Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 20

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Dex and the Twins at College


The twins had warned me about the true intentions of Mandy’s and her younger sister Jackie’s invite to dinner. It wasn’t the dinner they were interested in; it was the dessert. I hadn’t picked up on the signals that June and Julie had read so clearly. I would have to compliment them on how correct they had been.

Mandy had warned me too about Jackie’s intentions and her skills at seduction. Jackie had overheard Mandy providing details of our previous date to Vivian over the phone. It must have been one hell of an erotic conversation because that night sure was.

I was on the defense from the moment I stepped in the front door and Mandy took my coat while Jackie took my measure with her hand on my crotch. We made it through a delicious turkey dinner without major incident. Jackie made several attempts but Mandy squelched them all. Jackie was getting frustrated until Mandy went to the bathroom to relieve herself of the several glasses of wine that she had been consuming since before I arrived.

I was tired of the games and had already decided to succumb to Jackie’s ever more brazen attempts. When Mandy left the room, I knew what was coming and Jackie was on her knees extracting my hard-on from my pants moments later. I let her go, but I didn’t help her. She didn’t need any.

Jackie was in mid blow job when Mandy came back down the hall. She was pissed and she yelled at Jackie, who just ignored her while she locked her lips on my glans and furiously stroked my shaft with both fists. Mandy chastised me for giving in, but I knew she wouldn’t hold me responsible.

When Jackie surprised Mandy with fingers to her sex, the game was over. Mandy joined Jackie’s blow job. I ejected a ton of cum feet into the air above their heads as they were kissing my knob. They were covered. I was covered. I should have got out of my pants before I let Jackie start.

While Mandy groaned and writhed through a huge orgasm induced by her sister’s fingers, Jackie cleaned up the mess with her tongue and pulled my pants off. She was fascinated by the fact that my cock was as hard as ever. The entertainment portion of the evening was underway.

I kicked off my shoes and Jackie pulled off my socks while I pulled my shirt over my head. I was completely naked with a pulsing cock bobbing above my lap. Jackie gawked at my shirtless torso. Her eyes brimmed with renewed lust. She said, “Jesus Mandy. You hit the fucking jackpot.” Both Mandy and Jackie were fully clothed, except for their panties. Jackie had started that way and Mandy had lost hers to Jackie’s brazen attack on her sex, which had worked because Mandy was all in now. Mandy and Jackie gave each other looks and then turned their lust-filled eyes toward me and then my bouncing erection. I just smiled back at them. Theirs was the next move.

They reached out in unison and offered me a hand to help me up and I took both of them. I pulled Mandy to me and we kissed passionately while Jackie’s left hand roved over my abs and obliques and her right was all over my rock-hard cock. Jackie gripped my cock and pulled me toward the stairs, breaking our embrace. Mandy was already breathing hard as she started unbuttoning her blouse, leaving Jackie to lead the way.

I was more than familiar with Mandy’s bedroom at the top of the stairs, first door on the right. Mandy and I had virtually fucked the bed into a pile of wood and springs a couple of weeks before. I sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as Mandy and Jackie began to strip. Mandy pulled her unbuttoned blouse off her shoulders as Jackie pulled her tight sweater up over her head. She shook her head to let her hair fall back in place. Their chests heaved as they were both breathing heavily. Jackie’s large breasts heaved against the confines of her bra. Mandy’s longer nipples pushed hard against hers. I chuckled to myself when I realized that they were wearing matching bras; of different cup sizes.

Jackie had her bra off first and when Brandy’s fell forward down her arms, Jackie had moved in close to Mandy and put her hands gently on Mandy’s breasts. There was a moment of fear and indecision on Mandy’s part. I got the impression that these two sisters had never had any sexual contact before Jackie’s fingers invaded Mandy’s pussy in the living room.

Mandy smiled at Jackie and put her hands on top of Jackie’s to guide her caress. My cock was on fire watching this exchange. Mandy leaned toward Jackie and they sensuously touched their lips together. Tongues entangled and flicked across the other’s lips. At that moment, there was no one else on the planet but them. Jackie caressed Mandy’s long nipples and Mandy reached forward to palm Jackie’s bigger breasts. I was completely enthralled by their passionate dance.

Mandy untangled her tongue and kissed Jackie’s lips before bending lower. She pulled Jackie’s breasts together to enhance her cleavage and then kissed her there before moving to her Esenyurt Escort right nipple and then left. She went slow and slithered her tongue around the contour of each. Jackie was gasping in air with her lips parted as she looked down at what her sister was doing. Jackie’s knees buckled for a moment as her hands released Mandy’s breasts and gently cradled her head to her chest. She moaned hard as she muttered, “Oh my God, Mandy.”

