Darlene’s Story Ch. 3

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Part III- Mistress Darlene

( In Chapter 3, Darlene completes her transformation from a grossly overweight undersexed wife into an alluring and svelte dominatrix who is served and serviced by a group of submissive males. She contrives a plan that will reveal her secrets to her friends Abby and Pamela and subsequently recruit them into the world of female domination. )

Nearly eight months had passed since the fateful night when Darlene discovered Brian and Greg in bed together. A lot had happened in the meantime. Up until that time she had been only Darlene Carr the mistress of her household, now she was also Mistress Darlene dominatrix, not only to Brian and Greg, but to a growing number other male lackeys as well. As of now she had collected a hard core group of more than twenty slaves. They competed to grovel at her feet. She thought of them as her own personal stable of stallions. Their sole purpose, she told them, was to service and serve her. She could afford to be selective. Her new attitude and appearance attracted men to her in droves, so she picked only the best and those that would serve her needs and various interests best. They were intrigued, fascinated, and yes, mesmerized by the power she wielded over them.

What a physical transformation she’d undergone. Her body was rapidly slenderizing and firming up again. Darlene had already shed more than sixty pounds and she was continuing to lose weight – it wouldn’t be too much longer before she reached her weight loss goal of seventy-five pounds. When she reached that goal, she would weigh exactly what she weighed fifteen years ago. Back then she delighted in knowing that she had the kind of body that might be featured in the centerfold of Playboy Magazine. Even though her body had not yet fully returned to the curvaceous trim build of fifteen years earlier, she was no longer a corpulent and sloppy woman. She was instead a shapely and sensual lady. In fact, Darlene loved her rejuvenated body and the way that her male menagerie worshipped it. Greg, was especially attentive. She permitted his educated lips, mouth and tongue freedom to explore her charms centimeter by centimeter. Darlene adored the way he used his skillful tongue to explore the deepest recesses of every one of her body’s crevices and orifices. Her large breasts appeared even more luscious now that she had slimmed down. Knowing how much in awe he was of the size of her aureole and her hard pointed nipples, she allowed Greg’s tongue to lavish attention on them as his reward for pleasuring her elsewhere. She loved to charm, tempt and tease him with her breasts. She would tie his hands and feet and dangle her breasts temptingly close to his face and open mouth She would brush her nipples against his lips, then suddenly withdraw them as he attempted to take them into his mouth. When Darlene was feeling especially frisky and impish, she would allow Greg or one of her other slaves to masturbate and then to shower their sticky semen onto her enormous tits, and then she commanded Greg to suck her breasts and lick them clean. It was a very pleasurable experience for both and it was one of the ways she had of demonstrating to him and the others that she was really in charge. Darlene enjoyed being in charge.

She loved playing the role of the dominatrix she’d become. It hadn’t taken her very long to get used to it. Darlene quickly acquired all of the paraphernalia and began to assume the commanding appearance and dominant attitude typical of women practicing this dark side of eroticism. She corresponded with other Mistresses via the Internet to learn their secrets and share techniques of mastery over men with them. Most days she slept late and undisturbed. No one, least of all Brian, ever dared to disturb her. A few days after discovering the two men together, Darlene gave the Carr’s long time housekeeper, Rosa, a generous severance and found her a new situation. Rather than hire someone else, she decided to train and domesticate Brian. She required him to assume the housekeeper’s duties. He was now a wimp and no longer the pompous macho asshole he’d once been. He was compelled to wait on her hand and foot, doing all of the domestic and menial chores around the house He primped and bathed her, and he even gave her manicures and pedicures. As she began losing weight, she had Brian install a fully equipped gym in the unused office immediately adjacent to their bedroom. She engaged in a vigorous work-out for at least an hour and a half every day, nearly matching her friend Pamela Rawlings in her devotion to her exercise regimen. On days when Brian wasn’t working he would stay home and watch his wife and Mistress on the treadmill, bike or Stairmaster, then as she flexed and toned her body lifting weights and using various machines. Afterwards, before drawing her bath, he would lick the beads or pools of perspiration from her armpits, off of her naked body, or from the sweat drenched surface of her Speedo spandex workout togs.

