Danielle’s Dilemma Ch. 03

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Big Tits

It’s been a while since the last part of this – you might want to read those first to refresh your memory!


“So, are you ready?” Tanya asked Danielle.

“I’m not sure, but I guess this is as ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Come on, sis. You’ve taken forever to get round to this. I know meeting up with dad for the first time in years is a big decision, but I didn’t think it would take you this long.”

Danielle shrugged and smiled at her sister. “I’ve had a lot on my mind. Anyway, how do I look?”

“Gorgeous, but then you knew that already.”

Both of the sisters had dressed up slightly for the meeting with their father: Danielle wore a simple, long sleeved black dress that came to just above her knees with hold-up stockings underneath and — as much as possible with her huge tits — displayed only a modicum of cleavage. Tanya, Danielle had been a little surprised to see, wore stockings and a skirt that was a little shorter than her own and a sleeveless top that was done up to her neck with a zip and which clung to the curves of her big tits.

“I thought we were going for demure and civilised?” Danielle asked her. “You look like you’re going clubbing.”

“I was running late, so I just threw some things on. Anyway, move your delectable ass.”

Tanya, having been in touch with their father already, had arranged where and when to meet after Danielle had given her the go ahead to sort out the meeting. They left Danielle’s bedroom and headed downstairs where Danielle’s twin sons, Billy and Jack, were waiting.

“Wow, you two look good enough to eat.” Jack said as they entered the lounge. “Sure you don’t want to cancel meeting up with your dad and let us entertain you instead?”

“That’s tempting, boys, but it’s taken long enough for your mom to get her ass in gear and arrange to meet your grandfather.” Tanya said with a smile. “We’re going to meet up, have a meal and see how things go. We’ll let you know what happens.”

“You boys be good.” Danielle told them. “And I’ll see you later.” She kissed them both, chuckling as both boys took the opportunity to cop a feel of her big tits, before she and Tanya headed out to Tanya’s car and drove off into town.

“So what restaurant are we meeting him in?” Danielle asked as her sister drove.

“Slight change of plan there, sis. We’re going up to his house in the hills on the outskirts of town.”

“What? What happened to the restaurant idea?”

“Well, dad and I thought it might be easier to speak somewhere we could all relax without having to worry about causing a scene in front of other people.” Tanya said.

“That’s why you didn’t bother dressing up, isn’t it? Jesus, Tanya, you could have let me know this was what was happening.”

“I’m sorry, honey, but I didn’t think you’d go for it if I just suggested it.” She reached over and gently squeezed her sister’s thigh. “Don’t worry. We’ll have a drink or two, a bite to eat, a chat about old times and see what happens.” As she finished, she slipped her hand up under Danielle’s dress, over her stocking top and rubbed at the crotch of her g-string.

“Mmmmm . . . feeling me up before we get to dad’s house probably isn’t the best idea.” Danielle said with a smile. “Unless . . . ” She paused for a moment as a thought struck her suddenly. “Oh my god! You’ve fucked him, haven’t you? You’ve fucked our dad?”

“I got lonely.” Tanya said. “Steve’s been away from home with work for the last three weeks, you and Jack have pretty much been inseparable since you got back from holiday and Billy’s been fucking Kayla almost non-stop. Even Captain Ellis hasn’t been around much.”

“You’ve had the Captain as well?” Danielle asked.

“Loads of times, sis. His wife’s one of my friends. I’ll have to introduce you to Lisa. And they’ve got a daughter who’s very hot as well, apparently, though I haven’t met her yet.”

“Okay, don’t change the subject. You needed a fuck, but our own father? After not seeing him for years on end?”

Tanya patted her thigh. “What can I say? You and your boys have awakened my inner slut. I was horny, he was available and damn has he got a big dick!” Danielle shook her head. “Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it?”

Her sister smiled. “Okay, I kinda thought it might happen at some point. I just wasn’t expecting it this soon.”

A few minutes later, Tanya pulled the car into the drive of a large, secluded house on the edge of town. They got out and went to the front door, ringing the bell. Danielle waited nervously , watching through the frosted glass door as the shape of her father whom she hadn’t seen for almost twenty years, get nearer. The door opened and they looked at each other, Tanya standing behind her sister.

“Hello Danielle.” her father said. Though into his early fifties, he was in good shape and was ruggedly handsome.