Mandy’s head slid out from Jackie’s grasp and she purposely planted her lips in selected locations as she lowered herself to her knees. Mandy unzipped Jackie’s skirt and pulled it to the floor before she kissed a location just inside Jackie’s left hipbone and then moved to the same location on Jackie’s right. Jackie groaned and pushed her hips forward each time. I had discovered that Mandy has the same erogenous zones.

Jackie was staring off into space muttering, “Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus. Yes. Oh my God, do it.” Mandy did it. She kissed her way over Jackie’s pubic mound and through her neatly trimmed pubic hair toward her sopping wet sex. Jackie knew what was coming and every ounce of air wheezed out of her lungs in anticipation. When Mandy flicked the tip of her tongue lightly on Jackie’s engorged and protruding clitoris, Jackie heaved in a huge quantity of air and rocked her hips forward as she gently held Mandy’s head to her sex. Her eyes were pinched shut and she was muttering something unintelligible through several spastic reactions to Mandy’s tongue.

My cock was so hard. I had to do something. I grabbed it in my right hand and started jerking off. If I came, I came. There was nothing I could do about it; I was so hot. My heart hammered in my chest and the roar of blood pulsing through my ears overpowered every other sound in the room.

Jackie made the next move when her legs wouldn’t hold her up anymore. She slowly dropped to her knees. Mandy went down with her so she wouldn’t lose contact. Mandy rolled onto her back drilling her tongue into Jackie’s pussy. Jackie lifted one leg over Mandy’s head and it was obvious that she was moving into a sixty-nine above her sister.

Mandy still had her skirt on and Jackie pulled the hem to Mandy’s waist before lowering her face to Mandy’s soaking wet sex. Jackie gently kissed Mandy’s equally engorged clitoris which caused her hips to surge upward. Jackie was ready and rode Mandy’s sex upward and then back down.

The two of them were groaning non-stop around their gasps for oxygen. I had been looking for any opportunity to get into the action without disturbing their incredibly erotic coupling and when I saw Jackie maneuvering into the top half of their sixty-nine, I slid off the bed to my knees and crawled on all fours to a position behind Jackie’s beautiful ass. Both of them were unaware that I was even there until I pushed my fatty down and inched my knees forward to touch Mandy’s lips and tongue and Jackie’s inner petals at the same time.

Mandy pulled back to allow me to penetrate her sister. Jackie groaned hard into Mandy’s pussy as I pushed my cock deeper. She pulled her tongue out, flinched a couple of times, and muttered, “Fuck, it feels like a softball bat.” I chuckled because she wasn’t far off.

I held my cock at her depth to allow her to adjust. Mandy sucked my balls into her mouth and batted them around with her tongue. Jackie pulled her body forward as I slid out of her. Mandy could maintain her contact on my balls with Jackie doing the fucking motion. I loved the combined sensation and I helped Jackie rock back and forth as I maintained the same position. I was groaning and gasping for air along with them.

Jackie let out a screech and dropped her face back into Mandy’s sex. Her rocking motion on her knees dragged her face and extended tongue over Mandy’s clitoris and she was the first to groan into her second orgasm. She abandoned my balls so she could scream and groan and breathe.

Jackie continued to use her tongue on Mandy’s pussy until she settled down. Then she pushed herself up on her hands and started slamming her pussy on my cock. She was so vigorous that she pulled herself off my cock and it sprang up and slapped back down on Jackie’s ass. Mandy reached up and grabbed my shaft and pulled me down through Jackie’s sloppy pussy and sucked my knob into her mouth. She stroked the shaft with her hand and then lowered her head and guided me back into Jackie’s pussy.

Jackie was happy to get it back and we both took up the action again. I had been so hot watching these two that my load was boiling on high. I wanted to get Jackie off before I unloaded but I was past the point of holding back and my entire body turned into one big muscular knot before launching my hips forward.

A hard stream of cum rocketed into Jackie and she screamed. I was so consumed with my orgasm that I didn’t immediately realize that Jackie was cumming too. My cock spasmed hard with each shot and when her vaginal clench coincided with a spastic flex of my cock, she screamed Avcılar Escort again.

Mandy was trapped underneath us and she got laughing as our orgasms went on and on. She loudly said, “Well, what do you think little sister? Nice cock, huh?”

