Desperate Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 — Tell Me What You Want


Note to readers: Hey guys — thanks for sticking with this story, Vicky’s story will progress to a satisfying climax in the next couple of months! And this episode should have enough of the dirty stuff to keep most of you delightful perverts satisfied for now.


Most people hate Mondays. I couldn’t wait for Monday — or more precisely, for the end of Monday. I’d spent all day showing Mr. Rogers how many tasks I’d been able to get through, how much work I’d been able to save him, so that he could finish early, take me home — and take me. My pussy had been wet all day, and I was getting desperate to finally get fucked.

By five, I was absolutely fizzing. All day, I’d fought the overwhelming urge to go someplace quiet and frig myself stupid. I hadn’t brought in my vibrator, because I was saving it all for the evening when I’d finally lose my virginity.

It had been four weeks — nearly a month — since we’d started the program. I’d lost seventeen pounds, and a lot of inches from around my waist and thighs. I looked good in my clothes; in fact, I’d taken a lot of my old clothes to the thrift store, and I’d gone back to the closing-down sale again and bought myself a whole new wardrobe of elegant, sexy dresses, tight jeans, slinky tops, blouses that showed off my titties, and nice lingerie. When I’d gone to the paint store on Sunday, I’d worn some leggings, heels and a clingy t-shirt, and I saw two or three guys check me out. Even though I didn’t find any of them particularly attractive, it was a strange and very pleasant experience to find myself the subject of male attention.

I’d sent a text to Jake to say I’d be available ‘and open to suggestions’ on the Friday — ‘or maybe sooner. When are you free?’ I’d asked. If Mr. Rogers did the deed on Monday, I’d be a non-virgin, and ready to insert Jake’s cock between my legs — oh God, I felt so nawty about that thought — any time after that. Mr. Rogers had earned the right to be the first to enter me, to stretch my virgin cunt — how I enjoyed the sound of that forbidden word now — before any other man, but Jake was the first guy to show he was really attracted to me, and I so wanted him to be next.

For some reason. Mr. Rogers seemed a little subdued. I’d expected him to be excited at the prospect of finally fucking me. He’d been really fired-up on Thursday, but now he seemed kinda reluctant.

“Mr. Rogers, what’s up? I’ve cleared all of your actions for today so we could go back to my place and — and fuck. You are still gonna take me home and fuck me tonight like we agreed, aren’t you?”

“I — I’m not sure, Tori. I’m — I’m not sure if I should.”

“Mr. Rogers, I thought you really wanted to take my virginity. I’m so wet at the thought of your lovely cock, fucking my tight, virgin cunt. Is there a problem?”

“Tori, it’s just that I’ve — I’ve never been unfaithful to my wife before. I’m not sure I can do it.”

Oh no! This wasn’t supposed to happen. Just a few days earlier, I’d gotten Mr. Rogers so hot that we both thought he was gonna fuck me there and then. We’d set a date for tonight, and I’d been creaming all weekend thinking about it. There was no way I was gonna let him renege on our deal now. I’d been saving my pussy — my cunt — for him. He was absolutely the guy who was gonna take my cherry, and that was that.

I moved closer to his desk. “Look, Mr. Rogers, I understand how you feel, but we made a deal weeks ago. You made me learn things, lose weight, get fitter. Look…” I lifted my skirt up to my waist. Underneath, as usual, I had no panties — just my lacy-topped hold-ups. “Look, Mr. Rogers. I’ve got it all ready for you. My pussy is smooth and wet, my cunt is oh so tight, and I need you — you and your nice big cock — to stretch it for the first time. Don’t you want that, Mr. Rogers?”

He seemed to be avoiding looking at me, so I knelt down beside his desk and reached out to unzip him.

“No, Tori. Please don’t do that.”

I ignored him. In a few seconds, his pants were unzipped and my hand was inside, pulling his cock out.

“Tori. No, stop. Please…”

I could tell that he was conflicted. He wanted me, but he couldn’t bring himself to conclude our bargain. So I just dipped my head and took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could.

“Tori. Please…”

I knew his heart wasn’t in it — because his cock was; in my mouth, that is. I guessed something had happened over the weekend to make him worried about fucking me, but I was determined that he wasn’t going to bail on me now. What he didn’t realize was that something had happened to me over the weekend, too. As well as decorating my apartment, I’d practiced as hard as I could for my upcoming fuck-fest with Mr. Rogers — and I had a surprise for him.

