Daughters – Rebecca Ch. 03

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Daughters of the American Evolution – Rebecca, Ch. 03

Stories from one front of the global war

* * * *

“No man saw the greatest conspiracy of all time coming….”

* * * *

“So, you don’t mind if Karen and I spend a few hours together?”

The question was asked by Rebecca Harrison, mother of eighteen year old Lauren Harrison, a slim, brown haired beauty. ‘Karen,’ was Karen Roberts, the equally lovely blonde, nineteen year old daughter of Amy Roberts, and the request for permission was directed at both Lauren and Amy. Both sets of mothers and daughters had recently been seduced into an extremely radical form of lesbianism by a shadowy conspiracy called ‘FIT’, short for ‘Family Interactions Therapists’.

The group FIT was embarked on converting more and more women to an exclusive preference for the lesbian lifestyle, and these were not their first converts – apparently they had been doing such nefarious things for as long as twenty years, and their tentacles seemed to reach into parts of the government, and who knew how far into the general population!

The goal of FIT was to minimize or eliminate both the influence and the numbers of males over the entire planet – would they succeed?

* * * *

“So, you don’t mind if Karen and I spend a few hours together?” Rebecca asked solicitously of both Amy and Lauren – she hoped beyond hope that they’d say ‘yes.’

While Rebecca absolutely adored fucking her own daughter, Lauren, and had enjoyed her literally dozens of times over the last four days, her need for woman flesh was so great, that other women were almost equally sexually alluring to her. But Karen, especially, was SO hot in Rebecca’s arms, she could visualize them both coming to many mind shattering climaxes together.

Amy looked at Lauren sitting next to her, their eyes locked as though some sort of mind to mind communication were occurring. Then Lauren burst out laughing.

“Oh sure, I think Amy and I can come up with something, Lauren said. “Do you play hearts, Amy?”

Amy smiled. “I can always learn,” she said, and brought her hand up to caress Lauren’s chest, her fingers running lovingly over the teenager’s small, but warm and lovely, breasts.

“Well, it’s settled then,” Rebecca said. “How about we take the master bedroom? Karen really does need a shower – you smell, girl – yummy – and that’s the only one with a shower…” She pretended to wrinkle her nose, and Karen pretended to slap her, but gently touching Rebecca’s cheek with her hand, and caressing her there.

“Okay,” Lauren said. “Amy, that leaves my bedroom for us. Would you like to visit a teenaged girl’s bedroom…..and her bed…..and her very skimpy panties….and whatever wet, hot openings you might find there…and, oh yes, the garden tub in the hall bathroom that’s perfect for a bubble bath for two?”

Amy kissed Lauren’s cheek. “Good choice, sweetie,” she said.

* * * *

Rebecca and Karen entered the master bedroom, and embraced. Rebecca’s hands were caressing Karen’s hot, sweaty body with growing passion. She had an overwhelming desire to taste and smell every part of the girl’s body – the dirtier and nastier she was, the better.

Rebecca was amazed at the changes in her sexual preferences since being seduced by FIT. Previously, she had consented to having sex with her husband at least once a month, but had never gotten that much out of it – she was lucky if she’d cum twice during a year. And if he was dirty or smelly while fucking her, it was an absolute turnoff.

But now – it was normal for her to come as many as twenty times a day with Lauren, her daughter, and she anticipated that her trigger would be even more sensitive with a teen as cute as Karen. And if Karen was sweaty and dirty, it tickled Rebecca’s libido even more than if she were scrupulously clean. The smell of the girl’s sweaty underarms, and the anticipation of smelling and tasting her dirty crotch and ass, were making Rebecca’s clit tingle already.

Finally, Rebecca said, “How about we get to know each other, then take a shower, sweetie?”

Karen kissed the tip of Rebecca’s nose. “I’d love it! But I know I must smell…”

“Don’t be offended if I say, ‘You sure do – and I LOVE it!'” Rebecca smiled.

“It was kinda strange – I liked licking your face, with my sweat on it,” Karen responded, wryly. “Maybe other stuff would taste good too, huh?” Rebecca looked at Karen appraisingly, but just smiled.

“Hey, stand up honey, I want to worship your sweet little body,” Rebecca said, lust overtaking her once again, as it seemed to do dozens of times a day now. Karen got to her feet, her short sleeve checked blouse tied at her midriff, the cutoff shorts still hiding her sweet and tasty parts.

Rebecca stood before the teen, between her slim legs. As she looked into Karen’s eyes, green and wide with innocence, her body curvaceous, but with smallish breasts, Rebecca whistled appreciatively.

