Do I Have a Fetish or Does She?

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In the past we have seen how Mark and Eileen regularly accuse each other of having a rubber boot fetish. It’s playful enough, but when you get right down to it, maybe each has such a fetish and won’t readily admit to it. The following story tells of when Mark had to make a business trip to Texas and his wife, Eileen, tells informs him that he should pack his wellies. Nevertheless, let’s check in on the dialogue.

“My plane leaves in a few hours. I suppose it isn’t too soon to think about packing. Want to lend me a hand?” asked Mark.

“Sure. Besides you are notorious for forgetting something and then either having to when we get to your destination or you just suck it up and do without.”

“Are you accusing me of being absentminded?”

“No accusations intended. I was just speaking the truth. That’s all,” responded Eileen with a bit of a perturbed look on her face.”

“OK, let’s see what you’re packing. You have your good suit for the presentation, enough dress shirts and ties to last the week, casual slacks, underwear, socks, and some golf shirts for when you want to be more casual.”

“Check. Got it all!”

“Did you sign onto the airline’s website and download your boarding passes?”

“I took care of that first thing this morning.”

“Do you have a hardcopy of your presentation along with the USB drive? How about business cards? A notepad and pens?”

“So far so good. I guess I’m getting better” replied Mark with a sigh and clearly tiring of the interrogation.

“Well, let me be the judge of that. Do you have your cellphone and its charger?”

“Oops! Now where did I put the charger?”


“Oh, you do it every day. It isn’t just me.”

“Are you taking a raincoat and your rainboots? It is going to be the rainy season when you’re in Texas, you know.”

“I wasn’t planning to. It seems like so much extra to bring and will just weigh me down.”

“What happened to my husband who has the rubber boot fetish?”

“Me? You’re the one who wants me to take rainboots on my trip. Not me!”

“OK, but when you get drenched on this trip, don’t come complaining to me. Because I told you so.”

“Let me go down to the office and find that phone charger before I forget it,” said Mark and in a flash he was heading towards the stairs.

“I just have to find a way to tease him some more about this before he has to go to the airport,” thought Eileen to herself as she began rummaging through her lingerie drawer in search of something appropriate.

The first thing she found was a little gift box that contained a pink G-string that Mark had given her on Valentine’s Day over 10 years ago—she had never worn it. Thinking it was a perfect beginning, she then looked further and found a pastel pink strapless bra with demi-cups. That, too, had potential as she took the two items with her into their walk-in closet. There she matched them with her pale bahis şirketleri pink Hunter wellies. “Perfect!” she thought, but then turned her attention to the box of sex toys on the shelf. Opening it she found her rabbit vibrator, but when she pressed the switch nothing happened. After rummaging around further she found some fresh batteries, which Eileen inserted. Now when she pressed the switch and the rabbit produced a distinctive buzzing sound.

“What’s that noise?” asked a suddenly appearing Mark.

“Oh, I didn’t know that you were back,” responded Eileen.

“Apparently. What would my wife be doing wearing a sexy bra, a G-string and her wellies while holding a buzzing vibrator?”

“Ah . . . waiting for you?”

Mark went to hug his wife tenderly, but then surreptitiously unhooked the bra releasing her breasts.

“You are one sneaky and naughty man,” Eileen responded with a girlish giggle and stabling her index finger into his chest.

“Naughty? How can I be naughty when you are the one holding the vibrator?” He asked rather pointedly.

“Gee, I don’t know . . . would you believe that I just saw it lying here?”

“Nice try, but no, not quite. Besides the pink wellies and the G-string are a nice touch. What did you have in mind?”

“Since you’re not going to be around all week, I thought we could spend a little time together. You know, just us,” she replied giving him a sensuous little wink.

Mark easily took the hint, but also took Eileen by the hand to the bed. He sat on the edge and when she moved closer her tits were exactly at his mouth level. “How convenient!” he thought as he took the left nipple to suck. Eileen always did have very sensitive nipples and Mark knew how excited she could get when he sucked on them. She was excited and soon had her hand down the front of her G-string massaging her clit.

“I have a better idea!” exclaimed Mark. “Let’s lose the G-string and that way you can play with the rabbit.”

Eileen didn’t need to be asked twice and soon had peeled the G-string off, working it around the wellies that she still wore, and onto the floor. She turned on the rabbit, bent her knees slightly and inserted the vibrator, which felt good inside her vagina. It was in far enough that its ears were gently tickling her clit. Her breathing became deeper and she could sense her pulse quicken while at the same time her vagina began secreting her natural lubricating juices.

“Oh, but this feels good, Mark, but I’m not going to be able to handle this for too much longer before I’ll be cumming,” she said just moments before the first orgasm sent shivers throughout her body.

“If you liked what the rabbit can do, you’ll really like what I can do,” suggested Mark lying back on the bed, his legs hanging off the edge, but his erect member now standing stiffly upright.

