Demon’s Craving Ch. 02

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Tenzurr, the sleep demon, was an expert in moving around unnoticed. Sucking off Danny Miller was great, but it also left him wanting more. Much more. His body was surging with newly-found energy he gathered from the young man’s cum – it was, in a way, an addictive substance to the demon. Once he found a good source, it wasn’t easy to stop. And this house was just a faucet of opportunities.

But he knew that the poor Danny had a long day, and he wasn’t sure if he was able to suck out more of him in his current state. He needed someone with a little more energy. And that somebody was waiting for him just a few doors down the hallway.

Kurt Miller was Danny’s big brother. Twenty-five years old and not resembling his younger sibling in the slightest. While Danny kept his looks cut and clean, Kurt wasn’t as keen on presentable clothes, following rules, authorities… anything, really. His hair was shaggy and usually kept under a skateboard cap he wore backwards. His face, more rugged and manly than Danny’s, was never completely shaven. Unlike his brother, he wasn’t as keen on schoolwork either – he dropped out of high school and had been working in the local steel mill for about eight years since then, which earned him a pretty solid, muscled body. It also gave him a lot of demeanors that he had – a more laid-back, casual attitude and the vocabulary of a sailor.

His dad, William, wasn’t too pleased with the fact that Kurt was so much less ambitious than his brother, but Kurt wasn’t complaining. He liked this life. Good, honest work during the day followed by hanging around with his workmates after dark.

Today was no exception. Harvey, Kurt’s best friend and coworker, was hanging out with him in his room. Kurt’s father didn’t approve of Harvey’s visits – he thought Harvey was a drunk and a hippie and that he was dragging Kurt down, keeping him from getting promoted and getting his career on the right track. Perhaps it was his father’s disapproval that made Kurt feel so close to Harvey… or perhaps it was something else.

Harvey was a couple of years older than Kurt. The ladies of the town always said that with his nice green eyes and his smile, he could be a real catch – if he only shaved away that scruffy beard, cut his long hair – which was reaching his shoulders now – and started dressing up in something else than t-shirts with torn-off sleeves and oil-stained shorts all the time. And also if his breath didn’t constantly smell of cheap beer.

Cheap beer was something that was on the menu today for the two men. They were sitting on Kurt’s bed, drinking up and laughing at a romantic comedy that was currently on air on one of the only few channels that the Miller’s were able to get out in the countryside. It was some basic, sappy story the boys were not interested in. What they were interested in was the “R” rating it had in the TV guide.

“Geez,” Harvey shook his head before he took a big gulp from the brandless beer can he was holding in his hand, “Does this chick ever stop crying or what?”

“Dunno about that,” Kurt responded by shrugging, “She has a nice rack, though. I hope those babies get more screen time real soon.”

“They’d better,” Harvey said as he burped, “So far, this piece of shit is pretty unwatchable.”

Harvey stretched his arms out, signalizing his boredom, and made himself comfortable by laying down on Kurt’s pillows. Kurt noticed that his friend’s exposed, hairy armpit landed right on the spot he used to sleep on.

This was the exact moment Tenzurr decided to join them. He peeked through the half-opened doorway, concealed by the darkness of the hallway, and started observing the two men.

The sleep demon took a long, potent sniff and grinned to himself. Apart from the cheap alcohol and man sweat, the room was filled with something only he could pick up. Unspoken sexual tension.

Both Harvey and Kurt were countrymen – both workers, always surrounded by other guys who were just like them. Talking about their feelings wasn’t on the table. And something juicy, like, say, hidden sexuality or romantic feelings towards your coworkers? No chance in hell, not unless you wanted to last more than a day in the mill.

Both of the men knew that. They also, deep down, knew that they weren’t hanging out with each other just because they enjoyed each other’s jokes and banter. Tenzurr could sense it, the lingering, provocative scent in the air. Deep down, both the men had a giant crush on each other. But neither one of them knew that the other one felt the same way. Both fooled around with girls before, but now they wanted something different.

What if the other one wasn’t into it, though? That was the question both men used to push away their true feelings inside them.

If Tenzurr’s powers weren’t enough to make him sure of the situation, it was the look Kurt gave Harvey after he saw that he was essentially rubbing his armpit over his pillow. He stared at it, not reacting for a pretty long time. The sleep demon knew that the man didn’t have the slightest problem with that. On the contrary, if bahis şirketleri he could, he would have buried his face into the man’s armpit directly and sniffed the sweet man scent he was longing for… But his self-preservation instinct has won again.