Brian would occasionally attempt bahis siteleri to revert to his previous attitude only when their daughter Ashley was around. Ashley was the apple of Brian’s eye, and he was in turn her hero. Around her he attempted and seemed to be the lord of the house. Darlene tolerated that, she was not about to tinker with their father-daughter relationship. Doing that could make Ashley uncertain or suspicious of what was going on and that was the last thing that Darlene wanted. In fact she was able to use Brian’s relationship with Ashley to her own advantage and as a way of keeping him in line. But things were easier now that she and Brian had and Greg and Abby had sent their respective daughters Ashley and Kimberly off to college, several thousand miles away, at the end of summer. Darlene had mixed feelings about Ashley’s absence. She missed her daughter but with Ashley away from home attending a prestigious eastern University she could be more open about her new found sexuality and about having other men around the house.

Her fortune seemed to be turning, whatever she was doing it was working. She manipulated and molded Brian and Greg adroitly into meek followers who lavished attention on her and carried out all of her wishes. Greg had become her chief ‘body slave’. She tuned to him first whenever she wanted her body venerated or serviced. She had Brian shave off her pubic hair to make Greg’s access easier. At first Brian seemed to resent this and displayed occasional fits of jealousy, but as time passed, he became more passive and more accepting of his second place status. Darlene would assuage his hurt feelings by occasionally granting him back some of the sexual privileges that were once exclusively his but he had to earn those privileges and Darlene demanded a lot for granting it.

She required them — Greg, Brian and every other member of her retinue — to write out their wildest ‘sexual’ fantasies for her. She demanded that they give her the full details in lurid and graphic language. Darlene listened as each slave read his own fantasy aloud to the accompaniment of her vibrator. If she was amused or turned on by a particular fantasy she might indulge them by allowing the minion who wrote it to act it out, or more frequently, by guiding them through it. She was occasionally astonished by the kinds of things they wanted her to do to them or have them do for her. They gave her ideas for punishing and humiliating them that she never could have thought of on her own. They wanted their penises leashed and their balls tied off while she paraded them around pulling them like ‘big dogs’ at the end of a tight leash. They dreamt about her strapping on a huge dildo, jamming it up their assholes, and fucking their brains out. Darlene had difficulty believing how many men fantasized about her using her feet to walk on them or to masturbate them and then being required to suck her toes, lick her feet or ream her asshole. She tittered as she thought how many of them actually wanted her to squat over their faces and have her pee into their mouths and then have her order them to drink every last drop of the piss she’d just deposited there. Some were even into feces but she usually avoided that. Of course there were those who were into severe brutal whippings, melting wax, electrical shock, piercing, even branding, and the extreme bondage freaks too. She knew other dominatrixes who specialized in doing those kinds of things to submissives but they were not Darlene’s cup of tea. She specialized in extreme sensual teasing, in publicly humiliating her slaves and in feminizing them.

When she first discovered Brian and Greg’s bisexuality, she was repulsed by it. Now she used it to her advantage. Darlene found that it amused and even aroused her. She was amazed by the ease with which she could compel heterosexual men to jack each other off, suck each others cocks, or even to fuck one another. Some did it willingly just to please her, but she seemed to enjoy it more when the unwilling macho one’s resisted before they finally succumbed to her will. Those were the one’s she humiliated the most. She enjoyed watching men going at it like wild animals in heat. It was her inspiration for recruiting even more men into her inner circle and like a ring mistress in a circus making them play the games she wanted to see them play, too. Darlene even took to surreptitiously videotaping their man-to-man sexual activities, always managing to keep her own image out of the camera’s field of view. She knew that the videotapes could be a future insurance policy, if she ever needed one.

