Discovering What Big Means Ch. 06

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To really make sense of what follows, you have to remember the somewhat sexualised circumstances of how Adam and I first met.

We’d both been invited onto a yacht for a day to try out for their racing crew; each of us having a work college among the existing crew. To say there were interesting aspects of the day was an understatement. The owner of the yacht was a guy I’d guess was about 60. The core of the rest of the crew were three girls in their late 20’s to early 30’s and a woman in her fifties; all of them stunners who could have walked straight out of any top modelling house.

The thing was, the owner and the four girls had not that long ago come back from cruising the pacific on the yacht while, from the stories I heard, engaging on one continuous polygamous orgy. That’s why they called themselves the “Screw Girls”, a play on crew girls.

To keep the owner’s performance up to the required level, when they wore any clothes at all during the trip, it was generally what they called “fuck me” bikinis and other highly sexualised clothing while also manhandling him at every opportunity. There’s a YouTube trend, pejoratively called, “girls in bikinis on boats”; which are travelogues produced by couples cruising the world where (usually) the guy is using his stunning girlfriend as eye candy to gain an audience while pandering to his ego as he sprouts off about all the adventures he’s having with her.

Well the Screw Girls outdid all of that in their very popular (and financially rewarding) series they produced. This was made by the girls for a targeted audience they weren’t reluctant to pander to. Just about every moment of filming shows their minimal (and sometimes, within YouTube limits, complete lack of) clothing as they play about in tropical locations and flirt with and manhandle the owner. Through all this, the owner is generally just dressed in speedo type swimwear which was the standard beach wear of guys his age in Australia before the surfers made them somewhat suspect with the coming of the board shorts trend.

As for the bikinis, they were well ahead of the Kardashians or any other influencer in chasing the area covered down to the bare minimum. They had the whole underboob, side boob and cleavage boob thing down pat on their small string slide triangle tops. And, while they didn’t go for the full labia floss thong effect that’s more recently become common on the bottoms, they certainly did the small rectangle front, which generally continued through to a more conventional Brazilian rear.

Even though two of them are now married to other guys (who are now also part of the racing crew), they still run around the boat in their fuck me bikinis touching up the owner at every opportunity.

So when we stopped for lunch on the training day, the Screw Girls immediately stripped back down to bikinis and jumped in the water. I had a bikini on under my sailing clothes – not as small as theirs, but no granny bikini either – so stripped to join them. But Adam hadn’t brought board shorts. All he had were his racing swimming briefs under some very heavy duty – and not suitable for swimming – deck pants.

At first I thought his resistance to stripping down to racing briefs was just a fashion thing; even stranger because he was a competitive swimmer who would be wearing them all the time at competitions and for training. But I knew guys his age wouldn’t normally wear them at the beach. It was only when he was finally persuaded to take off the deck pants and join us for a swim that his hesitation was explained. There was a massive oversized, barely contained, bulge of his flaccid manhood in a very small pair of briefs.

That bulge in his swimwear, which I couldn’t help but notice grew a bit as we interacted with each other by the water’s edge over lunch, was a source of constant fascination for me for the rest of the day. And after we soon got to know each other a bit better, and I saw for the first time the top two thirds of his inflated shaft sitting above the waist line of his swimmers, the fascination simply deepened.

To cut a long story short, to say I’ve been somewhat obsessed about seeing Adam in swim briefs ever since is an understatement. I don’t know why. It wasn’t like that with Sven, my previous boyfriend, with whom naked was always the preferred form of visual stimulation and state of dress for any carnal activities. With Adam, there’s just something about the power and majesty of his enormous captured manhood and the process of it escaping its containment that makes the whole sight of it a complete turn on that I can never really get enough of.

Really, I’m no better than or different to those new husbands of the Screw Girls who, from what I’m told, seem to take great delight in cumming all over their wives’ fuck me bikinis during foreplay before getting down to anything more serious.

When I was looking on line for the glass dildo which I could chill to sooth my overstretched vagina, I’d inadvertently entered a world that, until then, had been foreign to me. An item in one of those sidebar advertisements had attracted my attention. It was one for pouched bakırköy escort men’s swim briefs.

