Deep Tissue Massage

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The following is a true account of an encounter I had during a recent ski trip.

In March of 2010, I decided to join a few friends on a ski trip in Vermont. It was going to be a weekend of skiing and drinking with many of my old friends from high school. However, on my flight out from the west coast, I ended up tweaking my lower back due to the long flight in the “spacious” seating that the airline provided me in coach. Having been an avid skier since a very young age I have to say I am in pretty good shape. That said, I am now in my mid 30s and therefore, I have a tendency to breakdown a little bit easier than I used to. By the time I reached our lodge after the flight and long drive up into the mountains, my back was an absolute disaster. Regardless, I was going to find a way to get on the mountain the next day as nothing was going to stop me from enjoying the fresh powder that had accumulated the week prior to our trip.

The next morning we hit the mountain early; however, my back was in even worse pain than the night before. Many of my friends cautioned me not to ski; however, I wasn’t having it. I had already made my mind up that I was going to find a way to ski no matter what. As we were purchasing our lift tickets, I noticed a sign for a massage therapist located in the ski lodge of the mountain that we were skiing. I immediately decided this would be a great way to loosen up my back and get me onto the mountain. I informed my friends to go on without me and that I would get a quick massage and then head on up. We decided we would meet up for lunch at one of the lodge’s midway up the mountain.

I grabbed my stuff and headed over to the massage therapists office. As I entered, I noticed a young man sitting at the front desk. He introduced himself as Mike and asked how he could help me. I explained to Mike my situation and that I was really adamant about skiing but was hoping that there was something that could be done to relieve some of my back pain. Mike was very courteous and apologized that their massage rooms were currently being used but that he could give me a quick 15 minute lower back treatment to help get me through the day. There was a massage table in the small lobby area and Mike said he would pull out a tri-fold screen to give us a little privacy from anyone walking by the front of the office which had a large window to the outside.

As I lay down onto the table Mike asked what I was wearing underneath my ski pants. I explained that I had on some long underwear and upon hearing this Mike said that I should take off my ski pants and powder jacket. He mentioned that it would be best if I was actually not wearing anything at all but since we did not have a private room he understood if I was more comfortable in my long underwear. I have to say that I had never been given a massage by another man and hearing Mike suggest that I take off my clothes was kind of a turn on. Although I am typically more inclined towards women, arap porno I had been with a few men in my past and it had been a while since my last encounter and the thought of this young, good looking guy massaging my naked body was starting to excite me. Trying to keep my composure, I slid off my pants and jacked and laid face down onto the table.

Mike slowly started to massage my lower back, working his hands and fists deep into my muscle tissue. He then pulled my shirt up to expose my lower back and asked if I minded him pulling my long underwear down a bit to expose my butt. I said it was fine and after he did this I could hear him applying oil to his hands. My excitement at this point was starting to grow and I could feel my cock begin to swell as Mike slowly applied baby oil to my lower back and upper ass area. Mike proceeded to give me an amazing lower back massage that also focused on my ass muscles. After what seemed like forever, he asked me to roll over so that he could massage my quads and do some leg bends. At this point my cock was semi hard and due to the fact that I have a pretty large cock, I knew that my excitement would be pretty obvious through my long underwear when I rolled over. I was pretty embarrassed but what the hell, I was probably never going to see this guy again anyway. I rolled over and sure enough my cock was pinned against my thigh and visibly outlined through my white underwear. Mike; however, did not say a thing and went ahead and started to massage up and down my legs, focusing on my quads and the inner thigh region, very close to where my cock was pinned against my thigh.

It was at this point that two women came out of the hallway and said goodbye to Mike. Mike gave a quick goodbye in reply and then stopped massaging my legs and asked if I wanted to go use one of the private rooms. Excited at the prospect of being completely alone and in private with him I said sure; although I was still pretty embarrassed that I may be getting aroused (and showing it) with a guy that did not share the same interests. Either way I was curious in exploring where this could go.

We entered the room and Mike asked if I was ok getting completely nude for the message. He mentioned there was a towel on the wall that I could use to cover myself and that being nude would allow him to use oil and give me a really deep massage. I of course said sure and as he went about getting ready I slipped off all of my clothes and then asked him if it mattered which towel I used (there was more than one hanging on the wall). As Mike glanced up to answer me, I caught him give a quick look at my cock which although it was no longer hard it was still pretty engorged and dangling freely between my legs. I knew that I had a pretty large cock and the quick reaction he had at seeing it alerted me to the fact that he probably liked what he saw. Mike instantly went back into professional mode and told me any towel was fine bedava porno and so I grabbed the nearest one and wrapped it around my waist.

