Dayna’s Daddy Ch. 01

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Dayna checked the clock again, which seemed to be moving backwards if anything at all. She was desperate to get going. Her Daddy was coming home for the holidays, and there was still so much left to be done. One more quick look over her in-basket, and she just decided to skip out early. Checking around the office, she surreptitiously slid her jacket over her arm, logged out her computer, and clutched her purse. Walking towards the exit, she silently begged that no one see her go. Just a few steps more and she’d be home free!

“Dayna?” Chuck, her boss, stood in his office doorway. Inwardly she groaned, but turned quickly with a brisk smile,

“Yes?” She spoke with the most relaxed tone she could muster.

“I see you’re heading home early. Getting a jump on the holidays? Great idea!” In a louder voice, Chuck yelled, “Ok, everyone, let’s see you off early for a Christmas Eve night! Enjoy yourselves!” The office exploded into hoots and laughter, with a small smattering of applause. The office suddenly seemed to come alive, with people quickly gathering their things and putting on coats. Grinning widely, Chuck turned to Dayna, “Can I have a moment of your time, Dayna?” With a sinking feeling she didn’t betray by faltering her perfect smile, Dayna nodded and stepped in his door. Chuck closed it quickly behind her.

“Any plans this Christmas, Dayna?” He took a step closer to her and she backed against the desk in the center of the room. Inwardly, Dayna felt the familiar discomfort she experienced every time she was alone with Chuck, he just made her feel small and there was this nagging fear at the back of her mind. Willing her voice to be calm, she answered,

“My dad’s coming for Christmas. I haven’t seen him since my brother’s wedding this past summer, so I’m pretty excited. That’s why I was sneaking out, in fact, I have some prep left to do at home, and I really want to make the house special for him. “

“Right. His name is Brian, right? Yeah, I remember him from your open house when you first bought your place.” Dayna nodded noncommittally. Chuck had crashed the party he’d overheard her speak about to a coworker, and had drunk too much. Her Daddy had nearly thrown him out of the house when Chuck had groped the teenage daughter of one of her neighbors who had swung by to say hello. “I see, Dayna. Can I ask why you didn’t come to the office Christmas party last night? I looked for you, and didn’t see you there. I like my employees to participate in social functions the company sets up for them, and I’m wondering what you had found to do that was more important.” Chuck took a step towards her, and was now well within her personal space. Taking a deep and steadying breath, Dayna began,

“Well, I’ve been working quite a lot, I just wanted an evening home to simply rest. I’m sorry; I just couldn’t take another party with all that’s been on my plate.” Dayna cut short her explanation as Chuck ran his finger down the outside of her arm. She vainly tried to hear any other sounds from the office, but her co-workers had exited in record time with permission to leave early on Christmas Eve. “Um, Chuck, I’m sorry, but…”

“I’m interested to know what you were doing at home, Dayna. Lights off, or on? Wine? A mirror?” Chuck’s voice had taken on a decidedly forceful tone. “I know you’re too sexually charged a girl for you to go even one day without touching yourself.” Dayna’s mouth dropped open in shock. Chuck pressed forward, his face now intimately close, lowering his voice to as husky growl he continued. “Without fucking yourself, Dayna. Well, why don’t you tell me? I’ll understand. In fact, I was thinking. Considering that you have all this sexual repression just aching to get out of you, and I have on my hands an employee that isn’t performing up to standards, perhaps we could work something out.”

Chuck reached up with one hand and firmly grasped Dayna’s face, pressing his lips against her as he pressed his body hard against her own, driving her to lean backwards over the desk as she fought to free her hands and push him back. Her voice rose in a scream that his crushing mouth absorbed, as he pressed his right knee between her legs, forcing them apart. Then reaching up her skirt with his free hand he pinched her inner thigh hard. Searing pain was scorching her body- ground at the unnatural angle it was over the desk, and the raw burn on her thigh began to spread from his brutal grasp. Pulling his face away from hers, he lowered his hand from her jaw to her throat and squeezed firmly, keeping her still bending back over the desk.

Chuck’s eyes were dark and fierce, and his erection pressing against her body made her nauseas. He was shaking with excitement, and his fixed crush against her body mixed with the vibrations of his nerves was a rush he was feeding off of. “You’re so fucking hot for me, Dayna. Don’t even try to deny it! I’ve seen how you squirm when you’re near me. I have seen it in your eyes, every time you look at me. You’ve bursa suriyeli escort escort been begging me to fuck you.”