Adam’s giant manhood; as big as a normal guy’s erection when he’s flaccid and something like two drinks cans stacked one on top of the other when he’s rampant, have been both a blessing and a curse for him.

As an adolescent he was for a while teased with the nickname ‘boner’ because it always looked like he had one in his pants. But as his friends got older and saw more of him in the sports change rooms, what had started out as a tease became more a compliment, the nickname ‘boner’ sticking, but instead said in admiration. That and the moniker ‘bigus dickus’, picked up from Monty Python.

When it came to dealing with girls, there were other issues. In early adolescence, when guys don’t have much control over their reactions to even the most innocent interactions with members of the opposite sex, his random erections were extremely embarrassing; completely unhidable under any clothing and uncontainable within any sort of swimwear at the beach, which is where most Australian’s spend most of their youth.

But again, girls eventually became quite fascinated by it, drawing attention to him and making him quite popular with them. And that progressed on to wanting to touch and play with it. Let’s just say he’s had no shortage of intimate female handling of it over the years.

But when it came to serious relationships, it was somewhat different. Until I came along, no girl (well, specifically his two previous girlfriends) wanted an erection that big inside of her. In sheer terror, they crossed their legs and closed their vaginas; leaving a relationship based around fingering and hand jobs with a touch of titty fucking and tonguing (you can forget going down on him properly; nobody has a mouth that big. And the titty fucking had some hazards – namely the risk of getting smacked hard in the jaw by the towering rock hard edifice. Positioning was everything.). When I meet him, Adam was a vaginal virgin.

In the elite level competitive swimming world Adam frequents, it was almost an intimidation of his competitors. Impossible to hide in racing briefs, he was quite literally, the big swinging dick of the pool at anywhere below national level. As he stood on the starting blocks, the size of the bulge in his swimmers was nothing short of a challenge to his competitors.

But otherwise in public, Adam is quite shy about what he can potentially display. Before he met me, he would never be seen in swim briefs at the beach, as evidenced by his reticence on the day on the yacht. Which is a pity. Because while I understand his reticence, I would much prefer if swim briefs were what he wore at the beach, current fashions notwithstanding. And that’s simply because the sight of that massive flaccid manhood of his laying all the way across to the side of his hips, bulging out the tortured stretch fabric, turns me on.

Yes it attracts attention; unwanted attention as far as Adam’s concerned. But, in a way, silly though it is, it also generates in me a sense of pride when it does attract the attention of other girls. And with Adam’s sculptured man-body and cute butt, it is certainly the attention of young women that it attracts.

The feeling that, yep, that’s my cock you’re staring at. I’m the only one allowed to touch it and certainly the only one allowed to be fucked by it.

But there are day to day issues with what he has. Adam has a major problem with finding either underwear or swimwear that is comfortable or appropriate to his enormous manhood.

If he gets swim briefs or underwear large enough to even start to accommodate his manhood, they are way oversized for his slim body, the leg elastic is way too loose on his tall, muscular frame and his heavy shaft and balls fall out of them; uncomfortable in underwear and obscene in swim briefs.

If he gets boxers or boy legged trunks, his manhood dangles down one leg or another, exposing itself if its loose legged boxers and in either case making it look like he has a permanent semi erection, prominently visible even when he’s wearing pants over the top of them. Going commando under pants has the same problem for him, but worse; a really obvious, semi erection looking bulge down one legs of his pants.

Its why, in the end, his competition racing swimwear had to be tight fitting, and therefore small sized ones, where his flaccid cock completely fills and stretches out the front of it and lays out most of the distance to one or other side seam. At least then the leg elastic keeps it in place. And it’s also why, when all the swim training he does causes the nylon/spandex in his training briefs to lose its integrity and go all saggy at the front, because they sag into a cock slinging pouch, they make the most comfortable underpants for him.

Bored at home one night, wishing like hell Adam was there to satisfy my needs, I googled “pouched swim trunks”, just to see if anything existed that might help him and – let’s be honest – might enhance the kinky visual excitement I already get from watching Adam’s massive beşiktaş escort erection escape from the prison of his swimwear. I quickly fell into the on line equivalent of a cesspool of sexual enhancements.