When Jackie could speak, she said, “The best.” She toppled forward and her pussy pulled off my hard cock. She immediately began leaking my load on Mandy’s stomach. I couldn’t tell if I was going to soften or not. Mandy grabbed my shaft and pulled me down to her lips again. I leaned forward and kissed Jackie’s nice ass and started driving my hips to fuck Mandy’s upside-down face. My balls slapped down on her nose. Any worries about me going soft were gone. I assumed that neither of them was done and neither was I. I knew Mandy was multi-orgasmic and she had groaned through two so far. I was expecting that Jackie was multi-orgasmic too. So was I when the scene was as erotic as this was.

Jackie rolled off Mandy and shoved a hand into her crotch to stay the flow of cum. She struggled to her feet and stumbled out the bedroom door heading for the bathroom. Mandy probably would have continued to take my cock in her mouth for as long as I wanted, but I stopped and pulled out. She flexed her lips and manipulated them with her fingers as she sat up and leaned against the bed frame. She looked from my bobbing cock to my face and said, “I swear to God that I didn’t set this up.” I just smiled and nodded. “I admit that I was pretty sure this would happen. As I said, Jackie is very persistent.” I grinned and stood up and took her offered hand to help her up. She sat back on the bed and said, “Jackie isn’t getting that,” pointing at my throbbing hard-on, “until I’ve had my turn. Okay?” I smiled and nodded. She gave an embarrassed smile, realizing how juvenile she sounded.

What better way for Mandy to get her share than to start immediately, before Jackie got back. I motioned to the bed and said, “Your honor. What is your favorite position?”

Mandy hesitated just a moment and grinned from ear to ear. She pulled me onto the bed and I followed her maneuverings until I was on my back with my head on her pillow and my hard-on slapping off my stomach. I was curious if she considered the cowgirl position her favorite or the reverse cowgirl. I soon found out. Mandy was moving quickly because Jackie flushed the toilet and was on her way back.

Mandy scrambled up beside me, took one trip over my glans, and halfway down my shaft with her lips before, throwing her right leg across my hips. She pulled my cock back as she lifted herself as high as she could on her knees. She immediately knew it wouldn’t be high enough as her hands pulled my cock back to her pubic mound. She tried to force things but I flinched when she tried to bend my cock to get the knob to her pussy. I shook my head and she muttered, “Sorry.” She reacted quickly as Jackie came into the room with a hand towel and a wet facecloth. Mandy rocked to her left and put her right foot under her and lifted herself higher with her leg. Mandy groaned hard when my knob dragged across her clit and again when it pushed past her labia into her pussy.

Jackie set the towel and facecloth on the edge of the bed and sat down close enough to Mandy to caress her small breasts. She seemed to be infatuated with Mandy’s long, hard nipples. I let Jackie have one. I wanted the other. Mandy controlled her descent and now that she was on, she went slow. The look on her face revealed the pure joy she was feeling. I could relate as I let out a long groan that emptied my lungs as she came to a stop at her depth. She pushed down a little more to test that depth. I smiled up at her as she leaned forward with her hands on my chest. It wasn’t unusual for my sex partners to get the urge to test their own limits. I got it, they wanted all of me. Very few actually got it though.

Mandy flinched, pulled back slightly, and reveled in the sensation. So did I. I reached out with my free hand and fondled Jackie’s meaty breast. She nudged herself closer to make it easier for me and placed her free hand on top of mine. Mandy put both of her hands on ours and started rolling her hips forward and back as she fucked my cock. Her eyes closed as her lips parted. She was breathing raggedly. I helped her out by pushing my hips up as she pushed herself on. My motion screwed up her depth control and she stopped with a flinch a couple of times but kept right going.

Jackie was grinning as she watched her older sister riding my cock. She looked at me and said, “Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that look.” Mandy didn’t react to Jackie’s words. She was in her own world. Jackie’s hand released mine on her breast and it went to her sex. She began fingering herself and was immediately moaning. I lightly pinched her nipple and Jackie moaned again in reaction. I flexed my cock hard to try to bring Mandy back from where ever she had gone. She moaned in reaction and she increased her pace. She was giving off hints that she was sensing her approaching orgasm. I could feel mine but it was far away at the moment.

Mandy suddenly increased her pace again and her lower lip was sucked between her teeth and then released as her lips eased open to form an ‘O’. She was breathing heavily and it got more ragged with each breath. Her fingers gripping my pectoral muscles tightened. I watched as her core muscles tensed in waves.

