Dorm Room Ch. 02

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Alexis Texas

The sun shining through the small dorm window had Brad rubbing his eyes far sooner than he would have liked. He had forgotten to close the curtains before he jumped into bed earlier the night before, and now it was too late, he was awake. He raised his right arm above his head until he realized his left arm was stuck under the girl lying next to him. He looked down and saw her.

“Mmmmmmm,” he moaned deeply, his throat a mixture of huskiness and tiredness.

And with a gentle pull of his shoulder, he slowly and gently eased his arm out from around the sleeping angel, smiling down at her as she remained in a deep slumber. He didn’t want to wake her as she needed to recuperate from the party antics the night before.

After much effort as to not rouse her from her sleep, Brad finally freed his arm from Belinda’s shoulders and parted his lips for a deep grunt and a stretch of his body. Feeling the muscles of his arms and legs tighten then release as he slumped back onto the mattress and looked around the room. Still in awe of the night’s events, he decided he should crawl out of bed and splash some water on his face, but stopped suddenly as he felt his swollen cock nudging at the girls right hip.

“Oh shit,” he groaned low in his throat.

Brad somehow forgot that his morning erections hadn’t failed him since he first managed to wake with one some years back. He shifted in the bed, unsure of how to get out of it without waking her, and just as he made the decision to get up quickly without a second thought, he felt her stirring.

“Mmmmmm.. Mmmmm,” Belinda moaned languorously.

Her body had lengthened as she pulled her limbs taut, stretching her lean frame as she awoke. Her eyes flickered open and focused on the young man looking down at her, a smile upon his lips.

“Oh. Hi.” Belinda drawled lazily.

She returned his smile and then closed her eyes, shying away from him as only a young virgin would as she woke in the arms of her first lover.

“Morning. How did you sleep, Bel?” Brad asked her softly.

He was trying his best to hide his erection as his hand came down to cover it. Large fingers closed together to cup the thickened length of his cock, trying to protect it from her flesh. God, the way she moaned drove him crazy. He wondered if she would make similar sounds as his cock was driving into her body. Brad shook the thought from his mind as he didn’t want her seeing the lust in his eyes. He didn’t want to explain away the thoughts that had drifted through him during the night. Hell, even he couldn’t remember what he dreamed about, but he sure as hell had a fair idea.

She continued to smile at him, albeit a little drowsily. “I slept ok, not too bad for a first time drunk I guess.”

Chuckling softly, she took a deep breath and then uncovered herself, raising her head from the pillow and sitting up in the bed. Her eyes darted around the room for the first time, looking over the decoration across the walls. Posters of Jimmy Hendrix and Eric Clapton, along with various-sized cutouts of sports cars and large-breasted women were glued to the wall on the other side of the room. Obviously Brads room mate was a fan.

“Jimmy Hendrix? Ugh.” She smiled to herself at her sarcasm. She wasn’t a fan. Her amusement to the posters of half-naked women with fake boobs didn’t cause a surge of excitement for her either. Boys and their fantasies.

Brad chuckled along with her, enjoying her morning humour before he waved his hand toward the bathroom and asked her quietly, “You can wash up in there if you’d like? I’m sure there is a spare toothbrush under the cupboard somewhere, but I doubt you’ll find any make-up.” He winked at her as she turned to him, seeing her cute smile. “Well, unless Joe, my room mate, has some hidden of course.”

She giggled softly, enjoying the morning banter. Then leaning into his face, she whispered, “I won’t tell if you don’t.” Her left eye winked at him, before she climbed out of the bed and tiptoed across the floor towards the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

“Phew. Fuck, I need to jerk off so bad.” Brad hissed to himself.

He was growing even more restless as he sat alone on his bed. His cock hadn’t softened in the slightest. Just the sight of her long legs walking away from him was enough to send a tinge of pleasure through his veins, straight down to his hard on. How he wanted to taste her skin, to wrap her up in his arms and hold her close to him, to feel the warmth of her breath as she moaned out his name in ecstasy. He hushed his thoughts away and laid back into the bed to filter his mind, trying hard to think of other things. But he heard the bathroom door open and he turned to see Belinda step back into the room. Her hair was now neatly flowing across her narrow shoulders and his white shirt was folded over her arm as she smiled over at him.

“Thank you for giving me this to wear, I don’t even remember putting it on,” she laughed heartedly.

