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This story was inspired by the original Spanish version of Despacito. Despacito means slowly, and the lyrics of the song are quite erotic.


OK. That was dumb. I know better than to get sunburned, I think, laying on my stomach, letting the gentle tropical breeze dry my sunburned back. The air flowing over my back highlights how sensitive it is, causing little shivers as the dampness from my shower evaporates creating little pinpricks of cold. The dulcet sound of guitar strings and a Latin rhythm rise softly from a club on the street below the window.

I hear you come out of the shower. “That doesn’t look good, Beautiful,” you say.

“It isn’t as bad on the front,” I say, rolling up onto my elbow to show the front of my body, which is a very pale pink, compared to the hot pink on my back. The color on the back of my body is so distinct, and my skin so pale, that I look like I’m wearing white underwear. “Who knew sunscreen expired?” I say as I roll back down, “Could you put the sunburn lotion on my back, please?”

“Where is it?” you reply.

“In the ice bucket.”

The bed moves as you crawl onto the bed next to my prone body. I shriek as the icy lotion hits my hot back.

“You’re the one that put it in an ice bucket.” You say chuckling mischievously, as you begin gently spreading it around.

“I know.” I say also laughing, “I shouldn’t have been so naive as to think that you’d put it on your hands, first.” I can feel your warm hands spreading the cold lotion across my hyper-sensitive back, causing my skin to shiver wherever your hands touch. You move my hair out of the way, but the back of my neck was protected somewhat by my hair and isn’t badly burned. Your hand brushing the back of neck sets off its own shivers. You begin spreading the lotion on my upper thighs, where the burn isn’t quite as bad. My legs had started with a little more color.

When you run out of sunburn, I roll up on my elbow, and say, “Thanks, Babe.”

“You’re welcome,” you say as you lean in to kiss me. I reach my face up to meet you and slide my hand across your sun-warmed shoulder.

As we kiss, your hand, still oily from the lotion, slides along my skin from my hip to my breast. I pull back and say, “Ya’know that’s one place I’m not burned.” wicked smile in my voice.

You circle my nipple with your fingers, and say speculatively, “Are you sure? You look pretty pink right here.”

I laugh and bring my face up to yours but stop short of kissing you for a moment, close the gap and kiss you. With our lips together, I playfully suck the air out of your mouth. You push me over onto my back. Oh. My. God. My. Back. I whimper, and pop back up on my elbows, back arched to stay off the bed.

You lean over and run your tongue around my nearest nipple. I let my head fall back while I enjoy the sensation. Your mouth, lips, and tongue move down onto my ribs, into the hollow under my ribs, then towards my bellybutton.

I raise my head back up as you take your mouth away to shift around me. You catch my eyes, and starting black snow izle at my belly button, you run your tongue below my burn line, to the white skin that had been covered by my bikini bottom. I sharply inhale and close my eyes to better feel what you are doing. Because I was going to be wearing a bikini, I let the aesthetician wax me to the merest suggestion of pubic hair, well back from the tan lines of my fairly modest bikini. Your tongue delicately traces that sensitive corridor of pale skin, causing exquisite shivers of pleasure. Your lips brush past mine on the way to the other side, provoking a subtle shift of my hips. You trace down the same corridor of bared skin on the other side, then slide your tongue up between my lips of my vagina and barely brush my clitoris. I exhale with a fluttery breath.

I feel your tongue lightly and slowly draw little circles around my clit. My hips move slightly in a sympathetic motion, my fluttery breaths turn into a low moan and my head rolls back. The skin of my thighs is hot on your arms. You begin to alternate between gently sucking and light flicking of your tongue. My breathing is ragged and interspersed with an occasional inarticulate vocalization. I gasp and hold my breath as the orgasm begins shuddering through my body. My abs contracting drops my body to the bed, and rocks my hips up towards your mouth. My held breath becomes a moan with random syllables included. My back is hot and prickly with pain on the bed, but I don’t care, as the ripply little aftershocks run through my body. You intently crawl up my still slightly shuddering body, take my trapezius muscle between your teeth and bite. I groan, “Oh, God,” as spasms, nearly as strong as the orgasm, rock me from head to toe. I wrap my arms around your shoulders and whisper, “Stop. Stop. That’s not fair.”

You take your mouth off my neck, and say, “All’s fair in love and war.” I can hear the amusement in your voice.

“Oh, It’s like that, is it?” I say, using a purring sexy voice. As you bring your mouth close to mine, I lick your nose. You rear back, and surprised bark of laughter escapes you. I shove you hard with one hand; you let me tilt you over onto your back. I crawl off the bed and stand up.

You are watching me curiously. Moving in time to the music still drifting through the open window, I salsa backward over next to the hotel’s very study desk chair, never taking my eyes off yours. It’s perfect, simple and sturdy, with an upholstered seat. I pick up an abandoned shower towel, and with an over-dramatic snap lay it across the seat. “Your seat is ready, Señor.”

With a smile, you slide off the bed, walk over and sit. Still subtly in time the music, but not quite dancing, I walk around you, with a hip-swaying strippers walk. I trail my fingers across the width of your chest as I go, then brush the tops of your shoulders. In front of you again, I straddle your legs, but my legs are too short to reach the ground on both sides, so I grab the chair back and pull myself close. I reach my feet on the back bling empire new york izle legs for leverage and use them to pull my lower body even closer. Our bodies are touching from hips to chest. I look deep into your eyes and say, “I thought this would be a good chair.” I lean my chest away and shake my hair to move it back over my shoulders.

