Discovering What Big Means Ch. 03

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As I rested on top of Adam after the last of my climatic contraction had finished, I reflected on the fact that was just the entrée. The main course was yet to come – or so I hoped anyway.

But in the mean-time, I was a mess. Adam dumps a big load and it had turned both the inside and outside of my bikini pants, and me inside it, into a sticky mess which was now settling under gravity to where my mons met Adam’s stomach.

Adam reached over and passed me a hand towel he’d extracted from his bedside table, which I slipped between my legs and under my mons.

“So, my bikini’s going to be a cum catcher just like Ellen’s eh?”

“That wasn’t my intention, but I can see how it happens.”

I didn’t want to make him feel bad, so with the most unjudgemental, teasing voice I could muster, I asked…

“What made you cum. I didn’t touch you.”

“I was just getting so off on giving you head and fingering you and you looked so teasingly sexy in your bikini. When you came, I couldn’t help myself. It just went.”

I eased myself off Adam, holding the towel under me as I dashed to the bathroom. There I untied the side strings of my bikini pants and gingerly slipped them off my body; trying not to spill the contents. They were a soaking, juice and cum covered, mess. I filled the sink and rinsed them; brushing the cum off to let his little sperm swim free in the water, before they damaged the fine material.

A wipe of my crutch with the towel and I took a moment to look at myself in the bathroom mirror. Even just the bikini top made me look ravished. Slightly dishevelled, with the rim of my right puffy nipple hanging out of the cleavage hem of the triangle trying to cover it, there were giant circles of damp, still translucent, material covering each projecting nipple. The dampness was more than just Adam’s saliva. The way he stimulates them seems to bring out some dark coloured oils of my own which stain the cloth.

I took the top off too and, after a bit of rubbing of the worst affected areas, added it to the rinsing water.

This time he’d have to take me naked.

I walked back into the room with as much confidence as my naked state would allow. Adam was still lying on the bed where I’d left him. His cock had shrunk from its former swollen glory, but was still impressive; the waist band of his swimwear having made no attempt to recapture the top half of it.

Standing at the edge of the bed, I looked down at the gorgeous male laid out before me; already feeling lust surging through my body again. I bent over the bed and ran my hands up his legs and the inside of his thighs; stopping just before they touched his balls.

“Well, I hope you’re good for more.”

Adam didn’t need words to answer me. He cast his eyes downward and we both watched, me transfixed, as his manhood engorged again; rapidly extending in length and thickness until it was again weeping pre-cum directly into his navel and his balls and swollen base were threatening to rip apart his swimmers.

“See the effect the naked you has on me.”

Yet again I marvelled at its size. Nothing like Sven’s. I wasn’t surprised his former girlfriends were scared of it. So was I. In a very literal sense I’d intended from the outset to explore new territory with it tonight, to use its length to send it into space no man had been before, so to speak. But the only thing that consoled my fear was the knowledge that Adam would give me complete control; not force it where it wasn’t ready for him or beyond where I was comfortable.

Again I sat on his thighs, playing with its length, width and hardness, feeling his balls still inside his swimmers and enjoying just the sight of it as I aroused myself as much as him. Adam hummed with enjoyment with every touch; making clear the sensitivity of this massive statement of manhood.

The yearning ache in my vagina was back. It was time.

I pulled his swimmers down his legs. The visual was about to become the physical.

I moved myself up to sit on him cowgirl style; sliding my crease along it again to smear it with my juices as I tickled up my clit and aroused myself even further.

I lifted it upright. Even that simple action reinforced how different Adam was. It resisted me with a powerful surge, settling down to a constant, forceful proclamation that it desired to return to its preferred position tucked closely against his stomach. I was barely strong enough to keep it upright.

I brought myself over it, located the tip into my vagina and lowered myself slowly down. The feeling of being uncomfortably stretched was much less than before, even if the feeling of being filled and the sense of pressure against the walls of my vagina were no less.

But the latter were good feelings. The filling satisfied a yearning that I’d felt all through our foreplay. The pressure was really nice when I buried him as far as my g spot. More so because of the additional pressure from his manhood’s desire not to be bent up as it Escort bayan was. It quickly stimulated it in a way no amount of pounding from Sven ever had.

