Dirty Secrets Ch. 02

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This is from the “mysterious guy’s” perspective- a.k.a. Callum


Last night I had a dream. I hadn’t dreamt in ages, not since me, sis, and mum had left London. It was about him, the guy who’d tried to talk to me back at what I believe was called “The Falls,” how ominous. I found myself wishing that the dream was real, which caused my flaccid ‘friend’ that lived in my pants to stiffen. I rubbed it through the fabric of my checkered boxers, remembering the dream.

The beautiful man got to his knees in front of me, cocking an eyebrow, as if asking my permission. That was silly, because he knew he controlled me. Anything he asked for I’d give him, and that look of pure lust in his eyes caused my throbbing dick to jerk up, standing at attention in all its 9 inch glory. He gasped, then chuckled, asking,

“Awww, does your widdle wee-wee wanna play?”

“You think that’s ‘widdle’?” I quipped back, agitated that my dick so clearly needed release and was being laughed at.

“Well, you’re just gonna have to wait.” He cackled, an amused smile playing at his lips. Mmmhhh, those thick, luscious, voluptuous lips, how I wanted to feel them wrapped around my hard member. But, instead, the beautiful man gave my cheek a quick kiss and stood up. Confused, I waited to see what he would do. Somehow, fast paced music turned on, just like that. I didn’t question it. He than began to strip tease, giving me bursa escort quick glimpses of sturdy solid abs, and hard round pecs, before giving me the whole thing. He slapped his own ass twice, causing it to jiggle, before standing back up and grinding against me.

“Who owns you,” He asked, waiting for the response he knew was coming.

“Y-You do,” I replied. I wondered if he’d ever get around to- Suddenly there he was, back on his knees in front of me, thick lips hovering just above my shaft. But he didn’t stay for long. In one swift movement there he was, on the carpeted floor, under me (which was a very compromising position, might I add) licking and sucking my balls. His tongue teased my dick, flicking over the head before going back to my balls. I was in heaven. As he was doing that, his hands played with my nipples, getting them nice and hard. I felt his tongue pass over the slit on my dick, and saw as his head bobbed as he took in 7inches at once. He did a few quick sucks, before pulling back and blowing on my now saliva coated dick.

“Looks like someone doesn’t get enough head,” He grinned.

“Gwhh.” All I could do was grunt in response, silently agreeing with him.

“Let’s fix that then,” He winked and twisted my left nipple (which, coincidentally, happens to be my more sensitive one) causing me to moan longingly.

When he began to suck again, he moaned causing a vibration görükle escort that felt too good to be true. I whimpered from being held on the edge, looked down at him, and realized that he’d been looking at me this whole time, without me even noticing. This prompted a shiver to crawl its way up my spine. He sucked faster and harder, his hands playing with my balls, an air of intensity about his motions. Like it had to be done now or else. Just as I was about to reach the blissful depths of an organism, he pulled off, and the dream faded.

I grunted in agony, as a voice hovered up the stairs to pull me back into reality.

“Callum, breakfast is ready” my mum called.

“Yeah, hurry up before I eat all your bacon!” My sister Kailen addled in a mockingly sweet voice. I grunted once more, before slipping on a pair of checked sweats and slippers.

“Coming,” I called back, before tousling my hair half-heartedly in the bathroom mirror and jogging downstairs. The smell of fresh rabbit stew and bacon sticks infiltrated my nose as I made my way hastily into the kitchen.

“They always did say a fresh rabbit stew will get any young warlock up!” My mum joked as I gave her a peck on the cheek and sat down for the yummy meal that awaited me.

After breakfast had been finished, with me sneaking a piece of my breakfast to our grey striped Persian cat Kiwi, named after her Kiwi green bursa escort bayan eyes, and the dishes washed and put away, my mum gave me and my sis an address.

“This is your new Worshipped One, she will be training you for a trial run today, and if all goes well, hopefully until The Month of The Bewitched.” My eyes had decided to be grey today, and as they met my sisters, which I noted were light brown at the moment, we shared a sceptical gaze. This was to be our 3td trial with a Worshipped One, but my mum wanted only the best for her kin.

—————-The Afternoon of that Very Same Day—————-

“So, how’d you think it went?” My sis questioned.

“I definitely liked her the best out of all the trials so far, but, ugg…” I mimicked her harsh gaze when I or sis messed up and then made the gagging sign.

“She was pretty strict, and just plain pretty” Kailen and me both cackled at that.

“Ehh, you maybe got a chance, she seemed like the type to go for a pig like you, and not to mention pretty young.” I commented knowing my sister wouldn’t mind the poking fun. After walking a little whiles, we stopped outside a quaint little restaurant, advertising the best cocktails in the world.

“That’s the only type of cock you’ll ever get.” My sister felt the need to point out, getting back at me for the earlier remark.

“Hah, wanna bet?” I responded hoping tonight was my night to get lucky. To my great surprise, she responded, saying,

“Sure, 59 cluades says you don’t get shit,”

“You’re on!” I replied, opening the door and looking up at the name of the place we would be dining, Tortonhow’d, ehh, how bad could it be?

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