Dare Me Ch. 06

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[AN: I wrote this a while back but forgot to post it. This is probably the last part in this series but I welcome anyone to take it over. Any other hot mind control/hypnosis ideas you have I’m all ears for another one-shot or series. I hope you enjoy!]


Dylan walked in and shut the door behind him. It was taking every grain of my willpower to not deck him in the face. So many questions ran through my head but I was unable to ask a single one because of his dare. The dick!

Speaking of, it wasn’t lost of me that Dylan was completely nude. It didn’t satiate my anger but knowing that he had driven over here and walked up to my apartment naked did give me some satisfaction, albeit nowhere near what he had put me through.

“Okay… I.. I want to first say how sorry I am, Brandon. Honestly and truly sorry.” I rolled my eyes.

“I know how out of hand this got, and I can’t take that back. Let me just try and explain why I was such an asshole.”

I stood impatiently.

“That night at the bar, after you left some of the girls did come over and talk to us about what you did. We were all surprised you showed them your dick and after one of the chicks told us you couldn’t seem to turn down a dare I got curious.”

“I used a website with Verizon to send you those texts from a fake number. After you sent me your dick pic I knew something was up. I thought maybe you shared some of my interests, to be humiliated. I didn’t know anything about the curse.”

“I wanted to see how into this thing you really were. Again, I had no idea that you were doing this against your will. I thought you liked being dominated like this and was hoping to find someone to share my own kink with.”

My anger wasn’t exactly fading, but it was being layered on top of confusion and interest. Dylan was into ‘humiliation?’ So to find a friend with his shared, gross sexual kinks he used me?

“When I setup the pizza call, I planned on coming over as well to see just how far you were willing to go. I drove over early to make sure I was here when the pizza guy arrived. When I saw it was a dude I figured you’d end up with a pizza covered in cum. I was going to tell you shortly after that, I really was.”

“Again, it’s really important to remember that at this time I thought you were in control and you just feigned not liking these things because you had the same kink as me. Sure, you were actually humiliated and you hated it but the thrill also made it fun for you.”

“When the pizza guy didn’t come back down after a while, I got a little worried. I came upstairs to see you running after him naked which didn’t make sense to me. That’s when you told me everything.”

“After we did those little tests, it was clear to me that you were somehow being manipulated. I felt too ashamed to tell you it had been me, so I made up that plan to get a new number. That way you wouldn’t get my dares anymore and you wouldn’t ask questions. We could just forget this ever happened.”

“And I did! I really did try and forget it all, Brandon! But… I’m weak. The thought that you couldn’t control yourself somehow made it hotter for me. I’m not gay! I can tell you’re thinking it.”

I was.

“It’s just, the thought of anyone having to do anything someone says. ANYthing. It’s just a hot concept. I couldn’t ask you to do those things directly because I didn’t want to lose you as a friend and I also wasn’t sure it’d be as hot for me since you’re a guy but knowing someone was making you their submissive was too hard to walk away from.”

“For weeks I fought the urge but I couldn’t fight it any longer. That’s when I came and left the note on your door. I’m not sure what happened but clearly enough for you to risk contacting me. I’m not even sure how you got that fake number.”

“I had been stupid to click that link, knowing it was from you, but I was curious and maybe felt pretty guilty. I sensed it was a trap but I clicked it anyway. Now, I thought it would like send you my GPS or something and then you’d put two-and-two together but I guess it worked out all the same.”

“Brandon, I’m sorry for abusing you the way that I did. I know it was wrong. I know you must hate me. And I understand if you never want to speak to me again. I get it. I fucked up.”

I focused my eyes on him, waiting for my turn.

“Aren’t you.. Oh,” he said. “I dare you to forget my last dare.”

“You asshole!” I yelled.

“I know!”

“I can’t even imagine the sick, twisted mind you must have to do this to your own best friend!”

“..I know..”

“First off, I dare you to never give me another dare. I dare you to never tell anyone about my curse or convince anyone to dare me. And I dare you to shut the fuck up.”

He stood there, eyes afraid to meet my own, so instead looked down at his exposed body. Now that he wasn’t preaching to me he must have felt self-conscious because he covered himself with his hands. Good.

I explained to him the mental hell he put me through. I pain of not knowing what my life would be since hd abla he could ruin it at any moment with a simple text.

I explained more about the pizza guy. How he took photos of my naked body. How he touched me. How he put his mouth on my cock!

