Debbie’s Descent Ch. 01

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I should never have done it.

Debbie and I were married when we were young. She was 19; I was 20. Although neither of us had much prior sexual experience, we enjoyed frequent and very pleasurable encounters. But something was missing. After several years, sex became… well… routine.

Debbie is aging well. She’s 5 feet, 4 inches tall. She has long, silky, brunette hair that falls well past her shoulders. With sparkling brown eyes and a dark complexion, she has a very exotic look.

Debbie weighs 10 pounds less than she did in high school, and she works hard to stay in shape. A fitness nut, she goes to a spinning class three times long bike rides and loves to work out. She’s shapely, too, with luscious 34DD breasts that are as firm as they day I met her.

When Debbie’s 30th birthday was just around the corner, it hit me: I could get her some sex toys, and treat it like an innocent joke, but find a way to spice up our love life. But what? And how to purchase something like that?

While surfing online one day and enjoying a new web site, I realized what would make the perfect gift – or so I thought. A dildo. And not just a toy… a giant-size, life-like black cock. I smiled with self-satisfaction at the idea, and proceeded to order one online. The credit card statement wouldn’t arrive in the mail until long after her birthday.

I thought this was an especially good idea, because I had heard Debbie comment about some of the men at the gym. She never failed to notice when a new black guy showed up. She would describe them and their muscular build, and even tell me about their workout routine. A few times, I asked if she had flirted with her new “friend.” She would laugh and say, “No, silly. I’m married – I Escort Akbatı don’t go to the gym to pick up men. It’s just that he was really in shape…”

I had no reason to believe that Debbie was being unfaithful to me. But I began to fantasize about it. I began to imagine her sneaking off with one of the men she observed for an illicit rendezvous. It really excited me to think about watching her with another man – especially a black man. But after several casual attempts to introduce the subject and getting brushed off, I gave up talking with her about it. Until her birthday.

I made it a point to go home for lunch every day the next week, checking the mailbox on my way in. On the day the package arrived, I examined the merchandise, and thought it was perfect. The dildo was indeed life-like, as promised. Although it was room temperature and obviously cooler than a real penis would be, the texture was amazingly like real skin. It was large, alright – 11 inches long, and I could barely get my hand around the girth. My own cock is about 8 inches hard, and firly thick, but noticably smaller than this, I thought. I immediately gift wrapped it in a festive paper I purchased just for the occasion, and hid it in my closet.

Debbie’s birthday arrived, and I could hardly wait. We enjoyed breakfast and parted for the day. After work, we went to Larry and Gwen’s home for cake with several other couples. We all enjoyed watching Debbie open a series of hilarious “30-and-over-the-hill” gifts. As the laughter subsided, the party began to break up. We excused ourselves politely.

As we walked to the car, Debbie was smiling. “That was a lot of fun. Thanks for planning this,” she said. “The fun isn’t over quite Aksaray escort yet,” I responded. Debbie flashed a big smile at me. “What’s that supposed to mean,” she asked with a grin. “I have one more present for you, but it’s at home.”

I unlocked her door and Debbie got into the car. As she sat down, she gave my bulge a playful squeeze with her right hand. “Isn’t my present right here?” I gently took her hand, squeezed it, and whispered loudly, “later, yes, but there’s more.”

The car was quiet as we drove the few blocks to our house. I had set the stereo on a timer, and it was playing romantic music softly as we entered the house. As Debbie excused herself to change clothes, I lit candles in the bedroom and retrieved her present from my closet, placing it in the middle of the king-size bed.

She entered the room, glowing and wearing a not-too-revealing silk nightshirt. “Ooooooooh,” she said, a big smile on her face. “Is this for me, too?”

“Happy birthday, sweetie,” I said. “This is for you. I hope you like it.”

Debbie picked up the box and shook it gently, but that gave her no clue. She gingerly untied the bow and began to peel off the paper. I tensed up as she unwrapped the gift, hoping I hadn’t gone too far. As she realized what the package contained, she sucked in a big breath, slowly. “Ohhhhhhh my god,” she whimpered quietly. She stared at her present, still in the box.

“Is that a good ‘Oh my god,’ or a bad ‘Oh my god’,” I asked, quietly. I was really worried that I had done something that would repulse her or make Debbie think I was crazy.

There was a long silence. A really long silence. Debbie turned and looked at me with a look I could only describe as Ankara escort bayan a combination of seductive and excited. I know now how to describe that look in much more specific terms.

“Ohhhhhh, honey, I love it! This is going to be fun,” she gushed. “Can I take it out of the box right now?”

Breathing a huge sigh of relief, I responded, “Yes, of course, it’s only your birthday for a few more hours.”

She opened the box and carefully pulled out the gigantic black cock dildo. Setting the box aside, she held it in both hands, as if to guess its size. “God, it’s biiiiiig,” she said in a hushed whisper. She continued to stare at the toy, moving her hands slowly, deliberately, over the length and girth.

Then, suddenly, she pointed the tip upward and brought it to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and ran it all over the smooth dildo cockhead before opening her mouth. She pursed her lips and sucked on the tip. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like she was trying to push her tongue into the peehole. What happened next amazed me.

Debbie closed her eyes and opened her mouth wider. She pushed two or three inches of the fat, black dick into her mouth and sucked – hard. Her cheeks hollowed. Then she broke the seal of her lips and somehow managed to slither her tongue out between her bottom lip and the shaft of that massive dildo. Eyes still closed, she began to work the dildo in and out of her mouth, sucking and slurping noisily, working the first few inches in and out between her lips.

After about 30 seconds, which seemed to me like an eternity at the time, Debbie pulled the fake cock out of her mouth and opened her eyes. When she turned her gaze to me, it was as if she didn’t even see me. Suddenly, it seemed that she snapped back into reality. As she laid the dildo on the bed, I noticed how wet and shiny the tip was, coated with her saliva.

Debbie pushed me back on the bed. “Thanks for the present, lover,” she said. There was a look of lust in my wife’s eyes I had never seen before.

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