DJ Pt. 32

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Anal Fingering

In Part 32

Fernando’s first softball practice

DJ and Jamie take Granny out for dinner

Randy and Daryl set their Wedding Date

Fernando receives Danny’s letter

Jamie takes Fernando shopping

Granny (Aggie) has a health problem

Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay boy, 15 year old Fernando, who’s father has kicked him out (which happens way too often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) have placed him with foster parents, a married straight couple. There is no direct, or implied, sexual activity between Fernando and any other character in this story.

* * * * * *

DJ Part 32

Monday morning, February 26th started out like any ordinary Monday. This is the day of Fernando’s first softball practice, and Fernie had no idea what time he might arrive home from school, as that would depend on what time Coach Fritton ended the practice session. Fernie and Liz boarded the bus at about 8:10 AM as usual, and sat together.

About 9:00 AM, Antonio received a phone call from Mary Stewart.

“Mr. Chevas,” Mary spoke, “I’d like to do a follow-up visit today, would you and your wife, and Fernando be available, say, about 4:00 PM this afternoon?”

“We would be home,” Antonio replied, “as we do not open the pizzeria on Monday’s, but Fernie has been accepted on the Boys Softball Team at school. We’re not sure what time he will be returning home from practice, as today is the teams first practice session.”

“It sounds as if Fernando is adjusting to his new school,” Mary said.

“I think he is adjusting very well to his whole new surroundings,” Antonio stated, “and so are Maria and I, and enjoying parenting this precious young man every day. We’re glad we accepted the challenge. Maria and I were discussing this the other day, and we feel like we needed Fernando in our lives, maybe even more than he needs us.”

“It’s been nearly two weeks,” Mary said, “since I placed Fernando with you, and I really need to do a follow-up. I usually try to not work past 5:00 or 5:30 PM, but do you think Fernando would be there if I come by around 7:00 this evening?”

“I would think so,” Antonio replied, “knowing that Fernie has practice today, Maria had planned on dinner tonight for around 6:00 or so, as we anticipate that he will be home by then.”

“OK, great,” Mary said, “look for me around 7:00 this evening, and I’ll see you then, goodbye for now,” and she hung up.

* * * * * *

Monday morning, February 26th, in the Seldon home, Karen was up and starting to prepare breakfast for her three schoolboys. DJ and Jamie had gotten up and showered, and sat at the table, DJ nursing his coffee and Jamie sipping a glass of cranberry juice. Being a Monday, both DJ and Jamie were scheduled off from work.

“I know you guys aren’t scheduled to work today,” Karen asked, “do you have any special plans for this afternoon?”

“We’re going to Dad’s house after class and have lunch with Dad and Joe,” DJ explained, “and after they leave for work, Jamie and I plan to go to the GASC (Golden Age Senior Community) and spend some time with Granny. Maybe we’ll take her out for dinner this evening, and then we’ll be heading back to Dad’s for the night. I’m scheduled O/C tomorrow with Gloria.”

Bryan came out of hibernation and had coffee and breakfast with DJ and Jamie, and was leaving later, driving separately to school today. DJ and Jamie’s first class was at 9:00 AM and his first class was at 10:00, but Bryan would be returning here after classes, and DJ and Jamie are going to DJ’s Dad’s house.

After breakfast, DJ and Jamie got dressed for school and Bryan headed into the bathroom to shower. Phil and Carl were both still sleeping. About 8:30 AM DJ and Jamie kissed Karen goodbye and headed to college in Jamie’s car.

When DJ and Jamie entered the school, DJ pointed out a flyer on the message board, announcing the next meeting of the Rainbow Alliance would be on Monday, March 5th, at 5:00 PM, and would be in the Student Lounge.

“We’ve been so busy,” Jamie said, “we’d almost forgotten about the club, I guess we’d better plan to be there.” DJ agreed.

* * * * * *

At 1:40 PM, at Carter High, the boys all headed to the locker room for Gym class, and were met there by Coach Fritton.

“Guys,” Coach stated, “I want you fellows that are on the Softball Team to go to Study Hall, and I’ll see you on the diamond for practice at 3:15. It’s on the cool side today, and I don’t want you getting all sweaty from Gym class, then going outside for practice, and getting sick.”

Fernando and all the other team members redressed into their outside clothes and went to Study Hall for the rest of the normal school day. At 3:00 PM most the softball team members headed to the locker room to change clothes for practice. Many of the guys donned fleece wear for practice, but Fernie and some of the others hadn’t brought anything to wear for practice, and just left their school clothes on. The team members bursa escort then headed out to the diamond for their first practice session.