“You mind getting that thing away from where I sleep, you fuckin’ ape?” he teased his friend, “I don’t need to inhale your damn pits for the whole night.”

“Heh,” Harvey responded with a smile, “Is that so?”

In order to mess with his friend, he took the pillow and started deliberately rubbing it all over his armpit. Kurt laughed and pretended – very well – that he was upset by that, reaching over to punch Harvey in the shoulder.

“Gross, dude! Cut it out, now!”

He threw himself at Harvey and they started wrestling over the pillow, jumping around the bed in a tight embrace, both trying to overpower the other. The pillow soon flew away, but the wrestling continued. Kurt ended up being victorious, sitting on Harvey’s chest and holding his hands spread apart. He looked down at his friend with a grin.

“Ha! Who’s the man now?”

“Right,” Harvey replied, also grinning, “Tough words from the mouth of someone who fights like a girl.”

“Like a girl, huh?” Kurt said while bending Harvey’s fingers in a painful way, “Did I hear that right?”

“Aaaaah!” Harvey screamed-laughed, “Cut it out, you son of a bitch, I’m warning you!”

Their wrestling was interrupted by a few loud bangs from upstairs. Kurt’s father stomped on the floor. He had just about enough of the commotion.

“Enough with that racket!” he shouted at them through the floorboards, “Don’t make me come down there!”

Both men stopped what they were doing and wisely got off of each other. It wasn’t smart to piss off William F. Miller, and they both knew that.

“Your dad sounds like he had a good day at work again,” Harvey noted sarcastically.

“Eh, he’s always pissed,” Kurt waved his hand, “Let’s go back to the movie. Look, the chick is taking her bra off!”

On the screen, the busted blonde actress indeed started exposing her chest. The cameraman made sure to zoom in and get a really good shot of her breasts. Some dialogue was going on, but both men were only fixated on one thing.

“Fuck,” Kurt said, “I wouldn’t mind getting some of that.”

“You tell me, bro,” Harvey said, “I haven’t gotten any action in months.”

“Probably ’cause you smell like a skunk, dude.”

“Don’t start.”

Harvey laughed, but then immediately noticed the growing bulge inside of his underwear. While in his room, Kurt and Harvey kept it casual, only wearing their tank tops and boxer briefs. Kurt’s friend didn’t bother to attempt to hide his growing boner and absent-mindedly rubbed his shaft through his underwear.

“Damn, the hoe’s getting me all riled up,” he commented, “Maybe I should go home and take care of this boner.”

“Home? This late?” Kurt said, while discreetly trying to catch a glimpse of Harvey’s hardon, “Fuck that, man. Just stay over. You can crank your hog in the bathroom. I don’t mind, as long as you clean up after yourself.”

“Nah,” Harvey shook his head, “Your dad would lose it.”

“He leaves for work early in the morning, way before our shift starts,” Kurt assured him, “He won’t know shit. We can just share my bed.”

Harvey chuckled. Although the thought of sharing the bed with his best friend made him even harder, he felt obligated to spin it into a “no homo” comment.

“Well, you better keep your hands to yourself, if that’s gonna be the case.”

Kurt fake-laughed, while crossing his legs to hide his growing erection. The half-naked woman on the screen had nothing to do with it.

“Yeah, right,” he replied, his tone nonchalant, “You’d just love that, wouldn’t you? A nice pair of another man’s hands on you.”

“Heh, yeah, right” Harvey replied, faking his sarcasm.

“Right,” Kurt said and downed his beer. This was their last beercan.

“We’re out, huh?” Harvey commented, “No biggie, I’m already kinda pissed anyway.”

“Yeah. And I’m tired,” Kurt said while crushing the can. He looked at his friend, trying not to focus too hard on his crotch. “You wanna hit the hay?”

“Sure,” Harvey shrugged, “If you don’t mind me stinkin’ up the place.”

“Seriously?” Kurt whined, “Aren’t you at least gonna take a shower?”

“Can’t do that, my man,” Harvey chuckled, “I always end up with a cold if I shower right before bed.”

Kurt wasn’t the kind of man who’d frequently give up. If it was anyone else, he would drag them to the shower himself if he had to. But his mind secretly longed to be able to smell Harvey the whole night, so he let it pass.

“Fine,” he groaned, “Not gonna take care of that boner either, huh?”

“I’ll leave it for the morning,” Harvey said. He stood up and arched his back, his tenting bulge in the view of the TV light, “You’re right. It’s getting late.”

“Cool,” Kurt said. Skipping the shower himself as well, he crawled into the queen-sized bed and covered himself with his blanket. Harvey bahis firmaları turned the TV off and then took the opposite side, as far away from Kurt as possible – as social norms dictated.

