holly. Take off your skirt and your top. Leave the panties on.” Holly stands up and complies, tossing her clothes over near her shoes.

Walking back to the table, Teri tells her, “Back on your knees.” As Holly gets back on all fours, Teri grabs the hem of Holly’s panties and yanks them down to her knees.

“SWEET!!” Holly hears someone say.

Teri rubs a couple fingers between Holly’s pussy lips. “Dripping wet!” She spreads the pussy gap open and closed, just playing with it. She sticks two fingers in the hole and jiggers them up and down vigorously. The pussy makes sloshing sounds. Teri picks up the dildo and works the tip in. Once it’s started, she slides it in and out, roughly, a few times, then moves on to the buttplug. The way the dildo is hanging out of her pussy, Holly can tell that it’s a double-dildo, and the other half is hanging and wagging like a tail. “And look at this buttplug,” Teri exclaims as she yanks it out and holds it up for all to see. “Triple Ripple.” She sticks it back in Holly’s ass, and works it in and out, just as vigorously as she did the dildo. Holly can feel the ripples sliding in and out of her O-ring.

Needing to remind Teri of her plans for the panty present, she mumbles loudly and tugs on her panties with a free hand. Teri gets the hint and lets up on the ass play. “I almost forgot, girls,” Teri says, pulling the dildo out of Holly’s twat. “Holly has a present for me, for setting up the party,” she explains as she pulls Holly’s panties back up. “I know she’s giving me these panties to keep, but she also says there’s an extra surprise. Could someone fetch me a Hitachi?”

Holly sits up as someone hands the legendary vibrator to Teri. “Here you go,” Teri says, handing the vibrator to Holly.

Holly turns the Hitachi on and holds it against her pussy, but it’s an awkward angle. Pulling the ball gag out of her mouth, she looks over her shoulder at Caroline and says, “I need to lean back. Can you hold me up?” Caroline moves to the edge of the display table and lets Holly lean back against her. Holly, now reclined, sticks the gag back in her mouth, lifts her sock-covered feet in the air, and holds the vibrator against her panty-covered pussy. Teri and the girls bursa anal yapan escort sit back and watch the show.

After a couple minutes, a small wet spot appears. “There we go,” Jennifer cheers. A couple minutes later, a larger wet spot appears. Jennifer and Sophie cheer her on.

“She’s gettin’ it,” Renee says to Teri. A minute or so after that, and Holly has a massive squirting orgasm inside the panties. They become soaked with her juices, and a fountain of squirt shoots out the sides of her panties, making a puddle on the table.

“Yeah, baby!” Teri exclaims. “I love it!” Holly, beaming with pride, sets the Hitachi aside and slaps her pussy a few times, the fabric making sloshing sounds with the impact. “That’s awesome, Holly,” Teri says, leaning forward and kissing the ball gag in Holly’s mouth. “Thank you! Now let’s get the panties off, so we can fuck you silly!”

With Holly raising her hips to help, she slides the panties off, then walks over to the coffee table to put them down, and fetch a strap-on. Handing another strap-on to Jennifer, she says, “Don’t be shy. Trust me, this girl can take a pounding.” As she turns around to look, she sees that Sophie is already licking Holly’s cunt, and Caroline is sitting on her face. “Greedy bitch,” she says. “I can’t even get first dibs in my own house.”

As soon as Teri got up, Caroline laid Holly back down, took the ball gag off, and sat on her face. “Party time, Holly,” she says, and Holly’s mouth starts working away on Caroline’s pussy and asshole, both. Sophie stuck a wedge pillow under Holly’s ass to raise her honey holes to a better angle. Caroline holds Holly’s legs back while Sophie slurps on Holly’s pussy, getting as much of the squirt juice as she can. She spreads the lips and wiggles her tongue down deep inside the love tunnel. She sucks and nibbles on Holly’s clit. She licks and sucks on Holly’s asshole. She takes a fat buttplug and toys with Holly’s asshole, pausing at the fattest part to fully stretch Holly’s bunghole, then works it in and out to give the O-ring a proper rimming. Caroline, meanwhile, is grinding her muff on Holly’s magic mouth, leaving a thick cum glaze on her face.

Teri and Jennifer return to the action, each wearing a strap-on with sizeable dildoes. “All right, girls. Time to share,” Teri says. As Sophie gets up, Teri pulls the wedge pillow out from under Holly’s hips and tosses it aside. Caroline climbs off of Holly’s face, then gives her a kiss. Teri and Jennifer attach a small 4-point harness to each of Holly’s ankle and wrist cuffs, so that her hands and feet are stuck up in the air, secured closely together. Teri slides her fake cock into Holly’s pussy, and works it back and forth slowly a few times to let her cunt get used to it. With Holly’s head hanging backwards over the edge of the table, Jennifer sticks her fake cock into Holly’s mouth and straight to the back of Holly’s throat. Watching it hit bottom, she holds it a few seconds, then yanks it out, so Holly can catch her breath. A giant glob of Holly’s spit spills out of her mouth and covers her face.

With one hand, Jennifer tugs on the restraints, holding the legs back for Teri, as Teri pummels Holly’s cunt, balls deep, holding a vibrator on her clit. With her other hand, Jennifer guides her dildo back into Holly’s mouth, going deep until Holly chokes. Hearing the satisfying gagging noise, Jennifer jiggles the dildo around in Holly’s mouth, while Holly makes the satisfying “glug-glug-glug” noises, like they do in the porn flicks. “What do you say, Holly? Say Thank You”.

“Mmlglpf Mgslf.” Slobber is all over Holly’s face. Her make-up is officially ruined.

“Say Thank You to Teri. She’s fucking your pussy.”

“Mgshglf Mdgsh.”

“Good girl, Holly,” Jennifer says, as she takes the sloppy dildo out and slaps Holly’s face with it a few times. “Now, take a deep breath.” Jennifer sticks the dildo back in Holly’s mouth and starts thoroughly humping her face, giving her an honest to goodness proper face-fucking.

After a couple minutes of throat stuffing, Jennifer and Teri let Holly catch a breather. “Where next?” Jennifer asks, looking at Teri.

“Bend her over the rail,” Renee says from behind them.

“Good answer!” Teri replies over her shoulder. She and Jennifer unbuckle Holly’s wrists and ankles from the harness and help her up. Sitting up, Holly sweeps her hair back and swipes the excess spittle off of her face. Teri helps her stand and walks her over to the stairs, inserting the ball gag back in her mouth as she does.

The stairwell leading up to the main floor is one of those that rises up halfway, levels out on a landing, then turns around and goes up the rest of the way in the opposite direction. The railing along the edge is black metal. Teri leads Holly up to the landing, spreads her legs a couple feet apart, and secures them to the rail. She then bends Holly forward over the rail and secures her hands. “She needs a tail,” Caroline says, and inserts a black pig tail buttplug in Holly’s ass.

Kneeling down, Caroline spreads Holly’s wet pussy and licks the slit up and down. She slurps on her clit and fucks the hole with her thumb. She gives a loving look at the hole, at the clit, at the wetness and pinkness. She kisses and slurps every inch of it, sliding her tongue deeply inside to scoop out Holly’s juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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