Dominating a Neighbor Ch. 04

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I wasn’t worried about Kyle. He would contact me. I couldn’t contact him. He needed to come to me, figuratively and literally crawling back. It had to be him begging to me. And it would be. The only question was how long it would take him. I sat back. It would be bad to lose him, as I certainly had become attached to him. I thought about that. I had let myself fall for him more than I should have. That might be a mistake on my part. Boys can come and go, and I shouldn’t want one to stick around and be devastated if he left.

I could survive if he never spoke to me again, but it would leave me feeling empty. I took a deep breath. Damn, he had better come back. I actually glanced at my phone, then over at his place. I couldn’t see in his windows from this angle, but I knew he was over there, feeling hurt. I wanted to comfort him, but he needed to ask. I could take his pain away, and afterwards it would be better for both of us. This was part of the process I had to put him through. He had to know deep down that I was free to do anything I wanted, and he had to accept it. This was going to wrench his guts, but on the other side, he would be more submissive and more tied to me.

A few hours passed, it was hard on me, but I knew it was much harder on him. I’m sure he was in pain. I was proud of him for not folding in minutes. He wasn’t a wimp, just submissive. He was showing a form of strength in holding back, and where I could get irritated at him for making me wait, I wouldn’t. I did want him back in my arms however.

[Why?] He texted. It was late, but I had been waiting. He wanted to know why I had someone else in my apartment.

[He’s one of my boys. I can’t ignore any of my boys, can I?] I replied.

[How many boys do you have?] He texted back. I thought that would be a question on his mind.

[Don’t worry about that. You are one of my boys, so I won’t ignore you either.] I texted to him. He didn’t need to know how many guys I had. I’d have to do some counting anyway. He just needed to know he was one of them.

[I’m just someone on your string?] His text made me think that I couldn’t reveal that he was special for me.

[I don’t string people along. You’re my boy, I care for you.] This is hard to relay via text. It was true, even if I cared for him more than I should.

[But you have so many!] I could almost see the tears on his face as I read his text, he was getting a little irrational now. Let’s see if I could turn this the way I wanted.

[My dick ever seem distracted when you were sucking me?] Hopefully this message would shift his mindset, let him think of my dick.

[No] A simple reply from him.

[I’m always totally with you when you’re here. All of me.] I don’t text much, but I have do this for him now.

[It’s so hard to think of you with other guys.] He wanted me all to himself, of course.

[You don’t have to think of that when you are with me. Or anytime, actually.]

[But I know!] In my mind, I could see the tears on his face.

[And I know I don’t think of them when I’m with you.] That was true enough, sometimes I couldn’t even think of him so I could hold back my cum.


[When I hold you in my arms, you are safe and all mine.]

[I so want to be in your arms right now.] Jackpot. I had gotten him thinking about my body and let his gonads start pulling on him.

[What’s holding you back?] Let’s see what he says.

Nothing for a short bit. [Will you let me? Come over?] I was ready to type up that he could when a new one came in. And it was the best yet. [Please].

[Yes, get over here.] I got up to be at the door. His adding ‘please’ meant mecidiyeköy escort he really wanted to be in my arms again. I had flipped him. Getting him physically in my arms was the next step. He would feel me, smell me. The trauma would cause him to be turmoil, and I could guide him right where I wanted him.

I heard his steps coming up the stairs. I opened the door as he go to the top. He catapulted himself into my arms. I held him tight for a bit, letting his head rest on my chest. He was holding me tight, his muscles showing their strength. “It’s all right boy, it’s all fine. I’m here.” I kissed the top of his head.

“I hurt so much, but I can’t be without you.” Kyle sobbed into my chest. He was crying. I hadn’t noticed when he showed up, but he couldn’t speak without me hearing it.

“You’re here now, where you belong. With me. Always with me.” I gently pulled his head back and wiped his tears away. Then I kissed him, deeply. I pulled him to a chair, holding him tight. His head curled down on me chest again. As much as I’d like his lips on my cock, this was not the time for sex. He needed me to just hold him, and I did, letting him come to terms with everything.

“So you still want me?” He sounded small, confused.