“No!” Dayna screamed, finding her voice at last, fighting the tears streaming down her face. With a quick movement, Chuck pulled his hand out from under her skirt and slapped her hard across the face. Reeling, Dayna sobbed quietly.

“You’re a whore, and you like it a little rough, I can tell. You talk like that again, and I’m going to stop playing nice.” His ragged breathing was permeating her mind with the stench of his breath, and he ran a finger over her bruised lips. “Now be a good girl.” He said, keeping one hand on her neck with that steady squeeze. He moved his other to her breasts and in a hard movement, ripped open the front of her blouse. He pulled down the front of her bra, so that her breasts popped out of the top of it. With cruel fingers he crushed her left breast in his palm, fingers digging in, until she let out a cry of pain.

Smiling, he let go. “I’m going to hear you scream again and again before tonight is over, you little whore. Make all the noise you want, it turns me on.” Reaching down he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock before once again reaching under her skirt. Pulling down her panties, he pushed them down to her knees, and then let them slide down to her ankles. Forcing his knee between her legs again, he grabbed his cock, intending to force it in her while watching her face as he thrust inside.

Seeing her eyes widen in surprise he paused for a moment, because Dayna’s gaze wasn’t fixated on him. He caught a movement behind him as he turned to follow her line of sight, and then saw a shower of lights explode in his vision a split second before dropping to the carpet in front of his desk, his head cracked open by the blow. Chuck’s body slumped awkwardly, with his cock still in hand, at Dayna’s feet. Shaking, Dayna struggled to stand up straight, and found her legs would simply not work. A swift step, and the softest touch later, she was supported in comforting arms, and she heard a voice say,

“Its ok, sweetie. I’m here. I’m here.” A low groan escaped her throat before she was overwhelmed by the dizzy sense of safety.

“Daddy.” She cried softly, before sinking in his arms, and blackness saved her from consciousness.

Stirring beneath the warmth of the soft blanket, Dayna opened her eyes, and watched the fire as it crackled in the hearth of her living room fireplace. Swallowing gingerly, she moaned when her throat ached from the simple movement. Placing her hands against it, she felt the tenderness where Chuck had bruised and scraped her skin with his coarse fingers and painful grip. With startling clarity, she recalled those last moments before her Daddy had miraculously saved her and brought her home. Without realizing it, tears began to stream down her face, and moments later, Dayna was surprised to feel the wetness on her skin.

“Sweetie? You ready for that tea?” Her Daddy was standing in the doorway that led from the kitchen holding a big mug that steamed in the dim light reflecting from the twinkling Christmas tree opposite the fireplace. Dayna nodded, not trusting herself to speak. He crossed over to her and knelt by the couch where Dayna had been resting since he had quietly and gently led her into the house. Handing her the mug, he reached up and brushed stray hair from her wet cheeks. He leaned in, and with gentle and purposeful movements, kissed away the tears from her eyes, from her cheeks, and then ended as he always had, with the loving kiss of a Daddy to his little girl, in the center of her forehead.

“Baby girl, I’m so sorry. I need to know, would you like me to call anyone? One of your girlfriends? Should I take you to the hospital? The police said you would need to go, but not immediately, unless you wanted to. They were able to document your injuries before you woke up.” Seeing the confusion in his darling daughter’s eyes, he explained. “I called them from my cell phone. I explained what had happened, and requested they send an ambulance to pick up that bastard in his office. He was still unconscious when we left, but breathing steadily, so I’m certain he’ll live. Though, I wouldn’t regret it a moment if he did not.”

Brian, remembering the sight of his little girl in the hands of that man, cringed at the thought that he had almost decided against surprising her at work instead of meeting at her house as arranged. Remembering once again the feel of that office room closing in on her in her terror, Dayna began to cry once more, struggling to breathe as her throat seemed to close once more within Chuck’s crushing grasp. “Baby, Sweetheart, I’m here.” Her Daddy once more held her face tenderly in his hands.

“Daddy, please.” Dayna didn’t even know what she wanted. She just needed safety and knew her Daddy was it. “Help.” She whimpered, not sure what she meant, but knowing he would know bursa ucuz escort what to do. Her Daddy always did. Standing up, he gently shifted her body to one side of the couch then sat down beside her before encircling her in his strong and loving arms. With a sigh full of knowing she was safe, she rested her head against his chest, and listened to his heart beat and the fire crackle until exhaustion and emotion brought on a deep sleep.

