David and John Ch. 02

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When Thursday came, David’s excitement was intense. He hadn’t slept well the previous night and a couple of times considered not going through with it but the need and longing for some sexual excitement soon dispelled any doubts he had. He had masturbated several times since the arrangement was made but only to completion twice preferring to keep his excitement alive for as long as he could.

He shaved carefully that morning taking great care not to cut himself or leave any stubble, then took a long shower. He was very careful about washing his genitals for fear of coming but he did ensure he was completely clean including under his penis where it rested against his scrotum. He wondered if John had been circumcised like himself or whether he had a foreskin to pull back and reveal a sensitive swollen glans but then quickly thought about something else as he could feel himself hardening and it was too early for that.

He dried himself and dressed in some easy clothes intending to change after his wife had left and not wanting to draw any comment from her about his appearance. He forced himself to have some breakfast though he really didn’t want any and could only manage one piece of toast and a cup of tea.

As soon as she went to meet her friend he rang John and waited nervously for him to answer. After eight or nine rings he began to think that he’d changed his mind and was just about to put the phone down when he answered.


From feeling dejected David was suddenly excited again.

‘Hello John, it’s David.’

‘Oh hi, lovely morning, You still want to come over?’

‘If it’s still alright with you. I thought you might have gone out.’

He heard a small laugh.

‘No you caught me in the shower.’

‘Would ten minutes or so be OK?’

‘Fine,’ said John, ‘looking forward to it.’

Davids heart leapt as he replaced the receiver, it was on. At the very least he would be exposing himself completely to another person but more than likely he would get an erection and possibly ejaculate in front of him as well.

He hurriedly applied some aftershave and changed into a pair of his wife’s panties he had secreted away. They were sheer satin with a see-through lace panel in the front and they never failed to give him an erection when he posed in front of the mirror. A loose tee shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms completed his dressing and, grabbing his camera, he hurried round to his neighbours front door.

After chatting sarıyer escort for a while and discussing how to use the camera John asked ‘OK, shall we start?’

Although he had been looking forward to this moment so much David was suddenly a little apprehensive.

‘Are you sure it’s OK with you? he asked.

John smiled and nodded. ‘Yes it’s fine. How do you want to do this? Some photos as you undress or do you want to undress fully first?’

‘As I undress might be good. I can always delete any I don’t like.’

He pulled his tee shirt over his head and saw the flash go off a couple of times and tried not to look at John or the camera. As he went to remove his jogging bottoms he wondered briefly if he had done the right thing in wearing the panties but it was too late now. He pushed the joggers down and heard a slight intake of breath as his underwear came into view and he saw John staring at his crotch intently.

‘Ooops sorry,’ he said, ‘I had meant to change into something more appropriate but I forgot. Too much in a hurry to come here!’ he laughed nervously.

‘No,’ breathed John slowly his eyes still taking in his undies, ‘they look lovely.’

Immediately David knew things were going to go well and he relaxed as he shed his joggers.

‘They are nice aren’t they and they’re so comfortable. I just wish I had more to fill them with.’ he laughed

‘No, it looks good from here.’ said John as he crouched down for a closer inspection. ‘Very good. Very sexy.’ he breathed softly.

‘They give me a lot more support than y-fronts or boxers and I like feeling my bits held close to my body.’ He reached down and ran his hand gently over the material. ‘ Would you like to feel how soft and smooth they are?’

‘Would you mind? said John looking up and ran his hand over the shiny panties.

‘Mmmmm’, he murmured softly, ‘I might try some of these myself.’

His hand lingered for a while caressing slowly and David felt the first stirrings in his penis. John took a couple of pictures then stood up and asked David if he would like to take them off. This was the moment of truth, the moment he had been waiting for since they had first talked and he slowly peeled them down his legs and stepped out of them, now completely naked in front of this other man.

He stood there while John just looked at him then took a couple of pictures. He could feel his cock hardening under the gaze and the exhibitionist in maslak escort him felt wonderful, more exciting than he had ever thought possible. He held his cock and gently masturbated it softly hoping he wasn’t going too far but the soft ‘Oh yes.’ from John told him he wasn’t. A few more pictures followed then John looked at him and cleared his throat.