“Of course, you are my boy, I would never of messaged you if I didn’t want you. Getting to know you has made me want you more.” All true, and he needed to hear it. I do have a huge capacity for wanting men.

“I’ve been a damn fool, haven’t I?” He wasn’t looking up at me, he was still looking at my chest.

I moved, shifting us both. My hand raised his head up. He kept his eyes down. I tapped his jaw with a finger. He knew what I wanted. He took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes. I saw fear, not like he was worried I would hit him, but that he had disappointed me and worried of the consequences. “Yes, you’ve been a damn fool.”

Kyle shifted a bit in my arms. I continued “You can trust me. I won’t let you be harmed.” Harmed and hurt are two different things. “You are my boy, I take care of my boys.” I stroked his hair. “Right now, you are the only one I’m thinking about. You are my boy, the boy in my arms.”

“I like being in your arms.” Very sweet of him. After what he had been through, he needed some simple time in contact with me.

“I like you in my arms. All comfy?”

“Yes, Master.” He nuzzled his head a little. I was glad he remembered to call me ‘Master’ again, it meant he was settling back where he needed to be. Just deeper into being my sub. It didn’t take too long before I realized he was asleep. I moved a little, only to have him snuggle into me more. I rolled my eyes a bit as it dawned on me that I was stuck and wouldn’t be moving. Gently, I eased the lounge chair back all the way, shortly I fell asleep as well.

I woke up to Kyle opening my shirt and kissing my chest. I let him continue. He glanced up and saw me watching him. He smiled and kissed further down. He moved to kneel before me, bringing his hands to my pants, undoing them. I moved my hips so he could slid my trousers down. He got to his goal, putting his nose to my pubes and inhaling deeply.

Kyle began to kiss my balls, a nice gesture. I widened my legs and decided to let him work on my junk. The kisses lead to licks, he was still concentrating on my nuts. He put an entire ball in, not able to stretch his mouth around both. Kyle had learned a bit from working on me so far and didn’t rush, spending an incredibly long time on my balls. Licks, kisses, using just his lips to ‘bite’ the skin. I was actually a bit surprised when when he began to kiss up my shaft, making it to the tip where he imitated istanbul escort french kissing for a bit before slowly moving his lips down. In full contact with my shaft, slowly moving until I was buried in his throat. His nose was back in my pubes, my cock encased now. He stayed until he just had to breath. He pulled back faster then he intended.

After that start he got to moving up and down on my long prick with moderate speed. Nice after some time getting my pump primed. I almost wanted to grab his head and face fuck him, but this needed to be him doing it. I let him. His skills were in full display has he worked hard to pleasure me.

He hadn’t forgotten he needed to use more than just his mouth. One hand cupped my balls and moved my testicles around, the other moved slowly on my inner thigh. He was still sucking, and I was enjoying every minute. His tongue began to move, he had held it in reserve until now. I loved the increased sensations. He loved the long opportunity to service me. He added new actions bit by bit. His head started to move more. He was being sure to go the entire length from tip to base. He was working hard to please me, to make up for his running out.

I leaned back and let him go at it. I was still holding back, not letting myself cum, I was very happy he had returned to me. Kyle continued to suck on my cock, and I saw the sun rising through my windows. I was glad the night was over. His hands continued working my my balls. I was so hard, so very hard, it almost hurt.

I decided it was time to fuck him. I pulled forward and lifted him up, carrying him to my bedroom. There, I pulled his pants off. Once he realized what I was going for, he helped. I had him on his back, lining my cock up to his ass. He looked up at me, unbridled desire on his face, and gratefulness. I let the tip of my cock rest just at the gate of his ass, just letting him feel me there, touching him, intimately. He looked at me in longing. I smiled at him as I pushed in, taking him again, using him as he needed to be used. He let out a groan, feeling like he was content again.

I pumped slowly, letting him feel my dick fully. He needed to relish this fucking I was giving him. To know his owner was taking him again, he needed to block out all the fears he had, to trust me and surrender to me. His face showed just want it should, submission to me, joy at my fucking him.