Adam too hummed in pleasure as his shaft slowly submerged itself in my body. Penetrative sex was new for him and his ‘oohh’s” and “aarr’s” of pleasure reverberated through the bedroom with every step of his penetration of me and every moment of my body against his.

Resting my hands on his strong pecs, I rose up and down on him; withdrawing to plunge him half back in again, playing him against my g spot. It felt incredibly nice and soon had me moaning in delight; more so as Adam lifted his hands against my breasts to stimulate my nipples. But it was a means to an end, not the end in itself.

Everything I read about what I was going to do next said I should be really aroused first.

Wrapping one of my hands around the base of his shaft to control the depth, slowly, I buried him deeper; wanting to use more of his length as I took it where no man had gone before. I touched my cervix for the first time, but with the full width of my hand still wrapped around the base of his shaft, I realised more than ever just what I was dealing with. He had way more length than I had depth to offer him.

When I touched him against my cervix, I’d never been sexually touched there before and didn’t know whether it would hurt or stimulate. It didn’t hurt, so I touched him against it again and, with that first cautious contact out of the way, realised it felt nice. Subsequent contacts felt nicer still.

I wasn’t long thrusting him. Just little short jabs that made sure the contacts with my cervix came at a fast and furious pace. I tried for a moment just rocking with him fully penetrated, thinking I could screw his shaft around inside me to just rub the tip against my cervix while keeping him in constant contact. But he was way too thick for that. He was jammed up inside me so tightly that the only possible movement was in and out.

So I went back to frequent short jabs. Which was in a way better, because that kept stimulating my g spot too.

Even I noticed my own moaning had become more guttural; as if it was from somewhere deep down inside my body; which is exactly where I felt something monumental building. But it wasn’t like something I’d ever felt before. I couldn’t say ‘that feels really great there’. It was everywhere; right through my body, slowly spreading, sharing the bliss around.

The climax caught me almost by surprise; an explosion that suffused rapidly through my whole bodily system, from my head to my toes. It quickly subsided into pleasurable tingling and vibrations throughout my body. And just when I thought it was done, it exploded again…going through the tingles and vibrations all over.

I’d stopped stimulating myself when it first happened, thinking like a clitoral orgasm, I’d become too sensitive to immediately want more. But it wasn’t how it worked. Something told me there was more to be had, even after the waves from that first explosion continued to reverberate through my body. Instinctively I started working up and down on Adam’s shaft again, rapidly touching my cervix at the top of each thrust.

Which just doubled the power of the next wave; bowling me over in its intensity, making the tingles and vibrations that washed through me after the wave subsided insanely pleasurable.

I didn’t know what Adam was making of all this. I was crying out and moaning like an idiot; although he can’t have mistaken them for anything but cries of pleasure. I’d closed my eyes with that first orgasm and only now opened them again to look down on Adam looking up wide eyed at me.

I flashed him a grin before the crest of another wave left me throwing my head back with my mouth formed into a circle, moaning at the light fitting above my head.

He was still stimulating my nipples, with my long sun bleached hair kissing the back of his palms; which somehow seemed to feed through into the pleasure loop my body was in. Picking up on something I’d read, I took one of Adam’s hands and pushed the end of his finger into my belly button and screwed it around.

Oh my god, it was like I couldn’t take it any more. It made the next wave dwarf in intensity everything that had gone before it. I threw myself down on Adam, going from sitting on him to lying on him, pushing my arms under his body to hold him as tightly as I could. My whole lower body was quivering; mini thrusting his shaft in a continuous process of stimulating my completely insane cervix.

In a way, I was surprised Adam had lasted this long. Maybe the earlier orgasm had slowed this one, if that’s how it works.

But even through my own excitement, I could tell Adam’s was growing.

His face was acquiring that cute pre-climax look he gets and his grunts getting deeper.

I felt his cock surge inside me; the usual prelude to his release. Instinctively I pushed him in and held him firmly against my cervix. Bayan escort There I felt that final swelling of his shaft and the flaring of the tip as, lacking anywhere else to go, it flattened out against the top of my vagina. A moment later, the pulsing signalled his climax as his seed jetted powerfully against my cervix.