“Hi.” Taksim Escort she said. With no warning, she burst into tears and flung herself into his arms. “Hi daddy.” she sobbed.

After a few minutes, all three of them moved into the living room of the large house, Tanya finding some tissues for Danielle so that she could tidy herself up. They sat and talked for a while, her father – Luke – on the sofa with Tanya, Danielle taking a separate seat. He explained what had happened to their mother, how she had altered after falling in with a religious group, how she had prevented him from getting back in touch with them and how he had finally left her and contacted Tanya.

“I’m sorry I missed so much of your life, Danielle.” Luke said. “I have two grandsons I’ve never seen.” He looked at Tanya. “And a granddaughter as well.”

“I’m sure we can fix that, dad.” Danielle said. “I think the boys want to see you.”

“Actually, dad, there is one part of her life you know about.” Tanya said with a wicked grin.

“Tanya, are you sure about this?” Luke asked as his daughter stood up and walked over to the wide screen TV and opened the cabinet beside it.

“Come see, Dan.” she said, beckoning her over. Danielle walked over and looked at the handful of DVDs that Tanya had pulled out of the large collection. While some of them were compilation films, there were several of her porno films there – Danielle Daily (her screen name) in “Young And Stacked”; “Blonde And Busty”; “All Anal Action”; “Cum On My Tits”; “Blacks And Blondes”; “Put It In My Ass” and others. She turned to look at her father who shrugged and smiled.

“You’ve watched these, dad?” Danielle asked.

“Sure. I tried to see as many as I could when I was with your mother, without her finding out. Over the last couple of months, since I left her, I’ve tried to catch up with all your work.” He chuckled. “I’m a big fan.”

Danielle looked at Tanya who nodded.

“Which one’s your favourite?” she asked her father.

He stood up and walked over to the cabinet, looking through the films before picking one out and handing it to her.

The picture on the cover showed a younger Danielle cupping her big tits. She was sat, reverse cowgirl, on some guy who had his big dick stuffed up her ass. Two other men were stood on either side of her, their cocks ready to take their turns. The film was called “Big Tits, Tight Asses”.

“So you like watching your daughter being fucked in the ass?” she asked him with a grin.

He shrugged again. “What can I say: your old man’s a dirty old man.” he said.

Danielle turned to Tanya and handed her the DVD. “Put it on.” she said and gently pushed her father back to the large sofa. Once the TV and DVD player were running, Tanya joined them on the sofa, Luke between the two women. Tanya handed their father the remote.

“So, dad. Favourite movie’s on and the star of the show’s sat right next to you. What’s your favourite scene?”

Luke grinned and used the remote to flick through the chapter selection until he found the one he wanted. He pressed play and the three of them watched the TV.

The whole film was a collection of scenes rather than a story, and the scene Luke had chosen began with Danielle sitting in a lounger at the side of a pool. She wore a simple bikini that was way too small for her big tits – the material was stretched tight across them. She reached for a bottle of sun tan oil and drizzled some over her tits before slowly massaging it in, the camera closing in on her big jugs as they were quickly covered and glistened in the sun. The bikini top soon came off and Danielle rubbed and cupped her tits, one hand slipping down her side and untying the strings to her bikini briefs. Once they were out of the way, her fingers quickly slipped into her hairless pussy.

Three young men, all handsome and muscled strolled over to her, each wearing shorts. There was no dialogue as each of them in turn dropped their shorts and held out their already hard cocks. One after another, Danielle sucked on them, turning to look into the camera as she did so, wanking the two cocks that weren’t in her mouth.

On the sofa, Tanya turned to her sister. “Three guys all for you. You lucky bitch.”

“I remember filming this; it’s quite a short scene. I did about four different scenes for this film.” Danielle said.

“Five, actually, Dan.” Luke said. “There’s this one, the one on a train, two in a bedroom and one in the countryside.”

Danielle chuckled and placed her hand on his thigh. “You really have watched this one, haven’t you?”

On screen, Danielle was now having her enormous tits fucked by one of the men while still sucking the cock of one of the others, with the third man eating her pussy. The men swapped places time and again until they pulled her Taksim Escort Bayan out of the lounger and put her on her hands and knees. One of them grabbed the oil she had spread over her tits and squirted a large amount on her upturned ass, rubbing it in for a moment before using it to lube up her asshole, pushing two fingers into her butt. He stood up and the camera closed in as he pushed his thick cock into her ass. He buttfucked her for a few minutes before stepping away and letting one of the others take a turn. One by one, the three men took turns in fucking her ass hard and fast; as they withdrew they stepped around to her front and let her suck their cocks. Eventually the scene changed to show her kneeling in front of the three men as they jerked their dicks, each of them shooting an impressive load over her huge jugs.

