Dorm Mates

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Sean never knew when it would happen. Dean wasn’t a fag, just one of those guys with too much cum in his balls. And it wasn’t like it only happened when Dean couldn’t pick up. Sometimes it was just before or just after he had hooked up with some chick around campus. That’s when Sean liked it best, when he could taste the pussy on Dean’s dick. No words were ever exchanged. Dean would just start rubbing his crotch, eyes closed, like he was alone in the dorm room. When Sean would look up from staring at the growing bulge in Dean’s pants, he would catch the older guy’s stare. It wasn’t a kind one. It wasn’t an inviting one. It was forceful, like Sean didn’t have a choice about what was coming next. Sean’s submissive gawk was all the answer Dean needed before he would grab the younger’s head and press it, hard, into his groin, the feeling of jean against Sean’s face rough and unpleasant.

Sean wasn’t exactly a talented cocksucker, but Dean didn’t seem to notice. The bigger lad didn’t particularly let Sean suck much anyway. It was more like he just wanted a wet hole to stick his dick in. He would command every movement of the younger with a forceful hand. Grabbing the back of his neck, Dean would shove Sean’s head down hard, not caring or even noticing if he was gagging. Eventually, Dean would grab the younger by the hair, hold him up off his dick, head back, mouth wanting another taste he wasn’t getting. Dean would then jack off all over Sean’s face and in his mouth, feeding the young fag a few drips of the cum the abuse had produced.

When this was done, Dean would never make eye contact, or acknowledge that something had just happened. He would just release his room mate, and lie back, exhausted. At first, Sean would just fall back, speechless, then head to the bathroom to clean up and wonder what the fuck had just happened. But after this had repeated itself, and he wasn’t worried about Dean freaking out in some dumb jock-boy ‘you made me gay’ way, Sean started taking liberties. He started by sucking out the last of the spent dick’s cum. Taking the still hard dick into his mouth, this was the only time of the process when he was allowed to be in control. He was still horned up as all fuck, and wanted that dick back in his mouth, wanted to suck it dry. In this post-cum state, Dean’s dick was slowly going soft, gaziantep escort and so bent easily down the youngen’s throat.

Dean would never move at this point. Just lie back, arms behind his head, fag sucking on his half-hard dick. Think of it as the price he paid for the time he rented from the boy’s mouth. He let the gay suck, lick, stroke, massage anything he wanted, for a while. The only time he cut this short was when Sean made the mistake of trying to play with Dean’s asshole. Then he had his hand thrown off, and the covers pulled up.

As this became a routine, Sean built up the courage to pull out his own dick, usually only after Dean had already cum. Still, with the guy’s large softening dick slipping easily down his throat, Sean would cum hard and fast all over himself, staining his boxers.

None of this was ever referenced in their day to day. In fact, Dean seemed genuinely surprised when Sean mentioned being gay. Still, to his credit, Dean never acted weird about it. He was strong, confident in himself, and even seemed to like the looks he was getting from Sean while walking around in boxers (or less). Sean didn’t know what to make of it all. Dean had never talked about guys, and hooked up with enough girls that it was obvious he wasn’t just over-compensating. In fact, except for twenty minutes at a time, every other week or so, he seemed completely straight.

The only noticeable difference in their daily life from that of other roommates was that there were no normal sexual boundaries. Dean might come in while Sean was studying, lay down, stick his hand down his pants, and start jacking off as if he was alone in the room. If Sean didn’t get the stare, he wouldn’t move, just watch Dean as he dropped his pants, and came all over his stomach. And there was never a sock on the doorknob. If Dean was fucking some chick and Sean walked in, Dean wouldn’t even act like he noticed. Only if the girl freaked would Dean stop, and often she was too drunk to notice or kinky to care, so Sean would have a live fuck-show.

Being young and insecure, just starting to come out, Sean didn’t pick up much that first year. The only time he had been caught by Dean, the older had shown the same aloofness. There was no ‘dude, what the fuck’ or ‘aw gross’. He walked in, went to the mini-fridge, popped a beer, and sat on his bed, waiting for the two shocked homos to resume. When Sean’s friend froze, beet red, Dean looked his roomie in the eyes and said “don’t stop.” Again, it wasn’t a suggestion. Sean didn’t respond, but just bent back down and swallowed the dick in front of him. It wasn’t nearly as big as Dean’s, and the practice had made deep-throating this one a simple task. As Sean reached for the lube and a condom, ready to give his roomie a real show, his friend balked, weirded out, dressed and left.

