Desert Oasis Ch. 13: I Want to See

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I felt fingertips combing through my hair over my ear. Drawing a full breath into my lungs, I stirred and opened my eyes. The radiant warmth of Bee’s deep brown eyes and a charming smile greeted me.

“Hey,” I offered as I exhaled, reaching to caress her cheek and chin.

“Hi,” she beamed.

“How’d you sleep?”

“Good! You?”

“Yeah, really well.” I looked past her body, over her majestic caramel curves. “Where’s…?”

“She’s already up.”

“Ugh, she gets up so early,” I commented, baffled.

“You’re up pretty early yourself,” Bee remarked, running a fingertip along the underside of my erection as it lay on my abdomen.

“‘Tis morning, after all. But,” I continued, looking down my body to my sex and her finger gliding along, “I’m surprised I am, after…”

A “Blha!” guffawed out of Bee’s mouth. “I know what you mean!”

“Sorry about that.”

“‘Bout what?”

“About doing what I did to Jillian.” My cock waned with my confession. I glided the knuckles of my fore- and middle-fingers timorously over the contours of her belly, centering on her navel.

“Why are you apologizing?”

“‘Cause…” Bee opened her eyes wide and rocked her head, conveying, And the problem is…?

“‘Cause I kinda ate out your friend without even asking if it was OK.”

“Did you want to?”

“Yeah,” I replied sheepishly.

“Then don’t worry about it. It’s fine. I kinda wanted you to do it.” My cock resuscitated.

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“Because I thought it’d be really sexy. Plus, she was licking me to a fan-fucking-tastic orgasm!”

“Ha! Seemed it.”

“Yeah. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“Nah, I kinda figured.”

“Kinda figured what?”

“That you’d end up there eventually. The couple of kisses you two shared yesterday hid little. Seemed like your relationship had blossomed to more than just office mates.”

“Is that OK?”

“Yeah, of course! I think it’s wonderful!”

“So you don’t mind?”

“Not in the least,” I comforted, kissing her on the forehead.

“You really are wonderful.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I commented, kissing her deeply, extendedly on the lips. I slid my hand around her hip to ass, and rolling her to me, pressed my body to hers, my cock aching against her mons and belly, her breasts trapped between our ribs, her hand caressing my back, as my fingers sank into the wondrous hemisphere of her ass.

“We should get up,” Bee urged, rolling from me and off the bed. I stared at her ass. My cock twitched.

“OK. Lemme just get rid of this first,” I remarked, referring to my erect penis.

“You’re fine,” she assured as she turned to face me. I could see my pre-cum smeared on her belly, shellacking the wispy hairs that connect her navel to her mons against her skin. She tied up her hair. I devoured her tits with my eyes as she raised her arms.

“Mm,” I demurred from the bed.

“Baby,” she said, planting her hands on the mattress, her breasts swaying enticingly. “I want you to stay hard.” Again, my cock shuddered at her wish.

“Oh, you do, do you?”

“Mm hmm,” she hummed seductively, “I like you hard. And I’m pretty sure Jillian would want to see you hard.” She shook her ass behind her. A dollop of oil spilled from my tip. Bee smiled as she watched it plunge to my belly.

“And what effect is this having on you?”

“Why don’t you find out?” She invited, standing, pressing her thighs to the edge of the bed.

I slid my fingertips up her thigh to her sex. Her outer lip was full, pliant and warm. I sank my middle finger into her cleft and between her lips. I nudged her clit and she jolted. Her entry was already slick and scalding. She swallowed the tip of my finger as I curled it along her inner lips. A drawn-out, pleasured, “Mmmmm,” hung in her throat. Her nipples popped, diamond hard. I withdrew as my cock dispelled more crystalline essence. My testes tingled. I licked her nectar from my finger, savoring her spice, as I sat up. We looked enraptured in each other eyes, each tacitly asking, “Should we go outside, or should we fuck our brains out then go outside.”

“Let’s go,” I recommended, drawing on her right hip to gently spin her.

“Good morning, Jillian,” I offered brightly as we entered the sitting room. My erection, in hues of dusky purple, red and raw sugar, pointed directly at Bee’s ass as she walked in front of me. Jillian, sitting on the couch, looked up from the newspaper and cheerily replied, “Good morning, you guys!” Then, wide-eyed, commented, “Oh my gosh, Gaz! Does that thing ever go down?” I shrugged my shoulders. Turning to Bee she continued, “I thought keeping up with you was trouble, but now I see you need to keep up with him!” Bee chuckled and blushed.

“We’re a good fit for each other,” I remarked as I poured coffee for Bee and myself.

Slyly, Jillian replied, “I’d like to see that fit,” looking up from the corners of her eyes.