“Short and sweet.” Danielle said as the film moved to another scene featuring a different girl. “Did you like watching that with me here, dad?” she asked Luke.

“Oh, I think he liked it a lot.” Tanya said, stroking the very large bulge that ran down his trouser leg.

Danielle reached over and stroked his obvious hard on with his sister.

“Would you like to do that to me, daddy? Would you like to fuck me up the ass?” she asked in a little girl voice.

“I told you she was easy, daddy.” Tanya said, using the same sort of voice. “My little sister’s a slut.”

“I don’t think there’s anything little about you girls.” Luke said, slipping his arms around both their shoulders and cupping their big tits from behind.

“It feels like there’s nothing little in our family.” Danielle said, still stroking his cock through his trousers. Luke leaned over and they kissed passionately as Tanya unbuttoned his clothes, pushing his trousers and boxers down to free his large dick. Danielle glanced down at it, her eyes wide with anticipation. Luke’s dick was easily as long as that of her twin sons but was a good deal thicker.

“Think you can take this in your ass, sis?” Tanya asked, holding their father’s cock upright, her fingers struggling to meet around its girth. She leaned down and began sucking at the big knob, looking up at her sister.

“I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Luke said to Danielle. “After all, Tanya took it up her butt last week.” With Tanya in his lap, Luke used his free hand to pull apart the sides of Danielle’s dress, revealing her huge tits. “God I’ve dreamed of seeing your tits in the flesh for years.” he said.

“Then enjoy.” she said. Luke ran his hand over them before dipping his head and kissing them, sucking on her nipples.

Tanya raised herself off his cock and stood, quickly pushing her skirt off and unzipping her top, leaving her in nothing but stockings and high heels. “I think you two need to lose some clothes.” she said. Danielle and Luke parted and they threw off the few clothes they were wearing, leaving Luke naked and Danielle, like her sister, in stockings and heels.

“I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.” Luke said as his daughters pounced on him, Danielle straddling his waist.

“Put it in me, Tanya.” she told her sister who took hold of the father’s dick again and positioned it at the entrance to her sister’s pussy. Danielle moaned as she slowly eased herself down on to Luke’s cock as he cupped her enormous jugs and sucked and licked at them, Tanya joining him by kneeling beside them, each of them taking one tit each. “Fuck, I feel so full.” Danielle sighed.

“Give me a moment and you’ll feel a lot fuller.” Tanya said, getting up from the sofa and fishing about in her handbag. She produced a large dildo, thick and veiny and waved it at her sister. “You know me, sis. I never go anywhere without something to play with.” She pulled out a bottle of lube from the bag and, sitting on the sofa again, began covering the dildo with the slippery fluid, Luke and Danielle watching her all the while.

She looked at them and grinned. “Don’t mind if I indulge myself for a moment first?” she asked, turning sideways on the seat so that her open legs pointed at them. They watched, Danielle still gently riding her father’s cock, as Tanya eased the dildo into her pussy, slowly fucking herself. “Mmmmm, that’s nice.” she said, closing her eyes as she moved the fake dick in and out.

“You two are fantastic.” Luke said with genuine admiration in his voice. “To think I missed so much of your lives.”

“Tanya?” Danielle said. Her sister looked at her. “Daddy’s getting maudlin.”

Tanya pulled the dildo from her twat and knelt up beside them again. “Time to distract him then.” she said, pushing Danielle forward, her huge tits squashing against Luke’s face. Tanya pulled her sister’s butt cheeks apart and began easing the large dildo into her asshole.

“Oh fuck . . . Fuck that’s big!” Danielle moaned.

“You can take it, Escort Taksim baby.” Luke said, starting to thrust his thick cock deeper into her cunt. “I’ve seen you being DP’d in movies more times than I can count.”

“Ahhhh fuck . . . Fuck me!” she cried as her sister began moving the fake cock in and out of her ass while her father fucked her pussy. Tanya leaned over and began feeding her one of her big tits, Danielle sucking on it as she was double fucked.

