Did You Ever Get Stung? Ch. 02

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“Ooops, sorry.”

The girl danced lightly round her, swaying sinuously out of her path and straight back onto it again. It was a pleasant surprise, contrasting politely with the hint of drunken threat that Jenna could already feel in the air. More than that, it was simply beautiful to witness for its own sensuous sake. She couldn’t resist the temptation to turn with her, watch her flow past like a thick heavy stream of massage oil. She was drunk – or something – and not at her most subtle about staring.

She had seen her before, a week or so ago. A face that jumped out of the city centre shopping crowd and grabbed her attention for that second look that asked ‘is she? I think she is’; and then had gone. Enough to turn her head and kindle a passing wistful pang, but surely she hadn’t looked as stunning then as she did this evening.

She stopped, turned back and looked Jenna full in the eye. She couldn’t meet it, was too aware of her own gobsmacked face and the fact that she probably looked pissed too. She glanced away from the face that made her legs feel even weaker, and instead came to rest on her right arm. Emerging from the pale sleeveless top was toned and tanned bicep – not bulging but firmly smooth. There was a Celtic knotwork cuff around it, like those tattoos that were so common now, but pewter instead of ink and biting slightly into the skin. It drew all her attention to the muscle that was there, tied her stomach into a knot of her own at the thought of it tensing against the metal band.

She had been walking up the slope, from under the railway bridge, and her momentum had carried her to the front of the pub. Her head, which had been tilted slightly to the side as she regarded Jenna, nodded towards the door.

“Want to come in for a drink?”

Of course she would like to go in. Not so much to drink any more herself, but to watch this new vision tilt her head back and let the swallowing ripple down her throat. Raising even so insubstantial a weight as a glass would flex the arm under that band, wouldn’t it? It wasn’t worth the risk, the pavement was pitching like a trawler and she was in that awful in-between state of knowing exactly how drunk she was. Somewhere she retained enough self-control to know she really didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of this one.

“Better not.”

“Want to do something else?”


Her name was Lynsey. She mentioned that she was a nurse but appeared far more interested in listening to Jenna on their half-hour walk through the raucous city centre than talking about herself. She seemed normal, pleasant and friendly, letting Jenna ramble on in her own way rather than firing questions – a stark contrast to the eerily inquisitive Lucy. The walk helped clear Jenna’s head, but she knew she must have been babbling to start with. Part of it was about Lucy and how weird the whole thing had been, her mouth ran away with her and she realised she’d just said that business about frigging strangers in the lady’s.

“Not your thing then?”

“Not really. I think I’d have to know someone very well to do that. Or not at all.”

Lynsey laughed, loud and natural, something that came from herself rather than booze.

“Naughty. Well don’t worry, I’m not expecting anything like that.”

It was meant kindly, she realised that even as she felt rejected and unattractive. Was she really that much of an embarrassment?


“Taking advantage isn’t one of my failings, darlin’, and you’ve had quite a night. Why don’t we put you to bed with a hot chocolate and see what we both feel like in the morning?”

Lynsey led the way round the back of the hospital to the sort of tree-lined road of subdivided Victorian villas that invariably attracts students and nurses. She had a small neat flat on the first floor, with a big leather-effect sofa and a couple of the more famous Schiele prints on the wall. Jenna had seen enough of those in student houses but she had never taken to the style, other than that inevitable redhead with her cheek resting on her knee. They were too ugly and ungainly for her taste. Lynsey made the promised hot chocolate, and Jenna felt even more drowsy. It wasn’t just drinking a few too many, the Lucy business had wound her up and yet now she was feeling as relaxed as she could remember. She apologised again for nodding off.

“Nonsense. Do you want to crash there, or come to bed?”

Which was the unspoken yet self-evident point of everything since Lynsey had stopped and turned round outside the pub, but somehow it didn’t feel like she had been picked up and taken back home for a quick and desperate fuck. Jenna’s earlier resentment had evaporated too, it was more than obvious than Lynsey was interested. It was just gentle and easy-going – no pressure, no drama – exactly what she needed.

“Can we go to bed? Just to kiss and be close, and see what happens?”

“Come on.”