It was clear these products weren’t directed at straight cis males. Still, they ran in a spectrum of stuff that Adam just might be willing to use to stuff that was way out there. It was clear I wasn’t the only one excited by the sight of an erection captured in swim briefs. The only straight girl, maybe (but surely not), but not the only person.

I could quickly discard anything described as a thong or made of leather. That was not my fantasy, nor likely to be worn by Adam even in private. Nor were the little lolly bag style penis sacks that tied with a drawstring and bow around your balls and the base of your manhood really in the running; laugh out loud amusing (and way too small) though they were.

There were a couple of choices of pouched conventional swim briefs. As low waisted as Adam’s usual ones, they were close to what I wanted and I thought he would find good to wear. They looked to have decent sized pouches his manhood just might sling nicely in and, with the pouch offering a bit more Spandex material, might just accommodate a partial erection, even if it was difficult to imagine anything containing his full erection. Better still they were in that popular mid blue colour that is both his club racing colour and now the boat team colour and, apart from the pouch, of a similar style. They were cheap, especially compared to the postage, so I got a couple of those.

There was another in a similar, low hipped, swim brief style with what looked like an even bigger pouch but in a wild leopard skin print that I added to the cart too. Maybe a bit too flash or kinky for Adam to be willing to wear in public, but I certainly fancied some private play in them and …you never know.

Aware that many women influencers seem to flaunt themselves in different versions of tiny leopard skin bikinis, I did a quick diversionary search for a matching one for myself, thinking that would help encourage Adam to wear his occasionally. It was harder than it should have been to find something suitable. It needed to be sufficiently ‘fuck me’ to tease Adam, without going the full thong effect. And too many were ruched, an effect I didn’t really like that much – preferring a tight, body moulded almost wet look. Eventually I found one. The top was pretty similar to my normal fuck me ones. The bottom had at least some back to it, although less than I would have liked and the gusset was a bit narrower than even my present ones, but at least not full on labia floss. A year ago I couldn’t have worn it, but my standards have changed since that first day on the boat.

Turning back to shopping for Adam, another addition was one, again in mid blue and very similar to the pouched first two, that complemented the pouch with snap button side releases. I always thought it a bit unfair that he could pull the side strings on my bikini pants but I always had to wrestle to get his down his legs, so they were an easy choice, even if I doubted Adam would wear them in public.

I couldn’t help but notice the pouch sizes were probably enhanced so they could be used in conjunction with some sort of rubber or silicone pouch liner that the website was convinced I would want and kept suggesting I should buy to go with them. That was the last thing I needed and in any case, they were nowhere near big enough to accommodate Adam’s package.

I also included a similar one in nylon spandex and described as swimwear. But, instead of a pouch, it had more of what I’d describe as a tapered pouch leading to a penis sock. Now I was really getting down to the kinky end of my selections. The model displaying the pants actually had a partial erection. Well, actually, it was probably a full one. I found it hard to tell. My judgement on this issue has been seriously distorted by the size of Adam’s. They might be designed for a gay clientele, but their purpose was clearly the same one I had.

There was a final one I at first hesitated over, because it seemed maybe too kinky to present to Adam, even compared to the one above. It was similar to it, but in this one the penis sock was removable, being attached to the front of the swim briefs by a press stud double front.

Gulping and blushing even in the privacy of my bedroom, I added it to the cart. Coming from China years before they soiled their reputation with the virus, the individual items were only a few dollars each. Apart from the self-imposed embarrassment of actually ordering it, I could decide later whether I included it in the stuff I actually gave to Adam. Anyhow, after having ordered a few weeks ago a giant glass dildo, the Rubicon had already been crossed on my sex toy innocence.

In the end I gave them all to him and the moment passed with little more than a thanks and a raised eyebrow at some of them. I wish there had been time to ask him to try them all on, but in my anxiousness to give them to him, I didn’t think about that. So I had beylikdüzü escort to rely on a slow reveal as he wore them one at a time.

The plain pouched ones appeared fairly quickly.