‘Look, how would you feel about a few sexy ones laying on the bed?’ he asked apprehensively.

‘Yes.’ replied David immediately, his eyes wide with surprise. This was even better than he had imagined.

They went upstairs him leading with John following. He could hear John breathing heavily and knew it wasn’t from the exertion of climbing the stairs, and was glad that, with his neighbour so close behind him, he had paid particular attention to his hygiene that morning.

In the bedroom he lay on the bed and struck a few poses but always ensuring his now hard penis was in full view. He couldn’t remember feeling this turned on for a long time and felt completely uninhibited.

A few more pictures were taken then John suddenly said ‘It’s pretty warm in here, would you mind if I took some of my clothes off as well?’

‘Please do.’ said David and lay there with one hand behind his head and the other resting on his penis, watching him disrobe. He took his shirt and trousers off then his boxers and his cock came into view. He wasn’t circumcised and his foreskin came to a point at the end of his cock which sprouted from a thick bush of dark hair. David’s hair was quite fine and well trimmed so the contrast of John’s pubis was exciting.

As he went to step out of his underwear round his ankles he stumbled and fell on the bed coming close to David’s naked body. Their faces were only inches apart and it instinctively seemed the most natural thing in the world for David to reach forward and kiss the lips so close to his. Instantly even as he moved forward he recoiled at the thought of Johns rejection but the lips pressed to his didn’t pull back. He closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling of another human being willingly and lovingly kissing him and put his arms round him to pull him closer.

They lay for a while in each others arms just kissing and looking at each other then David began kissing his way down John’s body. First his throat and neck then onto his nipples and over his belly to his pubis and the mass of hair that smelt so good, fresh and clean but still with the slightly beyoğlu escort earthy aroma of an aroused penis. And his penis was certainly aroused, hard and throbbing as David took it in his hand for the first time, the swollen glans now freed from the foreskin which was now non-existent below the ridge of his purple helmet.

He looked at it as he gently masturbated the hot flesh in his hand then, bending forward gently licked the end, across the pisshole. He felt John jerk slightly and groan softly so continued to do it until he was flexing his groin off the bed. All he could hear were sounds of appreciation and soft encouragements ‘harder’ or ‘Yes!’ as he licked the underside of the twitching helmet.

Eventually he took it fully into his mouth and started masturbating him with his tongue. He could tell it wouldn’t be long before John came and so it was a few seconds later. He felt the penis swell a little more then the pulsing as the sperm pumped softly into his mouth, the first other than his own that he had tasted for many years. He could hear John grunting softly as he continued to suck the salty slightly, astringent fluid from him then released him to close his lips and savour the delicacy he had been missing for such a long time. It tasted wonderful.

He moved back up the bed to lay beside him again and they kissed but more gently this time until John said softly ‘My turn now.’

David flinched as he felt strange fingers encircle his prick and start to masturbate him, strange for belonging to someone else not his own, and lay back to enjoy the lead up to his own orgasm. He whispered a few endearments as he felt it approaching and as he started jerking his own liquid from his body he felt John’s lips on his once again. He came as hard as he had done in a long while still kissing the soft lips on his, then lay back as John brought his hand to his face for him to taste his own semen.

They lay there for a while in each others arms, passion now spent but still in the afterglow of sexual release and talked softly and with many kisses, about how wonderful it was that they had discovered each other and making plans to meet again very soon.

After a while they somewhat reluctantly parted and David went down to retrieve his clothes from the lounge. He left his wife’s panties off and with a final kiss and cuddle and a promise to meet again as soon as they could, he went back to his empty house. He dressed again in the clothes he had on when his wife left then sat down and relived the events of the last hour or so. It had been so exciting and had gone so far beyond his wildest expectations and dreams that he found himself getting hard again, an unusually swift recovery after ejaculation for him.

He reached inside his clothing to fondle himself…

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