As her experience with being a ‘domme’ and venerated by the submissive men surrounding her grew, it was no longer sufficient merely to coerce the men in her stable to engage in homosexual sex. Darlene demanded even more of them, something that would strip the last vestiges of male superiority from them. In the course of her communications with other dominant women, she discovered the “Femdom” Resources website. canlı bahis siteleri This was a search engine for all sorts of matters dealing with female domination of men. Soon she encountered a chat room dealing with cross dressing and ‘forced’ feminization . Darlene became a regular in the chat room, absorbing all the knowledge she could about techniques for turning men into ‘sissy sluts’. Darlene had always been a perfectionist, now she used these perfectionistic inclinations to teach her slaves how to cross dress properly. She amused herself with it. It was no longer sufficient or for them to wear only panties, negligees, or stockings, now they were forced to wear padded bras, fake breasts, and high heels, apply make up, mascara, eye shadow and lipstick properly. They bought stylish wigs for her to peruse and approve. They even accompanied her on her shopping trips to fine boutiques and department stores where she selected and they paid for an array of gowns, mini-skirts, blouses etc., not for herself but for them. She had not yet revealed her plans but soon her minions would learn exactly what she had in mind.

She was harshest on Brian. After nearly twenty years of his sexual neglect, verbal abuse, his correcting her in front of their friends, his sarcasm, and other sundry abuses, Darlene informed her husband that he deserved to be taught a lesson — one that he would never forget – about caring for, respecting, and loving his wife. To do that, he had to endure the kinds of humiliation that she had silently experienced for most of those years. Though Brian owned very lucrative businesses, his schedule was very flexible. He was an extremely successful entrepreneur and investor. He always hired very capable people to manage and operate his various business enterprises. This had allowed him the freedom to spend a lot of time at home while Ashley was growing up. Now their home was Darlene’s domain. and also served as the locale for Mistress Darlene’s ‘slave and slut training school’ and her ‘dungeon’. She devised new ways to humble Brian daily. She bought him a ‘French Maids’ outfit which he was required to wear when he was around the house and performing his domestic responsibilities. He was never allowed to wear any underwear when he was dressed up this way. She frequently ordered items from stores to be delivered by UPS and he had to answer the door dressed in his maid’s costume and sign for these goods when they were delivered. He had to wear women’s panties that were a size too small for him at all other times even when he was at the office or away on business trips. Their delicate fabrics made crinkly noises whenever he walked. Darlene would unplug or clog up the washing machine so that Brian had to use nearby commercial launderettes to wash out his own worn ‘panties’. She even forbade him from standing when he had to pee, even in public restrooms…and that was only the beginning. At first he resisted, but when Darlene threatened exposure and even divorce he relented. She had also grown to be very skillful with a whip. She used Brian’s body to perfect her skills. Soon, Brian was eating out of her hands ands meekly doing her bidding.

Darlene was also amazed to learn that many of her ‘slaves’ were turned on by the idea of masturbating in public, especially when there were other women present to watch them pull on their meaty boy sticks. She required that her men spring erections and maintain them whenever they were alone with her or alone together with her…she titillated them . She tortured them by keeping them fully aroused and requiring them to keep their penises hard for hours at a time. She had learned how to use all the erotic skills of titillation to keep them on the brink of cumming. Then just before they reached the ‘point of no return’ where their autonomic nervous system took over, she required them to restrain their orgasms even then, when they thought they could no longer do so. Then she denied them that relief for even longer until she was satisfied with their performance. If she wasn’t pleased with their performances she would deny them that privilege altogether, leaving them to suffer with painful cases of blue balls. By corresponding with other Mistresses on the Internet, she learned how to use a combination of devices known as cock-rings alternating their use with the use of ice to train men to prolong their erections and inhibit their ejaculations. It was agonizing for them, yet they seemed to love it and they even thanked her for it. Darlene loved the sight of naked handsome muscular men with rock hard cocks, and now she was surrounded by them.

She had only two regrets. The first was that she could not tell her best friend Abby who was amazed by Darlene’s change in appearance and personality the reasons for these changes. Though Abby wasn’t a prude, it would be difficult for her to comprehend or accept her friend Darlene as a dominatrix. Especially when she learned that the principal recipient of Darlene’s domination was her own husband, Greg. Since canlı bahis the two women had openly shared details of their intimate lives for more than eighteen years, she also knew that Greg had told Abby that he wanted her to become more sexually open, playful and aggressive. She also knew that Abby had concerns about Greg’s sexual appetite and worried about her own ability to satisfy it. Darlene wondered why that was so, she loved his sexual appetite, she used her body to satisfy his hunger and her own lust, and she especially loved the way he rose to the challenge and ate her.