“Goodbye, princess,” he teased his friend.

“Shut up, you stupid fuck,” Kurt replied, while rolling away on the other side, “And go to sleep already.”

Harvey chuckled and laid on his back, hands behind his head. Soon, both the exhausted men were fast asleep, their snoring echoing through the room. Their dicks were still semi-hard, though, so pent up and delicious looking.

Tenzurr could just suck them off, one by one, in the same way he did to Danny. But because he could sense the tension between the two friends, he decided to take a slightly different way. You see, entering dreams wasn’t his only specialty.

The door opened only slightly, to let the demon’s lanky body pass through the darkness and stop at Kurt’s side of the bed. The demon knelt down and looked at Kurt in the moonlight. Such a strong, virile man… surely he was able to give him plenty to swallow. And if he got his hunky friend into the mix, well, that could prove to be a really filling meal.

The sleep demon licked his lips as he prepared to enter Kurt’s mind. He whispered, softly, using Harvey’s voice.

“Kurt… hey, bro…”

Kurt shuffled around in his sleep, grunting softly.

“Hey, Kurt,” Tenzurr continued, using Harvey’s voice to speak, “You there?”

“What do you need?” Kurt murmured silently from his sleep.

“The hardon won’t go away, bro,” the demon whispered, “I’m so riled up. I need to bust a nut, otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep.”


“What’s that?” Tenzurr asked.

“Go to the bathroom and jerk off, then,” Kurt grunted, his mind still out cold.

“That won’t do,” Harvey’s voice entered his sleeping mind again through Tenzurr’s mouth, “I need you, bro.”

Kurt paused a little in his slumber. Initially, Tenzurr wasn’t sure if the guy could hear that last line, but the next thing he replied made the demon smile.


“Yeah,” Tenzurr continued, “I wanted to have you ever since I laid my eyes on you for the first time.”

“Uh… you’re just fucking with me, dude…”

“No, I’m not,” Tenzurr said, “Can you take care of this for me? Please, dude, I’m begging you.”

With that, he quickly disappeared into a shadow and materialized again at the other side of the bed. He leaned towards Harvey and his mouth whispered again, this time using Kurt’s voice.




“What is it, bro?” Harvey grunted in his sleep. Tenzurr managed to get into his mind too.

“I fucking want you, man,” Tenzurr imitated Kurt’s voice, “And I know you want me too.”

Harvey chuckled in his dreams and shuffled around nervously.

“Heh, yeah. Faggot.”

“Stop pretending,” Tenzurr pushed further, “You make me rock hard, and I have the same effect on you too. Don’t lie to me, dude.”

Harvey’s tone softened and got a little nervous.

“I ain’t a fag…”

“You want my dick,” Tenzurr said, speaking to Harvey as Kurt, “Admit it. You fucking want it. The movie didn’t make you hard. I did. You’ve been lusting after me for a while.”


“Admit it.”

“Mmmm… maybe… don’t tell… I want your dick, but don’t tell people… please.”

Tenzurr smiled to himself. Perfect. Now for the final touch.

He made himself comfortable in a chair on the opposite side of the room that gave him a nice view of the entire space and snapped his fingers. Another power of a sleeping demon. Invoking sleepwalking.

Both men suddenly started shuffling and shifting in their bed. After a short while, they both rolled over onto the middle part, much closer than they were before. Their hands were wandering about until they found each other’s bodies in the dark.

Tenzurr took the smart route. Sure, he could work hard to get the cum out of these two men… or he could let them eagerly squeeze it out of each other for him – that, and put up a nice show for the demon.

Kurt’s lips found Harvey’s in the dark bedroom and started sleepily making out with him. His friend was eager to receive, moaning into Kurt’s mouth. Both men started engaging in a passionate make-out session. In their dreams, no barriers or social rules were keeping them apart, and they could let their animalistic nature completely loose. Their hands were exploring, sliding under each other’s tank tops and rubbing the hot, naked, hairy skin. Gradually, less and less of their bodies were covered by clothing.

Tenzurr enjoyed the smacking of their lips and the sound of their hands going everywhere, but he decided to give the two shy first-timers some guidance.

“You should taste him,” he sent a thought to Kurt’s head, “You know what his smell has been doing to you for a while. It’s time to really experience it. Right from the tap.”

It wasn’t exactly mind control – it was simply an idea that the demon offered to Kurt, knowing that the man kaçak bahis siteleri was too horny not to go along with it.