As his cock swelled and stood to attention in my mouth, I finally Karaköy escort let loose. I pushed down, and let his cock-head into my throat. I’d read about it on Literotica on Saturday night, and tried it with one of my new toys. Damn, it was hard at first, and I nearly puked a couple of times, but finally I learned how to do it. Now I knew I could deep-throat an average-sized cock, and I demonstrated my new skill on Mr. Rogers. When my nose pressed against his belly, and he let out a long, low moan, I knew I’d won.

I worked his cock in my throat for maybe a minute or so, before coming up for air.

“Tori — that’s — that’s amazing. Please, don’t stop.”

“Mr. Rogers, I’d be happy to have you fuck my throat, squirt your jizz down there. But not here and now. First — first you have to do what we agreed. I have a sweet, wet, tight little virgin cunt that’s been waiting so long for you, and I need you take me home and fuck it ’til I scream. After that, you can fuck my throat. If you want, you can — you can even fuck my — my ass. But first you have to fuck my cunt.”

Actually, I wasn’t sure that I could deliver on the bit about my ass. I’d enjoyed his finger in there, and I’d tried it with a slim vibrator. I’d even bought a butt-plug from the online sex-supplies shop, but when I got it, it seemed way too big and I was scared to try it. But I desperately, desperately needed to get Mr. Rogers back to my place and have him fuck me as soon as possible, so I was offering him every inducement I could think of — whether I felt I could deliver or not.

“OK, OK Tori. Yes, I’ll come back to your place and fuck you like I said. But please, never, ever mention it to anyone.”

“Oh, Mr. Rogers, I could never betray our confidence. You’ve done so much for me. Just do this one last thing and, if you like, we’ll go back to being boss and secretary. Or, if you like…” I took a deep breath and went down on his cock again, all the way, then held him there for as long as I could. I could hear him groaning with sexual need. Then I pulled back, and swallowed hard to ease my throat. “Or if you like, I could give you some more of that, any time you wanted?” I smiled. I could tell from his face that he wanted me. And I was going to give him exactly what he wanted.

On the drive to my apartment, I reached inside his pants again and started stroking his cock.

“Tori, please! Not while I’m driving!”

I giggled. “Sure, Mr. Rogers. I wouldn’t want to get stains on the seats. Just remember where that cock is going as soon as we get to my place.”

And the thought of where that cock was going, and what he was going to do with my pussy, my mouth, my titties — it was making me so, so wet.

We parked around the corner, where Jake and me had parked on the Thursday after the gig, only this time I just leaned across to kiss Mr. Rogers and said “OK, now come inside my place — and then you can come inside me”

As we went up the stairs, I took his hand and lifted it up under my skirt, pushing his fingers into my pussy from behind. Oh Lord, I nearly came there and then. I was being so naughty. I hadn’t had a drink, but I was drunk on hormones and sheer sexual excitement.

Once inside my apartment, I threw myself on him and kissed him for all I was worth. At first, I think he was surprised, but when I guided one hand to my ass and the other onto one of my titties, he started to relax — and respond. We kissed for several minutes before I decided I need to move on.

“Mr. Rogers,” I said, finally coming up for air. “Can I fix you a drink? I have beer, wine, whisky — or there’s a lot of liquid between my legs if you’d like a taste.” God, I felt like I was turning into such a slut! But it felt so good!

Moments later, my jacket and skirt were on the floor, and I was on my back on the bed, with Mr. Rogers’ face buried in my pussy. I was squirming all over the place, as he had his tongue in my slit and his fingers up my cunt and my ass. I guess I screamed when I came the first time. It was so intense, the room started to spin.

Then he got up and almost tore off his clothes. I’d never seem him completely naked, and like I say, he’s lean with a good amount of muscle. He’s not as ripped as Jake, but he’s definitely fit. Before I’d stopped panting after my first climax, he’d straddled my face, dipped his head back into my pussy — and stuck his cock into my mouth.

And this time, while he licked and teased and finger-fucked me, he also fucked my mouth — or more precisely, my throat. I almost choked a couple of times, but I kept on. He needed this, and — I guess — I needed it too. I wanted the experience, the thrill, the sheer naughtiness of it all.

I guess it wasn’t pleasant. I’d only just learned how to take a cock past my throat, and this was a bit of a baptism of fire, but hey I could tolerate it for a while. And all the while, Kayaşehir escort bayan Mr. Rogers had his tongue and his fingers in my pussy and my butt, and that felt pretty amazing. But finally I knew we had to stop, or his cum would go down my throat, his dick would go soft, and I wouldn’t get what we came here for.