I leaned against the edge of the bar, crossing my left foot over my right, my cock pointing indelicately Escort bayan out from my body, bobbing in time with my heart. Lifting my coffee cup to my lips, I volleyed over the brim, “I would think that could be arranged.”

Bee join me at the bar with her cup in hand. I caressed the side of her left thigh with the back of my hand, then strode to the sliding glass door. I could feel Jillian’s gaze on my protuberant sex as I made my way across the sitting room. My heart pounded in my chest.

I took a seat on the outdoor couch. I wanted to be outside, but the morning sun was already brutal. The patio’s eaves offered enough shade to make it pleasant. I nursed my coffee looking at the pool. Jillian and Bee soon emerged. Jillian sat in chair to the left of the sofa; Bee, interestingly, sat on my right knee. My erection subsiding, my radiant penis rested on my thigh. I listened as the ladies stewarded the conversation. I contributed sporadically; mostly, I listened, running my hand up and down Bee’s spine. Bee glided her hand along the length of my left thigh, her forearm brushing my cock with more consistency to be accidental. My cock responded agreeably, rising, seeking her touch. I shifted my hips so that Bee’s arm never broke from grazing against my shaft. My erection solidified, pointing skyward; electricity sparked through me from her touch. Jillian’s glances became longer and more brazen. Bee had aroused me so that, like her, I wanted Jillian to stare at my hard cock, I wanted her to feast me with her eyes. I closed mine and tipped my head back, lost in the feel of Bee’s powdery forearm feathering along my steely cock as the hope that our display made Jillian’s heart beat a little faster, a little stronger, creating a surging, yearning in her sex.

“I’m getting some more coffee. Anyone need a touch up?” Jillian offered.

The spell broken, I lifted my head. “Yeah, I do. Please.” I enjoined, extending my cup, my arm hovering perpendicular to my straining cock.

When Jillian returned, Bee was fully in my lap, as I massaged her neck and shoulders. With my thumbs and fingers, I pressed and kneaded the base of her neck, across the tops of her shoulders, along the curve of her shoulder blades, and down the channel of her spine. When I reached the small of her back, she jutted her chest out, letting out a prolonged, “Mmmmmm.”

“Mmm, that looks like it feels good,” Jillian remarked.

“You have no idea,” Bee replied languorously.

I worked my way up her back, following the path I took down. When I reached her shoulders blades, she leaned forward, planting her hands on my knees. “Ahhhhhh,” babbled from her open mouth. She began rocking her hips. Jillian finally picked up on what occurred as she fetched the coffee.

“Oh. My. Gosh. Bee: Is he inside you?!?”

“Mm hmm,” she hummed, somewhat embarrassed that Jillian called out what we wanted her to discover. An awkward angle, I penetrated her shallowly. She tightened her muscles, her entry’s ring gripping the bloated head of my cock.

“I wanna see!” Jillian demanded enthusiastically. She hopped up from her chair and squatted before us. I spread my legs, forcing Bee’s legs wider. As I did, I slid to the sofa’s edge. The change in angle sank me deeper into Bee. Beatrix shifted her weight, steadying herself more on my thighs; her cunt accepted more of me, swaddling me, bathing me, caressing my desiderate cock.

I felt another set of hands, light and warm, on my knees, heat, chills, electricity where Jillian’s fingertips met my thighs, like the points of needles grazing along my skin. I sensed every follicle she disturbed as she made her way deliberately toward my splayed groin. Bee rolled back on her hips. Her ass pressed into my abdomen as more of my cock withdrew from her steeped canal. Her feminine liniment that coated my shaft dried quickly in the arid air, causing a surprising cooling sensation. Her back curved, I dipped forward and kissed Bee’s spine. The downey hairs, electrified by what she must be witnessing, prickled my lips; her powdery skin yielded against my nose. I breathed in deeply, my nostrils punched with her scent. Jillian’s hands inched farther upwards. With Bee in my lap, I was handicapped. Deprived of sight, my mind spun at the thought of what Jillian was seeing. Was she looking deeply in Beatrix’s eyes, their gazes locked, sly, anticipatory grins on their faces as one woman’s hands alight on my thighs as the other’s pussylips surround my cock? Was Jillian staring at Bee’s mighty breasts, pendulous, swaying almost imperceptibly, her nipples hardening, tightening, tautening? Or was she staring are our union, the point where my cock, beleaguered but braced, disappeared into her friend, knowingly and brazenly penetrating her. The thought was dizzying. My face flopped against Bee’s back. I gripped her hips. My lips planted tiny kissed sporadically, arhythmically on the vast expanse of her exposed skin, my tongue perceiving the sweet saltiness. My muscles involuntarily contracted; my cock jolted forward. Caught in Bee’s Bayan escort entry ring, the tip of my cock lodged against her pubic bone. My cock stiffened, straightened, thickened.

Bee let out a small, startled “Ah—!” in response, shattering the hush of our expectant breathing.

