Dani’s Dilema

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Dani’s mind was in a state of restless confusion – she was not a lesbian. She knew this because she knew that she liked men. Whilst she was not a slut she had been with enough men to know that she enjoyed the feeling of a strong man taking her, parting her legs and sliding his cock inside her. And besides sex with a man was normal, natural.

Her mind drifted back to her school days and the awkward moments spent undressing in front of the other girls before PhysEd classes. She recalled how she used to wrap a towel around her, cast her eyes to the floor and quickly undress; she also recalled the almost nauseas feeling that she got in the pit of her stomach, being around other naked women. That feeling was back, and it was back strong.

“Sorry about that, the neighbour wanted to know if our electricity was off too. So it’s not just us!”. Talia smiled and plopped down next to her friend on the couch. “Wine, candles, now where were we….”.

“Uh, sorry, I think I have to go – I’m late and, uh, Conrad is maybe home”, Dani said and squirmed in the chair where just a few minutes earlier she had been locked in a not-quite passionate, but not altogether friendly, kiss with Talia.

“You have to go?”. Just like that you have to go? What about me? You just gonna leave me here?”.

“Sorry Talia, I don’t know what happened back there – it’s just that… you know I’m not…”.

“You not what Dan? Not what? You been sending signals my way for MONTHS now!”.

“No I have not! I have a boyfriend!”.

“You have a boyfriend? You have a BOYFRIEND? What the fuck is that supposed to mean Dani? Look me in the eye and tell me that you have no feelings for me?”.

A combination of wine and the lingering smell of Talia’s lipstick on her own lips made something stir inside Dani as their eyes locked in the pale candlelight. She could see that Talia was unhappy; was it unhappy – or maybe even hurt?

Dani suddenly became aware of the nauseas feeling in her stomach again. That same feeling. But there was something else – something that she was unaware of before. Could it be that…. The idea was absurd! There was NO way that she could be – aroused? Dani’s head was spinning and she leaned back on the couch, closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind.

They had been innocently sitting on the couch, as they have done before, two girlfriends chatting about life, the universe and everything else. At some point Dani had commented how Talia looked really pretty in the candlelight bursa escort that they were using to provide light in yet another power failure. She had reached out and touched her hair, a simple gesture. Soon they were staring into each other’s eyes, lips almost touching – then lips touching with the lightest touch.

The sensation was wonderful: erotic, sensual and scary. With her eyes closed Dani could once again feel Talia’s breath on lips.

Dani opened her eyes, and was surprised to find that Talia had moved closer and was now starring at her mouth, a little smile on her lips.

“You have such wonderful lips, Dan, Conrad is a lucky guy.”.

She leaned closer and planted a delicate, tender kiss on her friends’ mouth that sent a tingle down Dani’s spine. Talia could feel the tension relaxing as she kissed deeper, opening her mouth and gently sliding her tongue into Dani’s mouth. After a few moments of gentle kissing, Talia lifted her hand and gently cupped her friend’s firm round breast in her hand, tenderly caressing the hard nipple through the delicate fabric.

Dani moaned with pleasure as she reached for Talia’s breast, and gave it a gently squeeze. It was soft and smooth – she had often enjoyed massaging her own breasts, but feeling somebody else squirm with pleasure under her hand stirred her hidden, innermost desires. A desire to kiss her friend hungrily and explore her mouth with her own tongue. A desire to explore her friend’s body with her hands, and taste her salty skin on her lips. A desire so strong that resistance faded into a hungry sexual need.

Talia moved closer and mounted herself on Dani’s knee as she started gently grinding her hips . She could feel her pussy getting wetter, and knew that she was having the same effect on her friend. She fumbled for the buttons on front of her blouse, and undid them before moving to Dani’s and exposing her wonderful breasts. She pulled herself closer and gently rubbed her nipples against her friends as she caressed her shoulders and continued to kiss her passionately.

Talia hopped off Dani’s leg and knelt down on the floor in front of her, all the while planting kisses on her stomach, and caressing her breasts. Lifting her hips she slid off both Dani’s pants and panties in one move, exposing a smooth pussy.

Talia wasted no time – having spent months fantasizing about this moment, and immediately started planting kisses on her thighs and knees. Dani slipped further down altıparmak escort in her chair, suddenly eager for her friend to take her pussy in her mouth. Unable to take it any more she grabbed Talia’s head and buried her head between her legs.