I pushed his hips up and away from me, and let his cock slide out of my over-stretched throat and finally out of my mouth. I took a huge gulp of air and gasped “Please Mr. Rogers, I need you to fuck me, now!”

He rolled off me and I sat up. There was some water by my bedside, and I needed half a glass to ease my throat. I saw him going for his pants.

“What are you doing, Mr. Rogers?” I asked.

“I’m getting a condom. Unless you have any nearby?”

“Mr. Rogers, we don’t need one of them. See, my periods stopped three years ago, I’m a virgin and I guess you’ve been faithful to Julia, so nothing bad is gonna happen to either of us if you go in without one. I think that’ll feel better for both of us. You can come inside me — in my cunt, Mr. Rogers — if you want to. Or if you really want to, you can stick it back in my mouth when you’re ready to come. But first, Mr. Rogers, how would you like to fuck me?”

God, I felt so hot and naughty and fizzy and wet and thrilled, all at the same time. I was finally going to lose my cherry; or rather, give it to someone I really liked and admired. And he was going to come inside me, or maybe on me, somewhere. I didn’t much care where.

He didn’t say anything. He just looked at me, lying on my back in only my corset and hold-ups, legs spread wide like a total slut, and I could see that he liked what he saw. His cock was giving little twitches, and his face, which was wet with my pussy juices, seemed to be full of lust.

Then he grabbed a pillow and got me to lift up my butt so he could slide it underneath. I spread my knees wide again, like I was sure he wanted, and he climbed onto the bed, between my legs, and lowered himself into the saddle I was presenting to him. His cock slithered up and down my slit, setting up little tremors in my pussy. I was so excited that I guess I must’ve been trembling.

“Tell me. Tell me what you want, Tori.”

“Please, Mr. Rogers. Please fuck me. Please stick that lovely cock right up my tight, wet cunt. It’s hot and slippery and ready for you to fill it, stretch it — to fuck it, Mr. Rogers. Please — please — fuck me, right now.”

I felt his cock press at the opening of my vagina, and then he pushed. And it went in, slowly opening and stretching me. I’d fucked myself with my plastic toys and with Mr. Zucchini, but this — this was something else entirely. His hips were forcing my legs further apart, his cock was slowly filling me, and I was being fucked — properly fucked — for the first time ever. I was no longer a virgin, and it felt fantastic.

In some ways it was like I’d always hoped, before Mr. Rogers had opened my eyes — and my legs — to sex as pure, raunchy fun. This felt close, intimate, and almost romantic; a guy I really liked and respected, sliding his cock into me, holding his body against mine, kissing me. But in my naïve fantasies from before my ‘education’, I would never have begged the guy to fuck my cunt. Now I was a sexy femme fatale, seducing a hot guy, enticing him to fuck me. It just felt so deliciously wicked.

Actually, his cock inside me also felt delicious. He was rubbing areas I’d only recently discovered, using my latest vibrator, and the sensations were awesome — even better than I’d hoped. I guess that breaking my hymen weeks before had made all the difference. I started moving with him, rising to meet his thrusts, tilting my hips to get maximum pressure on those sensitive areas inside me.

It all felt so — so exciting! I don’t know whether Mr. Rogers really managed to stimulate new places that Mr. Zucchini couldn’t reach, but it sure felt good, and better to have a real man between my legs, on top of me, than just my imagination and a piece of plastic or a vegetable.

Mr. Rogers was kissing me, playing with my titties and teasing my nipples, which felt so good, and he was thrusting harder than ever, which felt amazing. I was thinking “I’m gonna come any moment!” when Mr. Rogers suddenly moaned “Oh fuck!” and I felt his cock start to throb inside me.

I clung on, trying rub my open pussy against his body, but he’d stopped thrusting.

“Please, please Mr. Rogers — make me come! I’m so close!”

He pulled out, slid down my body and started licking my pussy again. It felt beautiful — really hot and sexy — but I’d so wanted to feel a nice, hard cock inside me when I came. He pushed two fingers into my cunt and started rubbing one of the ‘hot spots’, and he really worked my clit with his tongue, and after maybe a minute of this I had my second climax of the evening. Escort Küçükçekmece Sure, I enjoyed it, but I was disappointed that it hadn’t happened while Mr. Rogers was shoving his hard cock up into my cunt. (I did feel a little thrill to think that I was even thinking that, wishing for something that, just a few weeks earlier, I would have considered disgustingly dirty).