They went through into the bedroom. Lynsey started undressing naturally gorukle escort in the light from the hallway, taking off trousers and top as if Jenna wasn’t even there. She glanced over her shoulder and noticed Jenna looking hesitant, smiled encouragingly and kept her knickers on as she pulled back the duvet. Jenna scrambled out of her jeans and got in beside her, accepting Lynsey’s arm around her shoulders and letting it draw her T-shirted chest against the wonderful temptation of Lynsey’s petite but full-nippled breasts. She reached out a tentative hand and felt Lynsey’s cheek fill her palm, stretched her face to meet it… felt herself falling into some ridiculously girly sensation of weightlessness on Lynsey’s lips. They kissed, until her eyes lost focus and her skin seemed to dissolve into the memory foam underneath her. She badly wanted to make love to this girl, join and melt together mouth to mouth and cunt to cunt, but she was too tired and comfortable and just plain safe to make the effort. Her hand found the warm comfortable security between Lynsey’s legs. Lynsey gripped it between her thighs, sighing at the touch. Jenna felt herself smiling: how wet they were, just from kissing her. And then she fell asleep wrapped in Lynsey’s limbs.

It only took a second or two to realise where she was. That was surprising, she wasn’t used to waking in strange beds spooned against strange women, but this seemed perfectly comfortable and normal. The hall light was still on, bright enough through the half-closed door to look across Lynsey’s shoulder and see the bedside clock reading two-seventeen. She slid herself carefully out of bed and tiptoed off to the loo.

Lynsey was nice. Lynsey was really nice, sweet and thoughtful, taking mercy on a poor pissed stray like that; taking a complete stranger into her home and not using it as a pretext to just barge into her knickers when she barely knew up from down. Lynsey was nice, and fit, and Jenna couldn’t think about those firm flat-topped nipples without imagining her tongue against their clearly defined edge. She had woken to a head cleared of booze and intoxicated instead with the close warm smell of the woman’s hair and skin against her nose. She cleaned herself up, remembered just in time not to flush and wake the whole building, and crept back towards the bedroom.

“Turn out the light.”

The voice came through the bedroom doorway when she was still in the hall, soft and sensual. She flicked the switch and felt her way back along the wall. When she stepped into the bedroom, Lynsey was sitting up, with the duvet pulled down into her lap, skin pale and luminous in the moonglow, the band round her arm even more prominent than it had been earlier. Jenna pulled her T-shirt over her head.


It stopped her, just like that with the cloth still halfway over her face. That feeling was several years in the past. She and Molls had fallen out of first passion and into routine. They went to bed together and had sex, because they had drunk too much or they needed to make up after another fight or they were a couple and sex – at least what Molls defined as ‘sex’ – was what they did. Molls fucked her because Molls did, in her own way, care very much for her, and because she was there to fuck. It was too damn long a time since she had felt someone looking at her body as if it was attractive for itself. The simple practical act of removing a suddenly unwelcome piece of clothing changed midway; she stopped tugging and instead slid it slowly up her arms and took her time dropping it onto Lynsey’s carpet. She took a pace to the side, where the window lit her properly, and teased her way out of bra and pants whilst Lynsey watched. She let Lynsey’s eyes kiss her breasts and caress down her belly, and felt her stomach go tight at the way they moved over her body.

Lynsey pushed the duvet off onto the floor, raised her hips and hooked her thumbs under her waistband to pull her knickers slowly over bent knees and flick them into the corner of the room with a playful kick. She raised her left leg, straightened out and flexing at the hip like a gymnast, until her toes were pointed at the ceiling. Lowering it wide to the side gave promises of grace and flexibility that made Jenna’s heart skip a beat; beckoning and exposing at the same time, inviting Jenna between her thighs.

“What are you doing tomorrow?”

“I’m on lates, don’t need to be in until twelve. Come here.”

Jenna crawled up the bed. She dipped her head down and felt a nipple press back hard against her tongue at last, felt the breast rise against her mouth to match the soft ‘mmmm’ from deep in Lynsey’s throat. She sucked on it, rocking her head gently back as Lynsey’s leg wrapped round her waist and she felt her pressed wet against her belly. She couldn’t keep her eyes off Lynsey’s arm, stared at it as her mouth tugged softly at Lynsey’s breast. It was so irresistible that she nuzzled against the band, rubbing the tip of her nose over the cool metal and licking at altıparmak eskort bayan the tiny bumps of skin that pushed through the centres of the knots.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“I think it’s about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“You are so cute.”

