Dionysia’s Dirty Deal

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Big Ass

Dio sighed as she walked along the college corridor. She was wearing a black t-shirt with the Rolling Stones logo on it, and an obscenely short red and black tartan skirt with black high heeled boots. Her hair, the same shade of bright red as her skirt, hung in curls around her 32C breasts. The thick black fake eyelashes on her deep brown eyes topped off the “slutty rock chick” look she had down to an art. She was not looking forward to this Psychology class. There was a report she should have handed in weeks ago, and she had still not started. She knew it was her own fault, but she was getting sick of hearing Evangeline, her teacher, talking about it.

As soon as she walked into the room, Evangeline approached her. “Ah, Dionysia,” she said with one raised eyebrow. “Still no sign of your report. They get picked up tomorrow to be marked, and as you know it counts as part of your final mark.Unless you have it with you now, I can’t send it in time.. What a shame.”

Dio looked down on her teacher. Evangeline was small, around 5’1, while Dio was 5’6 and even taller in her boots. Their eyes met. Evangeline was a very attractive woman for 52, with a voluptuous plus-sized figure and thick, jet black hair to her shoulders. Dio looked meaningfully into her dark green eyes. “Please, Evangeline, I’ll do ANYTHING.. just please let me hand it to you tomorrow. I promise I will.”

Evangeline narrowed her eyes. “Sit down, Dionysia. I’ll speak to you after class.”

Dio sat down and smiled to herself. Evangeline hadn’t said no, that had to be a good sign. Although she couldn’t be bothered doing the assignment, she didn’t want to fail Psych.

After class, Dio stayed seated as everyone else left. After the last student had left, Evangeline closed and locked the door. For a few seconds she just stood at the door and stared at the crimson-haired, olive skinned 18 year old beauty looking up at her with pleading eyes. “So,” she said,looking back into Dio’s eyes and placing one hand on her shoulder. “You say you’d do anything?”

Dio felt herself getting wet. She was bisexual and had bursa üniversiteli escort always fantasized about doing wild and erotic things to Evangeline. She scolded herself silently, telling herself not to be silly, that Evangeline was a married woman and that of course she didn’t mean anything sexual. “Yes, Evangeline,” she replied, unable to remove the quiver from her voice, “anything.”

Evangeline stepped back. “Stand up, Dionysia.” she told the girl. Dio stood up and Evangeline openly appreciated her long, tanned legs with her eyes before running her hand up the inside of Dio’s thigh. “Wow..” she breathed. “You’re so wet! Do you want me, Dionysia?”

Dio nodded in disbelief as Evangeline pulled her panties down until they reached her knees. “Sit on the table,” the teacher instructed. Dio did what she was told and sat on her desk, and her teacher pulled her leopard print thong off. “If you want me to give you extra time for your report, you do what I tell you, alright?” she asked. Dio could not answer, and only nodded.

Evangeline moved her head between Dio’s open legs and kissed from her knee, where her slutty boot ended, up her thigh. Dio breathed heavily, anticipating her soft lips on her shaved pussy. Suddenly the teacher dived into her, burying her face completely in her crotch and licking furiously, making Dio yelp and moan until she grabbed Evangeline’s hair, pushed her face hard into her wet little pussy and came.

Evangeline looked up at Dio with a sexy smirk on her wet face. “I’m meant to be in charge here,” she told the girl. Dio looked down.

“You-you’re just so.. so fucking good..” she breathed. Evangeline laughed a hot, dirty laugh and unbuttoned her black trousers. She pulled down the zip and pulled them over her shapely hips before stepping out of them. Dio was surprised to see that her teacher was not wearing any underwear and now stood before her in only a wine red blouse and black kitten heeled shoes.

“Now let’s see how good you are,” she winked at Dio before laying on the floor and escort bayan opening her legs, exposing her trimmed snatch. Dio knew what was wanted of her and quickly slipped from the table onto the floor and gave Evangeline’s upper thigh a soft bite before moving over and licking her. She did not devour the pussy as Evangeline had done hers but instead gently licked and teased her teacher’s clit, occasionally slipping a finger into her. When Evangeline was ready to cum, Dio gently nibbled her clit then jabbed her tongue repeatedly into her. Evangeline made a loud, guttural screech and bucked her ass upwards, and Dio moved up so that she was straddling her teacher.

“How was I?” she asked, looking down on Evangeline while removing her T-shirt. She then quickly removed her bra, and Evangeline sighed.

“You were amazing, Dionysia. Bend down.”

Dio bent over Evangeline, who then took one of her dark purple-brown nipples into her mouth and nibbled softly on it. Dio moaned loudly, and Evangeline could not help but moan in response. Dio was quickly becoming turned on again. She moved back upright, and looked down. “Okay, I’m in charge now, Evangeline,” she smirked. The teacher wanted to object, but was too turned on by the idea of being used as a sex slave by this young goddess.

Dio stood up, completely naked apart from her leather stiletto boots, and stood over her teacher’s face. She began playing with herself, rubbing and flicking her clit until she was dripping wet. Then, without stopping her masturbation, she slowly lowered herself, with a sexy hip-gyrating motion, onto Evangeline’s waiting lips. As soon as her pussy touched her teacher’s lips, the older woman began sucking and licking her clit. “I won’t let you stop until you make me squirt all over your slutty tongue,” Dio told her in between moans. Evangeline was surprised how much she was aroused by that kind of talk, especially by a student. A female student at that. Dio got a grip of Evangeline’s hair and pushed down onto her face, causing the teacher to push her firm tongue deep into her tight escort bursa pussy. After a few minutes of being licked by the foxy teacher, Dio was almost crying with pleasure. Evangeline, dripping wet and dying to be pleasured, moaned softly into Dio’s sopping wet cunt then, remembering how good it had felt on her, very softly bit Dio’s little pink clit. Dio screamed and her sweet juices squirted into the teacher’s mouth and dripped down her chin and between her ample breasts.

Dio again moved so that she was on top of Evangeline, and kissed her passionately. “I c-can taste myself – my pussy – on your tongue..” she breathed, before grabbing her teacher’s hair at each side and kissing her again, swirling her tongue hungrily around Evangeline’s. Then, remembering she was meant to be “in charge” of this MILF below her, she told her “OK Eva, now it’s MY turn to make YOU cum. I want to hear you scream like the dirty slut you are.”

Eva. The teacher had never been known by anything other than her full name, but she decided she quite liked that. “Yes Dionysia, please.. please make me cum..” she begged. Suddenly it crossed her mind that this was wrong – this was meant to be about Dionysia begging for extra time on her assignment, not about her begging to be allowed to orgasm.. but it was too good to stop.

Suddenly Dio reached into her bag and brought out a hairbrush with a thick rounded handle and shoved it hard into Evangeline’s pussy. Evangeline screamed as Dio plowed her with the handle, pounding it into her over and over while keeping a firm grip of her hip with one hand. After a while she let go of her teacher’s hip and used her free hand to play with her clit while still slamming into her with the brush handle. Evangeline came within seconds, contracting on the brush then soaking it with her wet. Dio leaned down to lick her clean, then rested the sticky, wet brush handle against Evangeline’s lips. “Suck it, Eva. Taste your cunt,” she smirked. The teacher did as she was told and licked the handle before sucking it expertly. Dio wondered if she sucked a lot of dicks. As Evangeline licked and sucked the brush handle, Dio kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, “so Evangeline.. can I hand in the report tomorrow?”

Evangeline stopped sucking the brush and kissed the tip before looking into her gorgeous student’s eyes. “Yes, Dionysia,” she said, “but I want it first thing tomorrow morning.”

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