Oooohhhh, another wave of pleasure flooded my whole body as if it was reacting to the forcefulness of his seed’s attempt to impregnate me. Even as his ropes of cum continued to pulse up his shaft, I was already holding him tighter still, emotionally overwhelmed, on the verge of crying a flood of tears onto his chest.

As his own climax finished and his manhood started to soften, I sensed Adam simply didn’t know what to do as I continued to just lay on top of him in what seemed to be a constant state of some strange sort of orgasm.

If I was vaguely aware of the effect of Oxytocin before, I was rudely awoken to it now. I’d never felt so calm and loved up in all my life; almost at peace with the world as I lay in the arms of my lover. I’d never tried drugs or known a drug high, but I doubted any could match the high I felt as I lay there.

It was probably ten to fifteen minutes before I really felt the orgasm was over. But even then, I was suffused with a warm inner radiance as if a new woman had emerged from the cacoon of my old self.

But that was my last memory of the night. Later Adam would tell me I fell into a deep petite mort, even as I continued to shudder in a seeming continuation of my orgasms. He rolled me onto the bed, his half rigid cock still penetrating me. Expecting me to wake at any moment, he wrapped me in his arms and legs even as my arms continued to embrace him. It got a bit awkward for him when he became aroused again. He knew he was about half penetrated, but unfamiliar with my body he was scared of moving, and especially of going any deeper, least he hurt me.

He told me it was beautiful, just lying there merged with me in such an erotic embrace, even wondering if he could still feel the after effects of my orgasm reflecting itself as shudders and contractions deep within my body (but acknowledging his lack of experience made it impossible for him to tell). He was in no hurry to withdraw from the delightful state of penetration in which my sudden fall into sleep had left him. He felt a little guilty that he lay with me like that for too long; suddenly realising he was brewing up and about to come. Too entangled with me to withdraw fully in time, he let it rip; being careful to hold himself still.

He was fairly sure that made me come too; a little gasp and some feeling of tensing flowing through my body certainly giving that impression.

All I know is that I had the longest soundest sleep I can recall having and woke feeling like a new improved version of myself; even if somewhat sticky between my legs.

When I woke relatively late in the morning, I reached across to find the other half of the bed disappointingly empty, before remembering Adam had swim squad training on, which would have been finished by now. Attracted by noises in the kitchen, I got up, spent a moment in the ensuite tidying myself up, and walked, still naked, out to greet him.

He was cutting up some fruit for our breakfast and I saw him before he became aware of my presence.

Oh my god, what an Adonis. His tall, lithe, muscular frame was fully pumped up from his swimming. Instinctively, I looked down to where his manhood was captured within the swimmers he was wearing. It was a whole new vista of excitement on display for me.

The swimmers I’d seen him in until now were low waisted and tight fitting. They held his cock up firmly against his lower torso, really leaving the only place for the length of his giant manhood to go as sideways, across the front of his upper thigh and towards the side seam with the material barely wide enough to cover the circumference of its contents.

These seemed to be the same brand and size of swimwear, albeit badly faded, but now his cock hung down at the front, the swimwear more like a hammock in which it rested. It dangled down nearly a third of the way between his crotch and his knees; sheathed by what seemed to have suddenly become ultra-stretchy and somewhat translucent material; the leg seam elastic still tightly drawn up to his upper thigh.

Adam looked up and flashed me a smile.

“Good morning. You seem to have slept well. What a lovely way to see you first thing too.”

I quickly glimpsed down at myself. I might have been still half asleep and straight from the bed with only a brief bathroom stop, but I’d had the presence of mind to walk tall and upright. My breasts stood out perkily, their olive flesh, with a subtle tan line indicating where my normal bikini top sat, partly covered by straggles of my sun kissed long hair. Capping them were my puffy nipples, the areolas swollen and capped by nipples that were already partly hardened and pointing Escort suggestively at Adam.

