Dont’t You Wish Your Wife…

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Todd wasn’t sure what he was doing here. This wasn’t the first time he had cheated on his wife of twenty years. But it was the first time with someone he had never met before. Correction, with someone he had not met physically. For the past six months they had emailed and talked on the phone. For two people who lived on opposite sides of the country, they knew alot about each other.

Todd checked his watch again. She was late. Maybe she changed her mind? He had wanted to meet her for months. From the very first moment he had read her story on Literotica he had been hooked. There was something about her, her confidence, her sexuality. Whatever it was, it drew him. He had wanted to meet her after just a few emails. He had felt a connection with her and had been persistant about meeting her. Hell, he didn’t even know her last name and he didn’t care. He just knew he needed to be with her.

When she finally agreed to meet him, he had been both excited and nervous. They had exchanged alot over the past months. She knew more about him that anyone else. Even his wife.

And basically, that is why he was here. After twenty years of marriage and three kids, things had changed. They still loved each other, but he was tired of vanilla sex. He was older now, his kids were all moved out, he wanted to experiment and enjoy sex. His wife wanted no part of that. So he had looked elsewhere, and for a time, had found someone. But after a few weeks, they had parted. And he still felt like he was missing out on something.

And then he met Amanda.

Todd checked his watch again. He had been looking forward to this day for weeks. She confessed to things, sexual things, so decadent, that his cock harden just remembering. She did all the things his wife had refused to do. With just a few words, she could have him so hard and wanting that he would have to take his cock out and stroke it until he came, shooting a load over his clean, polished desk.


Todd turned at the sound of the soft voice saying his name.


She smiled and nodded.

“Well, it’s nice to finally meet you.” He said and not sure what to do, he held out his hand.

Amanda laughed softly and placed her small hand in his large one.

“Sorry I’m late. Traffic was murder.”

“As long as you’re here now.”

“Yes. I’m all yours now.”

Todd felt the tightening in his jeans. All his?

“Do you want to get a drink or shall we go straight to my room?”

“Let’s go upstairs. We could always send out for room service later.”

“Let’s go then.”

Todd took her and and led her to the elevators. All his worries about meeting her disappeared. She was a very attractive woman. Alot younger looking then her 37 years. Her brown hair was down and fell in waves past her shoulders. She wasn’t a thin woman but had curves. Her hips were wide and her legs muscled and tan. He smiled as he noticed her red toenails.

“Were you waiting long?”

Todd dragged his eyes up the length of her and looked into her green eyes. They were smiling at him. He felt like a kid who had been caught looking at his dad’s playboy.

“Just a few minutes.”

“Hmmm….I’ll have to see what I can do to make that up to you.” She said with a wink and his cock almost ripped through his pants.

The elevator doors opened and Todd couldn’t take much more. He took her hand and led her down the hall to the room he had rented earlier. Her soft laughter was at his ear as he bent and fumbled with the key card.

“Damn things.” He mumbled as he tried twice to get the green light.

“Here, let me.” She covered his hand with hers and slowly slid the card in. The red light turned to green and she turned the handle. The door opened and she followed him inside.

“I’m not sure what to do first?” He said honestly, throwing the cardkey onto the nearby table.

“Well, we could start by kissing. Or I could just suck your cock until you think of something else?”

Todd was speechless. How long had it been since he had his dick in a woman’s mouth. A woman who he didn’t have to practically beg to do it.

“You don’t mind?” He found himself asking even as he started to unbutton his jeans.

“Of course not. That is why we’re here, isn’t it?”

Todd watched in silence as Amanda dropped to her knees and finished undoing his jeans. She pulled them down his legs and after removing his shoes and socks, removed his jeans.

“No undies?” She asked looking up at him with a smile.

“I was making it easy for you.” He said with an answering smile.


Todd closed his eyes and groaned at the first touch of her Escort bayan tongue against the heated tip of his cock. He felt her small, smooth hands on his thighs, rubbing up and down as she licked and nibbled on him.