I told him about Bud. The embarrassment. The disgusting exploitation. How he forced me to suck his dick. To swallow his cum! I reinforced to Dylan that I’m not gay either and how disgusting that memory was to relive. How I could still taste his salty load. How much I cried after that day.

I wanted him to know how much he fucked me over. How much he already did irreparable damage.

“And you come here, apologize, and act the victim. Too weak to your own vices and need to humiliate me.”

At this point I couldn’t help but notice him trying to cover himself and how, now, he was failing due to his obvious erection. The tip was peeking out below his hands.

“And my pain turns you on?! Even still you can’t control your fucking, sick, perverted hormones?!”

“I dare you to put your hands behind your back.”

He did as I commanded at once and turned his head away, probably ashamed of his boner but clearly excited all the same. This was probably turning him on more, now that I think back on it.

His cock sprung out in front of him. It didn’t help his case that he was larger than me. Probably 6 or 7 inches but also thicker than my own. That pissed me off that this dick had a bigger dick and yet still needed to humiliate and bully me.

“No. No, Dylan. I want to cut you out of my life and forget all about you but I’m too pissed. I’m going to give you what you so desperately wanted.”

He looked at me now, eyes wide with fear and anticipation.

“I dare you to speak to me but you still cannot give me any dares.”

“Brandon, please! I’m sorry. I’m so so so fucking s-“

“I dare you to tell me the truth from now on. Do you like being humiliated?”

“No. I want to be the one in control.”

“Aww, that’s too bad buddy! But great for me.”


“You’re going to get what you did to me with interest. Then I can finish you. Have you move to Wyoming or Asia or wherever. After all this is done I never want to see you again.”


He didn’t have any response. “First order of business, I’m hungry. Order us a pizza.”

The realization came to Dylan’s face as he asked for my phone.

I handed it to him and said, “I know the perfect place to order from.”

It took nearly 40 minutes for the pizza to arrive even though we were quoted 25 minutes. I went back into my room with the lights off and shades down but my door open. I had a pretty good view of the living room and the front door without being obviously seen.

Dylan had been given his script which, thanks to that horrible site, he couldn’t deviate from. I had him dress in some sweats and a T-shirt that I had. Unlike him, I didn’t want to scar anyone that didn’t want it. Other than him of course.

“Oh. Hey there. Did you order the supreme pizza?”

“Yeah, that was me.”

“Oh. Do you have a roomate or something?”

“No, I live alone.”

Yup. I could tell from the voice that it was the same guy. Fucking perfect.

“Ah, alright. Bummer. The guy that used to live here was pretty cool. Anyway that’ll be $17.40.”

“I..,” Dylan struggled with the words. “I lost a bet. And I have to get naked and let you take as many photos of me as you’d like. But only if you want. If not I’ll just pay for the pizza.”

“Oh, fuck yes. Are you into that dare kink that the last guy was into?”

“Sort of.”

“Alright, first order of business is yes, get naked. But I dare you go to the middle of the room and don’t move after you’ve stripped.”

Dylan did as told and walked to where I could see the side of him perfectly. The pizza guy came in and closed the door behind him.

As Dylan was removing his clothes the pizza guy shared some history, “I had been thinking about coming back here. Whatever it is with you guys you seem to take your dares very seriously. But I was worried he’d beat me up or kill me or some shit.”

Dylan was now naked with his hands behind his back like I told him. His cock was soft but maybe a little plumped up.

“Nice, man. I made sure to deliver my other pizzas and told my boss I needed to take off early after these orders just in case. So I have all the time in the world for this.”

“What do you mean?” Dylan seemed panicked.

“You’ll see. We’re gonna have fun today, uh, what’s your name?”

“Dylan.” One of my dares was that he had to answer any question asked honestly unless it was about me or gave me away, those he had to lie about.

“Alright then Dylan,” the guy reached out and held Dylan’s cock. He massaged it a bit while he talked, “this is going to be fun, I promise. You’re a lot bigger than that last guy.”

Asshole. 5 inches is not small! That’s average according to some websites for US men! If only I could dare hentai porno this dickhead. I’d make him deliver pizzas naked for the rest of his life.

“Are you gay, Dylan?”

“Mmm, no.”

“Bi, then?”

“No. I’m not bi.”

“Hmm, well your growing cock is confusing then. You do know I’m a guy right?”


“Alright well Mr. Dylan-who’s-totally-straight, you’ve got a nice cock. This thing is thick.”

