Dom’s Playtime

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Dom took a drag of his cigarette has he drove down the long road that overlooked the dam. He was thoughtless, listening to his music as he drove. He liked it that way. He never liked to be alone with his thoughts, never liked silence. He always had music or something to distract him from his troubles. The sun felt nice against his skin, as did the air passing through his car. He flicked his cigarette as he headed onto the highway. Only a few miles until his exit. He felt his member twitch as he drew closer to his destination.

He turned left after a few miles when he took his exit, then took another left and finally a right. He saw the driveway, between two mailboxes. As his car slowly crept up the driveway he began to see more and more of the familiar house. The door was open, ready for him. He parked his car next to the black Lexus, took the key out of the ignition, and clipped his keys onto his belt loop without thought. His dick was hard already as he walked to the open door.

“Hey. How was the drive?” asked a young guy, around his age. He hadn’t known his name, only that he knew how to suck dick just the way he liked.

“Not bad,” said Dom, taking his shoes off as his cocksucker closed the door behind him. He made his way around to the couch, removed his jeans and briefs in one swift motion before he seated himself. The cocksucker was eager, immediately getting on his knees before Dom, looking at his rock hard member before he started licking it.

Dom wasn’t huge, but he wasn’t small. He had a good 6 inches in length, and was pretty damn thick when reasonably aroused. Many of his previous acquaintances called his member quite beautiful. Of course there were many times when he was so aroused he would go into a frenzy and was told his cock was a lot bigger than before. To be honest though, that rarely happened. Right now, his cock was being worshipped by a blue eyed hottie.

He watched as the guy on his knees licked the edges of his cock’s head, lingering on the spots that made his groan in pleasure. He stopped, looked at Dom, and dove down to tongue his naturally smooth sack. He watched as Dom’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head. Dom opened his eyes as his nameless friend slowly dragged his tongue from the base of his cock to the tip. As his tongue reached the tip, he smiled, opened his mouth, and took his cock down his throat. He heard Dom moan as he felt the cock in his throat twitch. He knew better though, Dom wasn’t that quick to cum.

Peering up at him, their eyes connected again, Dom moaning, one hand stroking his head for encouragement, the other on his cocksucker’s arm. Dom was loving the attention his cocksucker was giving him. Fifteen minutes had passed, his cock was swollen, his breathing was frantic, and beads of sweat had collected on both of the men’s bodies. Their eyes met again and Dom was driven to the edge.

“Oh fuck!” Dom’s cock pulsed deep in his cocksucker’s throat, coating the back of a welcoming throat. Blue eyes swallowed eagerly the loads that were given to him. Dom’s cock slowly started to soften as his new “friend” continued sucking. Their eye contact hadn’t broken yet. The sight of this guy got him hard again. His friend was relentless at his sucking. Dom smiled as his cock was again engulfed by this good looking man. Dom knew he wasn’t going to cum again, so did his friend, so he stopped. The man had gotten up and so did Dom, pulling his pants up and tucking his hard cock upwards into his briefs. He hadn’t yet fully had his jeans up when he looked at his friend, seeing the tent that had formed in his shorts.

‘Not a bad sized tent,’ Dom thought. “Your turn?” this time, out loud.

“Sure! I mean, it’s up to you” Blue eyes said with a smile. He knew they both wanted Dom to reciprocate. He hadn’t before, but was now definitely curious as to what his nameless friend was packing. He got closer to Dom, in fact very close. Dom felt hot breath on his neck and cocked his head, looking at Blue eye’s lips. They both leaned into the kiss, breathing heavy.

‘Nice kisser. Damn his tongue is soft,’ thought Dom. ‘I guess this isn’t so bad. But…’

His member was still hard, and being groped by Blue eyes. Dom hooked his fingers under the elastics of the other man’s shorts. He pulled down gaziantep escort the shorts and got to his knees. Blue eyes sat down, somewhat hard, his eyes never leaving Dom. Dom looked at the piece in front of his eyes. He licked his lips and leaned in. He licked from the base to the tip, earning an encouraging moan.

‘This is a damn nice cock,’ Dom thought, as he took every inch into his mouth and throat. Blue eyes put his hand on the back of Dom’s head, pushing and releasing to assist Dom with a pace that pleased him. It didn’t take long for him to bust a good sized load into Dom’s mouth. Dom wasn’t exactly fond of the taste of cum, however he swallowed the load anyway.

He got off his knees and buttoned his pants, shoving his still erect cock into a more comfortable position. Blue eyes checked him up and down, pulling his shorts up. “Hey,” said Blue eyes, “drive safe, my friend!” Dom put his shoes back on and exited, making his way back to his car. When he got he looked around to see if anyone was keeping tabs on their neighbor. He had only gotten his dick sucked by this guy one other time. He wasn’t so sure the first time, but he was drunk, a bit stoned, and definitely horny. He hadn’t gotten his dick wet in a long time, and figured what the hell.

