Danielle Ch. 1

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Mike waved his family goodbye at the airport. Two long weeks they would be gone on that holiday trip to Turkey. This was something his wife Maggie would do every year … take the kids and fly with her girlfriend to the ocean, taking their two little kids.

This year they even took the girl of his wife’s best friend, Danielle, who was a single mother and could not come because of a new job she was just starting. Danielle was at the airport, too, waving them all goodbye.

Mike realized not for the first time that Danielle was a very good looking woman and he could not understand why she was still single. She was a few years older and looked very nice. Sure, she was no model, but in a way attractive. Her long brown hair went down to her shoulders and her shirt was hiding some well developed breasts. Mike had always fantasized about Danielle, but that was about all.

“Maybe you like to join me for dinner tomorrow after work” Danielle said. “What do you think?” Mike was not surprised, he expected something like this. “Sure, my pleasure, Danny.” He said.

During his Escort bayan next day at work, Mike could not stop thinking about the coming evening. He was happily married, but his sex life was down to one or two fucks a month. And Maggie was the only woman in his life, ever. He had never experienced another. He really wondered how other women would taste …

At 7 p.m. he stood in front of Danielle’s house with some flowers. “Oh Mike, you should not have …! she said but was very flattered as far as he could see. “Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady” Mike said and his face went red. The next two hours they spend eating and talking, about the families, work, etc.

Then Mike wanted to get up and go home when suddenly Danielle asked him: “What would you like to do right now, if you could?” Mike hesitated. He felt an erection building and felt so horny when he answered “Kiss you, Danny, that is what I would love to do if I was not married”. Danielle really was surprised but after a moment she got up, walked over to Mike and started to kiss him.

It felt so right to Bayan escort have her warm, wet tongue in his mouth. They both could not get enough. “I always wanted to do this” Danielle said, “but your wife is my best friend! But I guess it is not cheating on her if we don not fall in love and just fuck, right?”

Mike did not believe what he heard, but he could not stop his hands. He slowly undressed her, removing her shirt and sexy blue bra. Boy, had she beautiful tits. Mike let his tongue slip from her lips down to her nipples. Danny closed her eyes and enjoyed the sweet sucking. “I want you to fuck my tonight, please, promise!” she said.

As an answer Mike got undressed himself. Danny let her hands explore his body, taking his dick into her hands. “Yes, that feels so good” he said while his tongue found her absolutely sexy hairy armpits. He loved women who did not shave and Danny was one of them. “Now let me taste your pussy!” he said. His dream would finally come true, tasting another woman.

Danny undressed completely and Mike admired her little body. One could Escort easily see that she was working out regularly. She had beautiful legs and her hairy bush looked so inviting to him. He kissed her lips down there before his tongue parted them and he could taste all of her wetness. It was awesome. Mike was about to come right then but could stop himself. Danny was crying out with pleasure. “That feels so good … yes … right there … come on, Mike.”

Mike could not get enough of her. He was sucking her clitoris and Danny came twice, always getting louder and louder. “Now fuck me, pleeeeeeeease!!”

He was ready to slip his dick into her now. First slowly, then with increasing speed he pumped his erection into her cunt. Mike was almost loosing control of himself when Danny said after a while “Mike, I want you to come into my mouth …” So when he was ready to come he slipped out of her, went up to Danny’s face and covered it with his sperm. All the while he cried out like an animal.

Then they hugged each other real hard and never wanted to let go. The room was filled with the smell of sex. “Mike, that was fantastic” Danny said, “You are the first man in over a year for me. I need this again and again in the days until our folks come home. Please?”

Mike answered her: “Me, too, Danny, me too!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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