“You really are beautiful, hon,” she said. “You look like a cheerleader getting naked for some hot sex Ankara escort with her lesbian lover…”

“Mrs, Harrison, I was a cheerleader. And um, I’m really hoping there’s LOTS of hot sex coming with my lesbian lover…Mrs. Harrison…”

Rebecca giggled. “You don’t mind if it’s nasty and dirty too, do you? I kind of like…nasty and dirty. And you’ve GOT to call me Rebecca…or even ‘mommy’, baby. You’d let your mommy lick your ass hole, right?”

“Oh, yesss, please,” Karen sighed. Rebecca smiled, and pushed Karen’s cutoffs down.

“Ooh, beautiful panties, sweetheart,” Rebecca said. “That’s a Donna Karan set, isn’t it?”

Karen nodded. “Mom got ’em for me. She says she really enjoys watching me dress, almost as much as she enjoys watching me undress.” Karen giggled, recalling what would then invariably follow between the infatuated mother and daughter, and almost always resulted in them both being hot, sweaty and very satisfied.

Then Karen made a pouty face.

“Aren’t you going to undress, Mrs-, um, mommy?” she said, putting her arms around Rebecca’s neck as she danced into her body, and then leaning in to kiss Rebecca, their bodies coming together fully. Karen’s warm breasts fit in just above Rebecca’s, the two women’s heat and feminine softness turning them both on even more.

“God, you’re so sexy, Karen,” Rebecca said, her hands all over the young girl’s body, hot and sweaty as it was. With her increased interest in women’s smells and tastes, and her active libido, Rebecca found that to be a significant plus. Her hands slipped inside the rear of the girl’s panties, caressing and squeezing her full, round ass cheeks, slippery and hot.

“Can I ask a favor, baby?” Rebecca asked.

“Sure, mommy,” Karen said, “then I get one, too.”

“Okay,” Rebecca said, as Karen sighed from Rebecca’s hands on her ass, feeling her full roundness and heat.

“Um, I really, really want to take a nice, long, hot shower with you…both of us soaping the other up, hands all over smooth, silky slick skin, fingers caressing wet and swelling clits…slipping inside tight holes-” She was enjoying turning the young girl on, savoring the anticipation, as Karen’s body twisted and turned with lust – “but before we do, I really, really want to lick your pussy and ass hole. Would that be okay, baby?”

“But it’s all sweaty, and um, I haven’t, you know, had a bath or shower…you know.” Rebecca smiled to see the girl’s face turn red.

“That’s what I was hoping,” Rebecca whispered in the girl’s ear, wanting to shock her.

Karen looked at the older woman. “Mmm…okay….but I really have to pee first…and DON’T say anything, I’m peeing in there!” pointing at the toilet. Rebecca smiled.

“Okay…but I’ll take care of cleaning you….and what did you want to ask me, baby?”

“Oh, just….can I do it to you, too…mommy?” Karen looked embarrassed.

Rebecca kissed her gently. “Oh yes, baby, you can lick your mommy’s wet pussy, and my tight, hot ass. You’re my little baby, aren’t you?” Karen nodded and looked very happy, then slipped her panties down her hips, and sat down on the toilet seat.

Rebecca looked at the young girl’s mound for the first time. Her bush was manicured to just a tiny oval spot of curly blonde hair above her bare pussy. “Oh, so sweet!” Rebecca said happily. “You’re SO beautiful!” Rebecca waited, and Karen seemed to have a little trouble ‘getting started.’

“Do you want me to leave, or something?” Rebecca asked. “I know it can be hard if you’re not used-“

“Oh no, it’s okay,” Karen said, and Rebecca, given permission, then openly and frankly stared at the girl’s thin slit, and her bra-covered breasts, enjoying her sexual beauty. Karen looked back up at Rebecca with a neutral expression, as if deciding something. Then, finally, she smiled up at the woman, and said in a little girl voice, “Look, see, mommy? I’m making pee pee,” spreading her legs wide as the musical sound of water hitting water began.

Rebecca almost came at the sheer sexiness of the scene, and of the girl, in front of her, and moaned with desire for the young vixen, her eyes racing from Karen’s face, to the gold sparkling between her legs, and back again, over and over.

“Mommy, I’m ‘most finished,” Karen said, ‘accidentally’ getting up just before she finished, her golden flow running down her slim legs. Looking Rebecca in the eye, she said, “oops,” in an innocent voice, and stood there as if she had no idea what to do next.

Groaning loudly, Rebecca walked over to Karen, and sank to her knees in front of the naked girl, her filthiest dreams coming true. Karen had won any battle of wills between the two women, and Rebecca knew that she would do anything that Karen ever commanded, and happily. Rebecca’s cunt felt like a blazing inferno, and she had no idea when Karen would put it out.

“Clean me, mommy?” The beautiful teenager asked, though Rebecca wasn’t sure if she heard it as a question at all. Rebecca hesitated, then began reaching for the toilet paper to wipe the girl.