She raised her head, stopped kissing long enough to meet the fondly indulgent gaze.

“I don’t feel cute.”



Steadily less cute since she had walked back through the door and taken off her clothes; slowly and gradually thickening her blood and tightening the pit of her stomach. She could feel her breathing slow, becoming deeper and more purposeful as her mouth discovered Lynsey’s responses, and now she could hear it reflected in her own voice. Lynsey slid down the bed, her belly slipping under Jenna’s; drawing her legs up and draping her knees over Jenna’s shoulders with her face suddenly wearing that look of determined concentration that made her jaw jut forward. Jenna put her length onto Lynsey, pressing her weight onto the legs folded up underneath her, casual unconscious rubbing turning to purposeful riding.

She held Lynsey’s face in her hands and rubbed their noses together. They sighed and kissed; shared the quiet breathless chuckled secrets of how good it felt to move against each other like that; swapped monosyllabic gasps of mutual encouragement mouth to mouth.

“Uhhh. ‘s good.”


Just what she had imagined when she first got into this bed: joined at the hip; sex mingling and merging until they dissolved into each other and their mouths met to complete the circuit. Lynsey’s touch enfolded her face, fingers burrowing into the roots of her hair as her tongue delved luxuriously around Lynsey’s mouth and her hand closed about the armband and the muscle beneath it.


She woke to sunlight brighter than she ever got in her own subterranean bed, and the feeling of Lynsey beside her. Her hand must have cupped over Lynsey’s groin as they slept. She chewed gently on the earlobe in front of her, and woke the girl with whispered dirty sweet nothings about wanting her pussy for breakfast.

She had honestly forgotten how good sex could be. It got old and had become something done for a purpose – in pursuit of orgasm or reconciliation or a way to pretend things weren’t so bad after all – until the actual details of the sex itself became unwelcome and repulsive. Waking up today was like being reborn as a teenager with discovery and exploration ahead of her. Everything was exciting, headily new and sensual. The tenderness of her hung-over temples and dryness in her throat couldn’t spoil it. She worked her way down into the sweaty closeness under the duvet and rubbed her face in it like a curious kitten.

Making Lynsey come was wonderful, a satisfying reward of its own. She was so quiet – so utterly unlike Jenna herself, who had to smother her mouth in kisses or sucking on Lynsey’s shoulders to keep from screaming the house down in the early hours – but the intensity Jenna felt against her mouth made her dizzy. It was like the bicep straining against her armband, potential power precisely controlled. Lynsey dragged the duvet aside once again and left them sprawled in the fresh morning warmth. Jenna tipped her head back, taking a moment to interpret the upside-down display on the clock. Considering that she had followed too many drinks with about three hours sleep, she felt amazingly alert and chirpy.

“What about showers?”

“What about them? Other than sounding like a good idea?”

“You said you didn’t fancy frigging strangers in the loo. What about in the shower?”

“You’re hardly a stranger this morning.”

She sat up and felt fragile after all. Lynsey got her water, followed at a decent interval by coffee and toast. They sat on the bed until ten, chatting idly and taking their time. Eventually Lynsey made some comment about getting ready for work and Jenna realised she was grinning helplessly.

“Oh no, you aren’t one of those are you?”

“One of what?”

“You’re not going to ask me to put my uniform on…”

Jenna blushed, for the first time since she had woken up she felt naked. The idiot grin refused to shift from her face.

“Not exactly a bad look, is it.”

Lynsey shook her head and rolled her eyes. She didn’t seem to be in the slightest bit angry, merely puzzled at how exotic others found her everyday.

“Honestly, if you people had any idea how much of the time it spends covered in wee and sick. Anyway, you’re out of luck, wearing it on the way to work’s against the rules. Come on with you, let’s get us both cleaned up.”

“Lynsey, thanks.”

“For what?”

“Everything. Had a great night.”

“Fun, wasn’t it? Do you…”

Lynsey hesitated, perched on the edge of the bed looking thoughtful, as if she was nervous about what came next.

“… Do you fancy doing it again?”

“I’d love to.”

“Where nilüfer eskort bayan do you live?”

“Raven Mount, just the other side of Monument Park.”

“I could come round about nine if you like?”