“Fuck Amanda.” He hissed, loving how good it felt to have her wet mouth on him.

Amanda continued to lick and suck on just the red tip of him. He tasted so good. So male. She opened her mouth wider and took more of him in. He was thick and about eight inches. She just about took him all in without gagging.

“Oh God.”

Amanda smiled around Todd’s cock. She had learned alot about him over the months they have talked. She knew that he never received oral from his wife anymore. She knew that he had never had anal with a woman. And she knew that he wanted to dominate a woman. All the things she loved to do and have done to her.

She let his cock slide from her mouth. Despite his moan of displeasure, she smiled as she licked her way down his hard cock to his balls hanging below. Dipping her head, she took them into her mouth.

“Holy shit!”

Amanda couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her as she sucked and swirled her tongue over his hairless sac. She trailed her hands around his thighs and pulled him closer to her. She took her time sucking each one into her mouth and laving it with her tongue. She could feel the shudders running through Todd’s body.

“Tell me Todd. What do you want me to do?” She whispered against his wet flesh.

“Suck my dick Amanda.” He answered, his breath coming out in gasps.

Amanda licked her way back to the head of his cock. She licked the pre-cum that had gathered there. Looking up at him, seeing him watch her, Amanda smiled at him and then took his cock as deep as she could in her mouth.

Again Todd hissed. This time his hands came down and fisted in her silky hair. Her sweet mouth was torture on him. And her tongue…. He felt the flat of it on the underside of his cock. Massaging it? Stroking it? It had been so long he wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to be able to last.


He felt his balls start to tighten. He knew he was going to shoot his load. He tried to pull her off his dick, but she held firm, ignoring the tugging on her hair.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum.”

In response he felt her hands slide up to his ass and pull him deeper into her mouth. Todd gave up and with a shout, through his head back and emptied his balls into her waiting throat.

Amanda continued to suck his cock as it pulsed against her tongue. She licked the head, gathering up any drops of cum that were left and making a big deal out of swallowing them. She could feel Todd’s eyes on her as she did this.

“Hmmm…delicious Todd.” She said sitting back on her heels.

“Shit Amanda. That was awesome.” He said, his hands on her shoulders pulling her to her feet.

She barely reached his shoulders and he liked that. He liked that he had to look down into her eyes. He liked that she had to arch her neck to look up at him, exposing her creamy white throat. He bent his head and put his lips against the soft spot just below her left ear. He felt her body tremble.

“You like that?” He asked, his voice muffled against her neck.

“MMmmmm…what do you think?”

“I think… like it….and….want me to do more of it” He said, continuing to lick and nibbled on her sensitive skin.

“Oh yes, please.”

Todd backed up until he felt his legs bump the bed. Quickly he removed his shirt and tossed it to the floor. His hands quickly went to work removing Amanda’s clothes until they stood naked together. He pulled her close, wanting to feel her naked her body pressed against his. Her breasts squashed against his chest. Her stomach, her thighs, pressed agianst his.

She slid her arms around his waist and pulled him closer. She tilted her head back and Todd bent his, his mouth hovering above hers.

“Kiss me Todd.” She whispered.

His lips touched hers. Softly. Just a brushing of his over hers. Amanda sighed into his mouth. Her tongue came out and licked his, running along them, wetting them. With his eyes on hers, he covered her mouth with his. His tongue swept inside and rubbed along hers.

He felt her nails digging into his back as she tried to get closer to him. Her leg lifted and ran the back of his. Her soft feet raising goosebumps on his skin.

Again and again his mouth slanted over hers. He loved kissing her. And he sensed she liked it too. Neither one of them were anxious to stop.

Finally though, Amanda pulled her mouth away and took a step back. Her hands slid around to Bayan escort the front of him and up his lightly furred chest. Her fingers found his nipples and she tweaked them playfully.