There are a total of 18 players, including the 6 returning team members. Coach Fritton divided the players into two teams of 9, with 3 of the returning members on each team, then naming them as Team A and Team B. Fernando was on Team B today.

“Guys”, Coach Fritton said, “If you don’t have gloves, I suggest you get one before the next practice session, on Thursday. I have a crate of gloves here, that some of you can use for today. Regular school clothes are acceptable for practice, but I suggest you bring some active wear to change into for practice sessions, so you don’t mess up your good clothes. Don’t forget to bring the money for your uniforms by next Monday.”

The coach then told each member on both teams which position they would occupy when on the field, Fernando was placed on Right Field. Team A was first up to bat. The first batter was walked after four ‘balls’ and the second batter drove a grounder just to the left of first base, and Fernie caught it, throwing it to the second base guy, but the runner made it to second and was safe, before the second baseman caught Fernie’s pitch.

At the bottom of the 1st, Team A was up by 2 and Team B was up to bat. The first two batters both struck out, and Fernie was the third batter. He hit a good one and sent the ball out past 2nd base, and made it to 1st base before the center fielder could pitch it to the 1st baseman, and was safe. It ended up being the only run that Team B scored in the 1st inning, and Fernie received some welcome slaps on the back from teammates.

They played 5 innings, and Team A beat Team B 5 to 4. Coach Fritton said that it was fine for the first practice, and he had confidence they would improve with practice. It was 5:15 PM when the coach called the practice session over, stating he’d see them all again Thursday.

Being a cool day, and none of the guys really worked up a sweat, none of them felt a need to shower. They just got changed and grabbed their backpacks, they were all on the activity bus about 5:40, and the bus arrived at Fernando’s street at just about 6:00 PM.

Antonio, when Fernie bounced in the door, “Welcome home, son, how did practice go?”

“Not too bad,” Fernie explained, smiling, “I was on Team B, and we lost, 5 to 4, and I made one of the 4 runs that we got, Coach said he was confidant we’d all get better with practice.”

“Dinner is ready and we need to eat,” Maria stated, “Mary Stewart is coming for a follow-up visit about 7:00 PM.”

Fernando ate and then went to his room to start his homework.

* * * * * *

Antonio, answering the door about 7:00 PM, “Hi Mrs. Stewart, please come in and have a seat.” She did, and Maria came from the kitchen and joined them, Maria and Antonio sat on the sofa, Mary in a side chair.

“How is everything going?” Mary asked, “I haven’t heard from you.”

“I thought you gave us your number to call, if we had any problems,” Antonio replied, “and as far as I know, there have been none. I feel that we have adopted to each other very well.”

“He has also adopted well to his new school,” Maria added, “he’s even joined the Softball Team, and just got home from his first practice about an hour ago, just before dinner, he seems quite excited about it.”

“So,” Mary inquired, “where is the young man now?”

“In his room, doing his homework,” Antonio replied, “do you want me to get him?”

“Please,” Mary responded.

Antonio, knocking on Fernie’s door, and pushing it open a few inches, “Fernie, Mary Stewart is here and she wants to see you.” He then returned to the sofa, and Fernando came into the living room.

“Hi Mrs. Stewart,” Fernando greeted her, “how is everything going?”

“That’s what I’m here to find out, Fernando,” Mary replied, smiling, “this is just a routine follow-up visit that we do, after placing children into foster homes, you’re welcome to sit down.”

Mary pointed to the other side chair, but Fernando preferred to squeeze in between Maria and Antonio on the sofa. Antonio instinctively wrapped his arm around Fernando’s shoulder. Mary smiled, she could ‘feel’ the love that was flowing between these foster parents and their foster son.

“Have you all had any issues that we need to discuss?” Mary inquired.

“None that we know of,” Maria commented, “Antonio and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to parent this awesome young man.”

“What about you, Fernando?” Mary said, “Is there anything you wish to address?”

“Maybe,” Fernie replied, “but it’s not bad. This Mom and Dad have shown me things I’ve never experienced before, feelings of being respected, wanted, cared for, and mostly, loved. I’ve always felt that my real parents never loved me, or wanted me. I’m very happy living here, and I never ever want to go back to living with my real parents.”

“Antonio, Maria,” Mary said, “I need to speak with Fernando in private, is there görükle escort someplace we can go, or could you leave the room for about 5 minutes?”