She smiled shyly at him as she placed the cotton shirt over the back of a chair and stepped closer to the bed. Looking down at him, she shrugged her shoulders in promise as she asked softly, “Do you mind Kadıköy Escort if I jump back in with you for a little while? I promise I won’t stay long.”

He smiled at her brightly, the whites of his teeth shining between his lips as his right arm came out to lift the covers for her, turning his hips to face the wall so she wouldn’t dare see his still-erect cock. He only wished she had stayed longer in the bathroom so he could have taken care of his erection. But now, it was causing him discomfort, albeit slight awkwardness.

Belinda nestled back into the soft, warm bed and laid her head back down onto the pillow, humming to herself whilst watching him lay down beside her. Their heads turned to one another, each of them smiling into one another’s eyes. She spoke first.

“So… Is that for me?” she grinned at him wickedly, a slight cheekiness to her voice as she looked at him with a cocked brow.

“Is what for you, Bel?” Brad asked her, not convinced he knew what she was referring to.

“Your cock, Brad. You’re hard. I saw it when you pulled the covers open. Don’t be embarrassed. I like it that you are turned on by me.” Belinda whispered to him seductively.

She threw him a glorious smile. A smile that made his heart melt at that moment, seeing the lust form in her eyes. He blushed at her words, not sure if he should be completely honest with her or not. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself.

“Ahhhh…. Yeah I guess so. I’m sorry, I just… woke up with it.”

Brad noticed her reaction. The way she looked down the bed at his covered body, her eyes wishing they had x-ray vision to see through the covers and look upon his hardness.

“I am a male after all.” His words interrupted her thoughts and she glanced up at him.

“Yes, you are indeed. But I’d hope that your cock is hard because you want me right now, not because you’re merely a male with a penis.” She challenged him with that one. Waiting for him to respond in the way she hoped. And with any luck, she didn’t have to wait long.

He was consumed with her at this point. Having spent the entire night with her, spread across half his body, his arm wrapped tightly around her shoulders, the smell of her hair intoxicating his senses. He needed to touch her, in some way, in any way. He just needed her. Then just before he thought he would lose his nerve, he made his move. Leaning forward towards her, he pressed his lips to her own, feeling the softness of her lips. The gentle moans escaping him causing her to respond in kind, as her hands came out to slide over the smoothness of his scalp. She felt his tongue slide over hers, ever so gently penetrate inside her, swirling around inside the heat of her mouth before they danced in a light waltz.

Pulling away from the onslaught of his mouth upon hers, Belinda moaned out his name from her lips, poking the tip of her tongue out to swipe it along her lower lip, tasting him upon it. Her eyes alight with a hungry fire that was threatening to consume her, her pale cheeks now flushed at the onslaught of his passionate kiss.

“Oh Brad. You have a wonderful mouth. I’ve waited so long to feel you kiss me like that,” she whispered hoarsely.

Her blue orbs shone brightly as they sparkled into his, the emerald fire surrounding his beckoning eyes as they stared into her deeply. He uttered something under his breath, she wasn’t quite sure what, but it was lost in the moment as his mouth stole a kiss from her once again. His lips feasted upon her, swarming over the soft flesh of her pout, swimming in the heat of her breath. She surrendered to him, giving herself to his kisses. She moaned again… and again… groaning as the flame brewing in the pit of her belly began to descend. Her womanhood swelled, lubricating itself with each touch of their tongues, and she was lost to it. Brad knew he had her now, just with a kiss. He knew she would give herself to him and it gave him such joy. The pleasure of having her in his arms, the surrender of her body to him was causing his mind to race, and his hands snaked around her waist to pull her on top of him as he lay back on the bed. He wrapped himself around her, their limbs entangled as they fought to control the heated desire spreading through them, his eyes opening to catch a glimpse of her beautiful face while they embraced so closely.

The just as suddenly as they had begun the kiss, Belinda pulled away from it and stared down at him. Her breath ragged as she fought for some kind of control, knowing she needed to tell him her secret.

“Brad… wait. I’ve… I’ve never done this before.” She waited with baited breath, hoping he would not turn her away, not now. Not after all of this time of waiting, of wanting, of needing.

“What do you mean? You’ve never kissed a guy before?” He asked in a surprised tone.

Brad knew the question was absurd, yet his mind couldn’t figure out what she was suggesting. Surely she had been kissed before. There was no way any man would have left her without the sweetness of a deep, passionate kiss. He stared at her, watching her closely, waiting for a response.