It’s one thing to fuck a random sub you pick up for a night, it’s another to fuck one you really connect with. If the sub means something to you, everything you do to him means more. His obedience is more fulfilling. Filling his hole is more satisfying. Kyle’s ass felt great, unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. A warm sheath around my cock that gave me a sensation much better than the last time I fucked him. I think it was him coming back to me. The fact I had him under me, taking my prick, and wanting me more than ever before.

I leaned down and kissed him, rubbing my body on his, chest to chest. I reached around and pulled his head closer to me. We were undulating together, Kyle groaning in my mouth as we kissed. I increased the force of shoving into him, my desire rising in me. I had almost lost him, got him back, and had to delay my carnal desires for his recovery. I wanted to cum in him again, and I was tired of waiting. I began to rut in earnest. Kyle’s arms reached around me, his fingers scraping on my back, I’m sure he was pulling blood, but I didn’t care. We were together again.

I really thrust in, our bodies rubbing together and covered in sweat. I started going harder into him, and I felt him shoot, his body twisting, almost like he was trying şişli escort to escape. That was the last I could resist, and I came deep in his guts. We held onto each other tighter, continuing our movement in echoes of the fucking we had done. I slowed down, releasing him, arms, mouth and ass. I rolled onto my back, Kyle rolled besides me, putting his head on my chest and his arm over me. We both breathed deep.

After we had a chance to recover, I rubbed his head. “Boy, I know it was tough discovering I have other boys. But you must be strong. I will always have time for you, I will not turn my back on you. But you are the boy, I am the Master. I make the decisions, and that includes who I let into my bed. I will be fucking a lot of boys, I have fucked a lot of boys. But you are mine, all mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry. You promise I will always be yours?”

“I do. I take care of my boys. You will always have a place in my heart.”

“Will, will you share me with your friends?” Kyle sounded small.

“What do you mean?” I moved to look at him.

“I know that some Master’s let friends use their subs. Fuck them, I mean.”

“So you think I’d just loan you out?”

“I don’t know, that’s one of the things Dom’s do, isn’t it?”

“Some, certainly. But I don’t think you are the type that would work for you.”

“So, you’ve done that sort of thing?”

“Shared another man’s slave, yes. I have. Loaned off mine, I’ve done that as well.” He was about to say something. “But it’s not something that works for all slaves. I don’t treat all my subs the same. Each one needs something different, unique to them. The boy you saw here was Mickey. He’s married, to a woman actually. But he likes to do a bit of service. He comes by sucks me off, and cleans my apartment. That’s all. It makes him much happier. He needs to get a bit of servitude in, and he can live the rest of his life in peace.”

“It’s like he needs a bit of this, but not a lot?” Kyle asked.

“Exactly. If he didn’t get to serve me a little bit, he’d have an inch that keep needing to be scratched, and he’d probably go off and do something that would jeopardize his marriage. He’d be miserable if he did nothing, and if he did something, that would make him miserable as well. This resolves all of that.”

“It’s nice of you. You don’t ask him for anything else?”

“Nope, I let him get his itch scratched, and he’s satisfied. His life is much better this way. No unfulfilled longing. He can focus on his wife, everyone is better off.”

“And that’s what I got upset about.” Kyle looked down.

“Yes, that’s what you got upset about. It’s not something you ever need to be concerned about again. I may have other boys, but when I’m with you, it will just be me and you.”

“Thank you, Master.” Kyle snuggled up to me.

After a bit of rest, we had to get going. Kyle needed to get to work. I had to push him a bit, but that’s what subs need sometimes.

That afternoon, close to the time Kyle would be arriving home, I texted him that he could come straight to me, not stopping home first. He obeyed, of course. I opened the door and pulled him into a hug. I let him stay there a moment before reaching down for a brief kiss. I lead him to the sofa and started to remove his clothes, moving his hands when he tried to remove any of mine. I wanted him nude and me not. He quickly figured it out and stopped trying on my clothes. Once I had him naked, I let my hands wonder of his body during our intermittent kissing. I wanted him to recognize our difference, nudity and not. Feeling the reactions of his skin, the slight intake of the sides of his torso, the hardening of his nipples, all revealed he knew the difference.

I moved him so he was laying on his back, head on my lap. I ran one had over his chest, and abs, another through his hair.

“All better?” I asked.

“All better, Master.”

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