Jackie watched her sister closely as she built toward her orgasm. Jackie grinned down at me. She was fascinated. I looked down to see my cock appearing and disappearing. I grinned when I noticed that she was taking all of me without flinching. That wasn’t unusual either. The vagina gets longer with arousal and Mandy was certainly aroused at the moment.

Jackie crawled onto my thighs and sat down with her sex pushed up to Mandy’s ass. She wrapped her arms around Mandy’s chest and took control of both of her breasts, running Mandy’s long nipples between her fingers. Mandy’s reaction was to roll her shoulders back to find Jackie’s tits. Jackie welcomed the contact and let out a groan of her own as she got into Mandy’s fucking rhythm, keeping her pussy pressed to Mandy’s ass.

Jackie kissed her sister on the nape of the neck and Mandy exploded into her orgasm, which had been perched right there at the crest of the wave. The kiss pushed her over the top and she crashed down hard from there. Mandy let out a long and loud scream that would bring the neighbors running. Jackie put her hand to Mandy’s mouth to try and squelch it. Mandy’s pussy was clenching furiously on my cock. The sensation was incredible. My climax jumped closer.

Mandy humped herself on my cock until she stopped quaking. She fell forward with her face to my chest. She immediately kissed my right nipple. She brought Jackie with her and Mandy was a sandwich between us and we stayed that way for several minutes before Jackie nudged Mandy forward and pulled my erection from Mandy’s pussy. Mandy and I both laughed when Jackie said, “Jesus Christ. Does this thing ever go down?”

Mandy muttered into my chest, “Told ya.” Jackie stroked my gooey cock a few times and then dragged my shaft across Mandy’s ass-cheeks before pressing the spongy, firmness of my glans to her anus. Jackie rubbed the knob around and then pulled it back and leaned down to rim her sister’s rosebud. Mandy groaned into my neck and swayed her ass from side to side across Jackie’s probing tongue.

Jackie took one suck on my cock and then pushed the knob back to Mandy’s anus. This time, Mandy rocked her hips forward hard and I lifted my hips until my cock pushed through the resistance into Mandy’s ass. Jackie’s tongue traced down the big spongy vein on the underside of my cock as it disappeared into Mandy’s bowels. Mandy gritted her teeth and pushed. I had marveled at the tightness of her ass before and here I was again. My orgasm, which had retreated when Mandy finished, was on the move again. Jackie gripped my balls as Mandy and I started our mutual fucking motions again. We started slow and tender but it wasn’t long before we were both feral animals slamming our bodies against each other. Jackie fondled my balls the entire time.

My orgasm was coming on like a runaway freight train. There was no stopping it. Mandy had pushed herself up on her extended arms to get a better angle and she was snapping her hips forward driving my cock deep inside. Her head pulled back so her line of sight was above my head. Her eyes were open but unseeing. She grunted hard with each thrust. She was crazed with lust as her orgasm was suddenly just there. There had been no warning. I felt the tightness of her sphincter muscle grabbing and releasing my cock. The rhythm was gone and we were just flailing our bodies at each other. The tightness of her grip on my cock pulled me over the top and I groaned, “YYYUUNNGGGGAAAHH,” with each thrust of my hips. Mandy screamed with each explosive blast of cum into her bowels. The look on her face was priceless. The number of shots was fewer but I felt the power behind each one. So did Mandy and halfway through, she looked down at me and mumbled, “Holy shit, Dex. You’ll tear me in half.” Jackie giggled. The look on her face was, ‘I wish that was me.’

Mandy collapsed her body on mine and I held her there for several minutes. I could feel my cock deflating in Mandy’s ass. I was glad it did. I was getting tired and Mandy was exhausted. Jackie? Well, I was sure she’d be disappointed that the ‘ever-ready bunny’ wasn’t ready at the moment.

When my cock pulled free of Mandy’s anus, Jackie was right there with the wet facecloth. She cleaned my cock vigorously like she was trying to get it back up again. She was disappointed when it didn’t respond as she had hoped. She pushed the facecloth to Mandy’s gaping anus and Mandy giggled into my neck.

I rolled Mandy and myself over so I was on my elbows to take my weight off her. Her eyes flicked back and forth as I gazed down at her. They sparkled like stars on a moonless night. I pressed my lips to hers and tears flooded her eyes. She kissed me hard. We were having a moment. Jackie recognized it for what it was and her eyes bristled with her own tears.

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