I could see that Dylan was pretty much at full mast at this point. I questioned just how into humiliation and domination he was. Based on the questions he was completely straight but I was able to stay soft when this kid tried to blow me before and here Dylan was already rock hard just by him touching him. Maybe it was a severe weakness for him…

“Would you like a blowjob, Dylan?”

“Not from you, sorry.”

“Well fuck off, you’ve got a nice cock.”

With that the pizza guy kneeled down and took Dylan into his mouth. Dylan moaned and made feeble attempts to say ‘stop’ while the guy worked. I was surprised how quickly this dude was able to deep throat Dylan’s dick.

As Dylan’s moaning intensified, the guy popped him out of his mouth. “I dare you not to cum until I say so.”

“Gah, fuck you!”

“Maybe. But for now I’d much rather go for a blow job.” He stood up and started to unbutton his pants. I saw that Dylan’s eyes matched mine: wide and scared. I don’t think either of us expected it to go this far but I certainly wasn’t going to stop it.

In a moment, the pizza guy’s pants and boxers were hooked below his balls. His cock was already hard. Probably the same length as Dylan’s but a little thinner. Was everyone bigger than me?

“Suck it.”

“No, fuck you. I’m not gay.”

“I don’t care, asshole, I dare you to suck my dick.”

Dylan knelt down, his own cock sticking straight out still, and tentatively placed the guy’s cock in his mouth. He wasn’t taking the guy far in, maybe half way, but it looked like a decent blowjob if I was honest.

It was at that time that I noticed my own erection in my jeans. Why the fuck was I getting hard? This was basically gay porn! I told myself that I was just so excited to be getting revenge. Although, shit, maybe I could see what Dylan was saying about this domination thing. Knowing that Dylan had to suck some guy’s dick because of my commands was a little hot…

“Ah, you’re not too bad for a straight guy.”

Dylan continued to slurp and slobber on his cock. “Use one of your hands to jack me off too.”

Dylan obediently followed orders and stroked the guy as he sucked the first few inches. About a minute, maybe two, of this the guy started to moan a bunch. “Oh man. Fuck. I’m going to cum for you man. I dare you to take my load. Swallow it all.”

I heard Dylan moan, ‘noooo,’ while the guy’s cock was deep into his throat but there’s nothing he could do to stop it. “Ah, fuck. Fuck. Here it comes dude!”

Dylan continued to suck and jack him off as the guy contracted. He arched forward and put both hands behind Dylan’s head. “Ahhh, fuuuuck!” I could tell he was cumming into Dylan’s mouth. Dylan clenched his eyes but continued to bob up and down the leaking dick he was glued to.

A couple moments passed until the pizza guy dared him to get off his dick. “I’m too sensitive after I cum. That was great.”

“Fuck you man. I told you I’m not gay! That was rape.”

“Eh, that’s what the last guy tried to say too. Alright, now I’m still pretty curious about that dick of yours.”

“No, please.. Just leave!”

“Not yet. I see you lost your boner a bit though, so I guess you really are straight. I think I can fix that though. Stand up.”

“Please, go!”

“Ah, I dare you to stand up. Forgot about that.”

Dylan did as instructed while the other guy kneeled down, cock still out but deflating. He took hold of Dylan’s member, about half hard, and placed it into his mouth. “Uhh, nooo..” Dylan moaned again.

It didn’t take long for Dylan to become hard again. The guy clearly had skills with his mouth. I wondered a bit what it would feel like.

Maybe a minute later, Dylan was on the verge. His moans had gotten almost extreme and tortuous, probably because he couldn’t cum but so desperately wanted to.

“Please! Fuck, please let me cum. It hurts!”

Popping off his dick, “how bad do you want to cum?” He continued to stroke him though.

“So bad. Please.”

“What will you do if I let you cum.”

“Anything. Please.”

“If I let you cum all over my face, will you lick it all up without me daring you to?”

“Ah.. I don’t want to do that.”

“Then maybe you’ll never cum again in your life. How does that sounds?”

“Awful. God… unnnnggg.” Dylan was struggling to think clearly while he was being jacked off. The head of his cock looked ready to literally explode.

“Fuck it. Fine. I’ll do it.”

“Just know, if you don’t, I may dare you to walk to the middle of town naked and masturbate until kızıl porno you’re arrested. Keep that in mind.”


“I know.” The guy smiled and took Dylan back into his mouth. He sucked for another minute or so while Dylan moaned and almost screamed in pleasure and pain. “Sorry, you’ve just got a really nice dick.”