Hearing her breathing begin to slow, and sensing her deepening slumber, Brian watched the tension on his lovely daughter’s bruised and troubled face begin to lessen. Within him, he was torn between a fierce need to soothe her and reassure her, and conversely drive back to find and kill the man he’d left bleeding on the floor.

Swallowing hard, he forced himself to focus on the task at hand. His baby girl needed him with her, time enough for vengeance another day. For her, he was needed where he was, and that’s where he’d stay. Letting his eyes stray from her face, he noted the blood on her shirt and chest, certain that it wasn’t her own. He’d checked her for injuries while she was still unconscious in the office, then again with the police officers that had arrived shortly after he’d called them. The idea of that pig’s blood on his daughter set him seething, and gently he rose; laying her head delicately down on the couch once more, and covering her quietly with the edge of the blanket.

Leaving the room he traveled upstairs to the master bath, noting the sweet and pleasant style with which his little girl had decorated her home. He knew the tub in her bathroom was the largest, and after opening a couple of cupboards inside the room, he quickly found some soap, some towels and a large plush robe. Starting the water flowing, he added some of the bubble bath he saw on the edge of the tub. As it mixed with the swirling rush of water, he caught the scent of his daughter, and the simplicity of his sorrow and his fears came rushing in on him. He sat on the edge of the tub with his head in his hands until he could control himself. The fiercest sense of love, and longing to keep her safe, flooded through him once again as he turned off the tap, checked the temperature of the water, and headed down stairs.

“Baby girl?” He spoke gently as he removed the blanket from around her. As Dayna started at his touch, Brian quickly calmed her, “Sweetheart, I’ve run a bath for you; we need to get you cleaned up and into bed. Come on, I’ll help you.” As Dayna struggled to sit up with Brian’s support, her ruined shirt lay open and torn upon her chest. With a grimace, Brian noted the deep purple bruises around her breasts, and the abrasions upon her neck and face. Summoning once again his self-control, he turned his attention to gently helping his darling daughter to her room, and into the bath. At the top of the stairs, which Dayna had ascended with an aching slowness, she leaned heavily on his arm.

“Daddy, I can’t. Everything hurts.” She sighed. Without pause, Brian lifted her carefully into his arms and carried her into the bathroom. Sitting her on the edge of the tub, he noted that she was half asleep still, and knew she was thoroughly exhausted.

“Sweetheart, let’s get you in the tub.” He said gently, hoping to awaken her enough that she could safely get in and out of the bath without danger of further injury. “I’ll wait out here.” He said as he took a step towards her bedroom door.

“Daddy, no!” the uncertainty and fear he heard brought Brian back. “Please, please stay, Daddy. Please.” Dayna pleaded still with her eyes only half open. The desperation in her voice made up his mind.

“Ok, ok. I’ll stay here with you, sweetie. I’m not going anywhere.” Brian lifted one of her hands. “Ok, let’s get you in there; lift your arm, honey. Slowly is fine, I’ll help you.” With careful movements and her attempts at cooperation, Dayna was finally relieved of her bloody skirt, her shoes, and her torn shirt. In her bra and underwear, she teetered on the edge of the bath tub, too weak and sore to continue.

“Daddy, help me.” She said softly. Slowly Brian steadied her, then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Gingerly easing it off her shoulders and down her arms, he saw the bruises and scrapes from her encounter on her chest. Carefully averting his eyes, he slid his hands down her waist, and hooked his fingers into the elastic of her underwear, noting how slick and thin it felt, and surprising himself by finding it a beautiful sensory.

Touching this intimate fabric of his daughter’s, helping her slip it down her toned and smooth legs was wildly and surprisingly erotic to him. Blinking, he tried to fend off the knowledge of her sexual beauty, and concentrate on the simple act of helping. When he lifted one leg an inch to slip the cloth from around her foot, Dayna moaned, and he quickly steadied himself, and looked at her face. Her eyes were open, and once again, bursa üniversiteli escort light tears dusted the edges of her thick and full lashes.

“I’ll help you stand up, sweetheart,” he voiced carefully, keeping the rising awareness of her nakedness and sensuality out of his voice. “Here, just lean on me.” As Dayna stood up, she caught her reflection in the mirror and gasped out a sob.