It was only about 9 in the morning and there was a nip in the air. It was New England, and spring, so while it was still cold for others, Dom easily adjusted to temperature changes. He lit up another cigarette, put his keys in his ignition, and started driving. He wasn’t sure where he’d go just yet. He was still horny so he was thinking about going to one of his other regulars. He wasn’t sure about what those guys liked, he didn’t think he had that great of a dick.

He was a thin guy, naturally muscled and tan, almost completely hairless on his torso except for a dusting for a happy trail. His hairless torso was pretty long, shoulders broad, and his legs were long and lean. His long legs and torso made him a tall guy. His hair, which was black, was usually cut short, sometimes spiked, but always messy. He preferred wearing his favorite black hat, covering his mop. His eyes were a dark brown, they almost seemed black at times, yet other times seemed almost an amber. The most intriguing thing about Dom however was his smile. His teeth were insanely white for someone who smoked so much. Everyone who saw his smile either fell in love or couldn’t help but smile themselves.

He thought about a few guys he wanted to contact. Daniel gave great head, but Nate knew how to ride his dick how he liked it and loved getting bent over and could take a pounding. Maybe he’d go for Oscar, he’d give okay head to start and would let Dom finish in his ass. Oscar was kind of weird though so maybe not. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and made a few texts. Dan and Nate, whoever got back to him first can get his dick. Usually they get back in a few minutes, if that. Today though, there was no such luck. He was so horny though.

Dom ended up going back to his apartment, horny and bored. He sat on his porch smoking his cigarette, not sure what to do, staring at the sky. After a few minutes he got up and went inside, kicking his shoes off on his mat. He walked down the hall, shed his shirt and opened the door to his room. He stripped the rest of his clothes off, put them in the hamper, and walked down the hall to the bathroom, thinking a shower would help him. He turned the faucet, making sure the water was at the right temp (which was usually borderline boiling), and hopped in. After a couple minutes he looked down, his dick was still hard and jutted out, waiting for relief.

Dom took a bottle of silicone lube from the shelf next to his bathtub, placed there for times like this, or when he had “company,” which was almost never. He poured some into his hand and smeared it all over the tip of his dick, then gripped his shaft, spreading the lube further. He groaned as he pumped away at his throbbing dick. He closed his eyes, mind racing with thoughts of tight asses and hot, wet mouths. He wanted this to last. He stopped and started to clean his hand and his dick of the lube. He thought of how counter-productive all this was, since he was just going to need to clean off his dick and possibly his torso again soon.

He hopped out of the shower and walked to his bedroom, windows open, but the neighbor was at work. He kept them open anyways, walking around the house naked, unashamed and sometimes aroused at the thought of an audience. He laid down on his bed, took the bottle of lube on his night stand and squeezed some lube onto his cock. His dick laying on his abs, pulsing every time his heart beat. He grabbed his member and started slowly stroking. He looked down at his dick as he ran his palm over the top, slid over the tip, and grasped the underside. He paid extra attention to the tip, moving just his fingertips over the head, feeling the edges of it, loving every soft, wet caress. He groaned, feeling shivers all around him. Stopping for a moment so he wouldn’t cum, he looked out the window. Lifeless. No one was outside, no cars were being driven. He looked up, connecting with a pair of eyes through two sets of windows: His, which was open, and Roger’s, his neighbor.

His neighbor was an attractive man, mid 30’s, tight body from his daily running routes and whatever else he did for fitness, grey eyes, and sandy blonde hair. He was always well dressed and always smiled. Right then however, he was not. He was in the middle of changing when he looked over and saw Dom masturbating. ‘Damn! Who knew Dom had such a nice dick?’ thought Roger. He felt his cock twitch in his well fitted trousers. He took his undershirt off and started rubbing his hard prick through his pants. ‘I’m glad I came home early,’ he thought. ‘Why did he stop? Oh shit. He’s looking. Do I wave? He doesn’t seem to mind. He’s staring back at me. And now he’s jerking again. Damn.’ Dom looked at Roger, stroking his rock hard prick. His free hand, which was on his chest was not beckoning his peeping neighbor.

‘Oh fuck…’ thought Roger. ‘He wants me over there… Do I go? I guess I can’t refuse. Why would I though?’ He motioned to Roger, advising silently to give him a moment. He pulled his trousers down and replaced them with a pair of basketball shorts, tucking his dick upward so it was almost unnoticeable. He put on a baggy shirt, his flip flops, and headed over. His heart beat faster the closer he got. He had never done anything like this. He wanted to for a while, but barely ever got the chance. When he did get the chance he usually chickened out, thinking about if it made him gay. He paused at the door, slowly bringing his hand up, part of him silently hoping it wasn’t locked, the rest hoping it was. It wasn’t. He walked in, slowly making his way around the almost immaculate apartment, to the room he saw his hot, naked, hard neighbor touching himself.