“What, Honey?” Jillian asked, concerned. Her hands halted suddenly, resting mid-thigh.

“He just twitched inside me,” Bee reply, her arousal palpable in her voice. “I love it when that happens, when he does that.” Bee clenched the muscles of her cunt around the spongy head of my cock, clasping me, enfolding me.

“Is that so?” Jillian asked, her voice the color of devious.

“Mm hmm,” Bee answered tightly, her arousal accelerating. “I fucking love the feeling of his cock swelling inside me. Knowing that I’m making him do that. So hot.” Her head tipped forward.

My cock responded, spasming again. Bee’s body started, jerking in my lap.

“Is that true, Gaz?” Jillian asked, playfully.

I leaned back on the sofa, my back pressing against the stiff patio furniture cushion. I felt the perspiration on my back. Tilting my head back I confirmed, “Yes, it is.” Changing my position, I shifted my pelvis. My cock penetrated Bee farther. I purposely, purposefully contracted my muscles. A small “Mmphh” caught in Bee’s throat; she gyrated on my lap.

Jillian chuckled. Her hands resumed. As they neared my groin, my scrotum, heavy and slack in the heat, recoiled. Jillian stopped. My balls relaxed. Jillian inched forward, short and sharp. My scrotum heaved again. My cock strained. A cooing laugh reverberated in Jillian’s chest.

“I’m watching your balls rise and your dick swell every time I run my fingers along your thighs. Do you feel it?” Jillian asked, empowered.

“Yes, I do,” I responded with heavy breath.

“How ’bout you, Honey” She asked of Bee, caringly.

An excited, “Mmmm, mm hmm,” was all she could muster.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Jillian cooed. She raked a long stroke down the inside of my thighs. My balls hoisted and my cock strained. Jillian paused…then reversed, her fingertips sliding toward my sex. My body responded again. Bee arched forward, her hands landing heavily on my knees, anchoring on them. My cock sank farther; her pussy pulsed.

Jillian again raked toward my knee, noting, “I think I know what you’re talking about, Sweetie. Just watching him is very erotic. I can only imagine how it feels.”

“Oh, you have no idea. Fuck!” Bee hissed. Her fingers dug into my knees; her cunt clamped around my shaft as Jillian made my body respond.

“Enjoying?” Jillian asked.

“Fuck, this is so hot. You’re gonna make me cum.”

“Oh really…?” Jillian asked mockingly.

“Uh hu—ah!” Bee’s reply was truncated as Jillian moved along my thighs again, my cock and scrotum acting in kind.

Jillian paused…and ran along my thighs again. This time my hips engaged too, rising slightly off the sofa, eager to aid my cock in its need to bore deeper into Bee’s cunt.

Bee’s breathing became choppy, gasping with each press, each pulse, each swell.

Jillian raked again. Bee’s arms shuddered. Jillian placed her hands atop Bee’s. Feeling the extra weight, I sensed Jillian lifted herself. Bringing her lips to Bee’s right ear, she whispered, “Lean back.” My eyes caught her gaze.

Bee reclined onto me, but arched her back, striving to keep as much of my cock in her as possible.

“Grab her breasts, Gaz. Hold ’em tight, and be sure to pinch her nipples between your fingers.”

I did as instructed, trapping her mighty breasts in my hands, pressing them tight against her ribcage, her nipples caught between the index and middle fingers of each hand. I massaged her tits, kissing her shoulder as I did. Suddenly I clenched her breasts, my fingers sinking indelicately into her flesh. I expelled an erratic “Ngha!” into her shoulder, my teeth resting on her skin. A tongue tickled and traced along the bungling urethra channel of my cock. An exhaled breath rushed down my shaft and over my scrotum. The firm, pliant tip glided along my length, upward from the base.

Bee jolted suddenly. I can only imagine that her enflamed clit was greeted by Jillian’s slithering, sweeping tongue. She drew in a sharp breath. Her glutes solidified on my abdomen, pressing down on my pubic bone. Her ribs struggled to rise against my grip on her mighty tits.

Her body started to recede. She exhaled slowly through her mouth, an amused, aroused string of “hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo” carried on her breath. I could feel her heart drum deep in her chest. I changed my grip, and massaged her nipples with the pads of my forefingers.

The tip of Jillian’s tongue again danced on my cock, connecting at the base where my shaft subducts into my body and my scrotum drapes down. My erection responded as before—swelling, stiffening, straightening, the bulbous glans of the head undoubtedly bloating, nuzzling against the upper wall of Bee’s vagina, just within, pressing against the trunk of her clitoris.

