Danny Wants Me Girly Pt. 04: Jackie

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In my last story Danny wanted me to be a slut for him. It was an awesome experience and Danny was really great at making me feel the part, the way he swore and bossed me. And the way he shagged me like a rag doll.

But Danny has many moods as I discovered when he said he would call me his girl Jackie – with the very tight ass and slender figure, wrapped in a hugging black silk dress which he pulled out of his role play wardrobe.

He wanted the whole caboose, the black and red underwear, suspender belt and black stockings which truly made me feel the part. Simply putting them on made me feel a million dollars.

I imagine sometimes I should have been born into this world as a girl but then it would not have been the same and Danny and I could not have shared our very special times together.

Dressed the part I moved to him. Some romantic music was playing and I felt so wonderfully sexy and right for Danny.

I moved closer to him where he sat on the settee and did my very best wiggle for him. He simply placed his hands softly over my hips as I twisted for him, the way he likes me too, so he could feel the softness of my silken dress.

“Come sit your ass on my lap” Danny said in that special sexy voice of his which always got me excited. Then he smoothed his hand slowly down my form.

The experience was electric and already I felt the tell-tale twinge in my passage. Knowing gaziantep escort that soon it would be his pussy for him to enjoy and explore before he puts that gorgeous length of his right up inside me, giving me the full works, The feel of hard throbbing hot cock up there was perfection in itself, it belonged there, my ‘pussy’ nurturing every wonderful inch of sublime cock.

Every fuck was different in a way I cannot quite explain, depending on the role -play. I felt, dressed in a tight dress would give me the intimacy of how it is for a girl to be pampered and fucked. Eyes closed and face flushed, his breathing becoming more rapid, he slithered his hands all over my body, especially my rear and it felt absolutely gorgeous,

His kiss was deep and French, his tongue teasing mine as his hands started to wonder beneath my dress, his fingers teasing my thighs and I readied myself for the ultimate touch I so wanted and enjoyed, The touch that said he wanted my fuck badly, when he reached his objective tucked neatly between my ass cheeks – his fingers working it around and around as I wriggled more for him to enjoy the feel of me the way he loved.

“You are very fuckable Jackie, you look so alluring” and I felt his hands press into the small of my back, easing and prompting me to bend over and it was like heaven to feel him sniffing me through my silken dress and nudge my tight ass with all those familiar moans knew so very well.

If I wasn’t mistaken he was about to push me over his lap and enjoy my ass as he wanted, the slapping, the feeling and teasing and the spanking too. I touched the floor with my hands, pushed my ass up for his pleasure and closed my eyes to feel the utter delight of what Danny could do to me so very well.

I would later show my gratitude in sucking him deep and long, I so adored the sniff and taste of cock sublime, just before the fuck and after too, when it had been deep inside me and the residue of our fuck made for a wonderful intimate slow tender kiss afterwards.

Then with me well fucked and serviced with my dress tucked up high he said I looked fantastic wearing the girlie gear, that I looked like I was ready to be wholly fucked the deeper the better. He was right. I wanted and enjoyed his fuck deep upside and to feel his ripe balls slapping my ass as he penetrated with each deep thrust I was in my element, stuffed full of hard throbbing cock to the ultimate. My ass propped as high as could be for his servicing.

Then, after that so wonderful hard rough fuck I felt his tongue there, just where his cock had been, he tongues me good and I wanked him off showing my appreciation, and when he came so strong I geared his cock so that he could spurt his load into my mouth and over my tongue stuck out in expectancy. And when he grunted and moaned, and after a short pause he came like a volcano and I instantly felt the heat of his cum hit my mouth and lips.

I wanted to suck it all up as always, I was ain a complete frenzy and it went down my throat easily, I felt the warm trickle go down and it felt divine. It felt like we were really together as intimate as a pair can be.

A short break to recover and he would want me again, his busy tongue licking the residue of his recent screw and nudging every part of my ass which he delighted in stretching apart so wide so that he could get a few view of that which he wanted to stuff end fill again and again before the night was out, until I was absolutely numb from his constant hard fucking, until when he was out of me I felt like he was still well and truly still up there.

Being each one of his girlies was always so thrilling and I never knew what was coming the next time we met. All I knew is that I would be thoroughly serviced and well fucked until I was bandy legged – my ass crimson from his spanking and other doings.

Giving him that final blow job before I left was a wonderful way to end our session, his well fucked cock standing up like a sentry on parade, awaiting my special seeing to, when I grasped his length tightly in both hands squeezed and sucked the hell out of his throbbing cock until he shot his load with that goodbye spurt and I was eating him all up again, on the way home tasting him still in my throat and smelling his fuck in my nostrils.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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