Mike had me lay down on my back and then pushed the towel away from my legs so that only my groin was covered. He then started in again on my thighs with the baby oil, massaging my quads and my inner thighs. It felt amazing and ever so slowly he started to work his way up my thighs towards my groin area. At this point my cock was back to half mast and was starting to push against the towel; however, my eyes were closed and I was just enjoying the pleasure that Mike was providing me. As he edged closer to my groin area, my cock, which was now fighting against the pressure of the towel, suddenly sprang free of the towel and slid up across my leg just as Mike’s hand was moving up my thigh, literally brushing across the top of his hand. Mike continued to massage me as if nothing happened and I embarrassedly offered a quick apology.

Mike responded “Don’t apologize. It’s flattering to see that my techniques are making you feel so relaxed.”

“Mmmm, I’m more than relaxed” I said “Your hands feel amazing.”

At this point my cock was close to full mast; 9 inches of thick cock still fighting my towel in an effort to point straight up towards my stomach. Noticing this, and obviously not embarrassed about it, Mike quietly asked:

“I take it you won’t mind if I get rid of this towel? You’d probably be a lot more comfortable.”

“No, not at all…that would be nice.” I barely whispered in response, closing my eyes and leaning my head back.

At this Mike slowly slid off the towel; allowing my huge penis to spring to its natural place of rest, pressed against my stomach; pre cum now dripping from my cock head into my belly button. Mike reached over to his bottle of oil and applied more to his hands and resumed massaging my inner thighs pushing gently up to my ball sack and slightly brushing against my balls and pubic area with both hands, with the tops of his hands brushing ever so lightly against the underside of my rock hard cock. I let out a moan of pleasure to let him know that I was thoroughly enjoying the attention he was now starting to show my cock. On his next pass up my thighs Mike decided to touch me slightly more, rubbing oil along my balls and gently caressing the tips of his fingers along my huge, thick shaft, tracing the line of my engorged vein on the underside of my penis.

“Fuck Mike, that feels so good.” I whispered. “You’re making me so horny.”

Mike didn’t response but instead, continued to tease my now aching cock, slowly touching it and slightly stroking it more and more. As he teased my cock he slowly had me slide down the massage table towards the end of the table so that my ass was near the edge. Mike had me bend my legs so that my feet were on the edge of the table just below my ass. He then started to massage the insides cüce porno of my thighs and spread my legs out to expose my cock and ass to him. As he was doing this I suddenly shuddered with exhilaration as I felt what I quickly realized to be the head of his cock rubbing up the base of my cock. What I had not realized (due to my eyes being closed) is that Mike had quietly unzipped and removed his pants and was now completely nude himself from the waist down. I opened my eyes to see his huge hard cock rubbing along side of my own and was amazed to see that his dick was literally the same size as my own, in both length and girth. He had fully oiled himself up and our cocks were now sliding up and down against each other. I was so turned on that I reached up and pulled Mike to me; pressing his body against mine we began making out, our huge oiled up cocks grinding against each other as our tongues explored each other’s mouths.

While we continued to kiss I suddenly felt Mike’s fingers probing the underside of my ass. As his finger found my tight ass hole, my body quivered in anticipation. His finger slowly worked into my tight hole, the oil from the massage loosening me up. As we kissed I lifted my ass off the table to let him know that I was open to letting him enter me. I wanted this young stud and I wanted him to fuck me like I had never been fucked before.

As we continued to make out I felt Mike’s huge, thick cock slide off of my own and slide down between my legs and start to rub against my exposed ass…the tip of his cock pressing against my now eager hole. I kissed him deeper, our tongues interlocked and probing deep within our mouths, my hands pulling is face into my own and as we kissed I slowly felt his huge penis enter into me; slowly pushing deeper into my tight ass. I grunted with a mix of pleasure and pain and pulled my face away from Mike so I could look him in the eyes as he fucked me like the young stud that he was. Our eyes locked and Mike started to push deeper into me and then slowly pulled out and then deeper still, until eventually all 9 inches of his glorious cock were thrusting in and out of my ass, my huge cock slapping against my belly as he fucked me. We were now sweating and grunting and I could sense my cock was going to burst with cum. I pulled Mike closer to me and gave him a deep kiss and then told him I was going to cum any minute. At that moment he picked up the pace and the next thing I knew I could feel a blast of hot cum filling my tight ass. The feeling of having this young stud fill me with his man seed sent me over the edge and immediately my own cock started shooting out streams of white semen.

Mike collapsed on top of me and slowly our cocks softened and we held each other for a while until we eventually decided to get up and clean ourselves off before anyone showed up. We quickly got dressed and headed out to the front and when I went to pay Mike for the massage he declined and said that it was on him and that I had made his day. As I left to go ski, Mike looked up from his desk and asked me how my back was feeling. It was then that I laughed since I suddenly realize that my back felt great and that the pain was completely gone. Guess all I needed was an amazing “deep tissue” massage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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