Bee Escort ached her back, seeking to accept more of me. The head of my cock dredged deliciously along her sodden canal, her molten pussy bathing my cock as my additional length entered. Reaching over her head, she entwined her fingers behind my head. The lengthened sculpture of her body was captivating. Jillian’s raven hair rose beyond the horizon of Bee’s right hip. Twisting my head coarsely, Bee kissed me desperately. Our lips widened. She plunged her tongue in my mouth. My tongue parried then lunged. A deep “Mmmmmm” echoed in her throat. That tone quickly turned shrill. I sensed the muscles in her face tightening. Jillian was again on her clit. Our kiss broken but our faces touching, Bee panted rapidly, open mouthed. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she exclaimed breathily. Almost involuntarily, she squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lower lip. She cried into her closed mouth and rocked her hips down, craving more of my cock. She clenched her cunt around my shaft. I clawed her breasts; her nails dug into my scalp. She pulsed her pelvis, shallowly but frantically thrusting her cunt on my length. Her tension building, her hips snapped up. My penis dislodged. Jillian rescued us: her cool fingers cupped my enraged cock and stuffed me back in her opening.

Beatrix resumed her thrusting. I could feel the heel of Jillian’s palm pressing against my distended erection, the pressure sufficient to keep me embedded in Bee’s sex and to massage her clit and mound as well. I tightened my butt, pushing my cock farther in. Bee accelerated. Our foreheads touching, Bee panted, slacked jawed, engulfed by the sensation of my cock and her friend’s hand. Her breathing hastened. I looked at her enthralled, kissing her lips lightly, tenderly. She was lost in her own body. My breathing quickened.

Suddenly Bee’s face screwed tight, her teeth exposed, and she cried a loud, breathy, “Nghaaaa!” Her cunt churned around my cock. Her body shuddered. Her thighs quaked. After two spasms, her knees popped up. Curling, she rolled to her left and off of me onto the sofa. As her body continued to be rocked by her orgasm, I ran my hand up and down her back, along the ridge of her spine. Jillian caressed her hip and thigh; her left hand remained mindlessly on my cock.

As her climax subsided, Bee uncoiled. Sitting back, her ass at the couch’s edge, her legs fell wide, relaxed. Perspiration dotted her brow, her chest was flushed, her nipples flattened. A warm smile crossed her lips. Bee looked at Jillian, then me, then back at Jillian. She erupted in an hearty but embarrassed laugh. We smiled happily, knowingly back at her, each of us delighted to have brought her such pleasure. Her eyes wide, she wiped her brow with her left hand, and let out a “Phew!”

“Hey,” she said, cheerfully but sheepishly.

“Hey yourself, Honey,” Jillian replied slyly. “How are you feeling?”

“Woo!” Bee proclaimed, her eyes dancing, her back arching slightly, her chest rising, her heavy breasts pouring off her sides.

“I just wanted to see Gaz inside you. I wasn’t expecting that!”

“Hoo! Me either! Ha!” Bee said, bewildered.

“But you looked fantastic,” Jillian assured, rising, pushing herself up on my erection.

“Aww, thank you, Baby,” Bee replied, looking deep in Jillian’s eyes.

Cupping Bee’s cheek in her right hand, the two shared a tender kiss.

Turning, Bee looked deep in my eyes and, similarly, caressed my left cheek with her right hand. “Thank you, Baby.”

“You’re very welcome, but no need to thank me. The pleasure was all mine. Believe me!” I confirmed, lost in her mesmerizing gaze.

She smiled sweetly and stroked my cheek. But a look of concern suddenly crossed her face. “Did you cum too?”

“No, I didn’t, but don’t worry.”

“Ohhh, but, of course I’m worried. I like making you cum, Baby.”

“Oh, I know, but after our early morning adventure, I’m a little, er…cummed out. I’m just glad that I could feel your body and experience your orgasm. It was magnificent!”

With an understanding look, she replied with a conceded, “OK, Baby.”

“Thank you,” she mouthed in a near whisper. I extended my right hand, cupping her cheek and massaging her scalp just beyond her ear with my fingertips.

I rose and stepped around Jillian, who was kneeling at Bee’s right foot. She looked up at me as I did, first into my eyes, then at my sustained erection, red and smeared, pointing inelegantly from my body and vaguely at her. I rounded her and, standing between Bee’s spread legs, I bent forward and kissed her deeply on the lips. Planting my palms firmly on Bee’s thighs, I too knelt, Jillian to my left, and kissed her navel and mound, her coarse pubic hair tickling my nose as I drew in her fragrance. I sat on my heels, my eyes devouring the beauty before me: Bee’s caramel body; her rising and falling breasts topped with her raspberry nipples; her pubic hair, a deep auburn in the desert’s abundant sun; her labia, puffy, pouty, the color of port wine, basted in a mix of her own nectar, her friend’s saliva, and my pre-cum. Jillian’s lithe body was in the periphery: her long raven hair, her cream skin, her plum nipples capping her pert breasts. I kissed Bee delicately on the hood of her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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