“No. Of course I have been kissed. I meant, I have Ataşehir Escort never had… I’m a…” Belinda hesitated, slowly her words so he understood clearly. “I’ve never had sex before, Brad,” she whispered softly to him.

Belinda cradled her head into his chest, a flush of embarrassment flaming her cheeks. She rarely felt embarrassment, but at this moment, telling him of her virginal state, she felt humiliated. So silly was it to be a virgin these days at her age. She knew the time would come when she would have to admit her innocence, but she never dreamt that it would make her feel so silly. At 18, she was likely the only virgin left alive on campus.

“He’s going to think I’m a freak! God, this is so embarrassing,” Belinda thought to herself.

She hid her face into his chest even deeper as the thoughts ran through her mind. But then, as she felt his hand cupping underneath her chin and raising her face up to meet his, she looked into his eyes and knew that everything would be alright. She could see it in his face, the promise of acceptance. He was showing her such kindness, such understanding. Something else she had never experienced.

“Bel, I’m glad you told me. And I’m flattered that you would be willing to give yourself to me as your first. I won’t hurt you. I won’t hurt you.” He repeated the words to her, his eyes soft and welcoming.

He drew his thumb across the front of her chin as his lips pushed forward to kiss her once again, softly exploring the inside of her mouth with his warm, wet tongue. She deepened the kiss, feeling more and more comfortable with this man. And he was a man. Not many 19 year old men would be so understanding, so compassionate, and so proud to take the virginity of a young woman. They would sooner turn away from one and seek out a girl who was knowledgeable in the ways of sex. But Belinda wasn’t a fool. She knew all about sex. She was aware of what occurs, what it may feel like, and she knew it would be magical with Brad.

Brad was holding the beautiful young girl in his arms, tightening his grip as she lay atop his warm body, their chests heavy against each other. Two sets of lips were entwining, seducing, and devouring one another, the taste of their breaths overwhelming each sensory cell deep in their bodies. Brad’s hands slid down the girl’s spine, from the top of her neck to the small of her back and then upwards again. This was his dream girl, the one he desired to touch, to kiss, to taste, to make love to. And here she was, in his arms and his bed, finally ready to give herself to him. He had never dreamed she would be a virgin, as cliché as it sounded, he thought a woman with her looks and her personality would be fighting off the guys. He guessed she had been, just not in the way he had originally thought.

He loved the way she moaned at his kisses, the way her magnificent body writhed from his masculine touch, how she would groan deep in her throat as his hands roamed over every inch of her skin.

He loved everything about this moment, and couldn’t wait to be inside her. He ached to feel her cunt wrapped around his throbbing manhood, taking her as his own, marking her with his teeth as they sunk into her shoulder. He would be gentle at first, and then he would give her something special to remember for her first time. And once she was his, once the pain had gone from her luscious form, he would pound himself into her, taking her with brute force as his cock took over. He wouldn’t be able to hold back, he knew that. But she would love every second of it, her body would shake and shudder under his sexual ministrations, and she would scream out his name in ecstasy.

“Oh God, I need to be inside your sweet cunt, Bel.” Brads thoughts sneaked in again, as his cock pulsed inside the satin boxers.

He could feel the swollen head pushing against her soft belly as she rubbed herself over his body. He needed her, lusted for her, and ached for her. He had to have her. He had to take her virginity and pound his throbbing cock deep into her gorgeous body until he filled her insides with white hot lava. He was going crazy, the anticipation too much for him. He needed to have her NOW.

Belinda had felt his nails scratching down her back, grazing the softness of her skin which caused her to moan out into his warm, wet mouth. Little ripples of pleasure cursing through her veins with the electric touch of his hands, and she knew it would only get better. Her body was responding in the way it was meant to. Her cunt was dripping wet, and she could feel the sweet juices of her womanhood dribbling out over her swollen labia and down her thighs. She sensed her need like nothing before. She was hungry for him, aching for him so much that her blood pumped thickly in her veins. The need inside her so great she was breathing harder against him, feeling her secured breasts pushing into him, the swollen buds piercing his chest through the fabric of her bra and skimpy top. She never dreamed it could feel like this, never knew the touch of another on her skin could bring out such feelings inside her.