“What do you think, daddy?” Tanya asked Luke in her little girl voice. “You want to try her asshole for yourself?”

“Hell yeah!” he cried.

Tanya gently eased the dildo from Danielle’s butt and offered it to her, letting her lick and suck on the end. “She loves a little ass to mouth action.” she said to Luke.

Danielle grinned. “I love a LOT of ass to mouth.” she said correcting her. Tanya slapped her ass, making her move off their father. She directed them, telling her father to stand at the end of the sofa while Danielle laid on her back, her ass on the arm of the sofa, her back on the seats, her father holding her legs up and wide apart. Tanya reached between them and took hold of his cock, sucking on it for a moment before looking up at him.

“Ready to fuck your porn star daughter in the ass, daddy?” she asked, pointing his dick below Danielle’s open pussy.

Luke bent at the knees a little and watched as his eldest daughter guided his cock into the asshole of his youngest.

“Oh fuck . . . Oh fuck yes!” Danielle cried as her father inched his dick inside her butt, his thickness spreading her wider than she had been for some time. “Oh daddy . . . Oh daddy, fuck my ass!”

“You heard her, daddy.” Tanya said. “Fuck her slutty asshole.”

Luke did just that, pushing his cock deep into Danielle’s ass, watching her smooth belly bulge as he thrust into her upturned ass. Tanya stroked her sister’s pussy, slipping a couple of fingers in and feeling their father’s dick through the soft membrane. He felt her tight hole clasping the length of his cock as he moved in and out, drawing it almost all the way free before pushing it quickly back inside. Tanya pushed him back, making his dick pop out of Danielle’s butt, allowing her to quickly take it in her mouth, sucking on it for a moment, looking up at him all the while.

“She’s not the only who likes a bit of ass to mouth.” she said with a smile, repositioning his dick at the entrance of her ass.

“Oh daddy . . . Daddy that feels . . . So fucking good!” Danielle moaned as he eased back inside her. She cupped her own big tits, pulling them towards her face, licking at her own nipples.

Tanya moved on top of her, and lowered her pussy down to her face, letting her sister eat her out as she was buttfucked. She leaned forward and kissed their father, helping him hold Danielle’s legs wide apart.

“You two . . . Are unbelievable!” he sighed.

“How’s it feel, having two sluts for daughters?” Tanya asked him with a giggle.

“It can’t get any better!” he said, kissing her again. They both looked down and watched his big dick slipping in and out of Danielle’s tight ass. “I’ve wanted this . . . For so long . . . I’m sorry . . . Not going to last . . . Much longer.”

“What’s the matter, daddy?” Tanya asked with a wicked grin. “Her ass too tight for you? Fucking your two slut daughters too much for you? Too exciting to be finally fucking your youngest daughter up the ass?”

“Fuck yeah!” he said with a laugh, cramming all of his cock up Danielle’s butt and making her moan in pleasure.

“You going to cum? Cum all over us, daddy.” Tanya said. “Cum on our faces!”

Luke pulled his cock free of Danielle’s asshole and moved round to the front of the sofa as his daughters sat on the floor, leaning their heads back on the sofa together.

“Do it, daddy.” Danielle said. “Cum on us.”

He groaned as, with just a couple of strokes on his dick, he came, spurting out a huge load of spunk, thick ropes of creamy jism splattering over both their faces. He moved his dick back and forth, showering both the girls, watching as they turned to face each other and kissed, licking and slurping at his cum. He pointed his cock down and sprayed their tits as well, watching his cum drool across their huge jugs. As his shots began to tail off, he pushed his dick between their lips, grinning as they both took turns in sucking the head of his cock into their mouths and licking the shaft, sharing it between them.

“Fuck.” he gasped. “You girls . . . I can’t believe my luck.”

Danielle and Tanya smiled up at him, their faces smeared with spunk.

“Did you like that, daddy?” Danielle asked him.

He laughed. “Of course I did, darling.”

“You know, I’ve had this dilemma since I got back from holiday about getting back into porn. Seeing all those films I did in your collection, dad, makes me wonder. Maybe I should give Marko, this director I know, a ring and get back into it.”

“What do you think, daddy?” Tanya asked. “Should Danielle get back into the porn business?”

“Hell, yes!” he said. “In fact, I think you both should!”

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