Having hardly had time to eat dinner last night and not yet having had breakfast, my stomach was fully concave, drawing attention to the swelling of my waxed mound, around the turn of which was prominently displayed the start of my none too subtle crease.

I looked back at Adam. I could see he’d become partly aroused, his previously dangling shaft not necessarily much larger but now projecting forward with a degree of hardness, still fully sheathed.

“Hi. How was swimming?”

“Great. I felt like I was on fire. Inspired by you to set new times.”

“I hope you didn’t wear yourself out.”

“Why, scared I can’t manage sailing this arvo?”

“No, I had something a little more immediate than that in mind.”

Shit, I thought. Did that just come out of my mouth? Something had come over me. I wasn’t usually as sexually forward as that; or at least hadn’t been with Sven, or even until now with Adam. Nor was I normally as insatiable as I felt at that moment.

I walked around the kitchen bench to where Adam was, running my fingers down his chest as my physical presence and obvious intention had its effect on him. I watched as his cock grew; stretching out the material, first to the front and then over the waistband as his manhood arched into its upright position. But unlike those he had on last night, these swimmers seemed capable of dealing with his growth. Only just. The material was stretched impossibly tightly around his extended shaft and drawn out so thinly it had become almost transparent with no obvious sign of a lining.

Adam’s pre-cum was weeping copiously through the material.

I wrapped my hand around the shaft and played with it, being excited by its size and hardness, before slipping my hand inside the waistband to release the drawstring and unsheathe his massive manhood.

Hopping onto the kitchen bench, I wrapped my legs around Adams waist as I pulled him towards me with one hand around his neck and the other around his shaft; guiding the latter towards my crease.

As I kissed him, I circled and brushed the tip of his shaft around and across the receptive opening to my sex; taking time to smear it with my juices and his pre-cum, before playing it against my clit. I may have been receptive, but with Adam’s manhood, there could be no rushing things. I needed to be well juiced up and absolutely hungry to take him inside me before leading him there.

As my clit became excited, I started brushing my nipples across his chest too; all with my tongue buried deeply in his mouth.

It was time to have him penetrate me.

With a hand still around his hardness, I guided him in, bringing him just to the depth where the swollen bell of his cock rubbed against my g spot.

I was already very aroused. The contact with my g spot quickly had the desired effect. Just the size and hardness of Adam’s manhood made sure of that; firmly rubbing against it in a way nothing else could.

But Adam was getting excited too. There’d be no pre-penetrative ejaculation by him this morning to slow down his rate of brewing up. As I rubbed him up and down inside me our moans and groans became almost synchronised; Adam’s eyes transfixed on my breasts as his mouth puckered towards a circle and his breathing became heavier.

It was becoming something of a race to climax; one where second place was just as good as first, as long as Adam left me something to work with if he came first.

I knew I was on the edge of going when Adam pipped me at the line. A sharp intact of his breath and a powerful surge of his cock, transmitted forcefully against both my hand which still circled it and the g spot it was pushed against, was fair warning of what followed. In the now all too familiar way, his thick shaft transmitted through my vagina the swelling and pulses which drove his seed forcefully up his manhood to spray themselves inside me.

I could feel Adam almost involuntarily jerking his shaft towards me as he stood there unloading his cum into me; prevented by my firmly clamped hand from thrusting much deeper than where it was.

But it was really that first powerful surge that did it for me. The sudden increase in pressure brought me right to the edge; sitting on the precipice of a big orgasm. The pulses and jerk pushed me over. I threw my head back, moaning at the light fitting again as I cried out my pleasure; instantly letting my hand slip a bit further down his shaft to bring him a bit further into my body to receive the strong contractions of my sex.

I squirted; a jet of lady cum spraying over Adam’s lower shaft and against his pubis and down into his swimmers, still hitched on his balls under his shaft.

I sensed Adam going weak at the knees. He leaned forward towards me; my angled back body bringing him against my breasts.

With a hungry growl he took my right nipple and its puffy areola deeply between his lips, pushed it against the roof of his mouth and firmly rolled it with his tongue. I put the hand previously wrapped around his shaft behind his head as I held him there, the additional stimulation sending my climax through another cycle.

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