“Mrs. Stewart,” Fernando spoke, “we can go into my room, and close the door.” Fernando led the way and they went into his room. “What did you want to talk about, that you don’t want to say in front of my parents?”

“Fernando,” Mary explained, “It’s unfortunate, but sometimes foster children are placed in homes, and the foster parents take advantage of the children in an improper way. Have either of them ever touched you or made inappropriate sexual comments to you?”

“Of course not,” Fernando responded, shocked at the question, “I think they love me way too much to do something like that!”

“Okay, good,” Mary replied, “but I think you know, I had to ask, for your own protection, that’s all I needed to know.” They both returned to the living room.

“Well,” Mary stated, “everything seems on the up and up, and it looks as if you are all getting along very well. You have my number if you have any problems, and here is my card for you, Fernando. Please call me if the need arises, and I’ll likely check with you again in about a month. You all have a good evening, I’m gone.” Mary Stewart left.

“Dad, I have some needs I have to discuss with you,” Fernie said.

“OK, you have my attention,” Antonio replied, “let’s talk.”

“There’s really about three or four things. I need my own glove, now that I’m on the team, Liz told me there is no place local that sells them, and I would need to check some of the larger stores in the city. I would like to get one before practice on Thursday, if possible. I also would like to get a couple pairs of activewear to wear for practice to keep my school clothes clean.”

“There’s more,” Fernie continued, “I’m going to need $45 by Monday to pay for my softball uniform, and if we could afford it, a new bike, to replace the one I had that I have no idea what my papa may have done with it.”

“That’s a pretty long list, but some of it might be doable,” Antonio remarked, thinking, “I’m pretty well glued to the pizzeria, except for Monday’s, but I might be able to talk Jamie into taking you to the city on Wednesday, right after school. He could help you pick out a glove, and some activewear, would that be OK?”

“That’d be great,” Fernie replied, “Jamie is like a brother to me, and he treats me like his little brother, I like Jamie a lot.”

“I’ll ask him tomorrow, and I think he will be happy to do it. I can get one of the other servers to cover his shift,” Antonio said, “as for the $45, I’ll have it for you Monday morning. The bike might have to wait a while.”

“I realize that’s a lot to ask for,” Fernie said, “and you and Mom have done so much for me already. I’m going to finish my homework and get to bed, thanks, Dad.”

“You’re welcome, Son, Mom and I love you a lot,” Antonio stated, giving Fernando a warm and loving hug.

Antonio, after he and Maria went to bed, “Baby, I’m having second thoughts about a bike for Fernie. I know a decent bike will cost at least $150, maybe closer to $200, but our son is worth every penny of it, and he wants it so bad.”

“I don’t think we have the extra cash for it right now,” Maria stated, “but we could put it on our VISA card.”

“If Jamie is willing to take Fernie to the city,” Antonio remarked, “and I’m quite certain he will, we could also ask him to help Fernie pick out a bike too, and surprise the heck out of him.” Antonio was smiling as he kissed his wife goodnight and they fell asleep.

* * * * * *

Monday morning Joe and I got up about 8:30 AM and were sitting at the table in our birthday suits, as usual, having coffee.

“Doug,” Joe said, “this is Monday, won’t the boys be coming here after class today? They’re usually scheduled off from work on Mondays.”

“You’re right, Joe,” I answered, as I donned the apron and started to fry up some bacon and eggs for our breakfast, “I think I’ll cook up a big pot of Chili and some corn muffins for lunch, I know they both like Chili, and so do we.”

Joe, grinning, “Especially YOUR chili, it’s still cool weather, and that will hit the spot, baby, and your homemade corn muffins always go down well. I can’t believe how attached I’ve gotten to both DJ and Jamie, and how much I miss them both when they’re not here. They seem to have developed a really strong relationship.”

“I know,” I said, “unfortunately, we have to share them with Karen and Carl, and I know they feel the same toward the boys. I think DJ and Jamie’s relationship is ‘Iron Strong’, just like ours. I anticipate that they will eventually marry, and maybe give us grandchildren.” Joe smiled.

About 12:30 PM, Jamie pulled into the drive with DJ, and they both came into the house, giving both Joe and myself hearty and welcome hugs.

“Do I smell chili?” DJ asked.

“You’ve got a good nose, Son,” I answered, grinning, “we can eat as soon as the corn muffins are done, they need about 5 more minutes.” I set the pot of chili bursa escort bayan on a trivet in the center of the table, and we waited for the muffins to finish baking. When they were done, I put them on a plate and set them on the table, and we all sat down to eat.

“How is that young boy, Fernando, adjusting to his new surroundings?” Joe asked.