“No, lick me Ankara escort bayan clean, mommy,” Karen said in her adult voice. Rebecca stopped, the hand that was reaching for the paper frozen in mid movement. She slowly looked up into the girl’s face, her green eyes mesmerizing the older woman. Then Rebecca responded.

“Yes, baby,” whispered Rebecca. “Always.” The girl smiled, and reached down, parting her labia for Rebecca, the girl’s deep pink vagina gleaming and wet. Rebecca leaned in, her mouth approaching the girl’s wet pussy and mons, her tongue, as if of its own volition, reaching out to lick the girl’s briny wetness.

Almost distracted by the deafening beat of her heart in her own ears, Rebecca could smell the salty, moist smell of the girl’s hot cunt. As her face approached closer, she could see tiny, almost microscopic droplets of the girl’s natural oily lubricant sliding down her pussy walls, and mixing with the residue of the watery golden fluid there.

Rebecca couldn’t ignore her own need anymore. She savagely ripped the top of her jeans apart, the solidly attached brass rivet nonetheless flying across the room and striking a cabinet with the force of her passion. Using her left hand, but not taking her eyes off the glistening pink slit so close to her face, she pulled the zipper apart, the slider racing to the bottom and crashing into the bottom stop.

She slid her hand inside her panties, her fingers brushing over her small, wiry pubic bush, then sighed as her fingertip slipped over her hungry clit. Just as her finger touched her own pussy, Rebecca’s tongue finally touched and tasted the teenager’s slick, wet pussy, her tongue sliding over the girl’s vaginal walls, collecting all the fluids gathered there, then delivering the distinctive flavors of feminine musk, pee and sweat, back into her mouth.

Rebecca’s saliva was flowing, from the tangy taste of Karen’s cunt, and from Rebecca’s extreme excitement.

Rebecca stroked herself teasingly with her left hand, aware that she was already building up to a memorable climax. She brought her right hand up, next to her cheek, and slid a finger inside the girl’s tight vagina, the slick wet walls grudgingly giving way to accept the digital intruder. Rebecca concentrated her tongue on the upper part of Karen’s labia, and her clit, the sensations from Rebecca’s rough tongue on Karen’s tiny, glistening clitoris, and from Rebecca’s finger fucking, adding to the pleasure Karen had already experienced by her sexual domination of the middle aged mother kneeling between her legs.

When Karen whispered, “Lick my pee, mommy and make me cum in your mouth,” both women immediately exploded into long, noisy orgasms, shivers running through Karen’s sex and thighs, as she struggled to remain standing while experiencing erotic delight to an extent she’d never experienced with her own mother.

As for Rebecca, she slumped down, not far away from Karen’s delicious cunt, vaguely aware that she’d discovered something of the nasty and filthy depths she was willing to lower herself in pursuit of orgasms. She was pleased that she could be so filthy, and eager for more, as long as it involved cute, young girls. It wouldn’t be long before she found out more of what she’d do for sex with another female…

After a few minutes for both girls to catch their breath, Karen decided to start things up again.

“Now, do my ass,” Karen whispered.

“No, it’s too soon…please,” Rebecca pleaded. “And it’s dirty…”

“No mommy, you promised to clean my dirty bottom.” The girl knew she had a hold on Rebecca, as long as there was naughty, nasty girl on girl sex involved. Rebecca felt a secret pleasure that Karen had ignored her objections.

Karen slowly turned, Rebecca could not turn her eyes away from the teenager’s rounded, perfectly smooth ass. Her cheeks were hemispheres of dark pleasure, teasing Rebecca with promises of what lay between them, hidden in tight shadow. Karen leaned her upper body forward slightly, away from Rebecca, pushing her sweet little ass towards the older woman, revealing an enticing glimpse of minimally more of her secret opening, the light changing as it reflected off Karen’s bottom, her smooth rear flawless and silky.

Rebecca’s tongue flickered nervously over her upper lip. Karen looked over her shoulder.

“Is it okay, mommy?”

“Oh yes, baby, it’s just so…perfect.”

“Do you want to kiss my bottom, mommy?” Her little girl voice again. The fire raged on in Rebecca’s cunt.

“Mommy wants to eat your hot little ass, baby. Is it okay….can mommy put her tongue deep inside your sweet little girl bottom?” Rebecca’s hand between her legs, vainly trying to find release, her middle finger already slipping in and out of her wet slit.

Girlish tinkle of delight from above. “Oh YES, mommy, please lick my little bottom. Fuck my dirty little tight hole with your tongue!”

Rebecca worked up the courage to kiss the girl’s ass cheek, knowing that once she started, once the match was lit, that she wouldn’t be able to stop – and she Escort Ankara couldn’t be sure that this wasn’t in some way cheating on her daughter. Her daughter, who was at this moment in the arms of her long time friend.