The door to Dom’s bedroom was open, Dom on his bed, still stroking. Dom looked up at Roger, who was in the doorway in awe. They’d only known each other from small cookouts Roger had had. They were friendly, but as friendly as neighbors who barely saw each other could get. Roger slowly made his way to the bed as Dom got up. He moved over to the window, closing the blinds. He was okay with an audience for his solos, but he didn’t need an audience for this. “Strip,” said Dom, now facing Roger, no longer touching himself. Roger complied, partly nervous, partly excited. Dom walked up to Roger, inches away from the man. Their cocks touching, side by side. Dom took both cocks in his hand, shocking the other man, causing him to yelp. Roger was losing his mind, feeling a rough hand and hard cock against his. Dom surprised him again by licking Roger’s lip, then biting it. Roger gave in, exploring the man’s mouth with his tongue.

Dom stopped both kissing and stroking, to the dismay of the other man, and quickly pushed Roger onto the bed. In one swift movement Dom got on his knees and had Roger’s cock down his throat. Roger gasped, looking down at the young hot man burying his nose in his pubes. “Of fuck!” he said, he was already so close to cumming and they had just begun. It was almost as if Dom could sense his early orgasm. Dom pulled off his dick and his mouth returned to Roger’s for only a moment, before standing up in front of the man, dick inches away from his mouth. Roger was almost in a trance looking at the cock in front of him. He grabbed Dom’s piece, stroking it slowly. Dom looked down, watching the man lick his lips. “Suck it. You know you want to taste it,” Dom encouraged. Not a moment later his head was being sucked into Roger’s basically drooling mouth. He felt the tongue circle around the edges of the head and let out a moan of approval.

Roger was so new to this, but he loved every moment, savoring the taste of Dom’s dick. Musky, salty, hot. He went to move his hand to his prick but his hand was swatted away by Dom. “Ah ah,” said Dom, “the only way your dick will get attention is if I’m giving it to him.” He then focused more attention on the dick in his mouth. He didn’t get it that far in before he started to gag. “Pace yourself, you don’t have to deepthroat right now if you haven’t given head before. Most need to practice.” Advised Dom. He’d try a few more times in between running his tongue around Dom’s head.

Dom was getting close. Very close. He pulled his dick out of Roger’s mouth, causing Roger to look up in slight disappointment. “Scooch up,” said Dom with a raspy voice. Dom got in between Roger’s legs, licking from Roger’s balls up to the tip of his cock then started sucking the tip. He looked up at Roger, his head thrust back, moaning. Dom stopped, licked his way back down to Roger’s balls, proceeded to go further down, licking just under the scrotum, gaining another yelp. He went further, licking the sensitive skin and then down to Roger’s hole. The moment his tongue touched his hole, Roger started gasping for air. Dom was getting in there, he just had to get this straight man to loosen up.

Roger couldn’t believe the feeling. He tried sticking a finger in a couple times before but it was nothing like this hot, wet muscle sliding across him. He could barely breathe from the pleasure he was receiving. He felt cold air, then a finger entered him slowly. He moaned out wanting to grab hold of his dick. Luckily he felt the warm wetness of Dom’s mouth. He felt another finger enter him, a bit more painful, at first. Not soon after the second finger entered him they started to wiggle around in him. “OH FUCK!” screamed Roger. Dom looked up and smiled around the dick in his mouth. He knew his way around a prostate. He stopped sucking, adding another finger and caused Roger to squirm. After a few more minutes of finger fucking Roger he knew he was ready.

Dom took his lube, spread it around his dick, and after removing his fingers, poured lube onto his fingers and spread the lube at the entrance of Roger’s puckering hole before he entered with his fingers again. He pulled out, looked up at Roger, who was looking back, and started rubbing his head up and down Roger’s hole. He gently pushed, popping his head in with surprising ease. Roger moaned, he wasn’t sure yet how it felt to him, but he wanted more. Slowly, Dom started to push deeper until he was pressed skin to skin. Roger never would have guessed how good a dick would feel in him. “Fuck me,” pleaded Roger, who was delirious with pleasure.

Dom started slowly pumping in and out, but it wasn’t long until he had a quick rhythm. He leaned back, one hand behind him on the bed, the other pulling Roger up to straddle him, his dick never leaving Roger. The gesture was noted and soon he had Roger bouncing up and down on his dick, hard and fast. Roger’s dick bouncing up and slapping down on Dom’s abs. Dom was watching his cock being swallowed by the straight man’s ass again and again, feeling his orgasm starting to build. He grabbed hold of the bouncing dick in front of him, pointing it upward so every bounce would fuck his fist.

Roger couldn’t stop impaling himself on this man’s dick. He was so close and it felt way too good. He had felt it then, out of nowhere and with no warning. From the tip of his dick had erupted his cum, the first shot hitting Dom directly on his lips, second over his chest. At that time, Dom had felt the hole around him tighten, the cum shot to his lips set him off, soon he was depositing his seed deep inside his straight neighbor. The room was filled with moans and pants, the air hot, sticky. Both men were covered in sweat, panting.

Roger looked at Dom, lifting himself from the man’s semi hard member. “If you need to use the bathroom it’s the second door to the left,” advised Dom. Roger left the room to relieve himself from the other man’s load. Dom sighed, finally relieved of his almost always hard cock.


Please be gentle. This is my first story.

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