Anyway, Mr. Rogers collapsed on the bed beside me. His face was wet with my juices and he was breathing heavily. “I’m sorry, Tori. After you’d — you’d deep-throated me like that, your — your cunt was just — just too much for me. I — couldn’t hold back. You’re — you’re an amazing fuck.”

Me? Me — an amazing fuck? I mean, I’d just stopped being a virgin! How — how could that be?

But he went on. “How was that for you? I wanted to last out — until you came, but I couldn’t. Your — your cunt is so tight. And it felt like — like you were really enjoying it.”

“Oh Mr. Rogers, I was, I was! It felt so good, having my cunt stretched by that nice cock of yours, getting fucked hard like that. Maybe — maybe we could do it again?”

He laughed. “Tori, you’re incredible. You’ve come twice, I think, and you want to go again. I’m afraid I’ll need a little while to recuperate first.”

“That’s fine. Can I fix you a drink?”

We had a glass of wine each. Normally I’d sip it — I don’t drink much — but my throat still felt a little sore, so I gulped mine and poured another.

“Tori, I can’t stay long. I have to be getting home soon.”

“That’s OK, Mr. Rogers. All I need you to do is to fuck me again with that nice thick cock of yours until I come. If you like, after you’ve done that, you can pull out and fuck my throat and come in my mouth. Or you can just pump my sweet, tight wet cunt full of some more jizz if you like.”

“Oh fuck, Tori! What have I done to you?”

“Well, so far you’ve eaten my pussy, stuck you cock down my throat, then fucked my virgin cunt and come inside it. And then you ate my pussy some more. Sir.” I smiled.

“No, Tori. I mean, what have I turned you into?”

“I think you’ve turned me into a slut, sir. A very horny, very dirty slut. You’ve stopped me being a shy, frustrated virgin and you’ve shown me how amazing and exciting it is to have hot, dirty, delicious sex. And now, Mr. Rogers, sir, if I suck your cock a little more, would you please fuck me again? Please?”

The look on his face was one of total lust. “OK, but Tori — Tori, I — I think that maybe, as we’ve, er, fucked, you really should call me Tony like everyone else does.”

“Oh no, Mr. Rogers, that wouldn’t be right. You’re my boss, my — my master. You’ve taught me nearly everything I know about sex, and I’m so, so grateful. I think I should maybe call you ‘sir’ more often. Like right now, sir. Please, sir, will you please fuck this filthy slut’s hot wet cunt? Will you please do it hard until I come, sir? After that, you can use me as you like, sir. You can come right up my cunt or right down my throat. I don’t mind, sir, just so long as you make me come with that lovely thick cock, sir.”

I could see that he was nearly hard again from just hearing all that dirty talk — and I was already wet just from saying it. To be sure, I leaned over and swallowed about two thirds of his cock, giving him a slow, wet suck as I slid up the shaft, then pursing my lips to tease the velvety tip.

“Tori — please — please stop now. Kneel on the bed, so I can fuck you from behind.”

I changed position like he asked. There was a pause, and I looked around. He was putting on a condom.

“Hey, Mr. Rogers, sir. I said you didn’t need to do that.”

“Tori, if I don’t, I’m not going to last too long inside your cunt, and I may not make you come the way you want. Trust me, I think this will be better — though you may have to finish me with your mouth.”

“I’d be delighted to, sir. But first, Mr. Rogers, would you please fuck me again?”

He did. He went in with one long, slow thrust that felt really good, then after two or three more of those, he started to speed up. He’d angled his cock downward to hit all my pleasure zones, though the condom kinda smoothed out the ridge around the head of his cock and reduced the sensations a little. Still, it felt good, and even better when his hand slid in beneath me and his finger went back onto my clit.

But I needed more. “Tell me. Please tell, me sir. What — what you want. What — what you’re going to do — to me.”

“I’m fucking you, Tori. Fucking your hot, tight wet cunt. With my big cock, Tori. Fucking it hard. Sticking it right up your wet juicy cunt. Making you come, you horny little slut.”

By now, he was pounding me hard, and my g-spot was getting a lot of attention from his cock. His fingers were working my clit like crazy, and the dirty talk got my brain fizzing. But it was only when he rubbed my asshole with his thumb, and then slipped it inside, that I finally went over the edge and started to come. I guess it was the combination of his cock inside me, his fingers on my clit, the dirty talk and the naughty thumb up my ass — perhaps a hint at something forbidden and still to come — that got me there.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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