Karen’s butt cheek was hot, and damp, and smelled strongly of her sweat, and some darker perfume. Rebecca’s growing love for female smells overwhelmed even thoughts of her daughter – ‘the bush in hand was better than the bird eating someone else’s bush’, as her agitated mind warped the old aphorism.

Rebecca licked the salty flesh, both girls moaning at the first touch of mouth on forbidden nether flesh. Rebecca kissed and licked her way closer to the source of heat and damp, and Karen leaned forward to end the hunt faster, needing her own release, her fingers already active on her own hot, swollen clit. Rebecca reached up and parted the girl’s full ass cheeks, her naughty brown hole now in view, quivering nervously, opening then rapidly closing tightly, spasmodically.

Rebecca thrust her nose between Karen’s soft pillows, inhaling Karen’s hot, earthy scent. To her great relief – and her great disappointment – her scent was not at all foul, but was exquisitely anal, a woman’s most intimate fragrance, spicy and enticing. Rebecca’s tongue flicked out nervously, the touch of her wet, rough probe to sensitive anal flesh causing the girl to jerk her ass toward her oral lover.

To Rebecca’s delight, with the thrust of Karen’s ass towards her face, she found her mouth fully on the girl’s brown ring, the accumulated tastes and smells of the cute teenager’s day’s exertions and efforts filling the woman’s nostrils, mouth and senses.

“Mmm,” Rebecca moaned, grateful to find herself in a lewd kiss with another woman’s hot and juicy ass hole, the woman experiencing her greatest pleasure from lesbian depravity, her needs and desires far darker than she’d ever imagined when she was ignorantly straight, being fucked monthly by her husband. Those days were gone forever.

Karen was equally pleased, loving the feel and the perversity of persuading a woman literally old enough to be her mother, to eat out her ass. That she’d been successful to this end made her feel hot and sexy, and the next time she got together with her mother, she was sure she’d be able to use the story of this to get her mother to more enthusiastically eat her rear hole, too. Not that her mother had been reluctant to make oral love to Karen’s sweet little ass hole!

As Karen played with her clit and pussy, she became even more verbal, although she completely forgot her prior ‘little girl’ role playing – but she DID decide to make up some things that she thought would make the scene hotter.”That’s it, you hot slut, eat my dirty, filthy ass hole, lick it all up. I don’t think I’m very clean for you, my dirty bottom’s been hot and sweaty all day long, just for your cunty slut mouth to clean!”

She was rewarded by hearing Rebecca moan with lust, and felt Rebecca’s body shake as she frigged herself harder and faster. The older woman really wasn’t exactly sure what a dirty ass would taste like, so her randy imagination took over, and as far as she was concerned, she WAS tasting Karen’s dirty rear end. It was unlikely, though, given Karen’s normal bathing habits. Rebecca’s tongue thrust harder and faster into the teen’s anus,

pausing only to swallow the large amount of saliva in her mouth, now tinged with Karen’s unique, earthy flavors.

Karen thought to herself, if her future lesbian lovers preferred that she not be clean before their oral lovemaking, then perhaps she would accommodate their desires…

Rebecca licked all around the girl’s puckered brown ring, Karen’s anal sphincter relaxing as the older woman massaged her hot ass flesh with her tongue, in the most intimate girl on girl kiss possible. Her tongue enthusiastically flicked inside the girl’s opening, as she eventually conquered the girl’s dark nether hole, pink tongue contacting and tasting pink rectum, returning Karen’s anal delights to Rebecca’s eager mouth.

After Rebecca felt that she had completely and thoroughly licked Karen’s ass hole, she began fucking first, one finger, then two, into the girl’s tight ass. This pleased Karen immensely, and Rebecca knew that she, too, enjoyed having her fingers there.

“Ohh, mommy, your fingers are filling my bottom, so good….fuck your little baby in her hot ass,” Karen moaned, her right hand busy between her thighs, finger fucking her cunt, and frigging her hot, swollen clit.

Rebecca stood up, her fingers still furiously fucking in and out of the girl’s hot ass, and she pressed her body into Karen’s. She brought her now dirty mouth to Karen’s ear, kissing and licking the masturbating girl’s flesh, her tongue licking her neck and ear.

Karen gasped as she felt the woman’s hot breath on her neck, then her warm, wet tongue in her ear. Her need for complete intimacy with the older woman overcoming her, she twisted around, both women face to face, their lips coming together in a passionate kiss, tongues eagerly greeting each other, warm lips caressing, and each other’s hand naturally went to the other’s wet and sloppy pussy, continuing the frigging that each had started. Their bodies were supported in part by the vanity resting under Karen’s sweet, sweaty ass.

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