Jenna didn’t trust herself to speak, she would end up trying to explain how welcome that tentative undemanding offer was, and failing miserably. She kissed Lynsey’s cheek and smiled at her, and let Lynsey lead their way to the shower.

It just seemed natural and automatic to reach for the gel bottle and take over, because making Lynsey feel good was such a treat, but Lynsey had other ideas. She put her hands gently but firmly on Jenna’s arms and turned her round in the cramped space as she announced it was her turn to be pampered a little. She stretched her arms up to the tiles in front, letting the water run over her and feeling Lynsey’s breasts press against her back through the lather. Lynsey’s arms went round her, making her head swim in the steamy heat. Lynsey’s hands massaged their way down between her legs, making her spread her knees as far as wall and door permitted, tensing her arms and pressing her back into Lynsey’s belly. The water sucked and gurgled between them, trickling between the cheeks of her bum to tease with a hint of something she was far too shy to ask for. She finally let her voice go, safe and secure in Lynsey’s embrace and the anonymity of putting her face to the wall. She moaned at the caress of patient fingers inside and out; swore and begged and told Lynsey no other woman had ever made her cunt feel so alive; and filled the flat with her cries until she felt her legs would give way beneath her.


After a roundabout bus trip home via Sainsbury’s, Jenna sat down on the sofa for a brief rest and woke up at five feeling thoroughly disoriented but wonderfully vital. She was sure there was something boringly practical she was supposed to have done all day; she didn’t begin to care. It must be almost ten years since she had felt this sense of light-hearted joy and sexual anticipation at the prospect of seeing someone again. She put some music on and within a couple of minutes was spontaneously singing her way around the flat as she tidied up.

Quarter to nine brought Lynsey ringing the doorbell with a wide smile on her face and an overnight bag on her shoulder, and within half an hour of that they were sitting on the floor demolishing takeaway pizza and chatting at random. They decided to go for that drink in the week. Jenna would drop by Lynsey’s after work and they would make their way to the pub together, maybe stop for something to eat on the way. She looked at Lynsey sitting cross-legged on her carpet, popping the last piece in her mouth before sucking each greasy finger suggestively in turn, and could not remember life feeling so straightforward and carefree since she was a student. Lynsey unfolded her legs and stood up.

“Borrow your bathroom for a few minutes?”

“You’ve got another slice yet.”

“Nope, enough already. You have it for me. Back in a while.”

She grabbed her bag and disappeared into the cubbyhole that housed Jenna’s shower and toilet. Jenna tidied away, if there was one thing she could not stand it was waking on a Sunday morning to find takeaway detritus scattered across the living room. Then she went into the bedroom to put on the lamp and consider her options. Lynsey had been quite upfront about it, she had just worked an eight-hour shift and whatever else might happen, she did expect to sleep tonight. Would nudity be too pushy, too demanding of attention? Would it be better to wear something and let Lynsey take it off as and when she felt inclined? She turned round when she heard Lynsey clear her throat, and entirely forgot about her own clothes.

It was practical and loose, but smart and just tailored enough to hint at the form beneath: dark blue trousers and short-sleeved, open-necked mid-blue blouse with white piping. Lynsey’s hair was wound tightly back, showing off her neck and emphasising the amused sideways tilt of her head as she enjoyed Jenna’s reaction. Jenna wasn’t exactly a uniform fetishist, but she did share the true fetishist’s conviction that the real thing was a dozen times sexier than anything you might find in the ‘naughty nurse’ section of the catalogue. Just as bondage was all in the ritual, dressing up was all in the detail. The simple chrome fob watch hanging against Lynsey’s breast set the breath trembling in Jenna’s throat.

Lynsey reached up, leant her left hand into the doorframe above her and crossed left ankle over right. Her lips creased and her eyes widened in unspoken invitation. Jenna took two steps to join her; she did the obvious thing that Lynsey’s body language demanded. The tips of her fingers probed up inside the easy hang of Lynsey’s right sleeve and found the armband hidden inside. The astonishing eroticism of it made her close her eyes. She felt the arm move against her touch as Lynsey raised her hand and undid the top button.

“You said you liked the uniform, but you didn’t say anything about underwear, and I didn’t want to get it wrong…”

Jenna’s other hand snaked up under the tail of Lynsey’s blouse and thrust urgently down the waistband of her trousers. She grabbed hold of Lynsey’s bum and let herself be pushed back towards the bed.

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