There were also moments when she felt guilty about using Abby’s husband as her boy-toy, though it didn’t stop her from continuing her involvement with Greg. After all he had betrayed them both, when Darlene caught him in bed engaging in perverted sex acts with her husband. The two women, — Darlene and Abby– had been the closest of friends since taking ‘mommy and me’ classes together many years before. Now her new work responsibilities associated with her recent promotion took Abby out of town a lot, and ironically, this permitted Darlene to spend even more time alone with Greg. Still, she increasingly felt a compelling need to share her secrets with Abby and to confess how she was using her friend’s husband. Darlene was even willing to share Brian with her dearest friend to appease her for using her husband’s cock and mouth to pleasure herself. Once when they were alone together, Greg divulged that he wished that Abby would mistreat him the way that she did. Darlene was willing and ready to teach Abby the arts of domination only she wasn’t certain how to approach the subject, let alone convince Abby that taking charge of Greg would improve what she knew to be an already good marriage.

A fortuitous phone call inspired her to devise a way of revealing her secret life to her friends. One day, while she was alone, out of the blue she had gotten a telephone call from Larry Rawlings, Pamela’s ex-husband. He had called presenting her with a new career opportunity to re-enter the fast paced world of the entertainment industry. Darlene had been unceremoniously sacked from her position as Senior V. P. of a major entertainment conglomerate years before. He wanted to ‘take’ lunch with her to discuss the new position. Larry was a prominent Hollywood attorney. He and Darlene had formerly traveled in the same business circles. Larry was an Englishman by birth. He was a cockney of humble origins but had pulled himself up by his wit, hard work, and fast talk. She also knew him to be, like so many others in Hollywood, a sleaze ball. He was, in fact, an unscrupulous shark attorney who had a well-earned reputation of going for the jugular. He also struck her as a cad and a self-centered, uncaring prick. Pamela had attested to that even during their marriage. She had wept openly, spilling her guts out to Abby and Darlene after one particularly nasty episode. It seems that Larry didn’t want any children while Pamela did. When she stopped taking birth control pills and found herself suddenly pregnant, Larry denied any responsibility. Instead, he accused her of having an adulterous affair, told her that he wouldn’t support any bastard children – even though she had been absolutely faithful to him — and he forced her to have an abortion.

Larry Rawlings was also rumored to be a satyr. In fact he took advantage of, fucked, or tried to fuck every beautiful or vulnerable woman who came his way. Though he was completely bald, he had a tall slim body, with broad shoulders and long muscular legs. His Hollywood connections, gift of gab, flashy clothes and his physique were what attracted women to him like flies. He was after all a world-class distance swimmer and a former Olympic Athlete in that sport. Larry wasn’t exactly handsome, but his rugged looks were certainly appealing and more than adequate. Though Pamela had long suspected Larry’s infidelity and was aware of all of the rumors about his promiscuity, she was never able to prove it. Ironically it was Larry’s swimming and his affinity for Speedo’s that finally led to his discovery and did him in with Pamela. The day that she caught him, Larry had telephoned her office to tell Pamela that he was going swimming, which was not unusual for him to do on warm Southern California afternoons. He still swam at least two hundred laps every day. After coming home early that afternoon and not finding him at the pool or anywhere else around the house, she took her own clothes to the laundry room where she discovered all six pairs of his Speedo’s waiting to be washed. She wondered if he had gone skinny dipping at their second home in Malibu and decided that she would join him if he had. When she got to the Malibu house, she discovered him at the swimming pool. He was naked and engaging in a menage-a-trois with a couple of similarly unclad rising young Hollywood actresses neither of whom had reached the age of 21. Pamela arrived just in time to watch Larry’s plentiful spunk spewing fountain -like from his enormous cock and pouring onto the laughing faces of both bimbos. It was obvious that they had been simultaneously licking his huge lollipop dick. She left in tears and promptly initiated divorce proceedings.

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