He lifted his hands and weighed her generous tits in his large hands.Amanda moaned, letting her head fall back. Todd took advantage and began to lick and kiss her throat, working his way to her lips. They parted under his and her tongue came out to duel with his. She tasted so sweet, Todd couldn’t get enough. His tongue swept in and tasted her over and over.

“Todd.” She said, pulling her mouth away.

“Yes Amanda.” He answer, his tongue licking the corner of her mouth.

“Fuck me.”

Todd pulled away and looked down at her. He had never had those words spoken to him before. His wife would just lay there and spread her legs invitingly. He couldn’t remember her ever using such words. Or wanting too.

Todd wrapped his arms around her and leaned back, toppling them both onto the kind size bed. He rolled, laughing, until Amanda was pinned beneath him. He felt her legs spread, cradling his body. The tip of his hard cock pressed against her wet, bare pussy.

He started to nudge forward.

“Oh no big boy, I’m on top.” She said and rolled them over until she was straddling him.

Todd gazed up at her. Her breasts swayed above his mouth. Lifting his head, he caught a hard nipple between his teeth and tugged.

“Yes.” She hissed, her back arching.

Todd spent several minutes, alternating between each, pulling the tight buds into his mouth and biting and sucking. He remembered her telling him how sensitive her tits were and how much she liked rough nipple play.

His hands wrapped around her and caressed down her back to her ass. With his large hands and long fingers, he gripped her ass and kneaded the soft globes. He pulled her closer to his throbbing erection, felt the wetness of her bald pussy on the tip of his cock.

“Fuck me Amanda.” He said her words back to her, lifting his hips to tease her with his cock.

“I will Todd. I will.”

Slowly, Amanda rubbed her wet pussy over his cock. Leaning over him, her hands braced on either side of his head, she began to lower herself onto his thick cock. Her body stretched around him, engulfing him in her tight wetness.

“You feel so good inside me Todd.” She said, her body impaled on his cock.

Amanda pushed up and sat astride him. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and looked down at him. Her pink lips curling into a seductive smile. She trailed her hands up her stomach and over her breasts. She pulled and twisted each nipple as she held his gaze.

“Shit Amanda, you are a sexy little slut.” He hissed, his hands coming up to cover hers.

“Yes, I am Todd. Your sexy little slut.”

“That’s right, all mine.”

Todd’s hands slid down to her hips and began to move her on his rod. It seemed he had waited forever to be with her like this. He wasted no time setting up a rhythm. He loved the feel of her wet pussy sliding over him, sheathing him.

“Your pussy is so hot and wet.” He hissed, his hips lifting off the bed to drive his cock deeper into her.

Amanda groaned and threw her head back, pushing her breasts out. Todd drew up his knees and she leaned back against them, her hair falling down his bare legs. She ground her pelvis against his, his pubic hair tickling her. His fingers moved to her exposed clit and plucked and pulled.

“Fuck Todd.”

“Come on Amanda, your turn baby. Come for me.” He said, working her clit faster.

Amanda ground her hips wildly on him. Todd had one hand on her clit and the other pulling a hard nipple.

“Yes…faster…” She panted, her head back and eyes closed.

Todd rubbed and pulled feverishly. He wanted to watch her cum. He need to make her cum.

“YES!” Amanda’s head fell forward and she stared him in the eyes as her pussy tightened around his cock and her cream gushed from her body.

Todd tried to hold back but her clenching pussy triggered his own release and wrapping his arms tight around her waist, pulled her down and emptied his balls into her shuddering pussy.


Todd leaned over her and kissed his way down her back. She had the smoothest skin. A small beauty mark graced her right hip. A tatoo of a butterfly was on the small of her back. His lips traced the outline, drawing a giggle from her.

“Ticklish?” He asked, his breath fanning her heated skin.

“Mmmmm.” She answered, wiggling her ass against his chest.

Todd spanked it playfully. He was learning more about her and liking her more. She was open and honest in Escort her feelings and responses. He assumed that the things she told him in their emails and phone conversations might be exaggerated truths. But they weren’t.