“So you’re like a real faggot, aincha?” Sean didn’t know what to make of that… “One cock-hungry mothafucka.” Sean was still naked while Dean was fully dressed. Lying on his back, dick throbbing and dripping, Sean slowly nodded, without saying a word, hoping not to break this spell. “Well then, fag, show me what you got.” Sean turned over, reached back, and spread his cheeks. “Ass in the air,” Dean commanded. Sean complied. Dean grabbed the back of his head, shoved it down hard into the pillow, and barked “Higher.” As Sean shoved his ass up as high as he could, Dean spit on his hole, and Sean felt the bigger lad’s thumb press against it, slightly cold. This was the first time Dean had actually touched Sean. Until now, the most he had done was tolerate Sean jacking himself while sucking dick. “Beg.” “fuck me,” he whimpered. “You can do better than that.” “FUCK ME.”

Sean was worried about Dean’s dick. It was large, larger than he had taken before. Being shy, he hadn’t met many guys on campus yet. Three, maybe four, had actually had their dicks up in him, and the year was nearly out. But when Dean slipped his thumb in, he said “God you’re tight. It’s alright, I’ve fucked my fair share of tight bitch holes. You’ll just be another.” Sean almost came like that, thumb pressed against his prostate.

Dean reached for the lube, but skipped the condom. Sean didn’t like it, but at the same time he was dying to be Dean’s cum dump. He had long since been jealous of the girls walking out of his room with the stud’s jizz dripping out their holes. It was all he could do to stop himself from grabbing them and suck it out. This time it was his turn. This time he would get every drop.

Dean’s hand never let go of Sean’s head. He was so much bigger than the younger roommate that he could comfortably dominate him and still mount him from behind. As his dickhead pressed against the young fag’s hole, Sean winced in anticipation, then relaxed and tried to ease back on the fat pole. Dean went slow, at first. “That’s right, loosen it up, slide back on my dick. I wanna see you swallow my shaft with your ass.”

It was too big. Sean didn’t think he could take another inch, and he was sure there was plenty to spare. Just as he was thinking this, Dean shifted angles, and with a gasp, the cock slid right in. “Fuck yeah, just hold it there. Reach back, see how much you took.” Sean reached up from underneath, felt Dean’s balls, and slipped his fingers up between them to his hole. He had taken the whole thing. His ass felt like it would tear. He’d never had this much meat in him. But he loved it. He felt full.

After staying like that for a while, pressing back on Dean’s broad hips, he moaned and slid forward, slowly. Dean grunted. His free hand grabbed the slim fag’s smooth hip, and his other released him, slipping under his neck, holding his shoulder, almost in a half-nelson. Pulling the fag back on his dick, he slowly thrust up back in him. Less resistance. He sped up; pulling out, and jamming his dick back in Sean’s loosened hole.

It didn’t last long. Dean fucked his roommate for a few minutes more before he huffed, and puffed, and blew his load up that tight nubile ass. As Dean shuddered, he fell over onto Sean, pinning him down. Sean’s eyes had rolled up into the back of his head, and he just lay there, dick still in him. His ass was more slippery now, and he could feel the hot cum up inside his hole. Still hard, he rocked his hips, the only part of him he could moved with the dead weight of his large roomie on top of him. Dean’s thick dick slid in and out slightly, at the movement of Sean’s ass. Eventually it had softened enough that it just popped out. Sean felt instantly deprived, like someone had stolen something from him.

Shortly after that, Dean got up, didn’t say a word, and went to the bathroom to wipe off. Sean felt sad, wondering what would happen now, wondering whether this was the start or the end of something. No longer pinned down, he still found he couldn’t move. As Dean returned, Sean turned over and looked at him. Dean gave him a look Sean hadn’t ever seen before. Not commanding at all, it was almost s ad, as if Dean was just waking up to something.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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