“He’s doing great, Dad,” Jamie responded, “I think Antonio and Maria love him as much as they would if he was their own son. He calls them ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ and seems very happy living with them. He’s even joined the high school Softball Team, so I guess he’s adjusting well to his new school as well, DJ and I love him like he is our little brother.”

“He is a fantastic young man,” DJ added, “and we all think the world of him, everyone likes him, a lot.”

“Since you guys are off today,” I asked, “have you any special plans?”

“As a matter of fact,” DJ responded, “we do, after we knock out our homework, Jamie and I plan on spending some time with Granny at the Senior Center, and maybe taking her out for dinner tonight.”

Joe, smiling, “That’s quite thoughtful of you, and I’m sure she will appreciate it.”

DJ, tearing up a little, “I have to, Dad, she is the only grandparent I have, and I know she’s old and won’t be around forever. I have to spend some time with her now, or I’ll regret it after she’s gone.”

“She’s lived a pretty good life,” Joe commented, “and she’ll be turning 84 on April 15th.”

DJ, grinning, “I think April 15th is a good day to throw a birthday party.”

After we finished lunch, Jamie and DJ disappeared into their room to tackle their homework, I put away the leftovers and piled the dirty dishes in the sink, and Joe took a shower and dressed for work. Then I followed suit, showering and shaving, and putting on my Southside shirt.

About 2:45 PM Mike Smith came by with the patrol car and picked Joe up to start their shift. I left for the store at the same time.

Jamie and DJ left the house about 3:30 PM and headed to the GASC to visit Granny. When they arrived, about 20 minutes later, they both had to register at the desk, and then were escorted to Aggie’s room. Aggie smiled broadly when she saw the two boys.

“Come here you two!” Granny exclaimed, “and give this old woman a kiss!”

Both DJ and Jamie gave Granny a welcome hug and a loving kiss on her lips. She then invited the boys to sit on the small sofa, and nestled her body in between them. She loves to be close to her grandsons, she also considers Jamie to be her grandson.

“How are Bryan and Phil doing,” Granny asked, “and did Bryan’s parents ever come around to accepting them?”

DJ and Jamie explained that the boys are still living with Karen and Carl, and that Bryan still has no relationship with his parents. Then they explained about the situation with Fernando, and he is now in a loving foster home with Maria and Antonio.

“Why can some parents not accept their children’s sexuality,” Aggie remarked, “Vic never really accepted Joe being gay, but he never considered kicking him out of his home, I would never have let him do that anyway.”

“Granny,” DJ asked, “have you ever eaten at the Hometown Café?”

“I’ve been there just once,” Granny replied, “it’s a lovely place, Joe and Doug took me there for dinner one night right after I arrived here for their wedding. Speaking of weddings, have you two made any plans in that direction?”

“I think DJ and I share enough love to want to spend our lives together,” Jamie answered, “we’re both only still 20, and we want to finish college first, and get on our feet, financially. We’ve still got over a year of college in front of us before we can even graduate.”

“I can’t wait to see you two tie the knot,” Granny said, “anyone that is around you very much can see that you two are very deeply in love with each other.”

“Granny,” DJ remarked, “I just can’t picture my life without Jamie in it, almost everything we do, we do together. Jamie and I would like to take you to the Hometown Café for dinner tonight. Are you available?”

“I am!” Aggie exclaimed, “I need to notify the staff that I won’t be eating here tonight because I’m going out with my grandsons.”

DJ and Jamie had driven Jamie’s car, because it would be easier for Granny to get in and out of it rather that bring the Tracker. Granny rode in the passenger seat with Jamie, and DJ sat in the back. They all enjoyed a very pleasant and delicious dinner together at the Hometown Café, and DJ picked up the tab.

They returned Aggie back to the GASC about 8:00 PM, kissed her goodnight, promised her they’d come back soon, and returned to our house for the night. They actually spent almost 3 hours playing games on DJ’s PS, retiring about 11:00 PM, just before Joe got home from work.

* * * * * *

Tuesday morning, February 27th at 8:00 AM DJ’s alarm sounded. He slipped out of bed, headed to the bathroom to pee, and then to the kitchen to start a full pot of coffee. He has to open with Gloria this morning at 10:00 AM, and will be working until close tonight at 9:00 PM. He didn’t wake Jamie, as Jamie isn’t scheduled to work until 3:00 PM. DJ opted to not fix breakfast, planning to pick up some sausage and egg biscuits at Bojangle’s for himself and Gloria on the way to work.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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