“Do you remember what I told you when we first met?”

“That you didn’t email women alot?”

“Besides that?”

Amanda lifted up on her elbows and looked over her shoulder. Todd was sitting beside her on the bed, his hands massaging her ass.

“Tell me what you want Todd. I am here to please you.” She said softly.

“I want to fuck your ass.”

Once the words were out, Todd waited for her refusal. He waited for her to jump up and rant, tell him how disgusting that was.

But she never did that. Instead, she climbed off the bed and went to her discarded purse. She rummaged through and came back with a tube of lubrication. She handed it to him and then knelt between his legs.

“I have never had something this big in my ass before.”

Todd watched as Amanda lifted his semi hard cock and took it into her mouth. She closed her eyes and feasted on him, running her tongue the length of him, sucking his spongy, purple head, tickling his tiny hole with the tip of her tongue. His cock grew in her mouth, stretching her pink lips wide.

“You have such a wicked mouth Amanda.” He hissed, his hands tangling in her hair and holding her down on him.

He wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to last. She gave great head. With his hands fisted in her hair, he pulled her off him.

“I want your ass. Now!”

Amanda climbed onto the bed and got on her hands and knees. Todd positioned himself behind her. His large hands spread her ass cheeks and squirt the cool gel over her asshole. He used his fingers to rub it in, his middle finger pressing against her pink hole.

“Are you ready for me Amanda? Do you want my cock?” He asked, sliding his dick along her ass crack.

“Yes, Todd. Please.”

“Please what Amanda?” He asked, teasing her until her ass wiggled back against him.

“Please, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass now.” She answered, pushing back against him.

Todd had only experienced anal a few times with the other women he had been with. His wife refused any back door play. Pressing his big head against the small opening, Todd slowly began to push his way in.

She was tight. So tight. For a moment Todd wondered if she was a virgin back there. Then he felt her muscle give and his cock slide in. He groaned as he buried himself deep inside her. His balls were pressed tightly against her soaked pussy.

With his hands on her hips, Todd began a slow rhythm. He didn’t want to rush this. But she was so tight, he wondered how long he would last.

“Yes, baby, just like that.” Amanda encouraged, her head hanging between her shoulders.

She pushed her ass back against him, taking him deeper. He gasped at how good it felt. His fingers flexed on her skin. He started to pump faster, his balls slapping against her. With each deep thrust, he heard her gasp and grunt.

Her saw her shift on the bed and then one hand disappeared. He jerked when he felt her fingers caress his balls.

“Play with your clit.” He said, his voice strained with the effort to hold off his orgasm.

He heard the squelching sound as her fingers played with her clit and pussy.

“Come on baby….come with me.” She cried, her body starting to shake.

“Yes Amanda! Yes!”

Todd slammed wildly into her. His fingers dug in to her hips, reddening her skin. He was beyond caring. All he wanted was to fill her ass with his cum. He pulled her back against him as he drove into her. Their bodies slapping together.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She cried as her back arched and her orgasm coursed through her, a fine sweat breaking out on her body.

“Amanda!” Todd cried, throwing his head back and dumping his load of cum deep into her ass.

He fell over her panting, pushing her body down into the soft mattress. His head beside hers, he kissed her cheek, her neck and her shoulder.

“Holy shit baby.” He mumbled, his body drained.

Beneath him, Amanda laughed.


“When can I see you again?” Todd asked as they both dressed.

“I’m not sure. It’s not often I can get away.”

Todd understood. She had a husband, a family. So did he, but his kids were older and his job allowed for travel.

“Are you sure you want to see me again anyways?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Maybe once was enough.”

Todd pulled her close and held her tight against him. “Amanda, once with you will never be enough. I haven’t had this much pleasure in a very long time.”

Amanda reached up and touched his cheek. “You are a good man Todd.”

She pulled out of his arms and walked to the door.

“Email me.”

Todd nodded and watched her walk out.

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