As expected, Kurt didn’t fight the idea, accepting it as his own. His face moved down and found Harvey’s hairy armpit. The very thing he always pretended to be disgusted by was now there for the taking.

His tongue met Harvey’s salty skin, circling around, tasting the manly essence of his close friend’s unbelievably hot body. Harvey grunted from his slumber, enjoying the way his best pal appreciated his sweaty musk. He opened the armpit for him a little bit more, to give Kurt even more.

Kurt buried his entire face in there and inhaled deeply. He moaned silently and spent a good minute in there, letting his cock grow to a complete, raging, almost painful erection. Tenzurr knew that he would get the best results if he took his time and really teased the two. The night was still young, he had no reason to hurry.

“The rest of his body too,” he nudged Kurt again, “Come on. You’ve been staring at him every time he took off his t-shirt when you went to the lake together. You’ve stayed up late imagining this exact moment. Go wild, boy, don’t hesitate.”

Kurt’s mind was hungry for more naughty ideas and obeyed Tenzurr in a heartbeat. He slowly crawled on top of his friend and his hands grabbed the neck of Harvey’s tank top. Slowly, he started tearing the fabric apart, exposing Harvey’s hairy pecs. Tenzurr usually didn’t like leaving around a lot of evidence from his visits, but he thought that if these two caught on to what happened tonight in the morning between them, it would only help the two repressed lovers.

When the last piece of thread holding the two sides of Harvey’s tank top gave up, Kurt immediately sank down and put his mouth to work. Tenzurr had fun figuring out the man’s hidden preferences. Even when he was worshipping his friend’s body, he was still the dominant one. He wanted to take Harvey’s hot body in whichever way possible, as long as he stayed on top.

Fair enough.

Harvey moaned when his friend started sucking on his nipples. He thrust in the air, hoping for some resistance against his cock that he could use to pleasure himself with, but there was nothing to be found. Tenzurr let the situation take its own course and let Kurt explore on his own. He wasn’t about to miss out on his meal though, so he made sure not to send either one of them over the edge.

Kurt already had some experience handling women’s breasts, and he was applying the same strategy to Harvey right now. It worked wonders. Harvey ended up struggling and whimpering as Kurt teased and tugged on his nipples. Not used to being the one lying there and taking it was a very exciting change for him.

Kurt started grinding against Harvey, as he slowly moved down, his tongue taking in every inch of Harvey’s chest. He was an impatient lover – it didn’t take him long to reach into his friend’s worn-out boxer briefs. He hesitated there for a second – he was still as horny as ever, but the fears he internalized about homosexuality made him doubt his next steps. He wasn’t used to feeling a penis when he reached into someone else’s underwear.

Tenzurr was quick to assist.

“Go on,” he advised Kurt, “A real man knows that it’s ok to satisfy his lover. Are you a real man, or not?”

Kurt’s mind didn’t question it too much. He was too horny and suggestible at the moment to do so. In a heartbeat, he pulled down Harvey’s underwear and buried his face into the junk of his best friend. The intense scent alone almost made him cum on the spot.

“Ugghh…” Harvey whimpered, grabbing the sheets, “Take it in your mouth, dude, please…”

Kurt’s mouth did just that. Even though he hadn’t sucked a dick before, he fantasized about Harvey’s cock for long enough to figure out what to do. His lips started sliding down Harvey’s thick, veiny shaft. He loved everything about it – the way it tasted, smelled, the way Harvey’s cockhead fed precum right into his throat, the way the man under him groaned in pleasure. He was a little clumsy with his blowjob, but Tenzurr was sure that with enough training, the man could become a skillful cocksucker.

The way Kurt sucked a cock matched his sexual style in general. His hands held down Harvey’s thighs, keeping his friend in place, as he domineeringly sucked that hairy cock so hungrily. Kurt needed to know that he was still in charge, and Harvey obliged. Even though he really wanted to, he never reached down to push on Kurt’s head or direct the course of the blowjob himself. He was just laying there, being pleasured, shaking in the excitement of having his dream come true.

After a while of some hot, slurpy sucking, Tenzurr decided to change up the game a little bit.

“I bet you want to suck him too,” he communicated, this time to Harvey, “Would you like him to fuck your face?”

Then he turned back to Kurt.

“I think it’s time to feed your friend some dick. Really take his mouth for a ride, what do you think?”

The speed with which Kurt switched places and crawled back onto Harvey’s chest was impressive, even to the sex demon. Kurt’s cock was already throbbing and wet with precum, and Kurt was about to do something about it. His inhibitions were long gone, replaced by pure, natural lust.

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