It didn’t feel like this when her own fingers would caress her body. She was being Maltepe Escort driven to succumb to the exquisite torture of this mans touch without her having to do anything else but enjoy it. Belinda’s animalistic hunger for him was taking over her thoughts, she knew nothing of her studies, nothing of family or friends, she only knew the touch of his fingertips as they caressed her silken flesh. She knew of his mouth that continued to ravish her full, pert lips, and his tongue delving into her wet mouth, taking the breath from her, tasting her sweetness from the inside. Oh, how she longed for him to taste the sweetness of her pussy, lapping at her like a thirsty puppy. She longed for him, she craved his cock inside her, and she couldn’t take it anymore.

Without wasting another precious moment, knowing that his room mate could return at anytime, Brad grabbed Belinda around the waist and rolled her over onto her back, laying himself atop her as their lips kept locked with one another’s. Her sexy little sounds had created a buzzing in his ears, and he needed to find out what other moans she could muster once he was inside her body. His hands moved down the sides of her waist and over the flare of her hips, gripping her tightly, clawing at the material of her shirt as he pulled at it. Belinda’s hands came up to press flat against his chest, her breathing stopping as she whispered hoarsely to him.

“Brad, wait.”

Her hands slid down in between their bodies as Brad raised his chest up, giving her the freedom to pull at the waistband of her shirt and tug it upwards, ripping it off her shoulders and tossing it to the floor. His eyes just stared at her, gazing over the swell of her small breasts as they filled the lacy bra covering them. She waited, knowing he would want to indulge in the sight of her half naked body lying beneath him. Then just before his mouth reached her neck to kiss it, she stopped him once again and arched her back, pushing her chest forward against his as nimble fingers unclasped the hooks at her back and the bra fell loosely over her shoulders. He didn’t wait for her to remove it, instead, he shifted his body up on the bed so that he was sitting on her thighs and looking down at her. His hands moved up over her chest to curl his thumbs into the straps of her bra and pull it down her arms, then after dropping it to the floor, he quickly leaned down over her to suckle a nipple, taking the little nub into his mouth as his tongue swirled across the tip. The deep growl vibrating in his throat as his lips latched onto her erect bud caused Belinda to moan out his name from her lips. He loved hearing her say his name, loved the way she moaned so sexily like that. Never did he ache so much to hear his name whispered from a woman’s lips until now.

“Ohhhh Brad. Mmmmmm. Your mouth feels so good. Suck my nipple, oh God, suck it for me,” she moaned to him, writhing under his hard body.

Belinda’s moans were more then he could stand, and without hesitation, he willingly gave her what she craved and sucked harder over the taut, pink nubbin. Her words of encouragement only stirring him on as his lips grazed across the middle of her breasts to wrap around her other nipple, suckling it deep into his mouth as he felt it harden for him. Both her hands had now moved to cover the back of his head, encouraging more from him as her back arched, pushing her breast further into the moist recess of his mouth.

“Oh Bel, God baby, you taste so fucking sweet. Just like I knew you would.” Brad hissed at her, his voice raspy.

He tasted her flesh, with little nips of his teeth over her swelling breasts. His tongue licked and flicked over her erect nipples, moving his mouth from one to the other, hungry to fill his mouth with her. Belinda’s head dropped back onto the pillow, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she cowered against the soft mattress, giving in to the rush of sensations as Brad’s mouth moved lower, his tongue flicking over her belly, poking into her little belly button. His body moved further down over her thighs, feeling his erection poking her thought the silky material of his boxers. She gasped as she felt his fingers push around her hips to find the zipper of her skirt and pull it down her milky thighs.

“Let’s get this off you shall we, babydoll?” He grinned up into her eyes, flashing her that familiar smile she adored so much.

She simply gasped softly, and held her breath in anticipation, knowing that very soon, he would be taking her virginity. She closed her eyes at the thought as his hands moved back to her body after tossing her skirt aside, drawing them over her hip bones, skimming fingertips over her skin to feel it beneath his hands. He loved the way she felt, the creamy texture of her flesh sent a surge of pleasure straight to his cock, stiffening it more, if that were even possible. He was harder then he’d ever been before, knowing this was his ultimate fantasy, his only dream come true. To have the woman of his dreams becoming naked in front of his eyes, and he relished every second of it as his thick fingers pulled at the waist of her tiny panties and slid them down her thighs. He threw them aside quickly and sat upright over her knees, looking down over every inch of her naked form. He only wished there was more light in the room so he could see her in full light, but the shine from the moon would have to do, as it flowed through the opened blinds of the window.

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