The thing with the yacht was that the Screw Girls had a sort of rule that while preparing the boat at the marina and putting it away when we returned then, unless the weather otherwise dictated, the girls’ mid blue fuck me bikinis and the guys similarly coloured speedos were the uniform of the day; adding the extra layer of – still sexualised – sailing clothes only as we departed the marina and taking them off as soon as we got back.

While the girls made a fuss about it being part of the boats vibe – and the boat was certainly renowned for it and it attracted the attention of all the other boats – the real reason for this was that they wanted to get the boat’s owner back to wearing his speedos again. Why married thirty year olds wanted to lust and fuss over the – admittedly ripped – body of a sixty year old wasn’t for me to work out. All I knew is that it got Adam down to a similar state of undress, so if that was the price of me wearing a bikini, I was willing to pay it.

To say that the younger guys, being Adam and the husbands of two of the Screw Girls, had reservations about running around in Speedos at the marina was an understatement. But frankly they weren’t given a choice. And the husbands seemed to be much more worried about that aspect than their wives having residual lust for their former lover. Go figure, even if the openly declared payoff for the husbands was great sex from their wives later in the evening.

But the bottom line was that, what Adam wore under his sailing shorts mattered for more reasons than meeting my sexual fetishes at the end of the day.

Helped by the fact that when he tried them on he actually found them a bit more comfortable, the blue pouched ones appeared the first week after I gave them to him. They passed without comment, or indeed obvious signs of being noticed, by anyone else; probably because they were of the same colour and about the same waist height and shape around his bum.

I had greatly underestimates the size of Adam’s manhood and overestimated the size of the pouch. The pouch was nowhere near big enough to hold him, and his shaft still had to lay off nearly all the way to the side. But it did give his large balls more room and absorbed some of his shaft length, so that was a comfort benefit to Adam.

As for my fetish, it was just as good as his normal ones, maybe a bit better. It gave his balls better definition and, if anything, generally made him look a bit bigger because things were less squashed up. And as for when he cracked a boner with me later, the pouch provided more stretch room, which meant he grew this enormous sheathed shaft before he exploded out of them with considerable va-voom. But they still had no hope of containing his full erection.

The similar ones with the press stud sides got a run on a day which was a bit cold and blustery, where Adam obviously guessed they wouldn’t get a public showing but was well aware he’d get a private fucking afterwards. He was only half right. The day warmed up a bit and by the time the boat docked after the race, the girls were quick to strip back down to bikinis and insist the guys do the same.

At that time unaware of his choice of swimwear, I noticed Adam slow to act, but the girls can be quite insistent on that issue. Deciding to give in before a big issue was made of it, he emerged from below in what I instantly recognised from the surge of blood into my clit as the press stud ones.

While we were on the boat, they went uncommented on. It would be fair to say that the size of Adam’s cock, squeezed into their tiny speedo covering, is the cause of some curiosity and amusement to the younger Screw Girls. It may be to Liddy too, but, if so, she’s mature enough to hide it.

All the younger women (Ok, older than him, but less than 35) have seen and admired it, fully aroused and towering over the waistband of his swimmers after Amy suddenly dropped down the front hatch one day while I was putting sunscreen on Adam’s back in a deliberately erotic way and, having taken in the sight of it herself, sent the others to have a gawk too. And that was just the first time. Adam’s only a young man and when three gorgeous scantily clad women decide to turn the same blowtorch of charm and intimate handling on to him that they generally apply to the owner, Adam can’t help but reward them with an erection display; which of course was their intention all along.

I’ve seen them do it. There’s a conspiratorial meeting or nod after which they use a multi-person, hands full task – like carrying a large sailbag from below and getting the sail out of it and clipped on – to take up places strategically around him – Amy hanging her tits in his face while Ellen and Issie get way inside his personal space while seemingly just going about the task of dealing with a large, heavy, stiff sail being blown about by the wind. The poor boy’s got no hope. Two of them bushing their arse repeatedly across his manhood – Ellen’s a master of the art – while Amy has an ‘accidental’ wardrobe malfunction right under his eyes as she drags the sail across her chest. He ends up with an exposed boner in no time, with the girls’ profound apologies interspersed with flattering comments about the display.

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