“You’re right about that,” said Eileen as she withdrew the rabbit from her vagina and bahis firmaları climbed onto the bed. Then she straddled Mark’s loins and lowered herself allowing his erect penis to penetrate deeply into her. Now don’t forget, Eileen never did remove her wellies and while this position was an enjoyable one, her welly-clad legs did offer a bit of resistance.

“Your pussy feels terrific plus with you still happening to be wearing your wellies, I’m especially turned on.”

“I told you that you had the fetish, but enough talk about wellies because all I want is a good load of your warm, sticky cum. It can be your going away present to me,” she replied moving her hips up and down on the stiff rod until she could feel the beginning of his spasms each depositing some quantity of what she desired most. Once convinced that he was done with his ejaculations, Eileen just collapsed on Mark’s chest.

Some minutes passed and Eileen removed herself from his increasingly flaccid member, reached for a towel from the drawer in the nightstand, held it between her legs and retreated to the bathroom. When she returned, she had put on her underwear, a pair of workout shorts, and a tee-shirt, but interestingly enough was still wearing her pink wellies.

“That was wonderful!” she exclaimed. “Now are you taking your rainboots and raincoat to Texas?”

“Yes, and no. Yes, it was wonderful, and no, I’m still not taking them.”

“OK, I tried. So, don’t blame me when you get caught in a downpour and soaked all the way through to the skin.”

Days later — Friday evening

Eileen had to go to the airport to pickup Mark. It had been raining all day, most times quite heavily at that. Their local airport had a lot of construction going on and the covered walkways from the terminal to the parking garage had been removed as the renovations progressed. Moreover, the parking garage had been way under capacity for years and often Mark and Eileen often had to park in the open lot.

“Poor Mark is going to get soaked!” she said to herself. “Too bad that he didn’t listen to me and take his rainboots and raincoat. Then again, he thought he’d only need them in Texas, so he hadn’t thought about back home.”

That’s when Eileen had another idea. While she was dressed in a raincoat and wellies, she would bring his with her and go into the terminal where she would meet him at baggage claim. She had another idea, and a very devilish one at that, as she took his things out to the car and headed for the airport. As predicted, there were no parking places and she did, in fact, need to park way out in the open lot. The weather was still miserable, and she appreciated having her own wellies and raincoat as she made her way to the terminal wading through a couple of inches of puddles in several spot as she did so.

Despite the weather, Mark’s plane was on time. Eileen looked at the digital display and saw that it was already taxiing to the kaçak bahis siteleri gate. Seeing that his luggage was arriving at carousel 15A, she texted Mark that she was at the airport and would meet him there.

Some 20 minutes later Mark stood waiting for his luggage when he heard a female voice behind him say, “Do you plan on getting soaked on the way to your car?”

He turned around and there stood Eileen wearing her pastel pink wellies and a British tan trench coat that coordinated beautifully. “Hi, I’m glad to be back. Thanks for meeting me,” he said giving her a welcome home kiss.

“I’m, of course, glad to see you, but with the weather being so dreadful and all, I thought you might want these, she said offering the raincoat and boots.”

“Yeah, I suppose those might come in handy right about now. It is pouring out and I’m sure that I’d get drenched on the way to the car,” said Mark with a bit of an embarrassed look on his face.

“Yes, you would, said her husband who supposedly has a rubber boot fetish, but still would not agree to take his own boots to Texas.” There was that ‘I told you so’ that he not only expected but was due.

Mark decided to ignore the ‘I told you so” from Eileen and took the boots and raincoat from her. After finding a seat where he could change from his shoes, he was ready to make the extremely wet journey to the car. Eileen thought that there were not only more puddles than she found earlier, but deeper, too. When they finally got to the car, Mark said, “Thanks, hon, you were a lifesaver. I really appreciate you coming to the airport with my things.”

Eileen just smiled, but then said, “Let’s stop on the way home for a pizza. I’m starved.”

About five miles from home, they stopped at their favorite pizzeria for takeout. It was still raining heavily, but despite that Eileen said that she would go in, too, so they could place their order. Mark was rather surprised because normally Eileen would choose to wait in the car, but no matter because not having seen her all week he appreciated her company.

With the weather there were very few other customers inside the pizzeria. Mark ordered a large sausage and mushroom pie and paid for it. Eileen, who was standing next to him at the counter then turned so that her back was towards the kitchen. She untied the belt of the raincoat and undid the buttons. Then she opened it.

Mark was so aghast that his mouth dropped in amazement. Here was Eileen wearing absolutely nothing on underneath—stark naked! She was sort of flashing him in public with her perky titties and sweet little cleanshaven pussy right there in the open.

“What the . . .!” he exclaimed.

“So, do you like it?”

“I do. I love it. I also happen to love it when you get a little slutty!”

“I was hoping that you would admire my wellies because I think my man is really super sexy whenever he is wearing his. It’s just that he doesn’t wear them often enough for me.”

“Right now, I’m thinking of a particular opportunity where I can wear them for you, but there is one problem.”

“What’s that?” asked Eileen.

“I’m pretty sure that our pizza is going to get cold.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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