“Okay, big boy. You can cum now.” He positioned Dylan’s cock onto his face and almost immediately Dylan burst. Dylan wasn’t really a shooter but a ton of cum oozed out of his dick onto this guy’s face. It pooled next to his nose and ran down over his lips and chin.

Once Dylan’s body stopped shaking from his orgasm, the guy kept his eyes closed but simply said, “dinner’s served.”

Dylan looked over at me, knowing where I was hiding, with a you-see-what-I’m-doing-for-you face. Like I gave a shit. This was nothing.

He leaned down and grabbed the guy’s head, swallowed, and began to lick. Dylan clenched his eyes shut immediately. I could tell he wasn’t a fan of his own spunk and without a dare forcing his hand he was having trouble controlling his disgust.

The fear of retaliation must have kept him going though because he licked the man’s entire face. The guy finally opened his eyes. “That was nice. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“I doubt it.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” The guy stood up and shoved himself back into his pants. He took out his phone and started to take photos of Dylan and his still-hard member while he spoke. “Let’s see if I can set this up correctly. I dare you to never hurt me. I dare you to order a pizza every Thursday night and ask for Eric to deliver it to you. I think that’ll ensure we get many more opportunities for this type of fun. Sounds like a plan, Dylan?”

“Yes. Fuck. I hate you.”

“Eh, with time you may even grow to love me, Dylan. But for now I could care less if you like me as long as you keep that dick and mouth ready for me.”

He turned to leave. “I do need paid though, for the pizza.”

“I..,” Dylan must have forgotten he came to my place naked. He didn’t have any money. “I don’t have any.”

“Seriously dude, I dare you to pay me.”

Dylan started to shake and pain wiggled through his naked body. I forgot about that feeling but remembered it vividly now that I saw Dylan go through it. The pain of trying to complete a dare you couldn’t.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” The pizza guy was scared.

“I… Ahhh.. I can’t complete that dare. Take it… FUCK… Take it back, please!!”

“Fuck man! I take it back! I dare you to not pay me!”

Dylan collapsed onto the floor. “Shit, sorry dude. Um.. I guess I’ll cover the pizza this time. You paid for it in a way. But from now on I dare you to have money to pay for the pizza you order, you idiot.”

Dylan just breathed heavily, face-down on the ground. “You’ve got a nice ass too. Maybe we’ll make use of that next time.”

Dylan’s butt tightened a bit and the guy just laughed. “You straight guys. Haha!”

With that the guy opened the door and left. We both stayed silent for a minute to make sure he was gone. Dylan stayed on the ground but turned towards me, “Happy?”

“No, not really.”

“Do you at least feel better now that you’ve gotten back at me? I know I deserved it.”

“You mean, started to get back at you.”


I laughed, “You think one measly blow job is enough to call us even for the month and a half of mental and physical abuse you put me through?” I stood up and walked over to him, my own erection having subsided a bit.

“Dylan, this is just the beginning of my payback. Let me be clear, until you live in constant fear, we can never be even. And that’s going to take time, old buddy. And Eric has given me some ideas.”

“Brandon. Fuck. Okay. I can’t really say anything.”

“Damn right you can’t. Now, I dare you to repeat back to me the active dares you’re obeying from me.”

He spoke instantly without any need to recall, “I will not dare you. I will not tell anyone about how you can’t disobey a dare. I will always read your texts. I will answer every question honestly.”

“Okay, one more, I dare you to stay by your phone and keep it charged and on at all times. I also dare you to stay in town, no attempting to run this town until I’m done with you.”

“Yeah, okay Brandon.”

“Now get the fuck out of here. I don’t want to look at you anymore.”

Perhaps because he knew I wouldn’t have given him any clothes or fearful of what dare may follow the longer he stays, Dylan got up and left naked as the day he was born. I’m not sure if he ran into any people on his way to his car or his way back home but hoped he did.

As I ate the pizza left at my place I finally felt a little better. My best friend had betrayed me and that sucked. That really fucking sucked. But I no longer was under attack. I knew I was still cursed with this dare thing but no one else knew and Dylan couldn’t tell anyone. I was safe.

And, as much as I hated to admit it, I was enjoying making Dylan pay me back. I didn’t have a lot of ideas yet on what I wanted him to do but I knew I would make them embarrassing, public, and keep him guessing. The thought actually got me a little hard. Maybe me and Dylan did have more in common here than I thought…

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