Your strong hands slide onto my hips, half on and half off of the burn. As we kiss, I can taste myself on your mouth. We kiss deeply, gentle lips and exploratory tongues. I am hyper-aware of every movement of your hands as you brush them softly across the hot skin of my back.

I lick along your jawline, to your neck. With small licks, sucking, and delicate nips, I move from the corner of your jaw down the front of your body. As my mouth is roaming down your body I take my weight off of your lap and move my legs between yours. My tongue leaves your sun-warmed skin and I get to my knees, pulling my loose hair together with my hands. I hold my hair with my left hand, while my right slides up your leg.

My fingers slide around your cock. I lick my lips as I move my head down and gently put the whole of you in my mouth while you are still soft enough to fit. I hear you sharply inhale as my lips enclose you. I put my fingers around the base of your cock and roll my tongue around you as I pull back, maintaining soft pressure. I use suction to pull you back into my mouth. Your cock grows between my lips as I repeat this until you become too solid to pull into my mouth with suction.

I run my tongue all over your cock, lick my fingers and my lips. With my now-slippery thumb and index finger encircling the base of your cock, I run my tongue in circles around the head and then slide you into my mouth as far as I can. I pull back slowly and repeat the little tongue circles on the head. I slide you in again, further this time, until I can feel you at touch the back of my throat. It excites me to have your cock so deep in my mouth, tip sliding against the back of my throat. I can tell by your breathing that you are enjoying this, so I keep it up until you are very hard.

I let go of my hair, put my left hand on your leg, with a little weight on it, so that I can stand up smoothly while keeping my slippery fingers on the underside of your cock. I slide onto your lap, left hand using the chair back to pull me close, right hand still sliding slippery fingers along you. I position myself with the wet lips of my vagina pressed up against the base of your cock. I use my arms and legs to slide my hips in tight, and then begin grinding my hips, forward and back. Your hips are also rocking, along with mine.

I lean my upper body closer, and purr, “As much as I’m enjoying the lap dance, I really want you inside me.”

Your attention comes back into your eyes, you simply say, “Yes.” You put your hands on my ass, I slide my feet to the crossbars of the chair legs, and my hand back onto your cock, to guide you into me. A low moan escapes me as you slide, slowly, ever bollywed izle deeper into me. When you are safely fully enclosed in me, I slide my right hand past your ribs to grab the back of the chair and my feet to the back of the chair’s back legs. With my upper body angled slightly away, my hands on the chair back, I use the strength of my legs to pull my hips hard into yours. You move your hips towards me, thrusting deeply into me. “Oh, God,” I sigh, “you feel incredible.”

“So do you, Beautiful.” Our bodies press together, abs to abs, chest to chest. Your hands are on my back, strong fingers pressing into my hot skin, and we begin moving together. I move with a small rocking motion of my hips, abs sliding along yours. I rock my hips away slightly, and then contract my abs, bringing my hips forward and pulling with my legs, to slide you in as deeply as possible. You shift your hips away slightly and then up to meet my hips with your thrust. I’ve had my eyes closed, the better to focus on the sensations. But I open them now and our eyes meet, our faces level with each other. After a moment of simply staring into your eyes while we enjoy the pleasure of the other, I cross the tiny distance and kiss you hungrily.

Breaking away to catch my breath, I lean slightly away with my upper body, still holding the chair with my hands and pulling you into me hard with my legs. This subtle change makes each thrust deeper and harder. I can feel your rising excitement, as your thrusts become more urgent, and your grip on my back stronger. I’m matching you in pleasure, using my arms, legs, and abdomen to pull you deep into me. Little breathy noises escape me with every thrust.

I bring myself back into your arms so that I can feel every inch of our sweaty skin sliding against each other. You gather me to your chest, arms fully across my back, fingers digging into my skin and muscles. One hand is gripping hard on the top of my shoulder to pull me down onto your cock, so you can fuck me harder. All the muscles in my lower abdomen tighten, squeezing, as you begin to lose control. Your breath is hot on my neck, ragged breathing becoming urgent, guttural sounds. Your hard and uncontrolled thrusts, as you orgasm, tip me over the edge, and shivery spasms, starting deep in my lower abdomen, spread up my spine and out through my whole body.

While I’m shuddering in the midst my orgasm, your mouth finds the top of my shoulder, and new waves of spasms roll through my body. You hold quaking body tightly in your arms, clenching me hard against your chest, and deeply on your cock.

You take your mouth off of my neck and loosen your arms. After a few shivery aftershocks, I start to come back to myself. I lean back enough to kiss you. We kiss more playfully now. I take your lower lip between my lips or slide my tongue into your mouth to touch your teeth. I feel your cock soften and start to slip out. I clench my vaginal muscles and mumble into your lips, “Not done with you yet.”

You give a breathy chuckle, between kisses, and say, “Time to get off of my lap.” You put your hands on my hips and push enough to slide yourself out despite my grip.

“But I haven’t told you what I want, yet.” I protest as I slide the rest of the way off of your lap.

“You know why Santa is so jolly, don’t you?” You say with a spreading smile. “He knows where all the naughty girls live.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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