The feeling was exquisite, as Talia licked her lips and gently sucked on her swollen clitoris. It was a wonderful feeling, looking down and seeing her friend pleasuring her, Dani arched her back and threw her head back as she wrapped her legs around her friend’s shoulders and savoured the wonderful sensations.

Oral sex was something that Dani had enjoyed before; but there was nothing that came close to the feeling of Talia’s tongue and lips, as they delicately moved their way around her eager pussy.

“Hmmmmm, you like that do you?”, Talia asked with a naughty smile as she stood up and slowly started unbuttoning her jeans. “Do you want to return the favour? Do you want to taste my pussy?”.

Sitting mesmerised once again, Dani starred at her friend’s body. Talia spent a lot of time at the gym and her body was firm and inviting, more importantly she knew it and loved to show it off. She slowly slid her jeans down her toned legs, revealing a white thong, and started swaying her hips as she slipped a hand down her panties and felt the wetness of her own pussy. Lying down on the ground, Talia motioned Dani over and spread her legs wide, invitingly.

Without the slightest hesitation, Dani sprung to her feet, barely taking a moment to remove the remainder of her own clothes. Seeing her beautiful friend splayed almost naked on the floor she was unable to control herself as she knelt between Talia’s legs and started kissing her nipples.

This new dominance was exciting to Dani, usually she was the one lying on her back, being taken – now she that was in control it released a wild, and primal urge within her. She kissed Talia deeply and explored her body roughly, each moan driving her deeper into her primal state, every deep breath increasing her lust.

The combination of naked skin on skin, and feeling her friend’s supple body writhing under her in pleasure further fuelled her lust and desire. Dani worked her way down from her nipples to her stomach where she planted rough kisses on Talia’s belly button and hips.

She could smell Talia’s arousal, and could see the wet spot that had formed on her panties, as she pulled them down and touched her pussy with her tongue. She had tasted görükle escort her own pussy on Conrad’s’ cock before, but had never experienced anything like this. The smell and taste filled her senses as she licked up and down the length of her pussy, stopping only to gently suck on her clitoris.

She gently slid a finger into Talia’s inviting pussy as she continued to suckle on her throbbing clit. Dani could feel Talia’s cunt tighten on her probing digit, as her own pussy throbbed and hungered for the same attention. Keeping her mouth locked to Talia’s pussy, Dani moved her body onto Talia’s, and positioned her pussy directly over her mouth.

Talia’s moans turned to gurgles of pleasure as she lowered her dripping pussy onto Talia’s mouth.

Dani could feel the pleasure building in her legs as she moved her hips and drove her pussy harder and harder into her friends face. Their hips were moving in unison, as each woman pleasured the other, muffled groans of pleasure mixed with the sweet smell of perfume and female desire. Talia could feel that she was close to cumming as she arched her back and pulled Dani’s face deeper into her .

Talia felt her toes curl and her legs tremble with pleasure as the sensations in her pussy grew stronger, moving up her back, into her breasts as she pulled her lips away from Dani and screamed with pleasure. Feeling her friend’s powerful release pushed Dani close to the edge, and she leaned back, grabbed Talia’s hair and pulled her into back into her wet cunt, and rode her face hard.

The release is an exquisite rapture of naked flesh, as wave after wave of pleasure rip through the two lovers. Lovers, blinded in a world of lust as they desperately grind, lick, suck and caress; driving one other to ever increasing levels of pleasure. Spurred on by her own orgasmic response, and that of the partner writhing in abandoned pleasure under them.

Dani felt her legs tremble, and her vision blur as the pleasure in her pussy spread down her back, to the very tips of her toes; every inch of her body sensitised and alive. Her limbs stiffened and she could hear her own cries of pleasure as if in the distance – gasping for air, desperately clinging to her friend as the pleasure coursed through her body – and then total relaxation, as her tingling body went limp.

Dani still feels something move inside her when she is surrounded by naked women in the gym – only now the feeling is no longer in her stomach – and it is certainly not unpleasant! Since that night with Talia, she learnt to embrace her sexuality, and is no longer afraid, nor ashamed to admit her true feelings for women. She was surprised too, to see how Conrad responded to the news, with his usual non-judgemental, almost childlike curiosity – but that is a story for another day 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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