“Daddy! Oh, my God! Look at me! I’m awful,” she raised one hand and outlined the bruise on her breast, then the other. The simple act of watching his beautiful daughter lightly brushing her hand across her own breasts made Brian’s legs go weak.

“No, Honey.” He choked out, this time making no effort to mask his emotion. “You’re beautiful.” He gathered her into his arms and softly turned her face from the mirror to look into his eyes. “Beautiful.” he murmured. Kissing away her tears once more, he helped her turn, and face the bath. Then as she tried to lift her leg over the edge, she hissed in pain and he felt her begin to shake again. “Ok, Dayna, come on honey, I think you need to get in. You need to get clean and warm. Let’s try again.”

“I can’t get in, Daddy. Oh, I can’t. I’m so sorry.” Dayna cried. “I can’t stop crying, and I can’t do anything, and I so wanted this to be a wonderful time with you, and everything is ruined.” She clung to him, and on impulse, Brian lowered his head and kissed her lips, gently silencing her.

“My beautiful, perfect little angel.” He said softly. “You’re wrong. I’m here with you, and you’re safe. Do you think I care at all about how much you cry? You’re hurt! Please, let me help you. I want to help you. There is nowhere I would rather be, no one I’d rather be with than here with you.” Having poured every resonant emotion of love into his words and tone, Brian saw the effect they had on his daughter. Once more, she stopped her crying and sighed, leaning into him and swaying slightly in his arms as he held her up. Quietly she pulled back her head and made an effort once again to lift a leg over the edge of the tub. Watching the pain etched on her face, Brian simply picked her up, and then stepped into the tub with her in his arms.

At once, a slight and quiet smile crept on Dayna’s face. “Oh, Daddy! You’re wet! Your clothes!” He smiled broadly at her, and carefully lowered her into the tub, balancing her weight against him, until once settled, her back nestled against his chest. Waiting as she shifted carefully in the water until she was comfortable, Brain was acutely aware of the length of her body resting on his. He wanted to make her pain go away so badly, and felt so helpless to soothe her. After a moment, he recognized her breathing deepen once again, and knew she’d fallen asleep. Brian realized that it wouldn’t take long before the warm water grew cold, and concerned that she may still be experiencing symptoms of shock; he wanted her clean and in bed as quickly as possible. Considering his options, he decided to talk quietly to her, and clean her himself, as quickly as possible. Reaching for a small facial cloth and soap on the edge of the tub, he quietly worked a lather over her arms.

“Dayna, sweetie, I’m going to wash your arms, ok?” Quietly again, he lathered the cloth over her shoulders, ever so gently. Then every now and again, just squeezing out the water in the cloth so that it ran down his daughter’s skin, soothing the injured area, and cleaning it without the painful friction of running the cloth over it. “Dayna, I’m going to get this blood off your chest. I’ll be careful, honey, I know it hurts.” Slowly and with great care, Brian reached around to the front of his daughter and lightly pressed the cloth against her chest. As he wiped, he felt Dayna relaxing even further, her entire body now limp and releasing tension as it lay against him.

“Oh, Daddy,” Dayna murmured, “That feels good.” Hearing her speak with such contentment when Brian was desperate to ease her pain, it made his heart swell that it seemed to be working. Realizing the cloth had blood on it now, he lightly tossed it over the other end of the tub. He’d take it down to the garbage later. He soaped up his hands, intending to rinse them, and then get Dayna off to bed. As he lathered, he heard her sleepy voice say, “More, Daddy. Please? It’s making me feel so much better.” Hesitating for a moment, realizing the cloth was too far out of reach, then all at once finding himself so aware of his desire to touch and bring pleasure to his beautiful daughter, that he gave himself over to his love for her, and slowly began sliding his soapy hands across her breasts. Carefully keeping his touch as light as possible, he cupped them gently, and then circled one breast then the other with sure and smooth fingers.

“Like that, Dayna?” he asked, astounded not only at his desire to touch his daughter, but her apparent desire for the same. “Yes, please, Daddy” she said, again in her half asleep voice. Her voice dropping an octave as he gently ran his hands underneath her breasts, a low, “mmm…” coming from deep inside her throat. Looking down over her shoulder in front of him, Brian once again viewing the full breasts of his daughter, Brian felt himself respond in surprise. His mix of revulsion at himself for his desire, and then the full strength of his own lust was staggering to him.

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